Thank you Uncle Sam Sex Story

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By popcorn’s boss

Right out of boot camp my training school proved to be an exciting time when I met a young military brat

Thank you Uncle Sam

Right out of boot camp in ’71 I got sent to training in Pensacola Florida my orders said I would be here about 6 months … Not a bad place lots to do outside of on duty time … I bought a motorcycle off another sailor that was shipping out so i had some transportation without depending on anyone else and I used it as much as possible … The clubs off base were all dives full of military wives out cheating on thier deployed husbands … Most were pretty hot and looking to get some action but I didn’t want what they were offering … getting caught with another mans wife got you time in the brig and a discharge … so I tended to just play tourist…

The base had been built around an old Spanish fort and the ruins were in a secluded area of the base that very few people ever went…. I was one of those that frequented the site …. Mostly buried in the sand I found a couple spots that I could get inside and with a little effort I was able to dig my way into some really cool areas that were not filled with sand and had lots of cool things to see … it also proved to be a really good place to do things that you would not want anyone else knowing about… My little secret came to me early one Saturday ..

As I pulled my bike into a secluded spot where the MPs would not see I saw that someone else might already be there … I found four kids bikes stashed there…. probably military brats I thought. I considered leaving when three kids about 12 or 13 came running out “Come on Mike … let’s go she’s just gonna rat us out … let her find her own way out..” said a sandy haired boy …. “Dude .. we didn’t leave her a light ” said the littlest … “She knows this place like the back of her hand .. she’ll be alright” and they took off on thier bikes …. leaving one behind

So I thought they ditched a girl inside the old fort without any light … there were no exposed windows and the only light came in from the few hole around the outside walls and they were mostly covered with sand … I figured I would play the hero and grabbing my light and some water I crawled inside … I stood and listened but could not hear anything … about 100 yards in I needed my light … when I turned it on I could see the boys foot prints in the sandy floor and I began to follow them … I made a few jogs in the path and it became dark as night without a light. A short distance later I stopped and I could hear the sound of a child softly crying …

“Hello ? is someone there?” I called out and the crying stopped … no one called back so i continued on following the trail and calling out … “Is there someone in here… are you lost … do you need help” still no response … turning a corner I came into a large central room … the locals had been here before and I saw evidence of a fire and trash and beer cans all over … scanning the room looking for the trail I heard a noise behind me .. spinning around my light landed on a small child … she had her hands over her eyes because of the light so I shined it away from her … “Hello … are you hurt? can I help” “No”came a frightened voice .. “my friends are hiding … they will be right back” “Are your friends three boys with bikes outside?” “Yes … we come here to .. ah .. play”

I shined my light on myself so she could see me … “Dear I’m afraid your friends have left … I saw them ride away about 30 minutes ago … ” she started to softly cry again so I slowly made my way closer and got down on my knees … “It’s alright .. I will help you find your way out” “Do I know you?” she asked … “My names Dave I’m stationed here for training … I come here to explore when ever I can” “Are you the guy with the motorcycle?” “Yep, that’s mine .. have you seen me here before?” “I’ve seen your bike but I never come in when someone else is here” “That’s probably a good idea yew never know what a stranger might do” when I said that she scooted back a little. “Hey your safe with me … why don’t we see if we can find our way out” With me shining my light she led the way …

“So you know my name .. what’s yours?” “I’m Lucy my family lives on base but dad is gone for a while so it’s just mom and me” “You must be a big help to your mom I bet” “Nah she tells me to go out and play all the time … she had friends visit all the time” must be one of the wives I see at the clubs … “I’m sorry to hear that it must be tough on someone so young …” “Hey ! I’m already 9 I’m not that young” she snapped back “Whoa, nine your practically grown up” then shyly she responded .. “well I’m still a kid but I know and do a lot of grown up things already”

Whit her walking in front of my I was able to see her well … only 9 I thought, but look at that little ass.. She was maybe 4 feet tall couldn’t weight over 70 lbs … nice little curves starting … strong tanned legs and tiny bare feet .. her hair bleached blond from the sun hung to her shoulders… she was wearing white shorts but her blue panties showed thru … and a loose fitting tank top with a picture of a mermaid on the front … This kids gonna be hot in a few years I thought ..

“I heard the boys say that you hang out here a lot … why didn’t you have a light?” “”I did … those assholes took it after they finished playing” “That’s not very nice of your friends” “thier not really my friends just some locals I met and brought her to play” “You come here to play?” I asked … “Mom doesn’t want me playing around the house so I have my own house here … got it all fixed up and everything” her mood was lightening up “it’s just around the corner … you wana see it?” “Shouldn’t we be getting you out of here” “It wont be dark for a long time … come on ..” She led me down what I thought was a dead end but at the end there was a hidden passage that you couldn’t see until you really looked … once thru I saw that she really did have a little home set up old boxes for tables , a sleeping bag , old sofa cushions and lights (no power but she had lights)

“Looks like you have the place set up nice” I told her … “Thanks it’s important to have a good home for my husband to come home to” she replied … “Your Husband?” “Well when I bring someone here we play house … I’m the mommy and he gets to be the daddy….. I was gonna play house with Derrick but he brought his friends and I didn’t want to play with all three of them so I didn’t bring them here and we just played in the fort…. They didn’t play fair and when they were done they left me … Do you want to play?”

She had a cute innocent smile and after getting ditched by those other older boys I thought I would humor her …”Sure … so I’m the Husband?” “Yes” she said excitedly “and you just got home from being gone … so I’m really happy to see you” I stepped away and called out “Honey .. I’m home” and stepped toward her Shocked would describe my reaction when she ran up to me and gave me a big hug … her size had her head right at my crotch and as she hugged me she nuzzled and kissed my crotch … at which point I dropped to my knees for her hug before she felt the reaction she was getting from my dick … she continued to kiss me but now on my face and lips with her hands moving to my head …

“Your suppose to kiss me back … you’ve been gone awhile” so I started to lightly kiss her cheeks and fore head until she moved my head and we kissed on the lips … then I felt a little tongue brush my lips … “Duhhh , no hug for your wife” she asked “Oh yeah” and I put my arms around her for a light hug when I felt a small hand move my hands down to her butt … and her arms went around my neck and pulled us tighter together …

Her little ass felt wonderful and the semi chubby I had became a full on hard on … I moved my hands to her slim waist and pulled back … “I’ve really missed you … ah dear … what’s for dinner?” she took one of my hands in hers and looked in my eyes … with only the flashlight sitting on a box I could not see her expression but I think I would describe it as lust … from a 9 year old … “Dinner can wait … I need to welcome you home right” and she pulled me toward the sleeping bag spread out on the floor … with more strength than I thought she had she pushed me onto my back then pulled off her little top … her chest showed the tan lines of a two piece swim suit … the light skin around the tiny bumps where someday she would have tits almost glowed in the dark …then she reached for my belt and zipper …

“Whoa … wait a minute” I tried to grab her hands … “We’re just playing” “Right .. playing”she said and continued … “your daddy and I’m mommy and this is how I welcome you home” Totally shocked I just watched as her little hands worked my pants open and worked my dick out and held my hard on in her warm tiny hands … she stroked up and down my dick “LUCY ! is this how you play house?” “Yeah.. just like mom and dad” she kept tugging on my dick as she talked … “Have you played house before?” I asked … “All the time … just never with a grown up … your a lot bigger than Derrick … even bigger than Daddy” as she said that I felt her tiny mouth stretch to cover the head of my dick

This is so .. wrong .. I should stop this .. I NEED to stop this .. these thoughts kept going through my head as her tongue wiggled around on my dick … and I knew there was no way I was gonna stop this …. at 18 I had been with a couple girls before but none of them ever sucked my dick and it was fan fuckin tastic “Oh honey … I really missed you” I got into playing again … and my hands moved to her little head … running my fingers in her blond hair I began to move her head up and down … and she took my direction and pushed my dick in and out of her mouth until I felt it push against the back of her throat… at that she pulled off coughing … taking a breath she said ..”Dale .. not so rough” and she went right back to sucking my dick … I found out later that Dale was her dad’s name and she was doing just what she watched her mom and dad do….

Her tight lips slurped off my dick … drool and precum dripped from her lips and chin as she increased her strokes … “cum for me .. cum all over my face .. I’ve missed that … I’ve missed you” with her talk and her tiny hands working my dick and balls I couldn’t stop myself and I felt my dick throb .. she felt it too and put her face over my dick as the first shots of cum splashed her 9 year old smile .. after the first couple shots covered her face and hair she leaned down and sucked the rest of my cum into her mouth … I watched as this little girl worked her throat mussels and swallowed my cum.

sitting back she slowed her stroking on my dick but continued to fondle me … “You cum a lot! …” she said with a smile ..” more than Derrick and his friends did” “You did this with those boys?” “why do you think they come here to play with me? Usually only one of them but I come here every Saturday”

Then she got back into playing as she stood up and pulled down and off both her shorts and panties … “Now show me how much you missed me” and like her chest the tan lines showed the outline of a small swimsuit bottom that really showed off her little slit of a pussy and her bubble butt cheeks …. her pussy was wet almost to dripping … not a bit of hair not even what some call peach fuzz covered her pussy … Surely she wasn’t gonna try to fuck me .. there is no way I could fit in her … then with me still laying on the ground she straddled my face and brought her tiny lips to my face “Show me how much you love me .. lick me .. eat my pussy” this girl had really been listening when she watched her parents …

I’d only done this one other time and didn’t care for the taste of that girls pussy but she fucked me so I did what she asked … and now I watched as a tiny pair of smooth lips descended on my mouth … I’d watched porn and know the basics so as her pussy settled to my face my tongue came out and began licking up and down …. Wow I thought Lucy doesn’t taste anything like my last girlfriend … I wonder if they all taste different … the flavor I was tasting I could not describe but it scent and taste moved me to lick like a starved man “Oh yeah, mmmm … none of the others would do this … now I know why mommy likes it” she settled all her weight onto me as I pushed my tongue into her … gathering all her nectar I could … my hands came up and grasped her butt … taking some of her weight from my face … I was able to move her around to get more of her sweet juice

I remembered hearing about a clit in the movies but looking at this little pussy I didn’t see anything that looked like what I had seen … then I noticed a small bump at the top of her pussy where her lips came together I moved her so my tongue could touch the bump … “MMMMMMM … what was that … do it again” she moaned So I did I licked around the bump and as I licked I could see it getting larger and pushing out between her lips … It looked like a tiny finger tip poking out and I swirled my tongue around it and lightly kissed it … that caused her to squirm and wiggle her butt .. so I did it again only this time I closed my lips around it and lightly sucked it while my tongue teased the tip

Her little body almost jumped from my hands and she moaned very loud then pushed back down to my face … I continued to lick and tickle her tiny clit while she moved frantically “ugh .. ugh .. yes .. like mom .. yes .. yes ” her little pussy was leaking more as I moved a finger between her lips and lightly pushed my finger inside … it was hot tight and very slick … I moved my finger in and out just a little bit not knowing just how much she could take .. her thrashing got heaver … I licked her lips and fingered her little pussy when her little body went ridge … I felt her thigh clasp to me face as her crotch rocked back and forth .. her hands rested on my shoulders as she had an orgasm … her hips rocked back onto my hand as it and my face became very wet from her … then she lost her balance as I was pushing my finger in and she pushed down … I felt my finger push against her hymen and then thru … she screamed as her legs and pussy clamped tight to me trapping my face to her and my finger in her …

She rocked gently still holding me in place … whimpering in pain yet I could still hear the moaning of pleasure .. I tried to roll her off to the side but she held her hand to mine keeping my finger inside … as I leaned back I looked down to our hands covering her pussy and noticed a small amount of blood around both our hands … she may have played house before but it appeared this was the first time she had gone this far….

Her whimpering was stopping and her brig loosening … I slid my hand from below hers and pulled my blood covered finger from her …. I didn’t want to scare her so I quickly wiped my hand of her blood … then taking a handkerchief from my pocket I pressed it to her pussy gently and wiped her lips and hand clean of her maidens blood … she was gently rocking and still covering her pussy … I cupped her little face in my hands and looking in her eyes … “I’m sorry … I never meant to hurt you ..” I kissed her forehead and she turned her head up and kissed my lips. “I have never …” she started to say … “I know and I didn’t mean to do that to you” I tried to apologize but she stopped me … “I have never … felt that good … no one has ever done that to me …. it hurt but felt so good …. I know why mommy is screaming when daddy does that to her … I like it and want to do more ..”

I pulled my pants up and knelt next to her … “Lucy … your just a little girl .. I should not have .. ” “What ,played house … I do it with the other boys it’s no different except that your better at it then them” she snapped back “. … Let’s do more ..”

“No !” she started to look sad .. “Did I do something wrong… I made you feel good like you did me …” “Yes, you made me feel very good but if anyone ever found out what we, I did .. I could get in big trouble” “I know .. but I’m not gonna tell .. If you got in trouble we could not do it again” I sat with my arms around a naked 9 year old trying to explain why an 18 year old can not play house like this … and all the while my hands roamed her soft tender body … Finally I relented … “OK, maybe we can play house again … just not anymore today … it’s gonna get late and those boys might come back to check on you” “Poo I don’t want to play with them anymore now”
“That’s probably a good thing … you know too that we can not do or say anything around them or anyone ” “Yep… our secret … pinky swear” and we hooked fingers and did her pinky swear…

“Now, let’s get you cleaned up .. dressed and get out of here … will you be here next Saturday” … “Yes” came a quick reply “Good then I will meet you here .. in your play house … and I’ll bring an extra light that we can leave here so no one can leave you in here in the dark again … She had her play house stocked… she pulled out hand wipes and cleaned off the cum from her face and body and as well as she could from her hair … She slipped her cloths back on with frequent pauses to give me a kiss … we made our way to the entrance and as I gave her one more kiss with a good hug and squeeze of her little ass …

It was then we heard the boys voices outside … “See .. I told you she would still be here … we need to go get her out” I hung back out of sight while she crawled out … “told you guys I didn’t need a light … I found my way out without it … but you were mean to do that” “ Lucy we’re sorry .. it was Derrick’s idea .. heres you flashlight” said the littlest boy “I don’t care who thought of it it was mean and I don’t want to play with you guys anymore” and she gave all of them a stern look … “Way to go Derrick … guess we’re back to jerking each other off now …. let’s split before that guy with the motorcycle comes back” and the boys took off over the dunes

Once they were out of sight I came out and chuckled at her … “So … next Saturday morning?” she started to run to hug me but I stepped back and looked around .. then let her have a quick hug … “See you then Dear .. I can’t wait for you to come home” she smiled and got on her bike … I watched her soiled white shorts with her blue underwear underneath peddle away… The next 6 months proved to be quite an experience

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By popcorn’s boss
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