Young Secretary becomes a Slave Sex Story

#Abuse #BDSM #Pics

By Len Thomas

Young divorced secretary candidate agrees to be a slave to the CEO

After her divorce, Katherine hated the idea of dating.
She moved to a new town, and was looking for a new job..
The issue with her marriage was simple. She had been trained early in life by her Uncle and several friends of his. Dating the type of men in college that many girls moms would have warned against, added to her sexual history.
She knew now, after the divorce, that few men could satisfy the sexual need from her early years…
It wasn’t just the sex, but the roughness.. The degrade.. How her arousal and pleasure were always higher with humiliation.
Few men had that capability – while also being able to be “normal” in day to day life.
Then she met the CEO of a company she was applying for a job.
He had a dazzling smile, and ran a heck of a company.. The pay was more than she was hoping for..
She was stunned when he said at the end of the interview, that he didn’t think she was right for the job.. She was nearly in tears.
He waited until she calmed herself, enough so to ask him why.
He looked her in the eye and said, “You are too sexy, and too intelligent to have that job.. You would be bored, and then i am sure you would act out or be bratty, and then i would have to bring you in to my office and take you over my knee”
Kathrine trembled, and trying to sound flirty and flippant she said, “I don’t see a downside to that”
He laughed… and then said, “I am serious.. what i need is a personal assistant, who can get things done, but also, since i am overworked, and don’t have time to date, understand that i also need a woman that knows how to be a woman”
The silence was deafening.. He liked how her eyes dropped and her body took on a submissive posture..
“Are you the kind of woman that knows how to please a man, to help take the sting from his barb.. One that can be pushed past her limits..?”
“yes sir” she whispered.
He told her to meet him at his favorite restaurant at 6:00…
When she got there, the hosted asked who she was there to meet. She told him his name, and then she was led to a semi dark corner table where he was sitting, sipping a drink, talking to the waiter..
As she began to sit, he held up his hand to have her wait, and then while the waiter was still there, he said to the waiter, “do you think she still has on a bra and panties?”
The waiter’s eyes gazed at her and said, “i am sure of it sir”
“What do you like to drink?” he asked
“Wine sire” she said..
He ordered the wine, and while the waiter was still there, he said, “now go to the bathroom and take off your bra and panties… then come back for dinner”
She was trembling in the bathroom, her submissive juices rising.. Her endowment meant that she would be self conscious by not wearing a bra… but she also was wet thinking of the subtle exposure.
Upon coming back, she sat, and he nodded for her to take a drink.
He slid across an envelope, and a piece of paper..
She opened it, and found cash, and a check.
She looked at him with question in her eyes.
“I was serious. I find you sexy and i think there is more to you. Something i want to explore, without entanglements.. ”
He continued – “If you sign the non-disclosure, it simply says you will never discuss what happens between us, working for me or after… It also states that you are my personal assistant, and anything i desire.. It also states that punishment is at my discretion.”
He added, “so if you sign, and want to explore more of that side of you… then there is a signing bonus, and cash to invest in your first wardrobe. ”
“Wardrobe?” she asked quietly.
He nodded and said, “Dresses, or skirts and blouses.. Some bra and panty sets, but not many.. you wont need them much.. And then stockings, and heels.. I will want the dresses and skirts short, the blouses low, and everything with the idea of easy access”
She felt her breathing stop.. She looked at him, and tried to control her body. Nervous, yet excited..
She asked him for a pen… Once signed, she felt a thrill like she had never felt before.. She put the envelope in her purse.
They ordered dinner, and once the waiter left, he said, “I am pleased you signed… Now, slide over and explain to me how much you wish to suck my cock”
Smirking, and nervous, she slid over and asked softly if he would allow her to please him.
The waiter brought another round of drinks, and the bread basket as she bobbed up and down on her new boss’s cock.
After dinner, he pushed her over the hood of his car in the valet lot, and fucked her two orgasms. She was in another world as she drove home with his cum oozing down her leg.
That was two months ago.
Now, at a conference, the morning session was done and he told her to meet him in his room. When they traveled, it was always with adjoining rooms..
“Make sure you are ready for me” he added firmly.
When he got to his room, she was sitting on the bed, naked, except for her stockings.
She knew he was needy, and so was she…
He pushed her back on to the bed, and told her to grab her legs.
He was happy to see the plug he put in her that morning, was still properly in place.
His cock pressed against her pussy – already slick with need.
He fucked her slowly and told her, “Don’t you dare cum or you will get whipped tonight… I want you needy, as i think i will be bringing in a client for you to please.. I expect him to sign a contract, so your mouth and pussy better convince him to go with us”
“yes sir” she gasped as his cock pulled out of her.
“That should be enough for you.. I know you will cum, just to get that whipping…”
She hated that he knew her thoughts.
He pulled out her plug and worked his wet cock into her ass… He then place the plug in your mouth, and then he began fucking her ass roughly.
She savored the earthy flavor of the plug.
She always liked how hard he fucked her.. She hated when men treated her like she she was fragile.
After about 10 minutes she heard his breathing change.. He then grunted and forcing his cock as far in as he could, he began shooting cum into her ass..
Finally, he took the plug from her mouth, and then he pulled his cock out, replacing it, keeping his cum inside of her, seemingly for the afternoon session.
“clean it” he said..
She slid to her knees, and licked and suck his cock clean from his sticky smeared cum and her ass juices..
“Be ready in 20 minutes… ”
As they rode the elevator down to the conference, he asked her, “How many strokes of the leather strap will you take in order to be allowed to cum?” he asked her..
“As many as you and your guest feel i deserve” she told him, her breasts moving from the short breaths as her body reacted to the thought of being punished properly.
“good girl” he said…
As she followed him in to the meeting, the plug firmly reminding her that she was his… she smiled and knew she had the best job in the world. She needed him more than he would ever know..


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By Len Thomas
#Abuse #BDSM #Pics