R.E.M Daughter #1 Sex Story

#Incest #Teen #Virgin

By Noah

Daughter seeks into room while Dad is sleeping.

Noah was sleeping, dreaming of adventures that had become reoccurring dreams. In one, he found himself in a tall building, looking outside to see the world around him submerged underwater. The building itself was also underwater, and as he gazed out the window, he saw something that sent a shiver down his spine. There, in the distance, were tentacles reaching towards the surface. They belonged to a creature that Noah had never seen before, a giant squid that was unknown and mysterious.

Dream skipped once more, and suddenly Noah found himself back in high school. He was walking through the halls, seeing familiar faces and hearing the sounds of laughter and footsteps. He entered a classroom, and as he took his seat, he felt a strange sensation on his pelvis. It was as if something was pressing against him, and his heart raced in anticipation.

The teacher, a familiar face, was writing unreadable words on the board, but Noah’s focus was elsewhere. He couldn’t help but notice the volleyball coach, who was standing in the back of the room, watching him intently. As the coach approached, Noah felt a sudden rush of excitement, his heart pounding in his chest.

The coach knelt down in front of him, and without a word, began to perform a sensual act that took Noah by surprise. He felt a mix of pleasure and confusion as the coach’s hands gently explored his body, their touch sending shivers down his spine.

As Noah’s mind raced, trying to make sense of the situation, he felt a sudden warmth between his legs. It was as if his body was reacting to the situation, and he realized with a jolt that he was having a wet dream. His brain seemed to be caught in a limbo between REM sleep and awareness, and the sensation was both thrilling and frustrating.

The room was pitch black, yet he felt the same sensation, the climax sensation, the feeling of being on the receiving end of lips. Every action felt like he was being given oral pleasure. He asked himself, “Another dream skip?”

His eyes adjusted to the pitch-black room, and he could feel the red light from the digital clock casting a dim glow on his face. The time read 3:13 AM, and as he turned his head to look at the clock, his brain struggled to process the information.

Before he could fully comprehend what was happening, he arched his neck, and another moan escaped his mouth. The sensation was overwhelming, and he found himself caught between the dream world and reality. His body was reacting to the unseen touch, and he couldn’t help but wonder if this was another dream skip or if he was experiencing something else entirely.

Noah’s eyes, still not fully adjusted to the darkness, began to make out the faint outline of something between his legs. He cautiously pulled back the sheets, his heart pounding with anticipation. As his hands made contact with the sheets, he felt the individual underneath him inhale sharply, as if they were trying to hide from being discovered. This sudden action caused Noah to slap at his sides of the bed, startled by the unexpected movement. Despite his doubts, Noah couldn’t shake the feeling that this was all just a figment of his imagination, but he couldn’t help but be intrigued by the situation.

Noah then rubbed his eyes with both his palms, trying to help adjust to the darkness. He moaned again, as if the individual could feel his movements of awakeness. This seemed to make the individual under the sheets act more lively than they were while Noah was asleep. The atmosphere in the room was tense, and Noah couldn’t help but feel a mix of curiosity and unease.

He sat up, using his elbows for support, now fully aware that this was not a dream. He opened his thighs, giving Mona more room to work with. This was her way of apologizing for their earlier fight, and he didn’t say a word, even though he was still slightly upset. Despite his lingering frustration, he regretted sleeping in the guest room, away from her.

He thrust one motion upward, pushing his cock further upwards, extending his size, and giving Mona the opportunity to inhale him deeper. She had to make up for that fight over spoiling his stepdaughters. Giving them the latest phones, he was just trying to be a good stepdad. He probably should have told them no, just like their mother did.

As he was being sucked off, his actions reflected his thoughts, and he took his part of the blame. This fight was stupid, and he decided to make it up to Mona after her.

She moaned so lightly, and he felt her tongue as her hot breath washed over him. She was definitely trying to make it up to him, and it felt incredible. She moaned again, and then he felt her hands touching his cock. He arched upwards into her throat, and she kept going, in such a way it felt like they were in their early years of dating. She was really going at it with such passion, and he had to witness her performance.

Noah reached out and uncovered his lover, Mona, as he grabbed the sheets to expose her. He wanted to enjoy the show she was giving. The sheets came off, and Noah’s eyes widened as his mouth hung open in shock. His brain couldn’t really process what he saw in one swift motion: from white sheets to a body of his daughter, Christy.

Cristy was sucking off her Dad, Noah, who had been lured into his room late at night while he was in a deep sleep. Cristy, an 12-year-old girl, had managed to remain silent until now, only making soft moans and little breaths that were barely audible. Noah couldn’t really tell what was happening, and he could only feel the sensations of her lips on him.

As Cristy continued to perform the act, she finally touched him with her tiny hands, only after being exposed. Her eyes remained closed for a few moments, but then slowly opened, revealing a mischievous grin. Despite being caught in the act, she only sped up her rhythm, her eyes never leaving Noah’s face.

Noah’s mouth hung open in shock as he tried to process what was happening. He could feel the intensity of her actions, and it was clear that she was determined to continuing. Cristy’s eyes locked onto Noah’s, her gaze intense and unwavering. She was not intimidated by his reaction and seemed to be enjoying the power dynamics between them. Noah could feel the heat of her breath on his skin, and her eyes seemed to challenge him, daring him to do something about the situation.

As Cristy continued her protest, Noah found himself torn between shock, anger, and arousal. He couldn’t deny the fact that her actions were having an effect on him, and he struggled to process the emotions that were coursing through him. The situation was surreal, and he couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness.

Cristy, on the other hand, seemed to be in her own world, lost in the sensations and the power she held over Noah. She was well aware of the taboo nature of their encounter, and it only seemed to fuel her desire. Her eyes never left Noah’s, as if she were trying to read his thoughts and intentions. She knew she was pushing the boundaries, but the thrill of the forbidden only made her more determined.

Noah’s mind raced, trying to make sense of the situation. He knew that he should be angry, but he couldn’t help but feel aroused by Cristy’s boldness. The taboo nature of their encounter only served to heighten his senses, and he found himself struggling to maintain control.

Cristy, sensing his struggle, decided to take things a step further. She reached up and began to caress his chest, her small hands barely able to cover the expanse of his muscles. She could feel his heart pounding beneath her touch, and she knew she had him right where she wanted him.

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By Noah
#Incest #Teen #Virgin