Uncle Hank’s Special Growth Cream Part 3 Sex Story

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By AlabamaSlamma

Kristen wants to know what else Hank’s special cream will help.

Kristen stood in front of the mirror naked and intensely looking at her body. She was looking for any signs of her tits and ass growing. She wasn’t positive but she thought that they did look a little different. She was convinced that Hank’s special cream was actually working and she was wondering what it might do besides making things grow.

She definitely enjoyed his ways of applying the special cream. She looked down at her bald little pussy and wondered if his cream would help her hair to grow on her pussy. Her sister already had some hair on her pussy. She slowly ran her fingers along her lips and bumped across her clit. She gasped loudly as she felt herself getting aroused.

Kristen had played with her pussy a little and had even slipped a finger inside just a little bit. She loved to rub her finger around and over her clit. She decided to ask her uncle what else his cream could do. If nothing else she would get another dose for her boobs and butt.

She waited for the weekend as her parents were going out of town and the older sister was staying at a friend’s house. That left Kristen with Hank all alone the whole weekend.

When they were finally alone Kristen came into the living room and sat down beside Hank.

“Uncle Hank can I ask you a question about your special cream?” She asked as she looked at him.

“You sure can sweetie!” He replied as he looked deeply into her eyes.

“Well I was wondering if your special cream did anything else besides making boobs and butts grow?” She asked.

Hank thought a few minutes before he replied as he wanted to go as far as he could with Kristen.

“Well it’s been known to make hair grow in certain areas and it’s also known to turn little girls into big girls!” He replied.

When Kristen heard about the hair she perked up but when she heard that it would make her a big girl she definitely became interested.

“You mean that it will make me grow all over?” She asked looking determined.

“Not only that but it will turn you into a woman as well!” He continued.

Kristen was amazed that it could do all that. She wanted everything that he said that it would do.

“What if I want all of those things? How do you apply it and where?” She asked.

Hank’s cock immediately sprang up as he knew that he was about to delete her last cherry.

“Well there’s only one place that it can be applied to get all of those things. It has to be injected inside your pussy!” He said.

Her eyes got wide and her mouth was open. She looked at him wondering if he was telling her the truth.

“You mean that you have to put your nozzle inside of my private area?” She asked.

“Yes doll that’s exactly what I mean. That’s the only way that you become a big girl and a woman as well as grow hair down there!” He replied hoping that she would fall for it.

Kristen sat there stunned and looking down at his crotch area. She saw the large bulge in his pants. It actually made her pussy tingle like when she starts rubbing it with her fingers.

She looked up at him and said “When can we start?”

Hank just about grabbed her and ran to his room but he restrained himself.

“We can go start now if you are ready!” He said.

“Great! Let’s go to your room like the last time!” She replied as she stood up and headed to the basement.

Hank immediately followed her watching her little ass twitching back and forth. They both went down the stairs and when they were in his room she immediately stripped off her clothes. She stood there naked waiting for Hank to undress.

Hank quickly removed his clothes and picked Kristen up and sat her down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs open as he dropped to his knees.

“What are you doing uncle Hank?” She asked as he moved his face towards her pussy.

“I am going to get your pussy ready for my cock.” He moaned as he pushed her legs further apart so that her pussy opened up like a flower.

“You mean your nozzle?” She asked looking down at his head moving closer to her pussy.

“That’s right, my nozzle is also known as my cock!” He groaned as he ran his tongue across her open pussy.

She immediately gasped loudly as she grabbed the back of his head.

“OHHHHHHHH THAT FEELS GOOD!” She moaned as she held his head in place.

Hank continued to slide and swirl his tongue across and inside her hot wet tight little pussy. He flicked his tongue across the hard little nub of her clit. She immediately bucked her pussy against his mouth. Her body shuddered uncontrollably as she experienced pleasure she had never known. She was moaning and whimpering loudly as she felt his warm tongue push into her pussy.

Her pussy began to gush her sweet nectar and he happily slurped up every single delicious drop. He sucked on her clit as he began to work a finger into her tight little hole. She inhaled deeply as she reached an orgasm. Hank was concentrating on her pussy this time where he spent most of his time on her asshole the last time.

Kristen definitely loved her pussy being eaten more than her asshole. Although she enjoyed her asshole being eaten a great deal. He slowly pushed two fingers into her tight little pussy stretching it even more. She was cumming again as he pushed in three fingers.

Hank stood up and pushed Kristen onto her back so that her ass was at the edge of the bed. He placed a pillow under her ass to lift her pussy up to the same height as his cock. He rubbed his hard throbbing cock along her swollen lips bumping across her pulsing clit coating his shaft with her juices.

“Are you ready baby girl? Are you ready to be a woman? I need to tell you that it’s going to hurt the first time.” He asked.

She nodded her head yes as she looked up at him with a uncertain look on her face. She was a little scared but she was determined to be a big girl and a woman.

Hank placed his cock against her spread open pussy and slowly began to push. He reached down with his thumb and stroked her clit as he continued to push. Her pussy resisted at first and she had closed her eyes tightly with a slight grimace on her face.

He continued to rub her clit with his thumb and then suddenly his head popped in her virgin hole. Her eyes snapped open and she yelped as her body responded to the intrusion. He held still rubbing her clit as she grew accustomed to the fat purple head buried in her spasming pussy.

Soon she was moaning and whimpering as she felt herself racing towards another orgasm. He took this opportunity to push his cock up against her hymen. She gasped loudly as she felt herself open up even more. She had tears starting to appear in her eyes as the pain was trying to overcome the pleasure of his thumb on her clit.

Hank doubled his efforts on her clit while he waited for her to adjust to his size. Soon she started to really moan and gasp as she felt herself orgasm. When Hank saw that she had hit her peak he suddenly slammed into her pussy and ripped through her hymen. His balls slapped her ass as she yelped again but she was in the middle of her orgasm and she pushed herself up against his cock.

He continued to rub her clit as she rode out her orgasm. Kristen looked down between her legs and saw that his cock was completely inside her. She looked up at Hank with a smile on her face and said “uncle Hank am I a big girl now? Does this mean that I am a woman?”

Hank looked down at her sweet angelic face and said “you better believe it gorgeous! You are now a full fledged woman. You are even bigger than your sister!”

This made Kristen smile even more. She was now more grown up than her older sister.

“Are you going to put your special cream in my pussy now?” She asked looking determined to get her cream.

“I am going to pump you full of my special cream baby girl!” Hank replied as he began to fuck her sweet little pink pussy.

He placed her legs up against his chest and grabbed her shoulders to hold her in place as he began to hammer into her soaking wet tight little pussy.

Soon she was cumming all over his cock as wave after wave rushed through her body. She was babbling incoherently as her orgasms racked her body over and over again. He fucked her pussy like a fleshlight and felt her pussy clamp down on his shaft.

It didn’t take long before he felt his cum boiling in his balls. His balls slapped her ass and her tiny body shuddered from the intense pounding. Hank grunted deeply as his cock exploded deep inside of her tight little pussy. He pumped stream after stream deep into her womb.

“OHHHHHH UNCLE HANK I CAN FEEL YOU SHOOTING YOUR CREAM INSIDE ME!” She screamed as another orgasm slammed her body.

Hank’s legs began to buckle as his cock spewed cum deep into her depths. After the last few drops dribbled out of the head, Hank pulled his deflated cock from her battered pussy that was streaked with his cum, her grool and some of her blood.

Kristen laid there gasping for air and blissful in the knowledge that she was a woman now.

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By AlabamaSlamma
#Incest #Teen #Virgin