Teacher-Master-Owner – 3 Sex Story

#Abuse #BDSM #Exhibitionist

By sissyboiSam2000

Sam and Lisa continue their submission to Max

Sam got very little sleep, the discomfort from the huge plug in his ass and the pinching tightness of the chastity cage kept him awake. He is startled out of his misery by Bibi’s commanding voice, ‘Get up slut, you need to take Garrett for his morning walk.’. Sam opens his eyes and sees Bibi holding the leash of a very large Bullmastiff.
Sam tries to sit up and the handle on the plug reminds him that this will be impossible, so he gets on his knees and steps off the bed. Bibi hands Garrett’s leash to Sam, then commands, ‘Turn around and bend over.’. Sam does as instructed and feels Bibi grab the handle, twisting the plug left then right, and unceremoniously yanks the plug from his ass. Bibi pulls Garrett back as he sticks his cold wet nose into Sams gaping ass. Startled, Sam spins around and falls back onto the bed.
Bibi picks up the leash that Sam dropped, then hands this and a plastic bag to Sam. ‘Clean up after he does his business. Drop it in the bin by the garage. Oh, and try not to fall down, Garrett has a tendency to mount anything if he gets a chance. Sam starts to ask about clothes but is unable to speak due to the cock gag in his mouth. Accepting his fate, Garrett leads him to the back door, then starts barking at some deer in the field next to the garage. Sam notices that Garrett is very well trained, standing beside him and not pulling at the leash or trying to chase after the deer.
Sam then walks, well, follows Garrett as he sniffs all along the fence line, then toward the garage, hiking his massive leg and pissing on everything. Finally Garrett squats and does his business, leaving a very large pile for Sam to pick up. Sam bends over to pick up the poop, and Garrett sticks his nose into Sams ass again, sniffing like he smells a bitch in heat. Sam spins around quickly, then stoops and picks up the dog poop while keeping Garrett in front of him. Sam walks Garrett toward the garage where Sam drops the bag into the bin, then Garrett leads Sam back to the house.
Meanwhile, Lisa is gently awakened by fluttering kisses on her tender nipples. She opens her eyes and sees Max gently kissing her nipples. Max notices that she is now awake and reaches between her legs. Lisa is hoping that Max will touch her pussy but instead he grabs the handle of the butt plug and slowly and gently removes it from her bottom. Max asks, ‘Did you sleep well?’. Lisa nods in the affirmative. Max then helps Lisa to stand and turns her around and removes the cock gag. ‘Don’t try to talk yet, let’s go to the bathroom and get you a drink of water first.’
Max guides Lisa to the ornate bathroom that Sam saw last night. Lisa is amazed at the antique furnishings and fixtures. A beautiful Eagle Claw bathtub sits to the side, a large walk-in shower on the other side. Max takes a cup from the cupboard and fills it with water. Max holds the cup to Lisa’s lips like a loving parent would, helping a young child drink from a cup. ‘Please, make use of the facilities, there are toothbrushes and paste in the cupboard, along with washcloths and towels.
Lisa asks, ‘Excuse me Sir, but I need to potty, could you please step out of the room?’
Max laughs as he responds, ‘No, slut, I will not step out. You do what you need to do while I draw you a bath.’. Quite embarrassed, Lisa walks over and sits on the toilet and watches Max watching her pee. Max has the tub filling and walks over as Lisa finishes wiping herself and drops the paper into the bowl. She stands and flushes the stool. Max gently picks her and carries her to the tub and slowly lowers her into the soothing hot bath, filled with bubbles.
Max takes off his dress shirt and puts it on a hanger by the door. He then kneels next to the tub and gently, lovingly, starts to bathe Lisa. Lisa feels like a child in Max’s presence, loving every minute of his wonderful hands touching her. Max slowly caresses and washes her arms then gently washes her breasts, moving slowly down her body but he avoids her pussy. Max washes each leg, almost all the way to her pussy but carefully avoids it. Max pulls her up to a sitting position and washes her back. ‘Stand, slut.’, Max commands and Lisa quickly stands up.
Max gets another washcloth and pours some moisturizing bodywash on the cloth. Max slides his hand between her thighs and gently washes her pussy and ass. Lisa feels herself getting wet, both from the sensation and from the embarrassment of Max seeing everything so closely. ‘Sit, lean back so I can wash your hair.’. Lisa leans back on her elbows and Max gently massages and lathers her hair. Max picks up the hand-held shower attachment and rinses the suds from her hair. Max stands and puts his hand out for Lisa. She takes his hand and he pulls her to a standing position.
Max slowly rinses Lisa’s body, spraying with one hand and caressing her with the other. Max moves over every inch of her body, his strong fingers sending electric shocks through Lisa. Max wraps a large fluffy towel around her shoulders then picks her up and stands her on the rug beside him. Max dries her off, down each arm, gently between each finger, her breasts and lighting rubbing the towel over her nipples. Down each leg, lifting her foot to dry between her toes, and her back, her bottom, and then he dries her pussy. Max gives the towel to Lisa and instructs her to dry her hair. As she starts rubbing her hair, Max starts rubbing her pussy, quickly sliding a finger into her wetness. Lisa’s body blushes with excitement and she squats a little to give Max better access.
Lisa is still trying to dry her hair as her arousal grows, her hair a disheveled mess, Max puts his other hand on the back of her neck and pulls her to him. Another finger slides in as Max kisses Lisa, hard. Another finger. Lisa opens her mouth as Max’s tongue pushes in. Max pushes his palm flat, squashing and rubbing her clit. Max moves his hand down to the base of her back and pulls her tight while increasing the tempo of his fingers fucking Lisa. Lisa moans into Max’s mouth, and shudders as her first orgasm of the day wracks her body with ecstasy.
Max holds her tight, feeling her juices flow over her fingers and down her legs. Max holds her for a minute then removes his fingers and releases the kiss. Max quides her to the counter, ‘Bend over, hands on the counter, legs spread.’. Lisa quickly assumes the position. Max reaches under her and pulls open a drawer. Lisa sees Max reaching for a wide leather strap. Max then caresses her left cheek, lightly moving his fingers over her soft skin. Then he slaps her ass with the strap. Another gentle caress, another slap. Caress, slap, caress, slap. Max says, ‘Pleasure and pain are one in the same,’ slap, ‘you enjoy both,’ slap, ‘you crave both,’ slap, ‘don’t you, slut?’, slap.
Lisa looks at Max’s reflection in the mirror as he is spanking her, tears flowing, but her love for Max growing. ‘Yes, Master, yes I do, I need to be punished.’. Lisa feels another orgasm building when Max stops spanking her. Max picks up a stiff bristled hairbrush, and scrapes it across Lisa’s tender and red ass. Lisa squeezes her eyes closed and moans from the pain and pleasure she feels. Max drags the brush over the other cheek, causing Lisa to flinch. Another scrape across her ass, then she feels something different. Max slides his cock between her legs, up against her pussy, then he pulls back and scrapes the brush again, then slides his cock into her pussy. Pulls back, drags the brush, then deeper into her pussy, coating his cock with her slippery wetness. Pulls back, scrapes the brush, then shoves his cock into Lisa’s ass. Lisa stifles a scream and tries to squeeze the large cock from her ass.
Max pushes hard and stands up straight, lifting Lisa’s feet from the floor. Max grabs her hips and starts pounding her ass. ‘Slut, look at the door.’. Lisa wincing from the pain opens her eyes and sees Sam standing in the doorway, and then hooks her legs around Max’s legs and tries to pull his cock deeper. She sees tears flowing down Sam’s cheeks and says, ‘Oh fuck! Fuck me Master! Fuck your slut’s ass!’. Max pounds her ass harder. Sam’s cock twitches. Lisa still looking deeply into Sam’s eyes says ‘Fuck me Master! Fill my ass with your cum!’. Sam’s cock twitches. Lisa screams ‘Ohhh fuuuuuucckkkk meeeeeeee!’.
Lisa has an orgasm, Max cums in her ass, Sam’s painful cock cums and dribbles from his cage. Max, still holding Lisa up with his cock, motions for Sam to come kneel beside him. Sam kneels and Max unlocks the cock gag and removes it from Sam’s mouth. He then pushes Sams head into the gap between his cock and Lisa’s ass, shoves Lisa off of his cock and shoves Sams face into her ass.
“That’s my cum leaking from your girl’s ass. Now eat it, suck my cum from her asshole, knowing that you will never have the pleasure of fucking it!’. Sam swallows his first mouthful of Max’s cum and his caged cock twitches again. Sam grabs Lisa’s thighs and tries to get deeper into her ass. Max, still aroused, starts masturbating. Lisa watches Max stroke his magnificent cock, grunts and squirts more cum into Sam’s mouth, and slides her fingers into her cunt, fucking herself vigorously.
‘You are such a slut!’. Lisa cums, Max shoots another load of cum all over the side of Sam’s head and down his chest. Lisa squirts, her juices spraying all over Sam’s chest, running down to his crotch and his cock twitches, dribbling a little more cum.
‘Lisa, light makeup. Sam, wipe your cum from the floor but do not clean yourself. Dining Room, breakfast in five minutes.’ Max leaves the room.
Lisa drops to her knees and grabs Sam, kissing him deeply, tasting Max’s cum. Sam tries to hug Lisa but she pushes him back, not letting him get that cum and pussy juice on her. She then stands and quickly starts doing her makeup. ‘I love you, Sam!’. She looks at Sams reflection in the mirror, seeing Sam crying again as he says, ‘I love you too!’. They walk hand in hand to the dining room.

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By sissyboiSam2000
#Abuse #BDSM #Exhibitionist