Teacher / Master / Owner Sex Story

#BDSM #Cuckold #Exhibitionist #Threesome

By sissyboiSam2000

Trying something different in this story. I hope you like it.

Hi, my name is Lisa. I am a 23 year old second year nursing student. I am just under 5 foot tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes. I’m very small up top but I think I have a killer ass. I love to fuck, any time, any place. And it doesn’t have to be with just guys, I love girls too!
My boyfriend is 23 as well. His name is Sam. Good looking, I would actually say ‘cute’, with long brown hair, brown eyes. He’s a great guy, happy, very caring, good lover, but doesn’t have a dominant bone in his body. He’s good in bed, but I want him to be more, well, more bossy, demanding. I want him to tell me what he wants. I want him to fuck me hard, tell me to suck his cock, fuck me in the ass. I noticed that Sam would pretty much do whatever I asked him to do but wasn’t assertive with me.
Last year, I had a big crush on my Psychology instructor, Mr. Max Kitchner. Tall, very good looking, tanned, and so sexy, and it seems like he has a pretty big bulge in his pants. I was very happy when I found out he will be my Psych instructor again this year.
Over the summer, Sam and I were at the local swimming pool, and Max showed up. To say he has the body of Adonis would be an understatement! Trim, muscled, chiseled good looks! And his butt, my god, his ass looks so sexy in his black Speedos. I introduced Sam to him, and he sat and talked with us for a few minutes. He has a couple of scars on his chest, and I wondered about them. He noticed I was staring at the scars on his chest, and Max explained he was in Afghanistan and was wounded in a battle. I noticed Max kept looking at my breasts and when he could see, my ass in my bikini. I actually felt myself getting wet.
I have to be honest; I would fantasize about Max when I would play with my pussy. He is so much the opposite of Sam. I do love Sam, but DAMN, I would love to fuck Max!
Second semester of school, and I had Psych as my last class of the day. I tended to be the last to leave every day so I could chat with Max a bit. He loves animals, has two boy cats and a boy dog. He joked and told me one of his cats is named Sam, the other is named Elliott, you know, named after the ruggedly good-looking actor Sam Elliott. The dog is named Garrett after Sam Elliott’s character in Road House.
Another day as we were chatting, I asked if he was married, and I admit I was pleased when I found out he was not married and not currently in a relationship, but I was surprised when he let it slip that he has had Dom / sub relationships in the past. My god, my pussy got so wet thinking about being submissive to Max.
He asked me about Sam, and how our relationship was going. He asked if I thought Sam was ever going to ask me to marry him. I admitted that while I did love Sam, I didn’t think he was marriage material. Max pressed me for a bit more on that subject, but I decided I needed to leave. My thoughts were getting frantic, jumping from Sam, to Max, and sex.
Then last week Max asked me to have dinner with him, and of course Sam was invited as well. Max explained that he knew it was not appropriate for him to ask me, but he was sure that I wouldn’t mind and wouldn’t report him. I said no, I didn’t mind at all and was flattered that he asked. We made plans for that Friday night at a fancy restaurant downtown. And Max asked, no, Max told me to wear a nice dress, he was tired of seeing me wearing scrubs. Max stepped close, put his hand on my butt and kissed me on the cheek. Max said he couldn’t wait for our date.
Wow! I had several days to think about dinner with Max. I did tell Sam that evening while we were making love. Sam made a comment about how it wasn’t appropriate and I should report him. That totally blew my mood for sex, so I just stopped and rolled over. That pissed me off, a lot, and Sam sensed it. He tried to talk to me about it but I just told him that I was going, and told Sam that he was going to take me!
The next couple of days at school, Max acted very professional, almost ignoring me. So I didn’t stick around to chat. Now I am confused, Max is acting aloof, and Sam is still kind of pissed.
Thursday night, Sam said he wanted to talk about it. He said he thought that Max was just trying to fuck me, and I countered that with that he invited Sam as well. Sam apologized for being pissed and that if I wanted this, then we would go. I was happy now and initiated sex with Sam. I was riding Sams cock and he was squeezing my little titties. And I swear it felt like Sams cock had gotten bigger.
As I was slowly sliding up and back on his cock, Sam asked ‘Do you want to fuck Max?’ I had my first orgasm! Sam sensed this and rolled me over and started fucking me harder. He asked if I wished it was Max fucking me. Second orgasm. This must have turned him on because he really started fucking me like I liked. I pulled my legs up so Max, I mean Sam, could fuck me deeper.
Sam pulled out and started slapping my cunt with his cock. He said, ‘Imagine this is Max’s cock slapping your slutty cunt!’ Third orgasm. Sam told me to close my eyes and imagine Max, then he shoved his cock in my ass! Oh my god! He fucked me like he hated me. His orgasm hit the same time my fourth one hit. I felt his hot cum filling my ass. As his cock went limp, he rolled over onto his back, panting. I was still shaking and coming down from one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.
After I got composed, I told Sam that I loved him and that it was awesome! I crawled down and took his limp cock into my mouth, sucking, licking, nibbling, trying to get him hard again. Sam pulled my leg over him and pulled me back over his face. Sam was licking my pussy, then I felt his tongue move up to my asshole. Sam has NEVER eaten his own cum from me.
I rolled my hips so my ass was right over his mouth and squeezed some of his cum out of my ass. I grabbed Sams cock and asked him if he wished that was Max’s cum he was eating out of my ass, and I noticed his cock got rock hard again. We fucked two more times that night, and Sam admitted that he wanted me to fuck Max, as long as he was there!
That Friday at school, time seemed to move so slowly. I was distracted, couldn’t concentrate. Even my girlfriend noticed that I was barely there. Finally last class of the day. As class ended, I stopped to talk to Mr. Kitchner, and told him I, I mean we, were looking forward to dinner this evening. Max looked around to make sure no one was there, and pulled me close and kissed me on the lips, and he squeezed my ass, hard. I almost had an orgasm right there. As I turned to go, I looked back over my shoulder and Max slapped my ass.
I got home and Sam was already there. I went in, wondering why Sam left work early. I figured he was going to feign being sick to get out of going to dinner. Sam came in and as I started to yell at him, he handed me one of those fancy gift bags from Victoria’s Secret. ‘I want my sexy girl to wear something sexy tonight!’
Inside this bag was a pair of black thigh-high stockings, a black lace bustier with matching bikini panties and a garter belt. I was speechless! I hugged Sam and he hugged me tight, and I could feel his erection straining in his pants. As I undid his belt and pulled his zipper down, he pushed me back to the wall and pushed me to my knees. He shoved his cock into my mouth and started fucking my face, knowing I couldn’t pull back. Sam blurted out ‘I’m imagining you sucking Max’s cock like this tonight, him fucking your throat!’ and he came, filling my mouth and his cum was running down my chin. Sam kept fucking as his cock slowly went limp.
He pulled me to my feet, kissed me hard, sharing his cum. He pulled my top over my head while kissing me, shoved his hand into my scrubs and fingered me. pinching and squeezing my titties. Every time he sensed I was getting close, he would stop and pull his hands back. Still kissing me, hard, he would tease me, torment me, get me close then stop. He got me so close to an awesome orgasm, then stop and walked away. I sighed and slumped down the wall until I was sitting on the floor then Sam said ‘I thought it was best to keep you on the edge until tonight when Max makes you cum’.
I crawled to the bathroom and started the shower as I stripped off the rest of my clothes. Sam stuck his head in the door and said ‘I know you’re going to play with yourself, but do not cum!’. I washed and was afraid to touch my pussy, I was so turned on I was afraid I would have an orgasm if I even touched myself there.
I stepped out of the shower and as I was bent forward drying my hair, I felt Sam push something into my mouth, ‘Get this wet, I’m going to pop it into your ass!’. I could feel the cold metal of a butt plug in my mouth so I did my best to slobber all over it. I kept the towel over my head and turned and presented my ass to my lover Sam. Sam pulled it out of my mouth and showed me on the back it said ‘SLUT’, then he popped it into my ass. I kissed him and begged him to fuck me! He walked away and told me to get dressed.
Sam helped me fasten the garter to the stocking tops and fastened the bustier in the back for me. Then he helped me pull the tight black strapless dress up my body, the top of the dress just barely covering the bustier. Thankfully the dress was long enough to cover my stockings but was so tight you could see the garter straps.
Sam dressed sharp, wearing nice slacks, a dress shirt and tie, with a nice sports coat. Sam suggested that we call an Uber, so we wouldn’t have to drive after having some drinks. I asked him if he was planning on getting drunk, he said no, but he did want to have a drink or two to help him relax. I asked why he needed to relax and he didn’t answer.
While waiting for the Uber to arrive, Sam said ‘I don’t want you to say anything, don’t say a word, but I want to watch Max fuck you!’ I pulled him close and kissed him, and he grabbed my butt, pushing the plug into my ass. We got into the Uber, and thankfully it was a girl driver. She said ‘Damn girl, that is a gonna get me laid dress if I ever saw one!’ Sam and I laughed.
We arrived at the restaurant at the same time as Max was walking towards the door. Max walked over and opened the door for me as Sam got out of the driver side door. As I slid toward the door, my dress slid up showing the tops of my stockings. The Uber driver whistled, and Max said “Damn!’.
I took Maxs hand and stepped out. When I pulled my dress down, Max said ‘Stop, that’s far enough.’ I stopped and could see my bare skin above the stocking tops. Sam came up behind me and when he put his hands on my waist, he pulled the top of the dress down exposing the top of the bustier. I felt so exposed, and so aroused! I saw Max look at Sam and wink, then Max put his hand around my waist, I grabbed Sam’s hand and we walked into the restaurant.
As we were waiting for the hostess to seat us, Max was on my left and still hand his arm around my waist. Sam was behind me to my right. Sam watched as Max slid his hand down and caressed my butt cheek, tracing the line of the garter strap up from my stocking to my panties, then he squeezed my cheek. I shuddered and felt my pussy get wet. I turned to look at Sam, and he squeezed my hand and kissed me.
When the hostess arrived, Max asked for a table in the back. She led us back into a side area of the dining room, separate from the main area. There were only a few tables and a couple of booths, I think this used to be the smoking area. As I looked around, there were no other people in this area. She directed us to the back most table, with two chairs on each side. Max led me to the back side and pulled a chair out for me. As I sat down, Max hooked the bottom of my dress and pulled it up to my waist, exposing my panties and garter. Sam just smiled.
We ordered and as we were eating, we chatted. Max told us about his military life, and then how he got into teaching. Halfway through dinner, and on our second drink, Max told Sam to crawl under the table and pull my panties off. I thought Sam would freak out, but was shocked when he looked around, then slid his chair back, crawled under the table and started tugging at the sides of my panties. I lifted my ass off the chair to allow him to pull them down. I lifted each leg, pulling them out of the panties. Sam sat back down and started to hand them to Max.
Max asked ‘Sam, are Lisa’s panties wet?’
‘Yes Sir! Very wet!’
Max said ‘Good!’ as he reached to take the panties from Sam. I finished my drink and motioned for the waitress to bring me another. As the waitress brought my drink, Max held the panties to his nose and inhaled deeply. I blushed deeply as the waitress smiled and winked at me. Max sat my panties down on the table between our plates and we finished our meal, talking as if nothing happened.
What happened next shocked me beyond belief, Max asked Sam if he gave me the gift that Max gave him. ‘Yes Sir, I put the plug in her ass this afternoon.’ Max asked, ‘And the other thing?’ Sam replied ‘Yes it it is on and locked as well. I was speechless. The waitress cleared the table and asked if we needed anything else, and I ordered another drink, then Max said another for each of us.
The waitress quickly returned with our drinks. Max said ‘Lisa, Sam came to school this week and we had a talk. He recognized my scars from a pic I posted on an adult website I frequent. I am a Dom, and I post looking for sub couples to own. Sam offered you both to me for ownership.’ As Max said this, he handed Sam a black leather dog collar with a silver plate attached, on the plate was engraved ‘Owned Slut’. Sam stepped around the table, and Max held my hair up as Sam fastened the collar around my neck. Max then handed Sam a silver padlock which he snapped into the lock rings on the collar.
Sam sat down, and Max handed him another collar, which Sam put around his own neck and locked it into place. His name plate said ‘Owned sub’. Sam was able to tuck the collar under his shirt and tie. Max continued, ‘The reason Sam called an Uber is because you are not going home tonight, probably not until Monday morning. I will use you both for my pleasure. You will be spanked, tied up, teased and maybe tortured a bit. You will both be fucked, but you will not be allowed to have an orgasm unless I want you to cum’. I instantly had a very intense orgasm, I felt my juices flowing out and soaking the material of the chair.
We finished our drinks and I stood up, my pussy exposed and juices flowing down my leg.
I begged, ‘May I pull my dress down Sir?’
Max turned to me and snapped a leash to my collar, then said ‘Yes, slut, a little bit, but leave it above your stocking tops.
‘Yes Sir’ and I pulled my dress down.
Max held the leash close to my body so it wasn’t so obvious, but as we walked through the bar area, he pulled the back of my dress up and cupped my right cheek. As we walked, I heard a couple of guys clapping and a few cheers. Even heard a woman called me a slut. I was so embarrassed, but the juices were flowing from my pussy.
When we got out to Max’s SUV, he told Sam to remove my dress and bustier, but leave the garter and stockings. Sam said, ‘Yes Sir!’ then pulled the dress down and I stepped out, then he removed my bustier, exposing my little breasts. My whole body blushed and I shivered as I felt another orgasm building. Max took my dress and dropped it on the ground then pushed me to my knees. ‘Suck my cock slut!’
I looked up at Max and reached up and undid his belt, then unfastened and unzipped his pants. I reached into his boxers and slowly pulled out his cock. It was limp and it must have been 8 inches long. Sam wasn’t even 7 inches when he was hard. I put the head of Max’s cock into my mouth. I heard Max say ‘Good girl, now Sam, I want you to strip as well, but leave your panties, shoes and socks on, then help Lisa suck my cock’.
Did he say panties?
So here we were, in the back of a parking lot, collared and on our knees sucking on Max’s cock, me in garter belt stockings and high heels, and Sam in his black socks, dress shoes, and a pair of little girls pink panties. I could see the outline of a small chastity cage on Sams cock. I stopped sucking long enough to kiss Sam hard and I told him that I loved him so much! And I had another orgasm.

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By sissyboiSam2000
#BDSM #Cuckold #Exhibitionist #Threesome