Wrong Semester In Uganda 6 Sex Story

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By HistBuff

Jenny’s Broken Tennis Dream And Sungh’s Deflowering

Jenny’s life changed forever in three minutes.

One moment she was the quiet, nerdy and worry-free girl whose dainty hands formed “GANGBANG” on that Scrabble board, the next she was grabbed by Ugandan soldiers in camouflage fatigues who utterly overpowered her and pinned her on the floor, near the table where she confusedly saw Kim and Miss Black getting pinned on by crazy-faced black men!

Their jeers and anti-leftist slurs deafened her panicked mind.

Jenny tried to fight them off, but it was no use; one man was jeering on top of her face and firmly holding her small wrists crossed together above her long light-brown hair while a very large man lifted her slender hips off the floor and ragingly grabbed and pulled her bedtime shorts right off her long legs and off her bare feet.

“Nooooooo! Stop! I’m a British subject! I’m a British subject! I’m a British subject! …” Jenny frantically screamed and repeated as she wildly shook her glasses-wearing face between the top-man’s ebony arms while her little hands formed girly fists as she vainly tried to wrestle free from these men, whom she never thought capable of attacking a white girl. Realizing she could get gang-raped by Ugandan men, she became wet, but she was too shocked and terrified to be conscious of this taboo thing called forced arousal.

“I’m a British subject! I’m a British subject! I’m a British subject! …”
“Hey white girl! I like your legs!”
“Here, leftist bitch! Look at my big chocolate dick! Just for you babe!”
“Oh shit, this one’s going to be a great fuck!”

For a fleeting moment, Jenny’s lilac-coloured panties danced amid the tumult of jeers, hands and lust-filled gazes… Then, the large soldier grabbed the front, feeling the mound of her cunt, before brutally yanking them away; the fabric stretched and offered an opening view on Jenny’s delicate cunt hair, which formed an inviting duvet in a more or less regular triangle of brown carpet, which was suddenly revealed in plain sight as her panties were snapped broken, signaling the end of Jenny’s innocence!

The teen girl shrieked and started wailing and crying, her black-rimmed glasses forming a blur as she kept shaking her head in frantic panic amid the disheveled mass of her long light-brown hair, which an invading hand had untied loose.

“Let’s go, Major! Show this white cunt what it’s like to get bucked by Ugandan men!” one soldier said to the big man who just tore off Jenny’s panties.

“Hey cutie! I love your pretty face!”

“And her glasses too! These glasses are perfect for receiving Ugandan cum! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Amid the general confusion, amid the men’s jeering and laughter, amid the shrill screams of her classmates sharing her fate, Jenny lost her virginity to Major Nabwire.

The big, overweight man savagely forced her legs open; she found the contrast impossible to believe between her pure-white thighs and his coal-black hands, and that unthinkable contact filled her with shame because her own body was reacting with vaginal fluids to receive the upcoming intrusion.

Soon, the Major had his dick out; a big and grotesquely massive slab that looked like a huge piece of black liquorice that had turned into hard flesh! A powerful musk hit the rich girl’s nostrils; her body sent more fluids into her womanhood as her small breasts began swelling under her bra and t-shirt. Her terrified mind felt a confused sense of curiosity as she looked wide-eyed at his big Ugandan dick…

Jenny couldn’t believe that THING could go inside her!

But it did, extremely painfully. Major Nabwire had coated his big cock with his saliva, but he heard Jenny’s shrill litany of suffering as he powerfully pushed himself inside her surprisingly wet pussy…


Then, Jenny’s walls yielded and the Major was suddenly all the way inside her! He uttered loud roars of victory as he grabbed Jenny’s hips and began urgently raping her with her hips clean off the floor, just powerfully ramming her into his kneeling figure in repeat motions, like a possessed man, enjoying every second of this grunt fest…

She was in a slanting angle with her face down as she kept frantically shaking her head and screaming “Noooooooo! Noooooo! Nooooooooooooo!” with her shrill voice and tears streaming down her reddened cheeks.

The man holding her little fists above her head kept laughing as he contemplated her inverted cunt and the pristine shapes of her athletic hips and tummy, the hem of her t-shirt forming a moving line of folded snow near the base of her tenniswoman’s perky breasts — Jenny had been a young tennis sensation at the national level until a horse-riding accident shattered her dreams of playing at Wimbledon.

They didn’t bother removing her white t-shirt before deflowering the sobbing Briton girl! The moving shapes of her perky breasts under the t-shirt were not the result of tennis strokes; the Major holding her hips off the floor kept urgently raping her, grunting with immense delight from his wide and dark sweaty face.

While the big man was shaking and impaling her, Jenny became suddenly aware that the searing pain was giving way to a growing sensation of surging pleasure; in a panic of shamed pride and riddled by profound disbelief tainted by a weird sense of fascination, Jenny realized, amid her confused horror, that she was headed for a forced orgasm!

She took the Major’s explosion of cum with forced moans and a shudder of disgust; she was shocked at the prodigious amount of sperm she felt sticking its hot, slimy glove inside her violated walls.

The Major was nearly flattened by the incredible relief as he shot his load and groaned his delight as he cupped Jenny’s clothed breasts and thrusted himself as deep as he could to enjoy this finale to the very last drop! Aaarrhhhh! What a fucking rush! Raping these cute Briton students was so much fun!

Jenny moaned even louder as she was pinned under the next man, a tall and lanky Lieutenant who raped her in nervous, urgent dickthrusts…


As her violated body exploded in a galaxy of all-female supernovas, Jenny forgot herself and wrapped her tall legs around the thin Lieutenant, who kept urgently plowing her conquered cunt. Jenny’s mind was hijacked by a wild fantasy of black men gang-fucking her on the clay court at Roland-Garros with the crowd cheering and more men coming down to partake.

The Ugandan Lieutenant soon roared his own bliss, only to be replaced by a muscular soldier who had stripped himself naked.

The sight of his fit physique of ebony male glory forced Jenny’s womanhood into a new arousal while her swollen breasts kept pushing inside her unscathed bra!

While the third man began raping her, the man holding her wrists on top of her felt she was getting very tired and was no longer resisting. He took advantage of this to let her wrists go and grab her Lacoste t-shirt, which he powerfully ripped open, before grabbing her white bra and yanking it upward and away, leaving Jenny’s pair of swollen boobs in full moving display!

Jenny’s suddenly exposed breasts ellicited lewd comments from the nearby men…

“Oh yeah! This cute nerdy Brit got some really nice titties!”
“Jesus! She’s so white! A real cute snobbish tart!”
“Oh God! Look at her pale nipples! First time I’m seeing this for real… Wow!”

The naked Ugandan soldier raped her missionary style and gave her all he had! Jenny screamed another forced orgasm in their arms as she felt her breasts freely moving under all these male gazes. No man had ever seen her topless until this fateful evening. Her shattered mind kept picturing her getting gang-raped by lowlifes at Roland-Garros.

She severely admonished herself for not resisting enough; she tried to wrestle, but she felt bruised all over her body and way too exhausted to offer a pointless resistance. She then saw in her mind the picture of her all-time idol, Martina Hingis — just as the Swiss legend was at Roland-Garros as an 18-year-old veteran when she lost the finals to Steffi Graf in 1999.

In Jenny’s fantasy, the 18-year-old Martina Hingis also got stripped naked by lust-crazy black men, who savagely ripped her tennis outfit and made the prestigious brands of her sponsors worthless as they uncovered her athletic body right down to her lovely feet, discovering and exploring Martina’s amazing beauty under the Parisian sun! They all took their turns inside Hingis while calling her a snobbish tart! Forcing Martina’s angry protests into loud orgasmic groans as the clay sand of Roland-Garros covered the soles of her feet and her sweaty buttocks and back as she received African cumshots!

Jenny mentally held Hingis’s hand as she kept being Africanized. The imaginary presence of Martina Hingis gave Jenny some strength. She tried hard to imagine the clay of Roland-Garros under her, and Hingis holding her hand, as the Ugandan soldier kept hammering her like a steady piston that soon let the spunk powerfully flow in a liberating burst of male relief! All this under the noisy jeers from the beer-drinking troops.

After the ebony muscleman had filled her up, Jenny let them flip her over and place her on all fours, where she was bucked doggy style by the fourth man as the men kept catcalling her and commenting on her gorgeous butt, which was tight and athletic with baby-skin curves, and her silky-pale skin offered a rich and fascinating complexion. Anyone who had seen Martina Hingis in 1999 would readily acknowledge that Jenny’s figure was remarkably similar to Hingis’s at the same age.

The fourth man screamed his infinite bliss as he exploded and shot a massive geyser of cum, with the final bolt landing on her lower back, which was covered by her front-opened t-shirt. The next man was none other than Major Nabwire, who forced a new orgasm out of her while her knees were getting painfully bruised from remaining on all fours on the hard floor.

After the Major had shot his second cum bomb inside her, Jenny was mercifully placed lying down flat on her stomach, but as the Lieutenant laid himself down on her butt, Jenny screamed and begged as she felt the man’s hard cock pushing her back door!

As the wicked officer’s dick entered her rectum and forced it open, the sodomized girl screamed so loud that she was heard outside, right to the next building, where a group of French students was being similarly raided.

Outside, the entire campus was raided by an entire brigade! The government had decided to unleash the worst and teach these leftist students a long, lasting lesson on how the world worked.

The idealistic British students now had their accomodation building surrounded by several military trucks and more were coming! Their virgin fuckholes were now Ugandan turf!

Inside, Yashna was still on the couch, kneeling amd firmly held on all fours, her red pajamas in shredded ruins under the invading soldier’s boots, as she was being raped from behind by a well-endowed Corporal who had the time of his life as he found impossible to comprehend the mystic beauty of Yashna’s light-bronze butt of Eurasian splendour!

Her mind-boggling curves of teenage firmness were enough to fully justify marrying Yashna in spite of her life-ending shame. Even a proud and famous celebrity such as young Martina Hingis would have been forced to secretly admit, only to herself, that Yashna’s butt was even more gorgeous than hers!

As she felt her rapist’s ebony hands painfully holding her waist and his dick more painfully ramming itself back and forth inside her, while other hands kept groping her hair, her butt and her overhanging breasts, Yashna firmly reminded herself that she would never, ever say a word about THIS.

If her Pakistanese parents learned about this gang-rape at the hands of black men, they would cast her out and forget about her very existence! They would wipe her name in order to wipe the shame.

Yashna’s current rapist, a middle-aged warrant officer, spilled frothing slobber down his loose mouth as he uttered a sickening growl and the cute Eurasian girl received another massive dose of Ugandan cum! A new man — this one a recruit about her age — took over and added to her already infinite shame.

Only two paces away, Sungh was being pinned and bent over amid a pack of beer-drinking men who kept taking each their turn inside her tight Korean pussy! They kept spilling banana beer on her immaculate butt while she was constantly raped doggy style where she stood!

Their hands and dick thrusts kept shaking her while she kept whimpering and protesting…

“My f… father will… hghh… prosecute… ywhh… you!” Sungh kept saying as she took one cum load after another!

She had been repeating this, amid her cries and her forced moans, ever since she was seized by the troops and had all her clothes urgently ripped off her nubile charms, which were now ensuring a steady and reliable stiffness in the jungle-black rods that the host State was liberally providing her with!

The soldier presently raping Sungh was a giant who stood behind her with his tree-trunk legs widely spread out as he kept pounding her with his gargantuan dick while repeatedly driving her heart-shaped butt into him!

The petite student kept emitting high-pitched groans in sounds only an Asian girl could make while the gorilla man behind her blissfully violated her vaginal tightness, until he felt he was just about to cum, at which point he pulled out of her and played his eleven-inch long boomerang-shaped dick until he let out a thundering roar and liberally spewed a thick load on her teenage butt!

“My f… father… He’ll pross… ecute…” Sungh repeated amid her deep shudder of disgust at herself, for she felt a secret sense of arousal from being destroyed by such a formidable stud, who had just coated her pristine ass with rich African cream!

The next man, naked from the waist down, his shoulder sleeves displaying the three black diamonds of his rank (Captain), took his own turn, his second turn inside Sungh, who was already getting used to the bent-over position and the feeling of being utterly filled by Ugandan dicks.

A soldier threatened to cut her ears off if she didn’t open her mouth for him. When she did, her mouth was instantly filled by a hard slab of Ugandan dick that tasted foul, yet offered something like a powerful leathery musk added to it. The man repeated his threat, forbidding her to even think of biting him! The terrified girl let him rape her face while she was being slammed from behind with piston-like steadiness!

The savage jeers and grunts around her summarized her predicament; Sungh felt weirdly relieved that her rapes had not been as physically painful as she had feared, for her vagina was very flexible. Little did she know that the next man would rape her asshole and teach her the true meaning of pain.

Sungh, the daughter of a prominent lawyer, had come to Uganda to discover Africa while making a difference. Her trip was a resounding success that echoed throughout the jam-packed livingroom as loads of soldierly cum were shot deep inside her mouth and deep inside her cunt!


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By HistBuff
#Interracial #Rape #Teen #Virgin