Teacher-Master-Owner – 4 Sex Story

#Abuse #BDSM #Rape #Zoophilia

By sissyboiSam2000

Sam gets familiar with Garrett, Max fucks Bibi

Bibi met Sam and Lisa in the hall outside the dining room. ‘Slut, you will dine with Master, Slave, you will eat in the kitchen with me and Garrett.’, and she grabs Sam’s hand and pulls him toward the kitchen. Lisa enters the dining room and sees Max sitting at the head of the table. Spread before him was a wonderful assortment of fresh fruits, bacon, eggs and fresh baked bread.

Lisa stands beside Max, awaiting instruction. Max continues eating, ignoring Lisa completely. He then says, ‘Slaves do not normally dine with me, but I felt we needed to have a chat.’ Max motions to the chair beside him. Lisa pulls the chair out then notices a rather large dildo stuck on the seat.

Apprehension and arousal sets in. ‘Sit!’

‘Which hole Sir?’

‘For this occasion, you can choose, now sit!’

Lisa tentatively sits, guiding the strange device into her very wet pussy. She feels the dildo filling her up, her pussy opening up to accept the girth. Lisa finally gets her ass down on the seat, and smiles at Max, ‘Thank you Sir.’

Max hands her a plate with a small amount of fresh fruit. Lisa takes her fork and spears a piece of melon and as she puts it in her mouth, Max reaches into his pocket and presses a button on a little remote control. Lisa immediately feels the dildo starting to vibrate, and slow, delicious tingle.

‘Thank you, Sir. May I ask as few questions?’

Max continues eating and nods. Lisa asks about his daughter, the one in the painting. Max says, ‘Her name is Riyah, well, we call her Riyah, her full name is Hooriyah Imama, which means Radiant Angel and one who is in Command. She is being tutored in all things sexual, domination and control. Soon she will return to me and I will breed her, and give Bibi, her mother, to her as her personal slave. At that time, I will take a new primary slave for my bed. You, should you make the right decision, will be that slave.’

‘Thank you, Sir. But what about Sam?’

At this point, Max presses another button on the remote, and the tempo of the vibration increases, causing Lisa to take a quick breath, and she closes her eyes. ‘Sam, well I have different plans for Sam. Some of my friends love to fuck girls with cocks, so I will feminize Sam. He will be put on a strong regimen of hormones, testosterone blockers, and hypnosis. Sam will cease to exist, and Samantha will be born.’

Lisa starts to say something, but Max presses the remote again, and the dildo starts to extend upward. Slowly at first, then it reaches its maximum of 12 inches, then retracts back down to about 8 inches, then starts the upward motion again. Max increases the vibration intensity. Lisa, with her mouth hanging open, moans softly. ‘Eat slut, you need to keep up your strength.’ Lisa, devoid of rational thought, idly put another bite of fruit into her mouth. ‘You both will be able to remain here as long as you wish, but Samantha’s changes will be permanent.’. Lisa feels her orgasm building, getting closer.

‘Your nipples will be pierced along with your clit.’. Lisa has an orgasm. ‘Right now, Bibi is feeding Sam and Garrett in the kitchen. It seems Garrett has taken a liking to Sam, so I have instructed Bibi to prepare Sam to become Garretts bitch.’. Lisa closes her eyes as her orgasm flows through, causing her body to shudder. Max reaches out, grabbing Lisa’s right nipple, pinching and twisting it hard. Lisa screams and cums again. ‘Would you like to watch Garrett fuck Sams ass and makes him his bitch?’ Max presses the button on the remote, sending the dildo into its maximum setting, vibrating madly and thrusting quickly.

‘Ooohhhhhh fuuuuuck!’ Lisa grabs the chair with both hands, pulling herself down, trying to get the dildo deeper into her spasming cunt. ‘Of fuck yessssss! Make him a bitch! Do whatever you want, just don’t stop fucking me like this!’

Max says ‘This pleases me, however I am not sure about Sam.’ Max returns to eating his breakfast and then presses the remote, ceasing all action of the dildo. Lisa sighs, regains her composure, and finishes eating her fruit.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Sam is sitting on a low stool, with a similar but smaller dildo attached. Sam is getting used to the feeling of the dildo in his ass and Bibi hands him a bowl of oatmeal. As Sam puts the first spoonful into his mouth, Bibi presses a button on the remote causing the dildo to vibrate. Startled, Sam drops the bowl, spilling the oatmeal on his lap, coving his thighs and his chastity cage. Garrett hears the commotion, looks, then comes over and starts licking the oatmeal off of Sam. Bibi presses the button, and the dildo starts slowly thrusting.

Sam attempts to stop Garrett from licking him, but he is actually enjoying the sensation of both the dildo and Garretts tongue. Sam spreads his legs allowing Garrett to lick the oatmeal off of his balls and cock cage. Bibi presses the button, increasing the intensity of the vibration. Sam cums, dribbling out and Garrett licks and slobbers all over Sams chastised cock. Garrett seems satisfied that he has licked up all of the mess, returns to his bowl of dog food.

Bibi hands Sam another small bowl of oatmeal, ’That’s all you get, you shouldn’t have spilled it. Now finish it, you have a busy day ahead.’ Sam starts rocking back and forth on the dildo and finishes the oatmeal, handing the bowl to Bibi. ‘That was my special oatmeal slut. It’s not easy getting Garrett to cum in the pan. I had to jack him off for several minutes before he filled the pan.’

Sam, overwhelmed by the sensation in his rectum, and the news Bibi just shared begins to feel sick. Bibi puts her hand on Sams shoulder, both to push him down, and to comfort him. ‘Here, drink some orange juice.’

As Sam quickly drinks the orange juice, he notices the bitter taste, but cant quite decide what he is tasting. Bibi presses the remote again, maxing out the dildo, the thrusting and vibration are at their maximum. Sam cums again and passes out. Bibi turns off the dildo, and catches Sam as he falls off the stool.

Back in the dining room, Max pushes his chair back, stands and lowers his trousers and boxers. Lisa carefully lifts her sopping pussy off of the dildo and kneels in front of Max. ‘May I suck your magnificent cock please, Sir?’. Lisa wraps her hand around the cock, and places the head into her mouth. She then leans forward, taking all of his semi-erect cock deep into her mouth. Max holds the back of Lisa’s head as his cock reaches full erection. Lisa feels the head entering her throat, then feels her airway getting blocked. Max holds her firmly, pushing forward, and pulling Lisa’s head closer. Lisa forces herself to relax, as she knows that Max will let her breathe when he is ready, but tears do begin to flow down her cheeks. Max pulls back, giving her a short opportunity to inhale then he shoves forward, again blocking her airway. Lisa remembers a trick she would use when sucking one of her ex-boyfriends, and she started humming as Max fucked her mouth. The vibrations in her throat help to send Max over the edge and he cums. Copious quantities of semen flow down her throat, Lisa doing her best to swallow everything and not spill a drop. Lisa continues sucking and licking until Max is spent, then lovingly cleans his cock and balls.

‘Good slut! That was different, and pleasurable. You’ll have to remember that in the future.’

Max sees Bibi dragging Sam down the hall, knowing what is about to happen for Sam. Lisa, still kneeling, looks up at Max and says, ‘Thank you Sir for sharing your delicious cum with your worthless servant.’

Max puts his cock back in his pants, then reaches down grabbing both of Lisa’s nipples, and pulls her to a standing position. ‘Slut, what do you think Sam’s thoughts are on our arrangement?’

‘Sir, I honestly do not know, we have not had an opportunity to talk about it yet.’

‘No, I asked what you thought he is thinking?’

‘Well Sir, I think he is scared. I’ve never seen him cry before and I have seen him crying a couple of times since dinner last night. I feel that he has doubts, Sir.’

‘That’s very unfortunate as I am very fond of you, Lisa, and wish to continue with you and own you. If you both agree and stay, Sam can definitely marry you, but I will still own your body, to use for my sexual pleasure. And remember that Sam will be feminized and will never be a man again. His penis will no longer be useful for anything.’. Max pulls Lisa to him, giving her a strong loving hug. Lisa starts to gently sob. Max guides Lisa down the hall to the ‘Playroom’.

Garrett is pacing around the room, impatiently waiting for his signal. Lisa sees Sam tied, face down, on a short, angled table. His feet are tied to the table legs, spreading his legs wide. His arms are cuffed behind his back and his head is strapped into some sort of machine. Just in front of his face is a long thin cock shaped dildo, on a long slender rod that goes back into the machine. He is blindfolded and has large headphones over his ears.

Max explains that Sam is listening to subliminal hypnosis music, reinforcing Sams desire to sock cock. ‘He is only semi-conscious right now, as Bibi gave him a sedative. In a moment, he will open his mouth and Bibi will then turn the machine on. We will slowly fuck his mouth and once he has relaxed, we will start fucking deeper and deeper into his throat. Once she turns the machine on, it will run for at least an hour, conditioning his mind and throat.’

Bibi then snaps her fingers and Garrett mounts Sams ass. Lisa gasps as Bibi guides Garretts massive dog cock into her boyfriend’s asshole. Garrett jumps a couple of times until he gets into a good position and then slides more doggy cock into Sams ass. Max guides Lisa to a chair beside Garrett, affording her a perfect position to watch as Garrett rapes her boyfriend. Bibi steps behind Lisa’s chair, leans down and whispers, ‘Master loves to watch this, he gets so turned-on watching Garrett claim another bitch.’

Max steps up behind Bibi and slides his cock into her pussy from behind. Bibi whispers in Lisa’s ear, ‘You’re getting turned on by watching this, aren’t you slut?’. Lisa, feeling ashamed that she is indeed getting aroused by the spectacle, nods the affirmative.

Max commands Lisa, ‘Slut, go get the clamps from the table over there, and put them on your nipples. Then spank your pussy with that leather paddle. I want you to learn to associate pain to your own arousal and pleasure.’. Lisa, still watching as Garrett fucks Sam, locates the clamps, pinches her nipples to get them to stand erect, then clamps them both. She sits on the edge of the chair, leans back as she spreads her legs, and begins to slowly slap her own pussy with the leather strap.

Garrett continues happily fucking away, Lisa is spanking her pussy faster and harder, and Max pulls out of Bibis pussy and shoves his cock into her asshole. Lisa notices that Sams body has tensed up, and Bibi says, ‘Garrett must have just cum in the bitch!’, and Lisa starts spanking her cunt faster and harder. Bibi then says, ‘It will be several minutes before Garret’s knot relaxes and he dismounts.’ Lisa has another orgasm. Max, seeing Lisas body shudder with her orgasm, fills Bibis ass with his cum.
Max steps around Bibi and grabs Lisa by the hair, pulling her off the chair. He roughly shoves his cock into her mouth. Bibi then takes the leather strap from Lisa and starts slapping Lisa’s tits and ass while Max fucks her mouth. Bibi slaps Lisas tits and says ‘Pain is pleasure, slut! And this brings me much pleasure!’

All the while, the fucking machine is still pumping into Sams mouth, and Garrett is mounted on his back. But at least Sams body is relaxed, and he seems to be enjoying himself. Max is satisfied that Lisa has cleaned his cock sufficiently, so he puts it back into his pants. Max tells Bibi to turn off the machine and remove it, then when Garrett is finished, get Sam cleaned up. Max leads Lisa out to her bedroom and picks her up and gently lays her on the bed. ‘Rest up Slut, tonight will be busy for you and Sam, if you both are still here.’

Lisa wants to go see Sam, but her body refuses to cooperate and she finally falls asleep.

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By sissyboiSam2000
#Abuse #BDSM #Rape #Zoophilia