Wrong Semester In Uganda 9 Sex Story

#Interracial #Rape #Teen #Virgin

By HistBuff

Karen, the nose-up preppy girl, gets taken down of her high horses. She gets stabled by studs and regrets not being on the pill.

A couple of hours earlier, upstairs…

There was only one reason Karen had come to that shit-hole country in Africa. That reason had a name… Matt.

The Briton preppy girl was too proud to admit, even to herself, that she was genuinely in love with Matt. She liked to manipulate and play with him. She used her sexual assets to control him. She would give him her cleavage with almost a hint of her nipple so he would agree to come with her at her dad’s functions and be seen at her arm. Matt hated that upper-class circus.

But Matt hung on; he loved kissing Karen, and he was curious for more; he had yet to see her in the nude. He had yet to feel her pussy; oh, it must be so tight and warm! He had yet to feel her mouth wrapped around his cock. He wasn’t even able to get her topless and suck her tits. Karen would only allow kissing and fully clothed making out, and not too often! Matt was growing very frustrated.

Karen didn’t feel ready for sex, and she felt it was overrated. For Karen, there was nothing that beat a long hot shower while fantasizing she was attacked in the London Underground and gang-raped by Muslim migrants who all screamed, “Allah-u akhbar!” as they took their turns inside her and raped her into sweet oblivion. She sometimes thought of allowing Matt to eat her pussy, so she would run that fantasy in her head as he’d pleasure her, but she felt such stuff was too vulgar for her.

However, when she saw Matt making a move on that migrant girl, Yashma, Karen knew she had to do something.

Now, she was alone with Matt in a locked bedroom. She felt very nervous, but managed not to show it and remained in control. They were kissing. Matt was hers.

Matt stopped kissing her and said, “Karen, there’s something I need to tell y…”

Karen put her hand on his mouth. “Tut, tut tut! No words! And there’s something I want to show you!”

As she spoke, the outwardly graceful brunette took a step back and nervously smiled at her boyfriend as she took off her Navy-blue varsity jacket, discarding it on the nearby bed. Before Matt could do or say anything, Karen’s dainty fingers were unbuttoning her white blouse, revealing more and more of her young cleavage with each button she undid.

Matt could tell she had been planning this. He knew her all too well. She must have a reason for doing this. Karen never did anything without something being in it for her. And this was what he was so tired of! Matt knew that with a girl like Yashma, everything would be more spontaneous and sincere. Yashma would be a much better fit for him.

He resolutely took a step back and gently took Karen’s wrists, stopping her hands as she was just about to open her blouse for him.

“No, Karen. This is too late for this.”

“Wh… What do you mean, it’s too late? We’re only 18, both of us!”

“Yes, and I don’t want to spend my life with a girl like you. We don’t belong with each other. This is what I wanted to tell…”

“But, your father is friends with my father! We’re from the same neighbourhood and went to the same schools together! We do belong with each other. Please, let go of my hands!”

“All right, but then I’m leaving and going back downstairs.”

“And watch the movie with that Pakistan migrant slut? Is that what you’re dumping me for?”

Did she just say this? Upon hearing those words, Matt knew he was making the right decision. He felt sorry for whoever would end up with Karen.

The tall lad was just about to open the door and walk out of the room when he heard a sudden commotion downstairs with all girls screaming at once and the sounds of a great many heavy boots and men shouting and cursing! Someone suddenly said, “Now, sweet Britons! We’re going to teach you a lesson!”

Matt opened the door.

He did so just in time to see a bunch of black men as they ran upstairs toward him. They were all tall and well built; they were soldiers wearing black field boots and camouflage fatigues. They had nightsticks and were all looking right at him from under the rim of their berets, all with hatred in their eyes and the fiercest resolve in their hard features.

Matt locked the door again and turned to Karen, who was frozen with fear.

“Karen, we must flee through the window!” he said as she picked up and promptly put her varsity jacket back on, unknowingly showing some of her breasts between the loose play of her half-open blouse as she moved around.

Matt saw one of her nipples and realized she wasn’t wearing a bra; he remained standing in shock. This was the first time in his life he saw that tip of a girly boob in the real flesh and not on a computer screen.

The door was smashed open and it hit him directly on the back as the Ugandan troops stormed inside the bedroom and immediately grabbed Karen as she hugged herself in her Nave-blue jacket, as if it were a magical cloak that would keep her from harm.

They grabbed her and began running their hands through her long brown hair, while two soldiers were beating up Matt with punches in his ribs, a whack from a nightstick on his head and some good boot stomping after he was down on his ass with his back pinned in a corner of the room.

“Look what we got here! So, you were having some fun, eh?” the leader, a tall Sergeant said.

“Don’t worry, kid, we’re here to show you how real men do it!” a Corporal told Matt, who slumped to his side, half unconscious.

“Let go of me! Let go of me! My father’s an attorney!” Karen yelled with a voice that sounded both angry and afraid.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Say that again, little Angel!”

“Oh, God! She looks sweet! Can’t wait till I see her cunt!”

“I’m Sergeant Kabugho, and we’re here to beat up and rape students! Nyyrrrhhhh!!!”

As he grunted, the big Sergeant ripped aside the unbuttoned sides of Karen’s blouse while her body shivered in panic. She desperately tried to free her arms, but laughing soldiers were firmly restraining her and outraging her white skin by holding her wrists.

“Nooo!!! Don’t touch me, negroes!” Karen snarled in a raging voice, her raging tone giving a striking contrast to the soft curves of her exposed breasts that garnered lewd catcalls and whistles from the Sergeant and his squad.


“Do you see what I see? Those are really some girl’s boobs! Wow!”

“She wasn’t even wearing a bra, the slut!”

“White girls are all negro-loving sluts! Hey babe! I got a big something for ye!”

The Sergeant loved that priceless moment when the girl’s pale boobs were facing his wide brown face. He personally loved seeing himself as a silver-back gorilla when he dominated a white girl with his big, strong face. He had raped only two white girls before, and he felt it was far too few.

Sergeant Kabugho revelled in the girl’s panic and the sound of her raging voice as she swore at his men. He plunged his face between her tits and licked her cleavage, letting her Briton girl’s scents invade his flat and wide nostrils as she shrieked with deafening force, sounding like they were putting a red-hot iron rod inside her cunt.


“Scream on, British slut! No one’s going to save you here!”
“Welcome to Africa, white bitch!”

Sergeant Kabugho’s fat lips were like a suction cup pulling her nipple as he engulfed the tip of her left breast while cupping the other one with his weightlifter’s callused hand. Karen kept shrieking, and shrieking, then shrieking some more as she tried to dispel her fate through the force of her voice, which soon broke and turned hoarse.

“Come on, Sergeant, lick those British titties!”
“Let’s rape her now!” a soldier named Bale hollered.
“That’s what we’re here for!” added another one.
“Strip that girl naked!”
“Take a good look, young man! You’ll see how African men do it!”

“I’m sure her boyfriend will love to watch this. All white boyfriends dream of seeing their girl gang-fucked by negroes. We’re doing him a favour!”
“Well said, Bale!”
“Yeah! That’s right! We raped a Dutch couple last year, and the guy ended up raping his own wife. What a white slut she was! She even licked him dry and he shot a full load right on her face. Then, we all masturbated and splattered a half-dozen loads on her Dutch pair of titties! That was some fun!”

With a groan of deeply felt satisfaction, Sergeant Kabugho pulled down Karen’s ivory-white safari trousers, feeling the growth of his erection as he uncovered her alluring legs.

She felt all those savage gazes on her revealed beauty, and kept shrieking in panic between two laughing Ugandans who began to lick her face as they kept her arms in check. “Milady’s not going anywhere! Milady’s being entertained tonight!”

Sergeant Kabugho would never forget the priceless moment as he grabbed Karen’s Union Jack panties and ripped them off with a loud tribal war cry, “uuUHHLULULULULULULULULUUUUUUU!!!”

“Uganda! U-ganda!” shouted the nearest soldiers upon seeing the dancing display of Karen’s sex as she writhed her legs and desperately fought to escape their collective hold, with her pulled-down trousers imprisoning her knees. She looked like a giant eel in the form of a pretty girl; she was fished and trying to escape a net.

“Look at that lovely strip of hair! Yeah, just a sweet line of hair! What a slut!”

“Oh, God! We’re having this tonight! So white!”

“Hey Milady, I love your cunt!”

“U-ganda! U-ganda!”

“Noo, please don’t do this, I beg you! I BEG YOU!!! I’m virgin! Don’t do this I’m going to suck all your cigars but please don’t do this my father would kill me, and I can suck you all off and I tell ya I’m a good-good girl but please-please-please don’t rape me!”

“You can do all of that later, honey! But right now, my dick’s hard and you’re here! Hey boys, let’s take her on that bed!”

“Yes, Sergeant!”

“The easiest order to obey, Sergeant!”

“NNNAAOOOO!!! NAAAOOO, noo, no, nooo, nnnaaoooooo!!!” Karen protested with her now-hoarse voice, tears flowing down her face as she kept writhing like and eel, frantically shaking her head, making a mess of her long brown hair, giving them whiffs of her scent as they lifted her off her feet…

They dumped her on the bed, where she was promptly overwhelmed under a forest of dark brown hands that ripped her open blouse and shredded it into oblivion, leaving only some white tatters on her arms as testimony to the preppy girl she used to be. The more of her they saw, the hornier they got. Karent just wouldn’t accept that she was about to get gang-raped by the Ugandan military.

Sergeant Kabugho ragingly pulled her trousers down her ankles and away from her feet, causing her slip-on shoes to vanish in the process, leaving her feet bare and moving in chaos at the end of her writhing legs as she kept groaning and raging in her vain struggles amid the jeering men.

The chaotic display of Karen’s legs and feet caused most men to become painfully hard and unable of thinking about anything other than filling her up! They all knew she was going to be amazing to rape!

The large Sergeant got on top of Karen, his torso pushing at her knees as she kept her legs glued together. He slapped her, but she used her legs to push him away with a force he didn’t give her credit for.

“Yeah! She’s a fighter!” the Sergeant exclaimed. “Well, bitch, do what you will, it’s going to happen all the same! Why delay the inevitable? Just relax and let us do our thing! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“We’re all coming for you, Briton girl! You gonna love this!”

“That will teach you not to protest in our streets!”

“The bedroom is the place for you to protest. And you’re doing a great job, honey!”

“NOOOO! PLEASE, NO, I’M VIRGIN! NOT THIS! NOT THIS!” she half-groaned, half-shouted.

The Sergeant grabbed Karen’s shoulders and shook her with all his might, causing her head to bob against the bed in a blur of brown hair while her tits jiggled in a mad tumult of pale flesh.

“St…ooo-oop… This… Sto-ooo-oopp!!!”

After shaking her like a rasher of bacon cooking on a frying pan, Sergeant Kabugho tried to force her legs open, but she held on!

He loved the feel of her lower legs under his hands, and he loved even more the sight of her small feet. He let go of her legs, and she bent them and kept them together, curling herself into a ball in an effort to make herself as small a target as possible, causing her cunt to be in perfect display for the troops as her slit was plainly visible below her feet. One soldier felt she reminded him of an elf queen captured by orcs after her escort was ambushed and slaughtered; he was of course playing the role of an orc.

The Sergeant unzipped his trousers and presented his rock-hard erection to the London preppy girl, who groaned in a hoarse scream as she beheld his Ugandan snake head.

Holding the base of his erection, the Sergeant climbed on the bed and knelt on the mattress. He approached Karen’s kept-close-together legs and grabbed her ankles, then he rubbed her toes against his distended erection, experiencing a jolt of pleasure as his cock touched Karen’s feet. He was on the verge of precumming, already…

He adored doing this to a white girl. Karen was positively sobbing as the men holding her arms were now calling her a cheap tart.

Then, Sergeant Kabugho forcibly propped up her legs and kept them at bay by pushing at her calves with his left forearm, gaining a direct access to her slit, where he guided his cock using his right hand, and…

Oh God! He sank his dark punch head inside her entrance, which he found half wet.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The little tart is enjoying this!” the Sergeant said as he sank further inside the groaning girl, who bitterly cried amid the general laughter of the Ugandans, who never stopped taunting her.

Leaning into her propped-up legs, which he kept together and slanting to his left side, Sergeant Kabugho began pounding Karen, shaking her through and through with his quickly repeated thrusts as he kept contemplating the lovely display of her feet at the end of her nubile legs. Her white splendour was a very rare sight. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening! Neither did Karen.


“Do you feel it, Milady? Do you feel Africa deep inside you, Milady? This is, HRRRhh! Oh God, you’re tight! This is what it’s like… to… HRRrH, oh yeah! This is… What… it’s like… To be, on the… Wrong side of the f… fence, OOhhrr!! Oh, Jesus Christ!!!”

Sergeant Kabugho went into gorilla-grunting mode and intensified the barrage of strokes that the hapless girl had no choice but to receive deep inside her shaken body, her head bobbing on the pillow between two jeering soldiers, whose khaki berets constantly reminded her she was the victim of political and social unrest, and whose black faces constantly reminded her she was deep in Africa.

“U-GANDA! U-GANDA! U-GANDA…” the nearby soldiers uttered like a mantra.

Karen heard that chant, and this spurred the “Allahu akbar” fantasy in her mind. And she felt her arousal suddenly grow out of control as she kept her legs glued together, and kept being savagely raped and pinned on that bed by the heavy Sergeant, his black gorilla face feeding her sense of horror, and also feeding her secret fantasy as he made her think of a big black Muslim in the act of raping her in the London Underground while other migrants were pinning her down on the ground while chanting, “Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!”

“NNNAaaOOOO!!! NAAAAOOOO!!! NNaaaAAAAAaOOOOOOOO OO aaaaaa AAAAA, aAA aahhh… Naaaoo!!!” she uttered, crying in hot tears, her head shaking as she refused to accept the present reality.

She was also moaning out of control. She was panicking. She wasn’t going to hit a climax like that?! She mustn’t!!! It was so, so… GROSS! But her body was forcing her to moan, loud and clear for all to hear, and forcing her to bend her legs so she’d see her dainty feet in close proximity to that gorilla-man’s face, a sight that put more oil into the fire of her raving madness. So… Gross!

The big Sergeant felt her arousal, and this drove him crazy! He knew it! All white girls enjoyed being gang-fucked by real men with hard dicks! He was now sweating profusely and hard at work, with his mouth wide open and dripping frothing slobber onto her.

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Uganda! Uganda! Uganda! It’s coming! Ahh yeah! The white girl! White girl! I’m going to give her… Africa!” the Sergeant suddenly bellowed after a bout of intense grunting.

He passed his edge while soldiers kept chanting “U-GANDA… U-GANDA… U-GANDA…”
And also, “White girl! White girl! White girl in Africa!”


As he roared his complete and absolute victory, Sergeant Kabugho blissfully shot his ropes of hot jizz inside the sobbing Briton student. Her pussy was so amazing to rape! So tight! It was heaven! He would never forget this lovely fuck.

Matt heard the horror. His head was really hurt where the nightstick had landed. He felt nausea. A tall and slender soldier helped him back to his feet and kept him standing up as he hand-cuffed him.

“Now, be quiet! If you’re a good boy, we’ll let you have her as well, once we’re all done!” he told Matt, who felt deeply horrified, yet he grew a monstrous boner in short order, and he knew right there he wasn’t going to help it. His first time wouldn’t go inside Yashma.

“Yashma!!!” Matt shouted, as he realized the entire residence was being sacked and raped. His erection became painfully hard as he pictured the lovely Pakistani girl being grabbed by those black-faced troops, and her red pajama getting shred to tatters as the men uncovered the secret splendour of her juicy boobs and the secret garden of her cunt; black silky hair on olive skin, and a pair of eyes to die for!

“Yashma!! NOOO!!!” Matt shouted. Karen heard this, and it broke her inside.

The Corporal was now on top of Karen. He had her legs pressed against his shoulders, and he presently inserted his chocolate-brown cock, all veiny and throbbing, inside her rosy folds as she kept begging them to please spare her virginity. There was indeed a spot of blood on the blanket.

Moments later, Karen was once more shaken under an Ugandan military man with his African dick plowing her destroyed virginity. She shouldn’t have come to this shit-hole of a place! She didn’t belong there! But it was too late now! Her life was over!

But then, her body hijacked her mind once again, and her fantasy hijacked her body as the Underground Muslims materialized before her mind’s eye. The fantasy returned with a vengeance. That Ugandan Corporal raping her with her legs up became a tall and well-built migrant who kept screaming, “Allahu akbar!” right at her face as he mercilessly shook her while other migrants gathered close around her and began masturbating.

This time, Karen was forced into a sensual hurricane and was forcibly taken to a noisy Cloud Nine as the relentless thrusts kept plowing her pure-English pussy.

Matt looked at the disaster in horror, yet he experienced the most intense arousal he had ever felt in his life as he watched the soldier’s brown buttocks going up and down in their urgent motions, as if the man’s dick was trying to find something hidden deep inside Karen, who sounded like she was in great pain. But then, Matt suddenly realized she was moaning like crazy and hitting a jack-pot climax. Could she really get so dirty?! She was actually enjoying this?!

And she was gorgeous while being raped with her legs propped all the way up and her legs pinned under that hard-plowing Corporal whose negro face added to Karen’s forced pleasure as he looked down on her and she met his gaze and found herself unable to look away, enthralled by the brutal encounter that should never had happened.

Matt didn’t hear anything that was happening elsewhere in the two-storey residence, since Karen’s hoarse screams and protests filled the bedroom along with the men’s jeering and taunting. But he sensed that all the girls were being systematically raped, and very thoroughly so. Yashma…

The Corporal presently screamed at Karen’s face, “Take this, you filthy Briton!” as he dumped his load and compounded her sense of loss. He filled her up, yet he left her with an empty feeling once he was out of her.

The next man grabbed her ankles and pulled her nearer to the edge of the bed. His trousers were already down and Karen screamed in shock and horror as she saw the man’s prodigious size. His dark cock was a monster! A Monster!

It was covered by a complex network of veins, its base was adorned with a hanging pair of black balls, and its head was a stupid-big fist that waited to bruise Karen’s vagina.

Matt went nuts as he shouted at the soldiers, telling them to leave the girl alone, and knowing they won’t.

They reminded him of his prisoner’s status as by giving him a sharp nightstick blow to his ribs. Matt learned the meaning of pain. He would be unable to breathe without wincing from the pain for about a weak after that.

Karen’s legs were finally wide open! She was still resisting. She still had to be restrained, but she was getting tired. The soldiers couldn’t believe how soft she was to the touch! And she smelled so nice!

The man with the stupid-big cock was now between her legs and on top of her at the edge of the bed.
He strained and grunted like a baboon as he punched against her entrance and began to jab his huge stick of black liquorice inside her. He was inside her about one fourth of the way.

Karen shrieked, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! TOO BIG! TOO BIG!” and this told Matt the Ugandan phenomenon was inside her.

The camouflage-uniformed soldier pushed harder and deeper, hammering himself inside her, deeper with each stroke.

“You’ll see what it’s like to get raped by a truly BIG cock! Oh… Little Miss! You’re so bloody tight! AAahhh! YEAH!!!! AAaah YEAHH!!! YES!!! I’m deep inside you now!!!!” the man grunted amid his hard panting.

Karen was rocked under that older man, who was in her mid-thirties, and the age gap added to her sense of horror. She lay in deep agony, as the man stretched her pussy with his unforgiving size.

He was now raping her urgently at the end of the bed, kneeling by its edge while other soldiers restrained Karen, pinning her on the mattress while pinching her nipples and kneading her boobs and asking her how she was enjoying the ride.


“Shut up, you snobbish tart! Many British girls would love to be in your spot! So shut up and enjoy the ride!” Sergeant Kabugho told her in a scolding tone as he watched and smiled. Raping that bloody snob tramp was so much fun!

Her rapist proceeded to destroy all shreds of dignity she had left. Other soldiers kept chanting, “U-ganda! U-ganda… U-ganda!” They were masturbating and waiting their turn.

At one point, the rapist interrupted his pounding and firmly grabbed Karen’s waist. He squarely lifted her buttocks off the bed as he rose and stood up!

Then, he resumed Karen’s ordeal by raping her nearly upside down as he stood, firmly holding her slender hips and punching her clock deep between her legs as the petite girl received the onslaught with her shoulder blades pinned on the mattress and her head bobbing along with the unbridled rhythm. Her jiggling tits rode extra high on her almost-inverted chest and the strip of hair on her cunt was offered in plain sight while the soldier punished her on and on with his gigantic cock.

“Bale the Baobab always does that!” a soldier exclaimed, jealous of Bale’s size as he masturbated his own eight incher while watching the snobbish student being raped nearly upside down, just like a medieval Baroness being raped by her own peasants during a jacquerie. The social order was turned upside down.

Bale growled and let the tsunami of bliss run its course throughout his body as he stuffed the white girl with bolts upon bolts of risk-rich semen.

“Milady’s going to have a baby!”
“Yeah, a black baby!”

This is when Karen deeply regretted not being on the pill.


After Bale “the Baobab”, the other Privates took their turns inside Karen. They raped her crudely, without any creativity. Missionary style. Each soldier laid himself down on top of her, kissed her or licked her face, then punched himself inside her cum-drenched pussy.

It now slid well. She was a tight little tart, but those men had already raped girls more than once. But raping a white girl was a true delicacy. They immensely enjoyed it. Each and everyone of them.

To Matt it soon looked like a contest between the Privates to see who would hammer Karen into that mattress the roughest, and who would fill her up with the biggest load of semen. The contrast between her and them showcased how preposterous their sexual encounter truly was.

Each eruption inside her was fired along with a primal groan or roar against her face as the soldier took his bliss. Karen lost count.

“You love black cocks, don’t you, bitch?” the Sergeant jeered now and then.

“Of course she does!” the Corporal would reply, watching the Privates having their way with her. “It was her secret reason for coming to Uganda! And now she’s having the time of her life!”

“Aaahh!! YES! YESSSS!! Aahh! the white girl! The white girl! White girl! White girl from London!!! This is it! Aaahh, nooo!!! Not possible!! YAAAARRRRGGGHG NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!” the third Private uttered as he literally died inside her and unleashed a prodigiously massive load!

Filling up that preppy girl was mental!

The last soldier to rape her, a recruit about her age, kissed her gently and thanked her once he was done, leaving her filled with Ugandan seed and deeply concerned about her risk of STD and pregnancy.

After the Sergeant, the Corporal and the four Privates had all dumped their relief inside Karen, they kindly freed Matt.

The Sergeant drew his 9-mm Browning pistol and put it on the lad’s temple and said, “Now, young man, show your girl some respect. Rape her face!”

And Matt did just that. He walked up to Karen. Their eyes met; Matt looked down in shame, but not before he had seen the demented arousal in Karen’s brown eyes.

When he lowered his trousers and took his cock out, Karen opened her mouth and actually advanced her face toward him, reaching out for his cock.

Moving like in a mad dream, Matt felt like being someone else as he took his cock forward and the tip met Karen’s lips, then he advanced further and suddenly felt the tight, warm glove of Karen as she wrapped her mouth around him and began to work his full length, looking up into his eyes as she pleasured him while the Ugandan soldiers cheered and catcalled.

“Yeah! That’s a real English blowjob!” the Sergeant said.
“Young Miss, you’ll get a line-up of Ugandans after that! I’m sure you gonna enjoy taking my huge thing inside your mouth!” Bale “the Baobab” said.

“Sure! But I wanna try her doggystyle before!” the Corporal suggested. “Her butt most be so white and gorgeous! We can’t miss out on that!”
“We sure can’t!”

Matt really, really enjoyed being given a blowjob by Karen, and since he didn’t really like her, he made no effort to conceal it. He actually loved the notion of humiliating her to teach her a deeply felt lesson. The teenage lad he used to be was already fading away. Matt felt like a depraved man while the preppy girl kept slurping along his hard shaft, licking it and giving him a firm massage with her dainty hands.

Karen was too exhausted to enjoy much of anything. After so much screaming, her jaw and mouth hurt, and her distended neck hurt as Matt now grabbed her head and began to frantically use it as some masturbatory bowling ball with her warm brown hair acting as long drapes that followed the demented dance. Yet being thus used filled her with unstoppable waves of deep arousal.

Do what she will, she enjoyed being Matt’s slut. She started feeling angry at him; why didn’t he rape her when they started dating? She would have loved him for it!

Karen made some deep, gurgling sounds as Matt grunted like a horny gorilla, louder and louder as he raped her face more and more urgently, getting right past the edge…

And then, he screamed his final explosion and shouted, “AAaahhhh!!! YASHMA!!!”

This was the kicker for Karen; Matt shouted Yashma’s name, making it clear he wished Karen were the pretty Pakistani girl.

Matt indeed pulled out of the girl and imagined he was splattering Yashma’s face as he screamed his bliss. Karen wanted to bite him, but it was too late. Matt had already exited her mouth and he painted Karen’s face with an incredibly massive load of heat! It totally slimed her and stuck to her face!

A lot of heated sludge and stickiness that came along with Matt’s thoughts for Yashma. Karen got all of it on her pretty face and bitterly cried.

“Aaahhaaa… This is not fair! Not fair!!!” Karen cried out in a deafening wail.

“Don’t worry little honey! You got six Ugandan studs, baby! We’re here to make you feel valued. Now, please, lie down! Me and my friends, we want to suck your breasts, kiss your feet and lick you everywhere and see how white your butt really is while our cocks reload for you,” the Corporal said.

“Yeah! The night’s very young!” Bale “the Baobab” added. “You got all six of us, and your boyfriend. Just for you, babe! Just for you…”


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By HistBuff
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