Step Bro Needs My Help in the Bath: Part 7 Sex Story

#Incest #PreTeen

By J

The Caravan Chronicles – Chapter

Welcome to part 7 of this story. I am grateful for the positive reactions and feedback on this series, however, all good things must come to an end. This will be the last part…ENJOY.
I will be writing other stories, however, so stay tuned for them.

Okay, I know that the shower stuff is repetitive but it was an easy way for me and Chris to mess around. Mum and dad trusted us enough to share the shower without anything happening so I didn’t really feel worried about us being caught. I’ll keep it short and sweet, we pretended to change into our swimming suits and just got into the shower naked. Chris grabbed my boob as soon as we stepped in and made it clear that he was interested in doing more. I ended up blowing him again and he ended up making me cum, again. We were both exhausted and went to sleep straight after.
The next day was Friday which meant two things: 1. We only had two days left and 2. Date night for mum and dad. Chris and I woke up at the same time, got dressed and went into the kitchen/living room area for breakfast.

Mum: “Morning kids, did you sleep well?”

Me: “Yeah, like a baby.”

Mum: “That’s good.”

I made Chris and I cereal and we sat down beside mum and dad at the kitchen table.

Dad: “So, we have some news.”

Chris: “Oh?”

Me: “What’s up? Has something happened?”

Mum: “No…have you forgotten what date it is?”

Me: “The 14th of April…right?”

Dad: “Yes but is there anything special about today?”

A few seconds of awkward silence goes by and I’m very confused. Mum and dad were looking at me, smiling like a bunch of teens. I go to say something but Chris speaks first.

Chris: “It’s your…an…anniversary!”

Mum: “Yes! Well done!”

Me: “Shit…sorry mum, sorry dad. I totally forgot about it. Happy Anniversary!”

Mum: “Thank you honey, it’s okay. You’ll be making up for it soon anyways.”

Dad: “Indeed.”

Me: “Huh? What do you mean?”

Mum: “So for our anniversary, your dad and I have booked a room at the hotel in town and will be spending tonight there. You will have to stay here with Chris and watch him tonight.”

Dad: “Is that alright with you?”

Me: “Of course, that’s not a problem. Enjoy your night away.”

Mum: “Thank you honey.”

Dad: “Thank you Sarah”

Me: “No worries, you need a night away anyway. Hehe”

Mum: “Can’t argue with you there.”

Dad got up and left the room. He came back a few minutes later with two overnight suit cases.

Dad: “Alright, ready to go?”

Mum: “Definitely.”

Mum practically jumped off her seat and walked over to dad and picked up her bag.

Me: “Wait…you are going now?”

Mum: “Yep…bye!”

Mum and dad practically sprint out the door and get into the car. I open the door and shout out at them.

Me: “Hey! What about us and dinner?”

Mum: “Order pizza, I’ve left money in the draw beside the tv”

Dad: “Be good kids, bye!”

Me: “We will”

Mum and dad drove away leaving me and Chris alone. I closed the door and turned around to see Chris, looking at me smiling. I smile back, knowing what he is thinking, and sit down beside him.

Me: “What are you so smiley about?”

Chris: “I’m just thinking…”

Me: “About what?”

Chris: “About what we have done…and wh…what we will do.”

Me: “Oh yeah? Well, spill. What will we be doing?”

Chris: “Umm…more touchy st…stuff to make us…feel…g…good.”

Me: “You dirty boy! Hmm…maybe. We’ll see.”

Chris: “Yay!”

The rest of the day was spent watching The Vampire Diaries, a show mum doesn’t let Chris watch. I love it and he secretly does too. Around 7 o’clock I was getting tired of the show and came up with an idea.

Me: “Hey Chris, you hungry?”

Chris: “S…starving”

Me: “Okay, the usual order?”

Chris: “Of course!”

Me: “Okay, pepperoni sounds good.”

I rang the pizza place and ordered the food. It arrived 20 minutes later and we immediately dug into it. We ate 5 slices each and finished the last episode of season 6.

Chris: “That…was…g…great. Good pizza…too.”

Me: “It sure was, now what?”

Chris: “Movie?”

Me: “You read my mind. I have a specific movie in mind, it’s something you definitely haven’t seen before.”

Chris: “Ooh, sounds…good.”

Me: “Okay, close your eyes. I don’t want you to see the title or poster or anything.”

Chris closed his eyes and laughed.

Chris: “Okay…hehe”

I grab the tv remote and switch it over to its smart browser. I type in Pornhub and find a good step sis/step bro video to watch. I find one called “Step sis fucks step bro in the shower” and pressed play.

Me: “Okay, Chris you can look now”

Chris opens his eyes and begins watching the porno, not realising what it is just yet. A few minutes go by and not much has happened, the step bro and step sis are just fighting about who gets to take a shower first.

Chris: “This is…a…we..weird movie sis. Low budget too.”

Me: “It gets better, keep watching.”

The video continued to play, showing a bit more of the story and then getting straight into the action. The step sis walks into the bathroom and meets step bro standing in a towel with a large bulge.

Chris: “Wait…wh…what’s happening?”

The step sis starts to argue again and the bros towel falls over, revealing his boner.

Chris: “WHAT…THE…FUCK? What is this…sis?”

Me: “It’s a different kind of movie, keep watching.”

The step sis drops her towel, revealing her sexy body. She gets down on her knees and grabs the brother’s cock. She strokes it a few times and then starts to suck it.

Chris: “Huh, sis…she’s sucking him off…like…you did…to me.”

Me: “She sure is, keep watching it gets even better.”

The step sis continues to suck on his cock, deep throating it and then taking a step back. She says that it’s her turn now. The step bro picks her up, puts her on the sink and starts to eat her out. She’s moaning and squealing and acting like it feels good.

Chris: “Holy shit sis…she’s really liking that.”

Me: “I can’t blame her; it looks like fucking incredible”

I look down and see a tent in Chris’ trousers. I smile and wait for my moment.
The movie continues on for a few minutes and the step sis screams with pleasure. I pause the movie and look at Chris.

Chris: “Why…did…you pause it?”

Me: “Listen, the next part is something we haven’t done yet. It’s very rude and I just want to check if you are okay with watching it.”

Chris: “You’re here s…sis. I’ll be okay.”

Me: “Okay.”

I press play and skip it in 30 seconds. The step bro stands up and places his cock on her pussy. He rubs it up and down her slit and then shoves it in. She screams again and starts to moan hysterically.

Chris: “HUH! He…put his…willy in her…”

Me: “Yep”

The movie continues and he fucks her for the next few minutes. I skip it in more and get to the end scene. He pulls out and she grabs it and starts stroking it rapidly. He cums all over her face and boobs whilst she’s fingering herself. She sits up and sucks his cock again, slurping and cleaning his cock. The movie ends and I turn to Chris. He looks shocked and speechless. I embrace him in a hug.

Chris: “Sis…that…was…insane.”

Me: “It sure was. Are you okay? I hope it wasn’t too much for you.”

Chris: “I…I’m okay. Sh..shocked but okay.”

Me: “Good. Wanna try some of it?”

Chris: “Yes please!”

Me: “Okay, stand up for me”

Chris lets go of me and stands up. I placed my hand on his crotch and squeezed, rubbing it up and down slowly. He moans lightly, enjoying the feeling of being touched. I remove his top and then pull down his shorts and boxers, freeing his raging hard on. I grab it and start stroking it, feeling the heat and smoothness.

Chris: “Mmm…that’s nice”

Me: “Good. Want to remove my clothes?”

Chris: “Yes please”

Me: “Okay”

I let go of his cock and move away slightly. He looks up at me and grabs my boobs, squeezing them. He’s smiling and lightly chuckling. He made me put my arms up and removed my shirt, revealing my bra. He takes that off, with my help, and squeezes my boobs again. He then moves down to my leggings, pulling the waistband out and taking a look inside them.

Chris: “I’ve been…waiting…to do…th…that.”

Me: “You naughty boy”

He pulls them down and my panties with them, exposing my pussy. He takes a look at my naked body and sits down on the couch. I walk over to him, get down on my knees and look him in the eyes.

Me: “Tell me what you want me to do”

Chris: “Suck…me…please”

Me: “Okay bro, since you asked so kindly.”

I lick his shaft from his base to his tip and then take him in. I swirl my tongue around whilst taking him deeper and then moving up again. I build up a mouthful of spit and empty it all over his cock.

Chris: “MMM…..”

I continue to suck him off, trying to make him feel as much pleasure as possible, whilst fingering my own pussy. I remove his shaft and start sucking on his balls.

Chris: “MMMM…FUCK….SIS…”

Me: *laughing* “Good boy”

I continue sucking him off and feel his balls begin to tighten. Knowing that he is about to cum, I remove my hands and move back.

Chris: “Ugh….what? Why…did you…ss..stop?

Me: “It’s my turn bro.”

I laid down on the couch and opened my legs. I slipped my hands down and begin to finger myself, moaning loudly and pleasurably.

Chris: “Sis…you’re so wet.”

Me: “I know, come here and feel”

Chris walked over and sat down in front of me, and placed his hand on my lips. He rubbed his finger up and down my slit and then pushed one in.

Chris: “Wow, it went in.”

Me: “Ugh….ffuucckk….keep going Chris”

Chris inserts another finger and then another. He had three fingers inside me and started to pumping them in and out.

Chris: “It feels…ss…so tight and hot sis…”

Me: “Good…wanna taste it?”

Chris: “Umm….s…sure.”

Chris laid down in front of me and stuck his tongue out. He licked my slit up and down and seen my twitch a little. He smiled and continued licking, whilst fingering me. After about 30 seconds, I feel his tongue slip inside me slightly, it felt so good.

Chris: “Mmm…you taste nice…ss..sis.”

Me: “Good….”

Chris continued to eat my out, enjoying the heat and taste of my pussy. I was so unbelievably horny and decided that I needed him to go deeper.

Me: “Chris…mm….I need you in me.”

Chris: “What?”

Me: “Stick your cock in me, like the man did in the movie.”

Chris: “Ummm… ss…sure?”

Me: “YES! Sit up a little and come closer to me.”

Chris sat up a little and came closer, his boner poked my lips and I could’ve came right there and then. I grabbed his shaft and stroked him a few more times, spitting on my hand and using that to lube him up. I pulled him close to me, grabbed his ass and shoved him into me. I felt his cock enter me and hit my hymen.


Me: “Push more….MMM…Chris.”

Chris pushed more and went broke my hymen. My brother had just taken my virginity and I had taken his. The mixture of pain and pleasure what heavenly. He must have paid attention to the movie because he started thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking me.



He continues to fuck me and I can not hold it anymore, I came. I came all over his cock and balls, drenching them in my juices.


I go weak and lie down flat, letting him fuck me even more. His cock must’ve grew an extra inch or something because it felt so big inside of me. I feel another orgasm coming on just as he spoke.


Me: “ME TOO….BRO….”

He continues to fuck me and it might’ve been the horniness or something but I got another idea. I clamped my legs tight and held him in place.


Chris: “OKAY…SS…SIS….UGHH…..AHHHH….!!!”

I felt Chris erupt inside of me, filling me up more and more with each rope. I came again and felt my juices drench his cock even more. After a few seconds, which felt much longer, he finishes cumming and pulls out. My juices mixed with his cum poured out, drenching the coach and my legs. I sat up and took hold of Chris’ cock again.


I take him in again, tasting my juices mixed with his cum. I deep throat him and take him in as deep as I can possibly go, whilst grabbing his balls at the same time.

Chris: “OH…FUCKK…SIS…”

I pull him out and put my hands on his shaft, and begin to stroke it as fast as I can. His cock was so lubricated with my juices and I was able to go even faster.



Chris: “OKAY….SIS…”

10 seconds later his balls tighten and he inhales deeply. I take him in again and feel his cock erupt again, filling my mouth with cum. I take every rope in and then swallow it all. I let go of his cock and feel a hot liquid hit my chest forcefully. I open my eyes and see him pissing all over me.

Me: “Chris…ugh….what the fuck?”

Chris: “Sorry….I couldn’t help it. I needed to go.”

He finished pissing and falls backwards on the coach, looking frail and weak. I grab him and hold him up, he is smiling with enjoyment but looks exhausted. I embrace him in a tight hug, squeezing his body against mine.

Me: “I love you Chris. I need you to know that.”

Chris: “I love you too Sarah…you’re the best…sister.”

Me: “Chris, I’m sorry if this was too much but I couldn’t help it. It felt too good. Thank you for doing this and keeping it a secret.”

Chris: “It’s…fun…for me too…thank you Sarah.”

I let go of him, look him in the eyes and kiss him passionately. I slip in tongue and he uses his, again, not the most experienced but it feels perfect. After a few seconds, I let go and we stand up looking down at the now drenched coach.

Me: “Fuck, mum is gonna kill us over this.”

Chris: “Not if we wash the pillow.”

Me: “Okay, but we need a shower too. We’re all sticky and I’m covered in your piss.”

Chris: “Ss…sorry about that sis. I couldn’t…hh..hold it.”

Me: “It’s okay, I liked it.”

We got into the shower and kissed each other again, like a couple. We were a couple, at least it felt like it. I washed his body, focusing on his cock, and he washed mine, focusing on my pussy. We got out, dried each other and went to work on the couch. I washed the pillow, removing the stains and most of the smell. Chris used soap and hot water and washed around it. All in all, it worked. Mum and dad came back the next day and didn’t notice a thing.

We went home on Sunday, had dinner and went to bed. Chris sneaked into my room and we had sex again. It is now Tuesday…bath time. I’ve been asked to help him if needs me…how fun.

The End.

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By J
#Incest #PreTeen