She lived my fantasy Sex Story

#Abuse #PreTeen #Rape #Virgin

I arranged for men to abuse and gangrape my 12 year old daughter because I wanted her to live out my childhood fantasy.

I met a man in a bar, Mike, and we hit it off straight away, after a long night of talking, dancing and talking, we got on the subject of dreams and fantasies and he asked me “What was your dream as a kid? – Did you have any fantasies?”

“You know – I – Yes, I did have a fantasy – But I don’t think you’d want to hear it.” I replied.

“Sure I do, what was it?” he asked.

“Okay – Well, my childhood fantasy was to be fucked by a lot of men – at the same time.” I replied.

“Wow – How old we’re you when he had this fantasy?” he asked.

“I think I was thirteen.” I said.

“Mm, that’s a nice age for a girl. I would have loved to have fucked you when you were thirteen.” He replied.

“Really?” I asked.

“Oh yeah – I’ve always had a fantasy about fucking a little girl. You would have been perfect.” He replied.

Then I got an idea, a very naughty idea, “I have a twelve year old daughter.” I said.

I showed him photos of her from my purse and he liked the look of her, we talked for a couple more hours and the conversation turned very perverted, but it got me going and really turned me on, eventually we arranged a little gathering, he knew some men and he asked them to meet us at the bar the following night.

I sat down with them and we discussed what we were going to do, with the plan being very simple, for them to gangbang my little girl.

A week later and it was time, so I bought my daughter Daisy a new mini-skirt and a tight top and asked her to wear them that night because I was having some friends over.

The men arrived and I escorted them in to the living room and sat them down, then I asked Daisy to come downstairs and I introduced her to them, “Daisy, these are my friends – Men, this is my daughter, Daisy.” I said.

I basically paraded her in front of them like a piece of meat.

We sat, talked, had a laugh and some drinks, and we slipped some date-rape drugs into Daisy’s cola drink.

She was up in the middle of the room dancing to the music when the drugs hit her hard and she started to get dizzy and unbalanced on her feet, Mike quickly stood up and caught her before she fell, “I think it’s time, lads.” He said.

“Take her upstairs.” I told him, and he carefully carried her up and in to my bedroom and laid her down on my bed.

While I removed her clothes, the men also undressed, and they gathered around Daisy, took a good look at her young naked body, her small breasts, her bald virgin pussy, and they had their filthy hands all over her small body, Daisy was conscious but barely.

“Mike, would you like to do the honours?” I asked him, he was my choice to be Daisy’s first and to take her virginity.

“Gladly.” He said.

He took hold of her ankles and dragged her down the bed so her butt was right on the bottom edge of the bed, I rubbed plenty of lubricant on his very hard and thick erect cock, also enjoying the feel of it in my grip, then I smothered some lubricant all over Daisy’s pussy, “This should help.” I said.

He bent her legs open with her knees level with her hip-line, then he pushed his cock inside her small pussy, I was getting very wet watching Daisy’s small pussy stretching wide open so Mike’s thick cock could squeeze inside, “Uuuuhh” she moaned, feeling him penetrating her.

Her young pussy so small that when he dried to get deeper inside her, it made her body slide up the bed and he couldn’t get it in, so he leaned over her and held on to the tops of her shoulders so she wouldn’t move, then he pushed in to her hard and finally his cock slid deep inside of her.

“Ooh yeah – Fuck her, Mike.” I said to him.

Then when he had about 4-inches of his cock inside of her, he started to thrust in and out.

I kneeled down on the floor fingering my pussy while watching him fuck my little girl, “Go on, Mike. That’s it. Fuck her. Fuck her hard, Mike – How does it feel? Tell me.” I said.

“Feels great.” He gasped.

“Yeah – Is she tight?” I asked.

“Extremely.” He said.

Then one of the other men kneeled up on the bed, turned Daisy’s head to the side and he pushed his cock in to her mouth and she was sucking on it, another one took her hand and placed it on his cock and she was jerking him off.

Daisy was living my dream, she had a cock in one hand, another in her mouth, and another between her small skinny legs having her little virgin pussy fucked, “Oh my god – This is so hot.” I cheered.

Mike rubbed his hands up and down Daisy’s body, then he put his hand around her neck like he was choking her, and he thrust in to her fast and hard repeatedly, “Ooooah you hot little bitch!” he growled at her.

He was getting quite rough with her and I liked it, “Fuck her, Mike!!” I shouted.

“Yeeaaah!” he replied.

Then he thrust in to her balls deep and let out a very loud groan as he ejaculated in to her, “OOoooaaaahhh!!!!!!”, then he pulled out of her and gave her pussy a hard slap with the palm of his hand, “That’s what I’m talking about.” He cheered.

Another man took his place and he also fucked Daisy, and one by one they abused and raped my little girl on my bed, and I got Mike to fuck me too while the other men were fucking my daughter, it was a greatest experience of my life.

They spent all night abusing, raping and sodomising Daisy’s small body, by the time they were finished her body was covered in their semen inside and out, they had ejaculated in every hole she had and fucked her in my ways than I can even count.

Daisy didn’t wake up until the following afternoon, by then the men had gone and I had given her a shower, cleaned her up, dressed her, and placed her in her own bed, she had a very bad headache and complained of her joints aching and hurting, she had a few bruises on her body, but she remembered nothing of the night before.

I told her she had fallen down the stairs and hurt herself, and she bought it.

My childhood fantasy had come true… well… for Daisy anyway, watching it happen to her was just as good.

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#Abuse #PreTeen #Rape #Virgin