18 U.S.C 2257

Requirements for Record-Keeping Declaration of Compliance

AAGMAAL is not a main or secondary producer of the content featured on the website (aagmaal.club). Regarding the records required by 18 USC 2257 for any and all content discovered on this site, please send your request to the site for which the content was created.

aagmaal.club is a video sharing service that allows for the uploading, sharing, and general watching of many forms of adult content. While aagmaal.club tries its best to ensure compliance, it may not be completely accurate.

To guarantee compliance, aagmaal.club follows the following procedures: To upload videos, all users must be at least 18 years old. When uploading, the user must authenticate the material, confirm his/her age, and certify that he/she keeps records of the models in the content and that they are above the age of 18.

Certify that the user owns the content being submitted or that they are legally permitted to upload, publish, and share the content at hand. aagmaal.club disclaims any legal copyright action taken; it is entirely the responsibility of the aagmaal.club user(s) to check the ownership of the posted photos and/or videos. Please email @ [email protected] for further assistance and/or information in locating the original location of the content. Permits unwanted content to be flagged If any content is identified as illegal, unlawful, harassing, hurtful, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate, aagmaal.club will remove it from the site.