Wrong Semester In Uganda 7 Sex Story

#Group #Interracial #Rape #Teen

By HistBuff

Miss Black gets her supplies of admirers. Bridget becomes a magnet for Ugandan cocks.

From the moment she was grabbed and glued in a bent-over position on the table where she had been playing Scrabble with pupils, Miss Black had been screaming her outrage!

“This is unacceptable! Ahhhrrr Noooo! Stop this! You have no right! Leave my students alone! Unnngghh… Hhhhhng… I’ll… I’ll call the Embassy! I’ll… call… Embasss… ssy! …”

She was only successful in making the Ugandan soldiers laugh out loud as they began taking their turns in raping her doggystyle, urgently, while still wearing their berets. With a strong imprint of Scrabble letters on her left cheek, Miss Black was utterly slammed on that table, feeling the vigorous pounding from a young soldier’s dick along with his commanding grip on her waist while she was forced to watch Kim’s small breasts jiggling under the ceiling lights as her young Asian pupil was getting gang-raped right next to her, on the same table.

Miss Black heard Kim’s shrill screams of pain and distress; Kim was being deflowered! Miss Black felt an evil sense of satisfaction mixed with her motherly pity for the girl; Miss Black harboured some secret jealousy for these teenage beauties because she was herself past 30 and felt old and ugly in comparison.

But she needed not to worry so much about her looks! The soldier banging her from behind showed every bit as much enthusiasm as if he was enjoying a teenage student, if not more, while his mates kept saying she had a very fuckable butt! Miss Black heard his thundering groan of fulfilled lust and felt his young hands clutching her waist for dear life as he spewed his full load inside her! “UURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGHHH!” Her body sort of liked receiving this young stud; it had been more than two years since she last had sex, and it had been a disappointment.

She kept protesting as a new soldier forcefully entered his black dick inside her vaginal depths and began pounding her like a berzerker on the creaking table!

“No… Stop this… Nhhhhhgh… nghh, nghhh, nghhh… This is outrageous! You have no right! I’ll call the Embassy! This is unacceptable! Unacc… nghh, nghhh, nghhh… acceptable… No… This… outraggg mmmhhhFFFFFFFFFFFFFF…”

Miss Black was silenced by a big black dick that a well-built Corporal just shoved into her ajar mouth after forcibly dragging her to the very edge of the table and turning her head so she had her face to his crotch! He thus offered her her very first taste of Ugandan cock!

“Shut up, your royal highness, and suck my dick! And you’ll watch your cute young pupil here lose a nipple under a knife if you give me teeth, so be a good Miss and suck dick!” Men jeered and mocked her as he said this.

The Corporal then grabbed her head and began face-raping her! Miss Black’s bobbing head had four Scrabble letters that had stuck to her left cheek from when that side of her face was roughly pinned on the tabletop. The four letters formed a word that made the Corporal burst out in laughter. There was an S, an L, a U and a T, in that order.

“Yeah… Yeah… British slut… That’s good! Yearrhhh… Yaarhhh… Ahrr yes! You’re a good British slut! Aahrr yeah… I’m going to cum soon! …”

The pleasured Corporal immensely enjoyed Miss Black’s sealed mouth and her tongue that kept massaging his throbbing dick as he kept pushing her face against his crotch while his mate kept pounding her from behind, holding her wrists and pulling her arms as far behind her as he could for added penetrative power…

This soldier kept powerfully slamming her again, again and again on the creaking table while watching Kim getting gangbanged with her little hands aimlessly whirling around while a soldier restrained her upper arms as she was taking a man’s cum deep inside her destroyed virginity… Her shrill screams were as loud as they were pointless. The next man was already raping her…

Miss Black felt her rapist’s dick twitching inside her and felt him slamming himself on her as he screamed his relief and unloaded a prodigious amount of Ugandan creamy thickness inside her British vagina, giving her a more personal experience of cultural diversity…

Almost at the same time, the big black piece of human liquorice twitched inside her musk-filled mouth and the Corporal urgently pulled out and blasted his load all over her face and hair!

Miss Black shuddered as she heard his sickening growl and she felt like she was going to die from disgust as the first shot of cum landed with a hot imprint on her left cheek, and it was followed by a second shot that turned out to be the main one! Miss Black was showered with spunk all over the left side of her face and was also left with thick spots of messy slime in her dark hair!

The Corporal and the soldier were promptly replaced by a fresh pair of jeering soldiers, and Miss Black’s ordeal began anew, except this time, the tailing man chose to rape her ass!

Miss Black’s pretty blue eyes positively widened to the size of small porcelain saucers as she was introduced to the realm of anal pain! She shrieked in muffled agony against the slab of Ugandan flesh that was filling her cock-sucking mouth! This was 50 times worse than a vaginal rape!

Soldiers around her were chanting…
“White slut! White slut! She goes black! She goes black! White slut! White slut…”

Someone poured banana beer on her cum-smeared face as she was being spit-roasted on that heavily used table, where Kim was being shaken with ruthless abandon while Jenny was on the nearby floor, being missionary-styled by a massive dick while being forced to orgasm and wrapping her tenniswoman’s legs around her Ugandan rapist… Miss Black distantly heard Kim’s high-pitched whimpers and Jenny’s deep groans amid all the tumult of jeers, screaming and animalistic grunting. She was a well-bred, politically correct woman, but there were limits to her inclusivity; she would never have considered dating a non-white man.

Her tight asshole and her dainty mouth were now forced to include Ugandan dicks! All she could do was groaning in agonizing pain with her mouth filled with the meat of her face rapist and praying that her ass rapist would soon conclude! In other words, she was being spit-roasted!

Miss Black’s prayer was answered; she felt a sensation of deep warmth inside her sore ass and heard the man blissfully relieving himself! “Fuck, this is a black man’s cum!” she thought in utter disgust.

Then, the man raping her face pushed his crotch hard against her nose and shot thick ropes of jizz inside Miss Black’s throat! He stayed there, so she was forced to swallow the sludge. The taste was horrible!

Then, Miss Black was roughly flipped over and placed face up on the table with her fleshy butt plump on the Scrabble board. Her skirt and panties were slid away from her lower legs and feet and ragingly discarded while her white tank-top was put to shreds and urgently yanked away along with her bra, leaving her movie-star breasts in a full, perky display of flashing white flesh and light-brown nipples between the grey curtains of her pointless cardigan.

Restrained by the upper arms the same way as Kim, except she was facing the opposite direction, Miss Black saw a masked man who wedged himself between her spread-out legs. His figure was vaguely familiar to her. Little did she know that it was none other than Mr. Mbabazi, the program director, who perfectly remembered the way she had barged into his office and acted like the entitled leftist bitch she was!

Mr. Mbabazi raped Miss Black with unfathomable satisfaction for several minutes, until he pulled out and said…
“I’m not going to waste my spunk inside a cheap tart like you!”

He then motioned to the pack of men who were using little Kim, who had just received a steaming cumload inside her pussy. They let Mr. Mbabazi settle himself between Kim’s petite legs. Mr. Mbabazi had often looked the other way when the military had done not-so-saintly stuff and he had powerful connections.

Miss Black felt sick in her soul as she watched the masked man raping Kim’s virginal body.The man uttered beastly grunts as he urgently pounded the Asian teenage girl, and he very soon exploded inside her tight pussy!

“Ahh yeah! Yes yes yes yes yes yes… Aahhrrr! The little student! The little student! I’m having heRRRRRRRRHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNRRRRGGH AAARRRGH!!! Oh fuck she’s good…”

Kim bitterly cried as she received the masked man’s load; she could tell he was more than twice her age and being raped by him felt so gross! At least, being raped by the young soldiers was more age-appropriate!

Miss Black shuddered as a teenage recruit introduced his youthful prick inside her; she didn’t shudder because this man was so much younger than her — her body actually felt turned on from feeling his touch and his young gaze on her. No, she shuddered because she recognized the program director’s voice; the man who had just raped Kim was that Mr. Bobaz… whatever his name was! How could he!


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By HistBuff
#Group #Interracial #Rape #Teen