Sleeping Beauty: The lesbian next door Sex Story

#Abuse #Lesbian #Rape #Teen

By James230

19 year old Kylie moves in next door and trusts me with a spare key to her house, she has no clue who I am..

I bought my house a few years ago and next door to me were the Moretti’s, an Italian family that were the best people. They were old school Italian and would frequently share their garden harvests with me giving me fresh tomatoes and eggplants as well as bringing over Italian cookies that were amazing. A few months ago they moved into their son’s house so he can take care of them and their house had just sold. Moving in was 19 year old Kylie King, this short sexy pale skinned goddess, she had black hair, medium breasts, a narrow waist that grew wonderfully into some wide hips that housed an amazing curved ass and then tapered back down to these sexy milky white slim legs. The only thing is she’s a hardcore lesbian, I know this cuz we talk all the time, you see right now I have pink hair cuz I wanted to change up my blonde and she immediately thought I was gay(technically I am bisexual) so I just went with it to get closer to her so I can eventually do what I do best.. drug and fuck girls.

When she first started moving in she had a U-Haul truck and was unloading it all by herself so I went over and offered to help her. She’s very uncomfortable around normal straight guys and with my pink hair she assumed I was gay and allowed me to help her. As time went on we’d talk often and she would confide more and more in me. One day we went for a walk in a park and I would basically learn everything about her. The reason she was unloading the truck alone and not with her dad or any guy is she doesn’t trust normal guys. When she was young and lived with her parents her dad would grope and molest Kylie. Apparently he would strip Kylie naked and have her sit on his hard dick in between her legs and move her up and down and eventually cum and it’d splash all over her body and sometimes face. Her mother knew about it and did nothing. She moved into her grandparents house when she was old enough to understand what her dad was doing. She was under 10 years old then.

When she was 14 in high school she would go to parties with upper class students who would try to fuck her but she wasn’t ready to lose her virginity yet. Most of them just gave up and moved onto another girl except one party she was at the guy she was with had too much to drink and wanted to fuck her so bad but she kept refusing him, but he thought Kylie was so sexy and he was so drunk he wouldn’t accept no for an answer. Kylie is 19 now and is unbelievably hot I couldn’t even imagine how hot she was when she was 14. The guy in his drunken stupor took her upstairs bringing a couple friends and all took turns raping her. One after another they would fuck her without a condom and cum inside her tight freshly devirgined pussy. She told me each guy came in seconds when fucking her for the first time and after each nut the next guy would go and did that for 2 hours straight and eventually they got to the point they’d fuck her for 30 minutes before cumming inside her again. She said it was the worst night of her life.

After that night she swore off guys and declared themselves a lesbian and never had sex with a guy since. That’s why she was so apprehensive about normal guys, she has major trust issues and thinks that she’s gonna get raped again and when she thought I was gay her guard went down and started to trust me. She hasn’t seen her parents since she left their house but cuz they’re super rich they send her money once a month, like 50k a month and that’s how she was able to buy the house next door by herself, and why she had no guys helping her.

After a couple months of living next door she gave me a spare key to her house Incase she locked herself out or was away and needed me to check in on her cat. The second I found out she was a lesbian I knew that if I wanted to fuck her id need to drug her somehow, and when she gave me a key I knew I was gonna be able to do it, just didn’t know how yet. One weekend Kyle went away to visit her grandparents and asked me to feed her cat and keep it company while she was gone, this was the perfect time to recon and get a plan going.

She left Friday morning and Friday evening I went on in. I went right to her bedroom to look for some used panties. Her room smelled amazing, I dove on her bed and smelled her pillows digging my face in them. I looked over at the corner and saw a basket with socks and panties and went over to it and picked up some panties and inhaled them things like it was pure oxygen and I was on Everest. Had the slightest tinge of pussy aroma in it and while I smelled them I started to jerk off, I came in 20 seconds, didn’t even know that was possible. Next to her bed on a nightstand was an aluminum water bottle and my neurons started firing. I was thinking that I’m gonna crush up some pills and mix them in so when she drinks the water she’ll pass out.

The next day I called my dude and he gave me some pills that are for advanced insomniacs that are guaranteed to put you out and stay out for 6-8 hours. After I got those I went back to her place and slipped in the crushed pills and stirred and shook it til it was mixed. Now all I had to do was wait for her to get back and hope she drinks that water at a good time. While she was away I had set up a camera that feeds directly to my phone so I can spy on her and see when she drinks the water and more importantly when she falls asleep. She came back Monday night, I had got alerts on my phone from the movement in her bedroom. She played with her cat on her bed for a little bit but then started to strip for a shower. My god, when she was all the way naked my dick got so hard it could have tore a hole in my pants, her body is perfect. After her shower I finally saw her drink the drugged water and it was a decent chug. My heart started to race I was so anxious. She came in and out of view on the camera a couple times and drank from the bottle more. I put in quite a bit of those in pills and was told they’re very strong so I was really confident she was gonna pass out soon. I waited a half hour before I went over.

It was 9pm and dark out so nobody saw me enter her house. I walked in ninja like, as quiet as I can be and went to her room, on my phone it showed her on the bed motionless from the camera. I get inside her room and say her name, she stayed sleeping, I said her name a little louder and nothing. I went and shook her shoulder saying her name but she stayed asleep. Then I pinched the inside of her arm, a spot infamous for being painful but she made no sound or movement. My heart started racing again cuz I knew this is my moment, if she didn’t wake up from that arm pinch then she won’t wake up from me fucking her. Fuck yes, I’m about to fuck this sexy short lesbo who hasn’t had a dick in 5 years, I just knew she’d be tight as fuck.

Usually when I drug a girl I like to do a little foreplay first, I’d touch their whole body, cuddle naked with them for a bit or fuck their throat, but not this time, I needed to fuck her right now. I stripped her completely naked and flipped her over laying her flat on her belly and took all my clothes off. I squirted some lube over her pussy and climbed right on top of her ass and shoved my dick right in. Her pussy is so tight but my dick slid right in and I immediately started thrusting into her pussy. My god her pussy feels so fucking good. I plopped my whole body on her back and ass and thrusted away. I was fucking her for 30 seconds and already felt I was gonna cum, her pussy is magic man no wonder those guys who raped her came so fast the first time they fucked her. Normally I’d slow back down and regain my stamina but it felt so good fucking her in this prone bone position I just went feral and fucked her fast and hard and after 40 seconds of fucking her I came a fuck ton inside her. As I was cumming inside her pussy my feet went numb. I was laying flat on her whole body bear hugging her as I was cumming in her. After I came I stayed ontop of her with my arms around her and very slowly thrusted my semi hard dick in her insanely wet pussy from my cum and lube. As I laid on her naked pale smooth body I was sniffing her hair and it was intoxicating.

I’ve only been here for about 5 minutes since I walked into her house but still have hours left before I gotta worry about her waking up and def gotta fuck her more. Before I started fucking her I set up a camera behind us and recorded us. I’ll include some screenshots from the video below and these maybe my greatest creations.


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By James230
#Abuse #Lesbian #Rape #Teen