Tears to Cheers Sex Story

#Mature #PreTeen #Rape #Virgin

By Laurel

It is a real Art to spank a girl just right.

I am 24 years old now. This took place several years ago. I lived with my aunt April. My mother was in and out of rehab and jail. I never knew my dad and I don’t think my mom does either. My Aunt would have to take off to travel with her boss for days at a time. I would stay with her neighbor Lisa and her husband Matt.

I was eating dinner one night at the coffee table while watching TV. Since matt was working late it was just Lisa and I. I got up to take my plate to the kitchen and I moved a little to fast and spilt my juice on the coffee table. It ruined some paperwork that Lisa was working on and this made her very upset with me.

She pulled me over her lap and pulled my shorts and panties down below my knees. She then just started yelling at me, telling me how careless I was and how I need to be careful and think of others. She raised her hand ad started spanking me at the same time. and I tried to tell her I was sorry and I didn’t mean to do it. but she just kept spanking me and yelling over and over. y tears felt like they were on fire as they ran down my face and I could hardly talk because I was crying so hard.

After a while noticed that she wasn’t yelling anymore, she was just breathing in and out very deeply and moaning while she was spanking me. I then felt a wet spot from her lap and she started using on hand to pull my head into her breast as the other hand had stopped spanking me and was now rubbing y ass. I then felt her hand move between my thighs and her fingers start to trace my pussy lips lightly.

It was the that we heard Matt pull into the driveway. she jumped up and I fell on the floor. she ordered me to take off my cloths ad to go climb in her and Matts bed. I wanted to as why but she was mad and not acting like herself. I was scared so I did as I was told.

Matt came in the house and I could her them talk a little and even yell some but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. Finally they came in the room and I was naked under the covers.. Lisa walked over to me and pulled the covers off of e and I just layer there nude as I tried to cover up with my hands. before I knew it Matt and Lisa where ripping there clothes off.

Lisa started yelling at me to spread my legs open wide for Matt. Lisa then grabbed a camera ad started taking pictures. as Matt slid onto the bed and started to kiss my pussy. He spent the entire night kissing every part of my body. he licked and sucked every inch of me. He forced his cock into my mouth and made me suck on it like it was an popsicle. At the time I didn’t know what cu was so I got scared when this warm white puss came out of his cock and he forced me to suck it all in and swallow it. The he made me lick him clean. I kept thinking I was going to be sick.

He finally decided to shove his cock into y tight little pussy. he had me screaming in pain for a good bit of tie before the pain faded away. The I noticed my crying was changed into sweet moans of pleasure and my trying to push him off of e changed to me thrusting my pelvis in rhythm with him. He filled me up with that warm white fluid over ad over ad it kept squirting out of me.. I just kept holding on tighter to hi pulling his body into mine. This hole time Lisa just kept taking pictures of us. I saw some blood in the sheets and got scared that he ripped me open until he explained that I was no longer a little girl. He has turned me into a real woman, into his woman and I was never to tell anyone. He said someday I would have his baby. I never did. It turns out that he had several girls that he ad Lisa turned into women and Matt wasn’t the smartest.

I have a nice job now and a nice little home. with a couple of men that visit me, but non of them spank as good as Matt did. I still get wet thinking about how he would spank me just right.

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By Laurel
#Mature #PreTeen #Rape #Virgin