Wrong Semester In Uganda 10 Sex Story

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By HistBuff

Time to convert a couple of leftist lesbians while all hell breaks loose in the dormitory.

When she saw the Ugandan troops storming the dormitory, Jillian’s first thought was for her girlfriend Katya and her safety. There were so many of them! Too many! Way too many!

The blue-haired leftist grabbed her red-haired girlfriend and ran toward the end of the hallway and into a two-bunk bedroom, hoping the troops didn’t spot them since they were both small girls and most of their fellow students were more conventionally attractive than them, or at least this was what Jillian thought.

She soon learned she was mistaken. As she pushed Katya inside the room and was closing the door to lock it behind her, Jillian got floored by the door’s slamming as soldiers stormed in!

“White pussy here!”

“Fresh pussy!!! Fresh pussy!!! Wou-hou-hou!!!”

“Look at her long red hair! What a lovely British cunt we got here!”

Katya’s shriek filled the room and pierced Jillian’s ears. She’d never forget how her girlfriend shrieked when the Ugandans grabbed her.

Katya’s cries filled the room as soldiers started groping her tits and her butt through her bedtime clothes… “AAAHHH! NOO! NO YOU CAN’T! STOP THIS! STOP! NOOOOOOO NNNOOOOOOO NOOOO!!! I’M BRITISH!!!”

Jillian was crushed by a searing sense of failure. She couldn’t protect her! No matter how hard she tried…

Jillian snarled at the man who grabbed and lifted her up. The tiny girl cursed at him as he tossed her on the bunk like a sack of potatoes. She weighed 95 pounds soaking wet, while Katya was the “big girl” in their couple at 110 lbs.

“Get your paws off me, you monkey-face baboons!!” Jillian snarled.

“See how racist you are, leftist cunt? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” The green-beret-wearing soldier replied in a taunting voice as he slapped her again, again and again while easily overpowering her. Jillian squealed from the pain and from her crushing sense of powerlessness, but the worst were her girlfriend’s screams…


Katya’s screams were deafening as she desperately wriggled and writhed between two well-built soldiers, whose white smiles looked terrifying amid their equally terrifying faces of dark brown skin.

Amid her shrieking terror, the leftist student realised that she would have found it less unbearable if her attackers had been white, which meant she was a racist! She shrieked even louder, enraged at herself on top of her terror. This couldn’t be happening! She was now seeing her true face. A racist! Her?! Yes, she was! Deep down, Katya was a racist UK slut, and she was going to taste her very first cocks! Black cocks.

“Leave my girlfriend, alone… you… Bastards! Filthy baboons!!!” Jillian snarled as her attacker had reduced her to a fighting balled-up figure, holding her crunched under him with her feet pointing high up toward the ceiling, and her knees pinned against her chest, as he mocked her while tapping her buttocks through her navy-blue jogging pants.

“DON’T TOUCH HER, YOU SLIMY MORONS!” Katya yelled with a thundering voice from amid her pack of avid gropers.

“Hey guys! We got a lesbian couple here!” said the soldier who was holding Jillian pinned under him with her back pressed against the bunk’s mattress. He was going to have a lot of fun with her!


“Your mom’s not here to save you, lesbian cunt, and your cute little girlfriend isn’t going to save you either! She’s going to watch!”

The soldier’s words were half-lost in the shrieking tumult of Katya’s panic as one soldier restrained her arms above her while sniffing her freshly shampooed hair, and the other one was pinning her on the bed under him, holding her waist as he spoke, his revolting face only inches from her panicked bosom, with only her thin tee-shirt protecting her tits. Katya seldom wore a bra, knowing her girlfriend loved to have easy access.

Katya tried to knee-kick her attacker, but she was completely pinned under the man; all she managed to do was brushing her thighs against his camouflage-uniformed sides, which further aroused her attacker…

“Hey guys! We got a real hot one here!” the man said as he grabbed and forcefully ripped Katya’s tee-shirt apart, basking in the girl’s shrill screams as Katya’s juicy tits suddenly came into view, with an immediate hardening effect on both her assailants.

“Nice titties, lesbian bitch!”

“Oh, God! This is our lucky day! Hey little Miss! Tonight’s the night you get Africanized and de-lesbianized!”


Katya frantically shook her head left and right on the disorderly bed, drowning her assailants’ jeers with her shrill screams.

Her arms were locked on either side of her shaking head while the other man made short work of her jogging pants, which he ruthlessly pulled off her alluring legs. He swore with delight as he found out she wasn’t wearing panties and her cunt sported the loveliest strip of brownish copper hair… A true red-haired girl’s cunt!

“KATYA, NOOO! NOT MY SWEET LITTLE KITTEN! NO, NOOO, you’re monsters…” Jillian uttered through her clenched teeth, going mad with rage and despair as she was forced to watch.

The green-beret man was now on top of her, pinning her on her stomach and holding a sharp bowie knife against Jillian’s throat.

“Now, leftist cunt! You watch! You watch it all, and you shut up your bloody leftist mouth! You watch in silence, or else we’ll cut off your girlfriend’s nipples and force you to eat them!”

Jillian obeyed. What choice did she have? She surrendered.

Katya’s voice broke and her shrieks turned hoarse as the negro soldier holding her legs pushed his hand against her cunt, brutally. His fingers found her entrance and he started fingering her while the shrieking girl kept her legs glued together, writhing like a caught fish as the other man kept taunting her while holding her wrists together on top of her screaming face.

Katya’s naked tits offered a white jiggling feast of British splendour to those Ugandans. They were neither small nor big, just perky-perfect, with pale nipples and tiny areolas. She had a birth mark above her right nipple, maybe one inch above…

Hands, dark brown hands desecrated her tits! They pressed that soft flesh and loved how it yielded under their pressing caresses. This girl was going to be an amazing shag!

“You filthy bastards! Baboons!” Jillian snapped again.

“Shut up, leftist cunt! Shut up and watch or we’ll cut off her nipples!”


Each scream from Katya was ripping Jillian’s soul apart as she was forced to watch the revolting scene where the Ugandan was fingering her shrieking girlfriend while other men kept laughing at her as they held her arms stretched out above her head and kneaded her tits.

“And guess what, Briton girl, you’re next!” Jillian’s captor added, gently pressing his blade against her neck.

Jillian watched the heart-breaking scene through the veil of her tears. What was going to be left of them after THIS?

The soldier fingering Katya had a lot of fun doing this to a white girl, but he knew his mate wasn’t having as much fun next to her blurry hair and shaking face and was no doubt growing hard and impatient.

“Open up your legs for us, British lesbian!”

Katya shook her head frantically and further pressed her writhing legs together.

“Open up your legs or I’ll take that knife you see here and thrust it inside your cunt! OPEN!”

As he spoke, the angry Corporal pulled out his bowie knife and showed it plainly to Katya. Jillian sobbed, with another knife on her own throat.

Katya opened her legs. She died to herself as she did, wailing in a high-pitched litany of misery as the Corporal put his knife back in its sheath and unzipped his camouflage trousers.

“If you think that blade is long, check this out!” he said as he freed his eight-and-a-half incher and let it jut out in a grotesque show of his brute of a dick. Katya frantically screamed as she saw that dark brown monster. It was so thick! Long and very thick!

How was she going to take THIS inside her?! Katya was terrified. This was how she would die…

“Yep! This is all going inside you, lesbian cunt! Right to the hilt!” the sadistic Corporal said as he knelt on the bunk and further forced Katya’s legs apart, enjoying the plain sight of her opening cunt as he did so.

Jillian’s soul imploded as she watched this. Nothing was ever going to be the same again! She would never be able to un-see this!

The bedroom’s walls shook from Katya’s shrieking as the Corporal pushed his big black cock into her entrance, which he found half-wet from his fingering.

Katya shrieked so loud and shrill that time stopped.

“AAAhh-aaaAAAAAAAARRHH!!!” the satisfied Corporal uttered as he penetrated Katya and began to rape the lesbian girl, who screamed with walls-shaking despair as the uniformed Ugandan began to shake her under him, deflowering her and straining hard as he pushed further and further inside her, blasting her body with irradiating pain!

He found a savage beat and began a ruthless barrage of dick thrusts. He loved how she screamed and wailed. She felt amazing!

The bedroom resonated with his grunting victory and Katya’s panicked shrieks as the lesbian girl shook her head in a blur of copper hair, under the jeers of the men holding her wrists together above her head and squeezing her tits. She was assaulted with unstoppable waves of searing pain and shame, all this while her sobbing girlfriend was watching.

It got even worse when the Corporal twitched inside her and Katya saw his pleasure-deformed face turn into a demon-like difformity. Amid the brutal pain and pounding, she instinctively felt he was going to…


His ejaculation came, forceful and unrestrainable, filling the Corporal with savage delight, filling Katya with shame and disgust.

“Please, kill me!” Jillian begged the knife-holding man, wishing he’d just cut her throat and spare her the indignity of watching the next man take his turn inside her soul-shattered girlfriend.

“Sorry, girl! Can’t do this. You’re too pretty! Right now, get on your knees and hands! I wanna see your butt! I think I’m going to enjoy licking it! Sorry, but you’re so pretty and I never raped a white girl before.”

Jillian obeyed, knowing all resistance was futile. She was also horrified at herself as she realised she was a bit curious to see what it would feel like to have a man inside her. Would it be so sickening as she thought it would be…

She was pondering over this as she moved herself. On the other bunk, another soldier was now on top of Katya and raping her with sickly grunts.

Jillian’s butt was a bit wide, or it at least looked that way thanks to her tiny waist. The Ugandan loved what he saw as she knelt on all fours and he feverishly lowered her jogging pants and her panties, unvovering that white mystery of her girly flesh.

He knelt behind the teen girl and lowered himself, enjoying the electricity as his lips got near the spotless softness of her buns. His thick lips then landed on that whiteness, and he grew so hard! He began to lick those soft buns with longer and longer licks, and, oh, it was so enjoyable! The paleness of her skin was so fascinating, so exotic to him!

Jullian started to cry as she felt his tongue strokes on her wide-exposed buttocks.


In the living room, some forty Ugandans were celebrating, beating up the male students and taking their turns inside all the girls while drinking banana beer and singing patriotic songs to the glory of Uganda.

Yashma was probably their most popular pick. Soldiers were literally fighting between them for the privilege of her black carpet and the enjoyment of her olive-skin splendour.

Their commanding officer put good order to the process and established the usual rape-privilege order. He and many other men proceeded by order of ranks, from the officers to the non-commissioned officers down to the rank-and-file.

The Pakistani London girl lost count as her head kept endlessly bobbing on the couch, and she mostly felt thankful her parents weren’t there to watch her shame. But some soldiers were holding iPhones and filming.


Upstairs, Karen was being punished the hard way for her snobbish ways. After her prompt and brutal undressing, the preppy girl was naked on a bunk and gang-raped with Matt watching, bruised from the beating the rapists just gave him, and getting himself horny again as he thought of Yashma. He had already face-raped Karen, and he was forced to admit to himself that he wanted to enter her pussy and explode inside her.

Karen offered a truly gorgeous sight. She was on her hands and knees, her butt plainly visible, not to mention the bright splendour of her legs and feet.

One by one, the Sergeant, the Corporal and the four Privates took their turns in using her doggystyle and enjoying the softness of her butt as they bounced her against them, very urgently. Each man mounted her and couldn’t believe this was happening!

They each ejaculated with immense delight, spending their second loads and not wanting it to go anywhere else!

When he got his massive delight, the Corporal pulled out of Karen and took great delight in watching his rope of spurting jism land right on the soft vastness of Karen’s buttocks, some of it getting lost inside her butt crack! Now, this was some seriously good shagging!

A Private spread the semen all over her juicy butt, spreading it and coating her white ass with a uniform layer of Ugandan sperm.

The Sergeant and the Corporal then stood by as each of the four Privates offered the same doggystyle cock-fest to Karen, whose head of long brown head moved constantly back-and-forth along with the pace of her rape.


In the next room, Bianca had been snatched from the youngsters she was caught playing with.

The Ugandans made much fun of the already-naked teacher, telling her it was so very shameful to give herself to her young students and she ought to be punished for this, and also punished for being white.

They put her face down on a bunk and proceeded to brutally rape her ass, filling her with searing pain and filling her up with a growing flow of compound semen. Bianca’s shit chute got enlarged by the powerful succession of five Ugandans, each of whom rivalizing with the others as to how brutal he could get.

Bianca, a pervert masochist, was secretly enjoying it. Bianca moaned hard, with her rectum distended by a black dick. She felt crazy aroused from knowing her students were right there and watching. This was a great opportunity to show them what a slut she truly was.

Robert and Philip, the two geeks she had been giving blowjobs to when she got grabbed, couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

When all five soldiers were done with Bianca, the teacher in her late twenties was forced to kneel down in front of the two dorky geeks, and she took each boy deep inside her mouth, feeling the head of their cocks right down against her throat!

Robert was only sixteen. He was a brilliant student who had skipped two years in middle-school. He couldn’t believe the wet silk of warmth around his meat as Bianca worshipped his manhood while giving him a one-hand massage with a twisting motion of her hand while she used her other hand to gently stroke his balls as she kept sucking him like a lollipop.

Robert suddenly thundered and flooded Bianca’s face with a thick load of teenage seed. Bianca almost orgasmed as she felt his semen. There was nothing she loved more than being whored by teenage boys.

Then came Philip’s turn. The Ugandans lost nothing of the surreal scene as Bianca now knelt at Philip’s feet and gave him an experienced-girl blowjob.

Philip suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled out of her.

“Bianca, I’m, I’m gonna, uh, take you from behind. Now, please kneel down on your hands and be a good girl. Your student is going to fill you up!”

Bianca couldn’t believe what she heard. She promptly did as she was told, and soon enough, Philip was kneeling behind his Italian teacher and grabbing her butt.

He licked her butt, unable to wrap his head around its reality, its simple, yet fascinating reality. Bianca’s butt! NAKED! The teen lad was in heaven!

However, the soldiers pressed him on. They too wanted to have her, and this time they were going to try her pussy.

Philip yelled, “Aaahh, Miss Bianca-aaaAAAHHH!!! Cavalry charge!!!” as he entered Bianca and started to pound her, surprised to enter inside so easily. Bianca was a well-used slut who had fucked half the rugby team, often right in their locker room late at night, but usually at her own place. She was the real deal.

Philip didn’t last long. The seventeen-year old nerd ran a wild medieval fantasy in his mind during the brief moment of glory where he was pounding Bianca from behind and heard the smat-smat-smat sound of their repeated collisions as her female curves kept colliding with him…

Bianca was moaning like crazy and uttering, “Oh! Oh! A teenager! A teenager, inside me!” amid her open-mouth moaning. She moved herself in order to meet Philip’s jabbing prick and add to her pleasure. The Ugandans didn’t like what they saw; this wasn’t a rape at all!

In Philip’s mind, a castle had fallen in northern Italy. Fallen to the Pope’s army, and the German-supporting Italian family was now captured.

The old count had a great-niece who was only fifteen and the county’s most beautiful of all noble maids. Bianca! Bianca was grabbed by the Pope’s Swiss soldiers, who promptly freed her from her noble garments, right down to her pettycoat, which they gleefully ripped apart and cut open using knives.

As they had Bianca disrobed amid them, in the castle’s inner garden, the victorious soldiers enjoyed the lights of her nakedness under the Toscan sun. They raped her from the Captain down to his Lieutenants, then to the Sergeants and finally down to the armed peasantry. When they were done, Bianca looked like a naked spectre of what used to be a lovely virgin damsel. Now a common slut with a pretty face wearing the tattered remnants of what used to be an aristocrat’s dress.

Philip uttered, “UUUUUUGGGHH!!!” when he erupted inside Bianca after only two minutes. He vividly saw the butt, the gorgeous butt of the noble damsels amid the Pope’s soldiers in his mind as he let out a long stream of semen in forceful bursts.

Then, the Ugandans began to take their turns. Bianca’s pussy felt great! They punished her from being such a slut!

Each successive man grabbed her hair and pulled hard! She cried in pain as she got raped doggystyle with her back arched and her butt protruding. The Ugandans raped her angrily, calling her a cheap tart and a teenage-loving slut as they did their best to rape her long and hard. They meant to hurt and punish her.

But the pain was inducing loads of pleasure into Bianca. She was a masochist.


Downstairs, red-haired Katya was now being banged by soldier upon soldier. She was no longer screaming; her voice was utterly broken, and her head was forcefully bobbing as a tall and muscular Ugandan, kneeling on the creaking bed, was holding her hips up in the proper alignment and keeping her buttocks off the mattress, and like that, he gleefully took his pleasure inside the broken-in lesbian.

“Aren’t we having fun, little leftist cunt? Aren’t we? Say yes!” bellowed the knife-holding soldier as he once again pressed his blade against Jillian’s throat after he had enjoyed the softness of her buns by licking them; he had even allowed her to pull up her jogging pants again. All this while Katya was being ruined by four negroes, her breasts jiggling under their victorious stares as they each took their turn, commenting on how great she felt. Jillian had to watch the un-watchable.

To make things even worse, Katya was whimpering louder and louder, with whimpers sounding like pain, but Jillian knew her girlfriend and her world further collapsed as she realized Katya was on the verge of a forced climax!

Jillian felt some movement behind her, and she realized with horror that her captor was freeing his dick. Then, through her girlfriend’s horrific whimpering, she realized the man was quickly lowering her jogging pants and felt the air directly hit her bottom. He was about to rape her!

“Shut up, and don’t even breathe, little leftist, or else you won’t ever get your pretty girlfriend back!”

On this, the man brutally pushed his cock inside her unprepared entrance. Jillian squealed as he forced her cunt open and began to rape her, holding his bowie knife at her throat while she remained unable to look away from Katya’s rape.

Jillian was frightened to death, but she wasn’t resisting. If Katya was raped, then it wouldn’t be fair if she wasn’t raped herself. Jillian felt a twisted sense of solidarity as the dick-happy man got acquainted with her lesbian vagina.

He loved the scent of her blue hair as he explored her virgin pussy, forcing it open as he raped her deeper and deeper, his grunts hammering her ears with their male pitch. Jillian cried bitterly as she was forced to accept her first cock inside her.

The tall, well-hung man raping Katya was a long laster. His tiring arms forced him to put her hips back down, and her buttocks hit the mattress. He then propped Katya’s legs up, all the way up and he pinned her legs under him, with her knees pressed against her chest…

The man re-inserted himself inside Katya and began raping her with renewed frenzy, all this while Jillian was watching and getting raped herself from behind.

“Aren’t we having fun tonight, leftist cunt? I’m glad to see you’re open to diversity! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” the Ugandan sneered as he kept ravaging Jillian’s pussy, lying on top of her, flattening her under his heavy hammering while she lay on her stomach, with his blade at her throat and his evil-grinning face right next to hers.

Through all this, Jillian watched Katya’s glorious legs and feet pointing up to the ceiling while the man on top of her was brutally forcing her to climax…

And she did! Katya climaxed in a long-winded salvo of lesbian-girl moans…

The third man was cheering, holding her hands together near her head, amid her fanned-out copper hair, as he cheered while the bunk kept creaking.

Jillian was forced to acknowledge how smoking-hot her girlfriend looked, even in men’s arms. And she herself felt more and more aroused by the forceful pounding she was receiving. This was a nightmare!

“NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! THIS HAS NO RIGHT TO BE!!!” Jillian cried amid her tears.

“Shut up, leftist cunt! Shut up and enjoy the view! Uuuugghh yeahhh! YEs! YEs! Yes…. AAAHHH AAA, YYYAAARRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh, your cunt is a good cum fuck pussy!”

And with her filled-up vagina, Jillian witnessed the sexual surrender of Katya, whose body was out of control, used feet up in the air by the brutal Ugandan whose weight kept her knees pressed against her chest while he raped her ears with his unbridled fury.

At long last, the man suddenly seized up and grunted like a mating bear as he dumped a shitload of jizz inside Katya, who bitterly sobbed as she felt and realised what was happening. Was she going to become pregnant?

The next man urgently tossed his satisfied mate aside and promptly laid himself down on top of Katya and uttered a thundering groan of satisfied lust as he found her entrance and sunk inside the red-haired girl.

The victorious rapist forced his green beret on Jillian’s blue-and-purple dyed hair. Jillian suddenly looked like a girly toy soldier. “Congratulations, leftist cunt! You’ve just been inseminated by Sergeant “Green Beret” Byaruhanga!”

“Please, Sergeant… I want to have her from behind too! Her butt is so pale!” a soldier politely asked as he held his ready erection.

Jillian was thus raped again. She knew many other rapes would follow. She became aware of the girls elsewhere in the building while she was herself being pounded flat on her stomach. Knowing all the other white girls were being raped had the surprising effect of arousing Jillian, and she soon howled like a toy soldier, wearing that foreign beret and unable to stop her small body from shivering as waves of bliss engulfed her.


“Aaah-hhaa NNN DDDJJ UUUGHGGH!!!” uttered her rapist as he came.

“Ohh! Sweet girl! You look like you’re just seventeen!!! Ohhh, it’s been such a long while since I didn’t enjoy so young a cunt!” the man added as he got back up from her back.

With horror, Jillian saw the man’s white hair and realized he was at least fifty.

Katya was now on her knees and forced to take a big juicy cock inside her mouth. And Jillian found her lovely with that large brown thing stuck in her face.

The threat of nipple-severing and knife play was still in effect, so Katya didn’t even think of biting. She obediently sucked several black cocks, one after the other as more men walked inside the bedroom and unzipped their camouflage fatigues. Word had gotten around that two lesbians from UK needed Ugandan cocks.

Katya would never forget the taste and smell. Her face was soon slimy and coated. But the worse was when she was forced to swallow.


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By HistBuff
#Interracial #Rape #Teen #Virgin