Training Franny (A New Toy pt 4) Sex Story

#Abuse #Rape #Teen #Threesome

By DarkSideEng

Drew hires Mark to train his stepdaughter. Holly is happy to help.

Holly jumped when she heard the door unlock. Mark was home earlier than usual. She was shocked the door opened and a young girl was hurled onto the ground. Holly was kneeling as she knew she must, but almost got up to go over to the girl.

“Holly, come here!” Mark demanded.

“Master?” She looked at him. He had a very stern look.


She crawled to him, and he had her stand. She did so, her arms behind her, as she was trained to. He reached out and put his arms around her and kissed her. Then he told her, “You’re going to help me, and I have a surprise for you, first.” He turned her, his hands on her shoulders. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing as she was looking down at a young brunette. The girl looked to be about the same age as her, 15.

“This is Franny, Drew’s daughter.” The young girl at Mark’s feet thrashed a little when she heard her name. Mark kicked her in the stomach, not roughly, but enough to wind her a little and calm her down.

“She’s going to be training with you for a while. Babygirl, you have been my best student ever- you know how much I love you- and I want you to help her learn like you did.”

“Yes master!” Holly beamed at the praise.

“I want her to be broken in like you. I know we can’t do it in one day, but we’ll see.”

“Yes Master, I will help. What would you like me to do?”

“Just calm her down a little bit right now. I’m going to get some magic dust for her. You want some too, Holly girl?”

“Yes, master.” She loved it when he called her Holly girl, because it meant he was happy. She had been with him for over a year now. Surely her family had given up hope of finding her. And, while she had fought him at first, she had learned quickly that life was much easier, and much more pleasurable, when she did as Mark asked. It took her too long- months really!- for her to understand how completely Mark actually loved her and was devoted to her- thinking back, Holly was ashamed at how long she had fought that understanding. She was glad now that Mark had finally made her understand. She hated how much pain she had made Mark give her, coming to that understanding.

Mark walked over to the cabinet where he kept his drugs. He unlocked it, poured some powder into a shot glass, took out a syringe with no needle affixed. He swirled some water into the powder and the crystals completely dissolved. He drew the fluid into the syringe. Then he lubed up the sides of the syringe. It was pretty filthy.

He didn’t usually start with booty bumps, but he needed to be direct and dramatic. His boss, Drew, had paid him a lot of money and was coming over in a couple of hours. He wanted Franny to be as cooperative and pliant as possible, and getting her whacked out of her mind on meth was a short cut to her pleasure centers. More intensive training could come in the days that followed. He’d told Drew, yes, he would have access to all of Franny tonight, but then he needed a week to really break her in right.

Mark cut Holly a couple of lines- no booty bump right now for baby girl- she needed to be happy but able to focus. Mark was counting on some help. He carried the lines over and sat it by the table next to the door.

Walking back over to the girls, he heard Holly whispering to Franny.

“Listen, Franny, you have to be quiet and good. He likes us to call him Master, and we’re here to help him, okay? And if you’re good, Mark can be very, very good to us.”

“I… I’m scared, and it hurts!”

“I know, but listen, Franny. It’ll hurt worse if you’re not good.”

Mark stood, admiring his two girls. This was a big step for him, taking a second slave. It wasn’t just the extra work, the risk was a lot higher. But he was paid well for this. And he was sure Holly would be thrilled, helping break her in. He knew his Holly. She was devoted to him, would do anything to make him happy.

Mark grabbed the brunette- she yelped in surprise- and he rolled her onto her belly. He calmly grabbed the sides of her shorts- they were not the hip-hugging short-shorts so many girls wore- totally not Franny’s style. Instead, they were baggy basketball shorts- he casually jerked them down along with her panties. She yelped again, and then screamed.

“No! Don’t rape me! No!”

Mark smacked the back of her head, hard enough to get her attention, but not to actually hurt her.

“I’m not raping you dumbass! Shutup! Holly, spread her ass cheeks.”

Holly did as she was told. Franny tried to move away, but was still bound. Mark knelt on the girl’s back and pressed the syringe against Franny’s asshole and firmly drove it in. Her ass was tight but it was well lubed. Once inside, he squeeze the fluid into her rectum.

“What’s in there?! What did you do?” the girl screamed.

“Holly, you have a couple lines over there. Go ahead, honey.” Mark said. He decided to wait right here for a few minutes while the drugs took hold of Franny.

Holly happily ran over to the table and bent over, snorting the powder. It didn’t take long for the effects of the drug to start to set in on the new girl, and Mark was watching her ass as the meth took hold of her. Franny began trembling a little and her breathing deepened. Mark smiled, knowing well how the drug would be affecting her. He’d used a lot, knowing her weight and his need for her cooperation.

“Hey baby, c’mere.” Holly did, and he had her sit next to him. “Now, I need your help tonight with Franny here, and I want you to help me show her a good time. Now, be honest, have you ever wanted to be with a girl? Even thought about it?”

“Oh, yes Master! I mean, yeah, I think girls are hot. But I haven’t done anything. Just boys.”

“Well, Franny’s gonna get to know you pretty well, and I’d like you to introduce yourself to her. Help her understand about the magic dust. And about me.”

While they were talking the drugs were blossoming in Franny’s ass. She felt her skin become hyper-sensitive. She was trembling a little, her breath deep and her heart beat speeding up. The sensations were amazing, and the only way she could describe them was tingling, all over, inside and out. Warmth was spreading out from her ass throughout her body. She was horny and couldn’t understand why.
Suddenly she felt metal next to her hands, and her zip ties were cut. She felt pain and needles as blood flowed back in. Then her blindfold was removed. She opened her eyes and tried to roll on her side, but she was jerked up to her knees.

Mark grabbed the young brunette’s chin. “Franny. I am Mark, one of your daddy’s friends. From now on, you call me Master. Do you understand?”

“When my daddy’s finds out..” the girl’s words were cut off in a flash of light and pain. She found herself on her side. He’d cuffed her, making sure to hit only where her hair would cover it. Wouldn’t do for Drew to find a bruise on his little girl’s face.

“Holly, help her up. Help her understand. I don’t want to hurt her anymore than I need to.” It was a bit of a lie, but necessary for what he and Drew wanted tonight. He could hurt her more later.

“Yes, Master.”

Holly grabbed the new girl and helped her back to her knees. Holly knelt beside the girl- a lovely sight to Mark’s eyes. She whispered, “You’re not leaving, Franny. This is where you live, now. You are not going back home unless Mark says so. We belong to him now.”

Franny was trying to pull her shorts up- still by her knees- and was simply overwhelmed by everything. The drug was pumping through her now. She clung to Holly’s gentle voice and words like a life raft in a storm. “Okay…”

Mark grabbed Franny’s chin again. “What’s my name, Franny.”


“Good girl. Keep your hands behind your back. I don’t want to smack you again. But I will if you make me.”

Mark reached down and gently cupped Franny’s breast through her tshirt. He gave her a firm rub.

“No, no, no!” Franny protested, but weakly.

“Shhhhh!” whispered Holly, rubbing Franny’s back. “Let Master do what Master wants to. It’s easier and you’ll like it.”

“What is my name, Franny?”


He squeezed her breast harder. “Tell me what I am.”


Mark’s hand slid up and squeezed her neck. He didn’t chock her, but he held her firmly. Franny gasped.
“Holly, spread and rub Franny.”

“Yes Master!” Holly reached down and pushed Franny’s knees a little more apart. Then, she took two fingers and started rubbing Franny’s pussy, seeking out her clit. Franny had a light dusting of hair on her pubis, clearly trimmed but not too recently, and not shaven. Holly gasped lightly -“Master, Franny’s clit is huge.” Holly started strumming it. Franny’s hips began to jerk involuntarily.

Mark reached down and started playing with one of her nipples with his other hand, keeping his first around her neck. Franny started to softly moan and moving her hips, trying to move her pussy away from Holly’s hand. But Holly was insistent and knew exactly how and where to rub. The meth in Franny’s ass was making this offensively enjoyable for the confused, scared young girl.

“Oh, Master, she’s wet! She’s getting wet and her clit is so sensitive. And she’s shaking!”

Mark’s cock was growing in his pants. He wanted to fuck this girl so badly, and she was responding better than he expected. but it wasn’t time yet. First, shock and awe- or rather, O. Get a few O’s out of her first. Overwhelm her.

“Franny, say it. Say what I am.”

“Ohhhhh, oh please, stop! Master.”

Mark squeezed her throat. “Franny. My name. What am I.”

“Ahhhh, Master.” The girl couldn’t stop the moans being forced out of her.

Gently, Mark started to squeeze his hand and cut off some of the blood to her head. This girl was going to go off like a rocket. Holly was getting her hand soaked with Franny’s juices. Holly had learned well how to chase down pleasure, and had already found a rhythm that little Franny didn’t even know she enjoyed, but clearly loved. She kept stroking, strumming. She smiled at the flush she was helping to evoke on Franny’s face.

Franny was helpless in the clutched of Mark’s strong hands and the drugs forcing her body to react like this. She didn’t understand why the other girl, Holly, was helping this man do this to her, or why she was feeling the things she was, but she could feel an orgasm threatening to overcome her and she didn’t want to come. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She couldn’t believe what Mark was making her do and saying.

Mark watched the young girl’s face change as the pleasure overtook her. He’d been watching her the entire time, and had seen her eyes go wide when she felt the orgasm begin to build in her. Then it broke, the first in what Mark planned to be many- and the young girl wailed as her hips bucked on Holly’s hand.
“Master, I made her cum! Look at how wet she is!” Holly laughed, and kept stroking.

“Good girl, Holly. Now, take Franny here to your room and give her one of your nightgowns. Then bring her back in here. Let her get cleaned up a bit. Take her to the bathroom and make sure she goes pee-pee.”

Holly was smiling and giggling. “Yes, Master.”

As the girls got up, Mark’s hand went to the front of his pants and started stroking his cock. God, his little slave was beautiful. He’d already kept her longer than any of the other girls. And he was going enjoy fucking the new girl, too.

“And baby, clean your hand, take a little taste, too.”

“Yes, Master.” Holly smiled and sucked the fingers on her right hand- the ones that had been strumming Franny’s pussy.

“That’s a good girl.”

Franny stood there, stunned, overwhelmed. She had no idea what was going on. Holly took her hand and pulled her into the back room.

“Come on, Franny. Let’s get dressed up for Master.”

“What’s going on? Can’t we leave? Please let’s leave!”

“No. Master won’t allow it. This is our home now.”

“But I have to go to school, I can’t just stay here!”

“No. Master wants us to get dressed up for him.”

Mark could barely hear the girls, but he smiled as Holly kept up the training.

“Why? Who is that guy?”

“He is Master, and we are his slaves.”

“His what?”

“We live to serve him. And we are lucky, he is a good master. Take off your clothes and put this on.”

Franny had no choice. She was still buzzing and shocked from the drug, the orgasm, the smack upside her head. She was scared and overwhelmed. And confused. And horny. And felt amazing- waves of euphoria were rolling through her body. She put on the nightgown. She didn’t realize that she did not put on any panties.

“Oh, Franny is so pretty. Master is going to love Franny.” Holly hugged the girl, and kissed her neck and cheek.

Holly brought Franny back to the living room. “See how pretty Franny is, Master?”

Mark looked at the two girls in front of him. They were both lovely, each in their own way. Holly was slightly taller- she was 5’4″ now, blonde, long legged with small breasts. Franny was a little shorter, stockier but very shapely. Thick, the kids would call her. Larger breasts, but prominent on her chest with little sag. They had a nice heft, Mark already knew.

“You are both lovely, Holly, Franny. Franny, why don’t you lay on the couch over here.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“I like doing it, Franny. And you should call me Master. I will let this one slide. I like doing this, and your daddy also paid me a lot of money to do this. Now, Holly, lay our Franny here on the couch. I want you to start eating her out. Franny, have you ever someone eat your pussy?”

“What? Uh, Master? No! No one has ever done that.”

“Well, my Holly has been a very good girl, and you will find out what a very talented girl she is.”
Mark stood, his hand stroking his erection through his jeans. Holly guided the young girl over to the couch and sat her down. She pushed Franny to lean back and spread Franny’s thighs. Mark got his first look at Franny’s clit- it was large and prominent, swollen with a drug-fueled desire. This girl was going to come easily and often. Holly leaned down and began to lick Franny’s pussy.

Franny moaned. Her whole world had changed in a few short minutes. She was still high and confused and a little afraid. And now another girl was licking her pussy. Franny was shocked- but it felt so good. Holly was happily and hungrily licking and sucking on Franny’s pussy and clit. Franny was laying back, her thighs spread, her hand resting on Holly’s head, gently pulling her closer. Her thighs parted farther and farther, the girl opening herself up to Holly more and more. Mark smiled.

“Holly, you know how I curl my fingers in you, and scratch your spot? Do that for Franny here.”

Holly didn’t speak, but her tongue and lips smiled at what Mark described. Franny’s hips thrust forward as Holly’s mouth covered her mound, and Holly’s finger slid deep into her pussy, curled, and gently rubbed her g-spot as she sucked on Franny’s clit. Franny moaned deeper, more guttural, her hips twisted, pushing instinctively into Holly’s face, and she started gently bucking.

Mark silently walked over to the girls on the couch. He reached down, grabbed Holly’s hair, and pulled her face off of Franny’s crotch. Then he reached down with his stun gun, positioned it on Franny’s clit, and zapped her.

Franny bucked and screamed, her legs slamming closed on Holly’s fingers. Her eyes jerked open and she looked at Mark. “Ahhhh! Why did you do that?”

“Why did I do that, MASTER!” Mark placed the stun gun on Franny’s leg and zapped again. It was on it’s lowest setting, but it still made the girl jump. “Say it! Call me Master!”

“Yes Master! I’m sorry Master!” Franny started crying and pulling away from Mark.

“I didn’t tell you to move! Lay there! Spread your legs again! You will learn, girl, that I own you know. You will obey me, or things will get worse for you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master!” Franny lay back down and spread her legs. Tears started trailing down her face.

“Good. Now, Holly. You may continue.”

Holly, her eyes shining, her lips and nose glistening with Franny’s juices, leaned back down and began to eat the brunette’s pussy again.

“Now, Franny. Holly is working hard to make you feel good. You should reward her with your orgasms and your juices. You have already come once- the next ones should be easier.”

Franny had been trying her best not to come, but her body was betraying her. Every touch of Holly’s mouth sent a jolt of electricity through her. Her hips moved on their own, bucking and writhing. The drugs in her body were amplifying everything, and she was so horny, and the orgasm was inevitable. Despite her tears and fears- or maybe, in part, because of them- at Mark’s words, her body started to buck again and she came.

Mark watched, stroking his cock, as Franny’s body shook and trembled under Holly’s ministrations. He couldn’t wait to get his dick in this girl, but he wanted her compliant and mindless with pleasure. He needed to work on compliance a little more. He decided to let Holly wrench a few more from the girl- and as big as Franny’s clit was, that was going to be easy. He could see Holly had learned well from Mark’s own ministrations- when the orgasms start, you just keep doing what you’re doing and let the next one come along. And soon enough, Franny bucked again and moaned, trying to stay composed but losing that fight with a guttural, primal passion.

“You know, Holly, it’s a shame she doesn’t know how to suck cock as well as you do.”

“It’s okay, Master, I’ll teach her!” Holly replied, her face still buried in Franny’s cunt.

“Well, let’s see what we have to work with to start. Franny, have you ever sucked a dick?”

“Yes… I mean, no, Master!”

“Which is it, girl?” Mark reached down and grabbed her hair, yanking her head up. Franny’s eyes jerked open and Mark could see fog behind her eyes. Fog, terror, and esctasy.

“Yes, Master!”

“How many? Have you ever swallowed cum?” Mark kept her hair clenched in his fist, and he could hear Holly’s smacking and sucking as she continued with her feasting.

“Just one, Master!” Franny was trying her best to answer the question, her voice breathy and her hips bucking.

“One time, Master, she’s only sucked one dick, Master!”

“Did you swallow his cum, girl? Did he come in your face hole?”

“No, Master, he didn’t cum in my mouth.”

“Well, I am going to see how you suck cock, and I will be your practice dummy. You will learn.” Mark finally took his pants off, dropping them on the floor. He wore no underwear. Franny’s eyes got wide- he was the first grown man she had even seen naked. Mark’s cock wasn’t huge, but it was bigger than her one boyfriend’s, and it was red, swollen, and she could see the tip was wet.

He knelt on the couch with one knee, next to Franny’s head. He took his cock in his hand and gently slapped her cheek. “Open up, Franny.”

She was nervous and scared and didn’t really know what she was doing, but she opened her mouth.

“Holly, watch this, but keep fingering her. Franny, pay attention to Holly, and Holly, you tell her what to do. I know you’ll help her. I want her to learn how to suck cock. And Franny, if I feel any teeth on my dick, I’ll shock you again.”

Franny nodded and said “Yes, Master.” She opened her mouth and took his cock head in her mouth.

“Close your lips on him, and suck on the head,” Holly whispered, her mouth coming up to be close to Franny’s ear. “Move your lips and tongue. You can try to get some of his dick in your mouth, but keep sucking on the head. Lick his dick. Suck it.”

Franny’s lips closed around Mark’s cock. It was warm and throbbing and tasted a little salty, but smooth and clean. She could smell his sex, and her nostrils flared. Her mouth was full of his dick, and it was so hard. She couldn’t believe it, but she actually enjoyed the feel of him in her mouth. Mark grunted softly and started thrusting his hips. Franny started bobbing her head as much as she could-he still held her hair-, keeping her lips closed and trying to get his dick as far down her throat as she could. She couldn’t fit much of him in her mouth, but her inexperience didn’t matter to him. Right now. Right now, just that she tried mattered. Experience and technique could come later.

Mark could feel her tongue sliding along the shaft, and her lips and mouth were tight. The girl had no skill, but her mouth was tight and wet, and her slowly growing enthusiasm was there. He could feel the girl’s moans- Holly was still working her- on his dick. Holly kept whispering directions in Franny’s ear- one of Franny’s hands came up suddenly to gently cup his balls and grasp the base of him. Mark grunted.

“Holly, keep fucking her pussy with your fingers, but let her concentrate on my cock. Franny. Don’t worry, you’re doing great.”

Holly grinned at Franny and said “Now, if you do well, Master will be kind and give you his seed. You mustn’t waste it! Drink it all up! He tastes so good.”

Franny grunted. She was trying to relax her throat and let Mark in further. He still had a hold of her hair, and was holding her head still-she could bob a little, but not much- and fucking her face. He would pull out, let her gasp, then push in, a little deeper. She realized, all of a sudden, that his dick had gradually started to swell.

Mark grunted again. He flexed his ass and pulled her a little more tightly onto his dick. “I’m going to cum, Franny. Don’t spill it!”

She couldn’t reply, couldn’t speak, but her eyes opened a little and her mouth and throat were relaxed. Mark could feel his orgasm starting- he loved the feeling of his dick swelling, the tightening, the heat spreading- and he came. It wasn’t a massive nut, but it was meant to reward her for her efforts. He jerked a couple times, pulling her a little past her clear comfort zone- she choked a bit, but not bad- and she sucked it all down. And then, following Holly’s direction, she started licking him clean.

“Good girl, Franny. Good girl. You have a lot to learn, but we’ll get there. Holly, great job with teaching her. Okay, go get everyone a small line, and then Holly, make her come again.”

“Yes Master.” Holly was pleased with herself. She loved making him happy. And he was so nice to let her eat another girl. And he had promised to fuck Franny soon, so he would let her watch, which was nice, too. She got up and walked over to the cabinet, started cutting up 6 small lines of meth.

Mark sat down on the couch next to Franny, and pulled her closer to him. He pulled her up and held her in his lap. “Franny, did you like sucking my dick?”


“Did you like it? Are you excited, being here?”

“Master, I’m confused.– I, uh, I like the way my body is feeling. I..uh, I don’t want to make you mad anymore.”

“That’s right, Franny. You don’t. Now, are you going to be a good girl for me? Because if you are, I have a nice surprise for you. You know your daddy, right? He gave me money to bring you here, and he’s coming to see you tonight. Isn’t that nice? So, if you want him to be proud of you, you’ll need to be a good girl.”

“What…what is he coming here for, Master?”

“Well, he’s going to fuck you tonight, Franny. You’re going to be his toy from now on. I’m going to teach you how, train you in how to make him and you feel good. You know how you’ve been parading around the house, half naked all the time? Clearly, you have wanted him to fuck you. Well, tonight he’s finally going to. Doesn’t that make you happy?”

“What? I don’t want to fuck my dad!”

Mark casually brought the stun gun from behind the arm of the couch where he’d been holding it, waiting for this moment. He pressed it against one of her swollen, hard nipples and triggered it. Franny bucked. He moved to her other nipple and did it again. She yelped and started crying again. She tried to jerk away, but he held the girl firmly in place. Holly stood patiently in front of them, the plate with the lines on it.

“Franny, Franny, Franny. You forgot to say Master! And do not say ‘no’ to me, girl. You will do as I say. Your father and I have an agreement, and I’m keeping up my end. Now, do you want to be punished, or do you want to obey?”

“Please..please master. Please don’t shock me anymore….”

“Look at Holly here. She brought us a present. Now, watch how I do this. Exhale before you put your face over the saucer so you don’t blow it everywhere. And….” He snorted up his lines.

Holly smiled. “Your turn, Franny. Go ahead. It’ll make you feel really good.”

Franny’s brain was in turmoil. She was overwhelmed, the drug still coursing through her body, her pussy throbbing from the orgasms she’d already had, her tits hurt from the shocks. Her head was spinning. Did she need more of this? But if it would make things easier… The girl bent down over the saucer and snorted her first two lines ever. It burned a little, and then a drip started down her throat.

Holly smiled, and then sat the saucer down and snorted her own lines up. “Yummy! I love the taste in my throat. Don’t you, Franny?”

Mark smiled. “Now, girls, get down on your knees and get my hard again. With both of you lovelies down there, it shouldn’t take long.”

Holly looked down at Franny and giggled. She helped the younger girl stand, then pushed her down again to kneel. Then Holly knelt next to her.

Holly grabbed Mark’s dick, and guided Franny’s head down over it. “Now, keep your teeth covered with your lips, and open wide to let him in…”

Mark closed his eyes and enjoyed the ministrations of his two young girls. Their mouths and tongues were soft and warm, their hands were firm. He was already getting hard again. They were both breathing hard, and he could feel their warm breath. They took turns, Holly showing Franny something, the new girl trying to copy. He was quickly hard again.

“Holly, go get my cock ring. Show Franny how to put it on me.”

Holly was excited and jumped up to do his bidding. She ran to the room and returned with the black ring.
“See, Franny, this is to keep him hard. Master is so nice. He likes to make sure we have a good time, too.”

“But I thought men always wanted to come as fast as they can.”

“They do. Most of them. But Master is kind, and he knows we want him to last a long time. Now, hold his dick. No, grab his dick. Yes, like that, and slide the ring on the base of his dick.”

Mark smiled. “Now, Franny, how many dicks have you fucked in your life.”

“Master, only one.”

“You are not a virgin?”

“No Master. But just one. It didn’t last long.”

“I see. So, I’m your second. Well, your dad thinks you’re a slut. He’s had parent-teacher conferences and the teachers told me your rep at school is a slut. You aren’t lying to me?”

“No Master. It was only one guy. Master. But he told a lot of people.”

“So, what did he say about you?”

“Master, he said I was…a…uh, a bad fuck. I couldn’t come and he was done with me after a minute. But it wasn’t my fault! I’d never had sex before! And ”

“Okay. Well, get up here on the couch and spread your legs. I’m going to fuck you now.”
The girl’s eyes grew nervous, but she did as he asked. She spread her thick but firm thighs wide. Mark grinned down at her large, swollen clitoris- this girl was getting ready to go on a ride.
Mark gently spread her legs a little wider, adjusted the position of her hips so he could best drive into her. He grasped the head of his dick, smacked her clit a few time and got himself wet on her juices. Then he gently but firmly slid his dick into Franny’s pussy, and he began to fuck her. She was tighter than Holly, but the drugs had made her wetter, and his dick easily slipped in and out. Franny’s eyes were half closed, her mouth slack. She was already beginning to grunt, her hips unconsciously twisting gently. As he buried himself each stroke, he purposefully ground against her clit. The fourth intentional, deliberate stroke and grind, Franny’s lips pursed and she cooed, completely unaware of herself. Her hips shifted to grind back against him.
“Ah, so you do like my dick, Franny?”
“Yes Master…” the words were barely heard. The little lines she had snorted were driving her even higher, making her even more horny and euphoric. Mark was forcing a new experience within her. Something powerful was building up inside.
“What was that? Speak up.”
“I like it, Master!”
Holly grinned at Franny’s flushed face. “Doesn’t Master feel good?” Holly was gently stroking her own clit, face flushed, looking at the younger girl getting railed masterfully in front of her.
Franny looked back at her, her eyes glassy and pupils dilated. “He does, Holly. I…uhnnn…” Holly reached out and stroked the younger girl’s face.
“Master, look at how lovely Franny’s face blushes when she’s fucked…”
Mark felt Franny’s core start quivering on his cock, her tight silken walls pulsing, gripping and releasing. She keened and came hard, writhing beneath him, insensate as her body drove her brain out of her head. Her eyes rolled back. Mark kept going, the exact same pace, depth, bury himself completely, grind her clit, slowly back out. The girl twisted, bucked again, and her falling crest of orgasm was swept back up and she came again. Mark grinned savagely. He knew the girl’s larger clit would mean she’d come easily, but it helped even more of if she were a natural slut, and it seemed little Franny loved to fuck.
Mark settled in and started fucking her a little faster. Time to breed this girl, especially if she were going to cum no matter what. Mark was enjoying his conquest. The girl was hot, and her hips were naturally a good fuck. When Franny reached up with her arms to grasp his, to rub her hands over his chest, he knew he fully had her.
“Wrap your legs around me, girl!”
“Ohhhhhh, yes Master!”
She wrapped her legs around him, her heels digging into his ass, and she was bucking and pushing up against him. Holly was sitting next to her, strumming herself and gently rubbing Franny’s face. She looked eagerly at Mark, with questioning eyes. Mark nodded, and Holly started kissing the girl. Mark grunted- seeing his two young slaves together was one of his favorite sights ever. He was going to need to reward-fuck Holly hard later on tonight.
Holly reached down between Franny’s legs with one her hands and started strumming her swollen, red clit. Mark was still pumping the girl, but eased up a little. The young girl- eyes closed, teeth starting to clench together, hips helplessly thrusting up to meet Mark’s stroke, came again on Holly’s finger. Mark gasped at the flood of warmth that filled her tight pussy. Oh, she was delightful to fuck!
Holly continued rubbing her, and Franny’s orgasm stretched out. She was panting, her face flushed, a fine layer of sweat on her face and breasts. Her head was back, mouth open, tongue lolling a little.
A knock sounded at the door. Mark and Holly glanced over….Franny just kept swimming the fog she was in. Mark chuckled…just in time. He pulled out of the young girl- grinned at the tiny wail of protest that elicited- walked over to the door, glistening cock jutting out like a peacock’s plumage. He opened the door to find Drew standing there.
“You’re just in time, Daddy Drew. She’s ready for you.”
“Oh my god, really?– Uh, let me have couple lines first. That one you gave me this morning is wearing off.”
“Holly, get Daddy Drew here some lines. Franny! Your daddy is here. Don’t you want to say hello?”
“Hi Daddy.” Franny was still in the clouds. She was laying back dazed, legs open. Fluid was trickling out of her pussy.
“Wow, she looks like a proper little slut now. Fuck, look at her tits.” Drew started stroking his own groin. He’d waiting so long, fantasized about seeing her like this. “See, I told you she was a slut. Her teachers told me.”
“She is. You should have seen her when I broke her in earlier. She was eating up my cock, and took the first fuck so well. But…surprise. She’s only ever had one dick. Well, two now. She IS a slut- but that’s her soul, not her history. She’s tight, she’s sensitive as hell, and she may not know it now, but she loves to fuck.” Mark clapped Drew on the shoulder. “Money well spent, my man. And look, I have some heavy lifting done- she not fully trained yet- its only been a couple hours- but she’ll do whatever you want. We may need to hurt her a little- I warned you about that!- but she’s a natural.”
Holly had the tray beside Drew. He bent over and snorted up two huge lines. She had laid a paper pouch beside the lines- and Drew picked up and chewed the viagra. He’d had some earlier and was ready, but it was going to be a long night.
“Can I fuck her now?”
“Of course man. Go get her.”
Drew quickly shed his clothes as he walked over to the couch. He wasn’t flying as high as he wanted, but he was too eager to wait. He looked down at the naked form of his stepdaughter. For two years now she had teased him with her body- intentionally or not- as her curves developed. Three years ago he’d stopped letting her sit on his lap, two years ago he’d stopped trying to spend much time with her, trying to quell the desires building up in himself. But the thicker and thicker her curves- and she was a very curvy young girl- the more his eyes were drawn to her. And she didn’t wear enough clothes at home!
He knew he was breaking 10 kinds of laws- paying Mark to kidnap her, getting ready to rape her, lying to her mother to get her away for a month- that had taken some planning- but his dick didn’t care. He was finally going to have her. And before the night was out, he was going to have all of her.
Franny came a little more to her senses. She looked up at her stepdad, staring down at her nudity, his angry red cock- even larger than Mark’s- in his hand. “Daddy? Are you going to take me home? He took me here,” she burst into tears, seeking to close her legs and cover her breasts. “He …he raped me, daddy. I don’t know what’s going on.”
Drew glanced over at Mark. Back down at the girl. “Open your legs, girl. Open them, Franny.” He reached down, started pulling her legs open.
“What…Daddy?” she didn’t fight him, but her eyes grew wider. She gasped when she felt the tip of his cock on her entrance.
Drew thrust in. She yelped, then gasped as her daddy’s large cock pushed into her. Her eyes immediately started rolling back again, her face twisting away. Tears made her eyes even more glassy, but she moaned as he pushed in deeper, fucking her wider than Mark had.
“Oh fuck..” Drew started fucking deeper into his daughter. Her pussy was hotter and wetter than he had ever imagined, and real, real and right here and beneath him right now, and tight. So tight, but completely accommodating. His cock slid deep in, filling her completely. When she gently bucked against him involuntarily, her clit seeking more stimulation, he knew he’d made the right decision. Maybe her brain didn’t want him, but her body did.

Franny had her head back, her arms were down on the couch, her palms up. Her eyes were closed and her teeth clenched. She was crying a little, tears running down her cheeks. But her hips and pussy gave lie to all that. Drew started fucking her harder and Franny spread her legs wider, seeking to let more of him in. He could feel her pussy twitching, the slickness easing his thrusting. Her juices were dripping onto the couch. He grabbed her hair, pulled her head down so he could see her face while fucking her. He leaned down to kiss her.

Franny was in heaven and hell. It was terrible, her daddy was fucking her, raping her. But…she was flying, and her daddy’s dick was filling her like no one else ever had. When his lips met hers it was a shock, but his insistent probing was finally met with her tongue. They kissed just a minute, and then Drew raised back up, the better to fuck her deeper and harder. He wasn’t here for her passion. He was here to get his out and into her.

Drew started pounding his stepdaughter. His balls slapped against her. She was moaning and grunting now, no longer fighting.

“Oh Franny, I love you so much. You feel so good!” Drew wanted it to last, but he couldn’t hold it. Two years and all day waiting jetting out of him, into the young girl. As he pulsed once, twice, Franny moaned on his dick and started coming as well.

“Please…oh god. Daddy, I’m sorry. Please..oh..” She couldn’t talk, could barely think. Her body was awash in pleasure, and her daddy’s cum was pumping into her and her pussy milking more out of her. As she
Drew collapsed on top of her. He was spent momentarily, but he could feel the meth coming on strong- he hadn’t even crested yet. And he knew he was just getting started tonight.

Franny’s head lolled mindlessly. Holly gently reached over to the young girls face and brushed away her tears.

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