Watching the kids play Sex Story

#PreTeen #Voyeur

By Deadhead

I watched a group of preteens play in the bushes behind my house.

My house backs onto countryside, trees bushes and fields. There is a line of trees and bushes that run along the edge of a farmers field and then my back garden begins. I don’t have a back wall or fence, so my garden just transitions into the great outdoors, as I like to think of it.

About 500 meters to the left of my garden is a public right of way that leads out across the fields. The path starts between two houses on our street.

It is unusual for anyone to walk off the designated path and I have almost never seen anyone walk directly behind my house, until the afternoon I discovered kids playing in the bushes there.

I’d finished work at 1pm as I always do on a Friday and got home at 2 pm. Having changed into shorts and a t-shirt, I grabbed a beer and sat in the sun room with a book.

The sound of kids talking and occasionally shouting or squealing disturbed my concentration, so I put the book down, stood up and looked out back to see if I could see anything. I couldn’t, so I went upstairs into the back bedroom and looked out.

There was a large group of kids, all looked about 10 yo, with their back to me looking at something on the ground. I couldn’t quite make out what was going on so I grabbed the binoculars from the shelf and took a closer look.

There was a girl lying on the ground. The boys and girls surrounding her were taking turns to lift up her skirt and peer at her panties.

Being a big fan of little girl knickers I got hard immediately and zoomed in to get a better view. Her panties were light blue with a picture of Mickey Mouse on the front.

The kids had lifted her skirt above her waist and trapped it under her arms. They were taking turns to touch the girl intimately. She didn’t seem to mind.

The touching got bolder with fingers being pushed between her legs causing the lying girl to open her legs. There was a flurry of hands grabbing her pussy through her panties.

There was an exchange of words going on but I couldn’t hear what was being said. The outcome of the conflab was that one of the girls took hold of the panties and pulled them down and off. I had a fantastic view of her bald little pussy through my binoculars in between hands poking and stroking the girl.

I pushed my shorts down and wanked, cock in one hand, bino’s in the other.I was really turned on.

They stopped the frantic grabbing and switched to a gentler and more sensual approach stimulating the prone girl with concerted stroking and licking of her clitoris and pussy. Both girls and boys got in on the tongue action. A couple of girls lifted her top and exposed small little breasts with fully erect nipples. They took a tit each and sucked, pinched and rubbed away at them.

One lad at the edge of the group pulled his jeans and underpants down showing his little hard dick. This distracted some of the onlookers, those not currently involved in simulating the half naked and very vulnerable girl on the ground.

The boy’s cock was touched , wanked and sucked. There was no objection from him. There were hands on his little bottom and one other lad had his cock out too was humping the bare arse in front of him.

Moving away from his bummer, the lad knelt between the prone girls legs, and with lots of cheering from the others, he prodded the pussy until he found the entrance. He seemed to slide in effortlessly and went about his business.

His little white arse bounced up and down on top of the girl. Other kids were cheering him on, slapping his arse and, occasionally, adding to his thrusts by pushing him in from behind.

The other boys in the group now had their pants down with their little hard cocks in their hands or in the hands of another kid.

I was beating off like crazy. The sight of this preteen orgy was unbelievable.

The kids started pairing off. I could see jeans coming down, skirts being removed and panties coming off. The vision got hornier with each bare ass or pussy that appeared. Each cock and each little vagina was completely hairless and looked good enough to eat.

A couple of the girls had stripped off completely and were getting their little tits groped and sucked. Some of the things they were doing to each other were shocking to me. I just wouldn’t have had the knowledge at that age about the different positions they were trying.

I watched girls and boys being fucked up the arse, engaged in oral sex 69 style. There were girls straddling prone boys, other girls with their legs on shoulders being ploughed real deep. There weren’t fixed partners, they swapped frequently, with some girls having two boys in them at the same time, whilst other boys had a girl on his cock and one sitting on his face.

There was no doubt they were enjoying themselves. So was I, I so wanted to join in, but was afraid that they would reject me being so old, therefore I just watched and wanked.

For little kids they had staying power. At that age I would have been done in seconds. I couldn’t tell if the girls were orgasming, it certainly sounded like it. The boys definitely were.

It got too much for me, I had to try to get me some of that preteen sex.

I opened the sliding door onto the rear patio as quietly as I could and I snuck down the garden with my boner stretching my shorts out in front of me.

I had gotten about two meters away from them when a cry went up and the sound of rustling and panic could be heard.

I rushed through the remaining bushes in time to see the kids running away through the trees, many still bare assed.

On the ground where they had been was a collection of panties, underpants, socks and the odd training bra. I gathered them all up and took them back to the house. I sorted through the pile, loving the variety of colours, shapes and patterns of knickers now in my possession. I examined and sniffed each crotch getting high from the preteen juices.

I had my cock in my hand and wrapped a lovely pink pair of knickers, with a Paddington Bear motif, around my cock, placing my bell end on the slightly crusty gusset. It was one of the best wanks I ever had. I loved the feel of the fabric of those knickers on my cock, and the knowledge that they had recently been worn by a beautiful 10 yo girl, had me cumming in seconds. I drenched every inch of those panties with hot jizz.

I wiped my dick clean on a pair of boys blue Spider-Man underpants. I put the pile under a removable panel in the floor of my wardrobe and went for a shower.

I doubt those kids will be back, unfortunately, but you never know.

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By Deadhead
#PreTeen #Voyeur