The family reunions day 1 Sex Story

#Incest #PreTeen #Trans #Virgin

By TG Natalie

My first crush and kiss with my cousin and losing my virginity to my aunt when I was 12

To be a transgender preteen in the 1980e was the most difficult thing there was to be. I had discovered the girl inside of me when I was 9, and my single mom was the inspiration for it. I had been a poor explorer of her clothes when she was at work. Which led to a heart to heart talk where she uncovered that I didn’t feel like a boy, I felt like a girl. Luckily i had an open minded mom who started to buy me girls clothes.

At that age, being in public schools. I was harassed daily and nearly beat up numerous times. Kids were brutal to the point that mom moved me to a private school that was more accepting, and I was harassed ansld threatened less. By the time I was 12, I was in full girl mode, all of my boy clothes were gone. Mom taught me to shave my legs and any other hair I didn’t want. My blonde hair was past my shoulders, and I was starting to do light makeup.

That was the summer we decided to return to the family reunions that we had missed for three years due to money. My aunts all pitched in to make the trip, mom had been telling them about the changes I had been through and they all wanted to see. I was scared that my cousins would be mean, we were assured that they wouldn’t be. They had even decided that i would get to share aunt Lori’s RV with her.

When we arrived, I was relieved when everyone welcomed me with open arms. My cousins acted like nothing had changed, I was excited for the week with family. That was when I saw cousin Ronnie and something moved inside of me. He was cute, athletic, and funny. I didn’t expect the crush that I instantly felt. Anytime he waa near, I waa sneaking glances. What i didn’t expect were mutual feelings.

It was Ronnie who asked me if I wanted to explore the woods with him. I was wearing jeans and a tank top, of course my bra straps were showing. A chance to hang out alone with my hot cousin was something I couldn’t pass up. As we walked through the woods, he asked me questions about my changes and listened intently as I gave my answers. My heart raced being alone with him far from everyone.

We stopped in a little clearing with a log laying on the ground. Ronnie said we should sit and rest for a few minutes. Sitting close by his side, my heart was still racing as we talked

“Can I tell you something that you can’t tell anyone else” he said “my dad would kill me”

“Sure” I replied “your secret is safe with me”

“I think you are beautiful” he said, the words stick with me to this day

“Thank you Romnie, I think you’re cute as well”

“Can I confess something else?” He asked and I nodded

“I wanted to get tou alone because I have only been able to think about wanting to kiss you. Is it wrong for a cousin to think that?”

“No, I’ve been thinking about the same thing” I confessed in return

“So should we kiss?”

“I think that we should” I replied, my heart was beating even harder, I had never kissed anyone before and he was a couple years older than me, I didn’t want to mess up.

We turned to face each other and his hands moved to my waist. He started to lean toward me and my body filled with anticipation. The moment our lips met, I knew what was meant when they said seeing fireworks, the kiss shot through my body and my toes curled. My arms were over my cousins shoulders as our lips parted and our tongues met. I felt his hand move to my crotch and he felt my erection. I had to feel his and dropped my hand to his crotch. His erection felt bigger than mine. We hearf voices in the distance and broke from the kiss. We gave each other a smile and stood to continue pur exploration, only now, holding hands until we were almost back at camp.

The rest of the day, we tried to keep our feelings in check. After dinner, all of us cousins decided to hang out by Lori’s RV where she had lit a fire. Lori was a gorgeous woman. Blonde, petite, with b cup brrasts. All of the make cousins had a crush on her, I even got hard when I looked at her. This evening she had on cut off shorts and a tank top and looked amazing. I sat near her as everyone talked and joked

“I’m looking forward to having a roommate for a few days” Lori said with a smile

“It looks like it is comfy” I replied

“It is, I usually don’t mind sharing it with my son” she referred to Ronnie “but guys are messy and stink sometimes. Will be good to have another girl in there with me”

When the evening turned later, people started heading back to their tents. I entered Lori’s RV, which was just a pull behind camper on her truck. It was simple but cozy. I took a seat and we talked some more. Then I was surprised when Lori announced she was going to get ready for bed. There was no separate room, Lori lifted her top off, not caring that I was looking. My jaw dropped when I saw her in her bra.

“We are family, so it’s okay to watch” she said as she saw my expression “you should get ready for bed too”

I stood and pulled my shirt off, Lori smiled when she saw my white bra. She unhooked hers and let it fall down her arms. My cock grew hard when I saw her beautiful breasts. I took my bra off and dropped it. Lori unbuttoned her shorts and when she slid them down, she had no panties on. My aunt was completely naked and didn’t seem to mind. She had a small patch of trimmed public hair, she was a vision of perfection. I finished undressing down to my panties and went to grab a tshirt

“Have you never slept naked?” She asked

“No” I replied

“Well tonight you are, don’t worry, I’ve seen everything” she said with a look that told me it waa okay.

I slid my panties off and Lori looked at my cock, giving a smile and telling me how nice it looked. She took Mt hand and turned the lights off as we moved onto her bed and laid down. My cock stayed hard knowing that my naked aunt was just inches away from me. I eventually managed to fall asleep.

I was awakened a couple hours after that when I felt something, I opened my eyes to find Lori on her side facing me, her hand was on my cock stroking it slowly. She saw my eyes opened and smiled, I couldn’t speak, I just kept looking down at her hand moving on my cock

“Don’t worry, we are family” she said and started to lean toward me. Her lips gently touched mine. Soft little repeated lip kisses until her lips parted and her tongue pushed into my mouth. I was kissing my aunt and it was so soft.

Her hand left my cock to guide my hand to her pussy. It was so wet to the touch, she guided my hand back and forth and then her hand returned to my cock. Pur kiss grew more passionate for a couple of minutes, then she broke from the kiss and started to kiss down my body. I had no clue what was happening until she reached my cock and started to kiss and lick it. Then it disappeared into her wet mouth my aunt was sucking my cock, I started to moan and breathe heavily.

“I need your cock in me Natalie” she called me by my chosen female name which sounded beautiful.

I watched as aunt Lori straddled me, hovering over me. She lowered her face to mine and kissed me deeply for a moment. When she broke from the kiss. She moved her breast to my mouth. I began kissing the soft flesh, rook her nipple between my lips, her breathing grew heavy. I felt her hand on my cock and she lowered her pissy to it, I felt my cock enter her wet pussy, I was inside a woman. I was having sex with my aunt.

The moans from her sounded so beautiful as her pussy stroked my cock. I fondled her breasts as she rode me ans my moans grew louder, but not too loud. Lori started to ride me faster and I started to feel something new building inside me. I started to panic not knowing what it was

“Aunt Lori, I feel funny, I need to pee”

“It’s not pee baby, it’s your orgasm, let it happen baby, don’t fight it. I love you” she panted as she rode faster “I’m gonna have one too” she added and started moaning louder.

The feeling kept growing, building stronger by the second. Aunt Lori suddenly cried out “I’m cumming baby” and her body began to shake, then her head shot back and she let put a loud happy cry. My orgasm hit me and my eyes closed, my mouth dropped open as my body perked. It was the most amazing feeling, my cum shooting up into my aunt

After a quiet couple of moments, Lori lowered onto me and we kissed as my cock stayed inside ot her. When she slid off of me, she laid beside me with her head on my chest

“Thank you Natalie, i wanted that since I saw you this morning. Did ypu enjoy it?”

“I loved it” I smiled

“Good, we can do it again tomorrow night” she kissed me again “let’s get some sleep”

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By TG Natalie
#Incest #PreTeen #Trans #Virgin