The Bird And The Beasts Sex Story

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By Slip& Sliders

Newly adopted 13 year old Wren is brought to her new home with her new family. Surprises await in the little farm house.

Wren was a typical 13 year old girl at the orphanage. She went to school 5 days a week, she did her chores, she played with the other orphans and she hoped that one day she would be adopted by a loving family.
Even though she had recently become a teenager, Wren still hadn’t began her development into womanhood and sometimes the other teen girls would say hurtful things and suggest that her body was broken and she would never go through puberty. Wren was still very much flat cheated and didn’t have a single hair growing below her neck.

Wren spent most of her free time working with the few pets that lived around the orphanage. She had taught herself how to train dogs and cats quite well and she dreamed of one day possibly becoming a vet or a professional animal trainer. Animals never made fun of her, or spoke unkindly about her and she felt more affection for these creatures than she did for people

Once a week on Friday afternoon was the day that potential parents came to visit. They would talk to many of the children and sometimes, a lucky boy or girl would get to say goodbye and go home with their new family. The only real human friend that Wren had, a girl named Lucy was adopted 2 months ago and even though Wren was happy for her friend, she still was more lonely thsn ever without her.

However, this particular spring day was different. On this particular Friday afternoon, a young couple immediately walked right up to Wren and began talking to her. This never really happened before. Normally the would-be parents would look right over her and go for the happier looking children to adopt. So when this young couple sat down and began talking to Wren, she became very excited and hopeful.

Sure enough, the headmistress of the orphanage called Wren to the office later that day after dinner to inform her that the couple had decided to adopt her.
Wren was beside herself with joy and quickly ran to her room and packed her few clothes and belongings. She didn’t really have anyone to say goodbye to, but she did go say goodbye to the pets that had given her love and comfort while she had lived here.

The young couple who adopted Wren were named Luke and Gigi and as they drove Wren to her new home, they told her all about the new life she was about to have. The one thing that really made Wren happy was when they told her that they owned several dogs and a cat.

After many hours of driving, they arrived at a very handsome house on a small farm and Wren finally got a look at the place she would now call home.
Gigi showed Wren to her new room and she settled in very quickly. She made friends with the dogs immediately but the cat would need some convincing to gain it’s trust.
Two of the three dogs began sleeping in Wren’s room within the first week she was there, and Wren was happy to have the K9 roommates.

The biggest dog was a German shepherd named Bo and Wren connected with him the most. He eventually began sleeping in Wren’s bed right next to her under the covers. Sometimes it would get cold at night and she would cuddle Bo to keep warm. Her affection for the dog grew and grew as a couple weeks went by and that’s not the only thing that was blooming.

Wren began to feel her body doing strange things and she knew that she was about to go through her big change. Her nipples began to get very sensitive and she felt tingling down there that made her oddly excited in a way she couldn’t describe. Her cuddle buddy Bo seemed to sense it too and when they were in bed together at night Bo always was sniffing at Wrens legs and butt.

Wren cuddled Bo every night now, no matter if it was cold or not. She wrapped her arms around him and swung a leg over him and got as close to him as physically possible. It was nearing summer and the nights began to get quite warm. So warm that Wren had began sleeping naked to stay a bit cooler next to the furry best friend she shared a bed with every night.

She loved the way his fur felt against her bare skin and she often rubbed herself against his soft coat with her whole body while they were laying in bed at night. Bo loved kisses as well. Wren had started with just kissing the side of his face and his nose and letting Bo lick her face. But she had grown very comfortable and affectionate for him and over time Wren began to let Bo lick her on the mouth. This seemed to intensify the strange enjoyable tingly feelings she got in her body and eventually she began opening her mouth and tongue kissing with him. She loved how wet and slobbery Bo’s kissed were and she began to kiss Bo with extreme passion. When Bo’s drool went into her mouth, she eagerly collected as much as she could and swallowed it.

Wren noticed that her pussy started to become very wet when she was making out with her dog and sometimes when they were licking each other, Wren would put a hand on Bo’s private part and rub it like she did with his stomach.
One night she rubbed on it even more than usual and she felt Bo’s penis come out of its sheath. Wren always wondered what it looked like and so she stuck her head under the covers and in the low lighting, she could see the bright red penis in front of her face. Bo didn’t seemed to mind all the rubbing and touching Wren was doing to his dick, and in a moment of feeling adventurous, Wren suddenly opened her mouth and took the dog’s 5 inch cock into her mouth.

It tasted wonderful and Bo seems to love it, so Wren began to suck it deeper into her mouth and poured all her love into the pleasure she knew she was giving the dog. Wren felt her pussy getting very very wet and she placed her other hand down there and began rubbing on it. The feeling was so intense and a moment later she felt and tasted something squirting out of the top of Bo’s dick. She knew that she was making the dog cum and without shame, she began swallowing it. For 20 whole minutes Wren laid there under the covers drinking her pet lover’s cum right from the tip of his cock. She suddenly jumped up on her knees and climbed on top of Bo, swinging one leg over him and straddling him. Wren lowered her hips down on Bo’s cock and felt her wet hairless pussy lips part as the dog cock ran along her vertical slit. She rocked back and forth and coated Bo’s dick with her pussy juice.

Wren was flaming with desire and laid her whole body down on Bo and began making out with him again, licking his mouth and letting his tongue go inside her cheeks. Wren suddenly had an idea and she reached down with one hand and pushed Bo’s cock upwards till the tip was at her soaked pussy hole. She pushed her hips into him and felt the doggy cock penatrate her pussy, officially ending her virginity. The shaft slid in quite easily and Wren immediately felt the warm gooey dog cum begin to fill her insides.

“Oh I love you so much Bo! So so much!” Wren said with passion as she rode him. After a few minutes, she got off and flipped over to her hands and knees. The dog needed no encouragement. Bo immediately jumped up on Wrens ass and found her pussy hole once again. His legs and paws wrapped around Wrens hips and he drove his cock straight in all the way busting Wrens hymen and a second later, through the pain, Wren also had her very first orgasm.

“Oh god, oh God!!! Oh oh oh oh! Good boy Bo! Oh my God good boy, good boy!” Wren said as she felt the dog cum filling her up and leaking down the insides of her thighs.
“Oh Bo give me all your puppies! I want to have all your puppies my love!”
Wren knew she couldn’t really get pregnant by a dog, but the thought of having a litter of little herman shepherds with the dog she loved, made her so excited that she instantly orgasmed again.

At this point Wren began to notice the dog knot inside her. She knew it would happen but she didn’t realize how big it would actually be. It hurt a lot but also felt good in a way. Her lover dog was stuck inside her pussy and was filling up her insides with his puppy love. Wren arched her back and rocked back and forth slowly, savoring the feeling of being filled up with dog cum. She smiled and felt so warm inside.

After a while, she could feel the dog knot getting smaller and she started to look around her to find a towel she knew she would need to clean up the mess that was about to hush out of her. She looked right towards her bedside table and then she looked left and gasped so loudly that Bo lept off of her and fell off the bed.

Luke, her new adopted father was standing in her doorway, his pants down around his ankles and his very hard dick in his hand. He was slowly stroking it as he looked at Wren.

“That wuzzz shooo hot Werrennnn”, Luke slurred. His eyes were red and droopy and he stood with his shoulder against the doorframe for support.
Wren immediately knew that he was probably very drunk, though it was her first time ever seeing someone in this state. “Gi would never duhh-uh- do shlomthinggggg shoooooo hot like zat since I marred uhh married her”. He frowned for a moment, lost in his drunken thoughts.

Wren got over her initial shock while Luke was talking and she jumped under the covers of her bed and raised them up to her nose. She didn’t know what to think about this. She didn’t think she was in trouble and she wasn’t sure if Luke would remember seeing what he just saw after he woke up. She stared at him while he was lost in his daze.

Luke shook his head several times and peered over towards the bed. “where did youzzz go?!” He asked and he started shuffling over, inhibited by the pants around his ankles. He seemed to notice this and he looked downward. With alot of effort he stepped out of his pants and underwear and then removed his shirt before reaching the bed.
Wren became terrified as Luke lifted up her bed covers and crawled under to lay next to her. Wren could smell the alcohol steaming from his sweaty body.

“Luke, I mean, uh, Dad, I’m r-really sorry about what I was doing and I-I-I”.

Luke held out his clumsy finger and pressed it on her lips. “Sh-sh-sh-sh baby. Itshh oh- kay. We won’t tell no-ones”. Luke leaned in and started kissing Wren on the mouth and Wren froze in shock. She was even more horrified when she felt Luke’s hand go inbeween her legs. He inserted his middle finger into her pussy very easily due to it being so slippery with dog cum.

Wren began to stutter “D-d-dad I don’t think we should d-do this um.. Please Dad? Please daddy?”

When she uttered the name Daddy, Luke was suddenly overcome with lust and he rolled on top of her. He used his knees to spread Wrens legs open and he laid his whole body down on her. He pulled the bed covers over them and Wren could barely see now but she felt her dad’s hand reaching down to grab his cock.

She tried again frantically to talk him out of it.
“Dad please I don’t want this! Dad please I’m sorry! Dad please stop!! DAD!” She nearly yelled the last one because at that moment Luke lined his dick up with Wrens dog cum lubed pussy and pushed his way inside of her. He pulled his hand back up and grabbed both of Wrens wrists and pinned them up above her pillow.

“Oh yeah babe!” Luke said softly as he pushed his dick as far in as it would go. He began kissing her again, shoving his tongue in her mouth and licking her gritted teeth.
Wren began crying fiercely as her new dad raped her.

“Call me daddy again baby”, Luke commanded as he rocked his dick in and out of her.
Wren stayed silent as the tears poured down her cheeks.
Luke let go of one of her wrists and grabbed Wrens face and squeezed it hard. “I said call me daddy again!”, he hissed.

“Daddy”, Wren complied and Luke began fucking her harder.

“Say it again”


“Oh yeah baby! Now tell Daddy to cum in you”, Luke whispered in her ear.

Wren knew this would make it all stop so she complied once again.
“Please cum inside me Daddy.” She sobbed uncontrollably as Luke was pumping into her harder and harder.

“Say it again babe”.

“Please D-d-daddy, please cum inside me. P-please cum in me daddy.”

“Oh fuck yeah!! Ahhh!” Luke exclaimed as he pushed forward with his hips and shoved his cock as deep as it would go inside Wrens pussy.

She felt her dad’s dick swell inside her and burst with his warm cum.

“Oh God”, Luke said as he collapsed on her. His body shivered as he breathed heavily. After a minute he finally retreated out of Wrens violated hole and wandered out of her room, leaving his clothes behind.
Wren laid there in shock unsure what to do.
A few moments later, Bo jumped back on her bed and laid down beside her and went to sleep.

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By Slip& Sliders
#Rape #Teen #Virgin #Zoophilia