Pretty Wife Blackmailed Into Sex Sex Story

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By Old Cuckold

This is a story how my innocent wife was blackmailed into sex with many men and we were unable to stop it from happening.

This is a story how my 53 year old wife was blackmailed into sex with a 75 year old man, named Earl, who owed the business that she worked for. This wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy Earl’s twisted sexual desires, because he had even more discusting plans for my wife after he was through degrading her like a filthy whore. Earl had a surprise instore for my wife, something that my wife and I would remember the rest of our lives. My wife worked for a small company that had about 15 employees. My wife is a loyal employee for this company, who works hard and puts in the extra effort at her job. My wife is a very attractive brunette, who dresses conservative, and she looks like the professional secretary type of woman.

One night my wife came home crying, saying that Earl had called her into his office after most of the employees had left for the night. My wife said that Earl started flirting with her and he asked her if she had ever thought about having sex with another man, and she immediately told him that she was happily married and had no desire to ever do that My wife said, Earl smiled in a sinister way at her, and he told my wife that he would see about that, because he had something that proved otherwise. My wife was puzzled at this statement and she felt very uncomfortable and she told Earl that she thought it was best if she left his office which she did.

When my wife came home, she told me what had happened, and I was furious, so I called Earl the next day on the phone. I told Earl what he said to my wife was totally inappropriate. I told Earl that I didn’t appreciate the way he was talking to my wife. Earl told me that he wasn’t apologizing for anything, because he had something that he wanted to discuss with both of us anyway. Earl said that he was glad that I didn’t like what he said to my wife, because this even made what he had planned for my wife more interesting. I said what did you mean by that statement, and he said just be here this evening, and I would find out.

I called my wife while she was at work later that day, and I told her that I was on my way over to her workplace to have a conversation with Earl about what he did. I walked in the building and I made my way down to Earl’s office. I knocked on his door and he said come on in and have a seat. My wife was sitting down on the couch and I pulled up my chair across from Earl’s desk.

I didn’t waste any time telling Earl that he needed to stop what he was doing and treat my wife like a respectable woman. Earl looked at me, and he said respectable, she is not so respectable, and he could prove it to me. Earl smiled at me and my wife sitting across from him, as he looked at his computer monitor. Earl said I have something to show both of you, but before I do I am going to let both of you know what I am expecting from your pretty little wife. I asked Earl what was that, and he said this is the plan, I have always wanted to know what your pretty little wife was like sexually and what she looked like naked and now I know and I am very aroused by what I am looking at now on this computer monitor. Earl turned his computer monitor around and my wife and I both felt ashamed of what we saw on his computer monitor. Both my wife and I were speechless as we saw my wife on our bed totally naked with her legs spread wide open showing her hairy pussy smiling. Earl clicked the mouse and another photo showed my wife totally naked on her knees showing her asshole and hairy pussy from behind as she smiled. Earl said I have about 75 different photos of your pretty little wife totally naked looking like a whore. He said I also have a video of you fucking your wife and her sucking your cock. He said our computer repair man, found these photos and the video on one of our older computers, while cleaning the files before we disposed of them.

Earl said evidently your wife forgot to remove this file folder before she turned her computer in for a new one. I immediately knew when these photos were taken, because I had taken them when my wife and I were on vacation being naughty. I looked at my wife, and she was very embarrassed knowing that the owner of the company that she worked at had seen her naughty photos, and her totally naked as the day that she was born. Both my wife and I didn’t know what to say as Earl stood up rubbing his crotch looking at my wife as she looked down at the floor. I told Earl that he had no business with those photos, because they were our property. Earl said your property, but they were on his company’s computer, and that made them his to do whatever he wanted to do with them, and he said I have plans to share them with others if you and your wife don’t do what I want.

Earl looked at me as he walked over to my wife on the couch sitting down beside her putting his hand under her chin lifting it up so that she was looking at him. Earl said this is what I have planned for tonight. Earl said that he was going to have fun with my wife tonight, because if she didn’t do what he wanted, he would send the photos and the video of my wife to everyone that worked at his company. Earl looked at me and said you are going to let me enjoy your wife tonight also. Earl said that their would be no other discussions about it, because at this point we both had no other options in the matter, but to let him have his way with my her.

My wife looked at me and she said that she thought that she had deleted the photos from the computer before she turned it in. I said that evidently she must have had them in more than one file and now he had them. Earl looked over at me and he said I am going to show you what a miserable fucking whore your wife is tonight. My wife started crying and said please don’t make me do this, please don’t. Earl said that he was ready to send the naughty photo file to all his employees if she didn’t cooperate with him.

Earl told both of us to get up and that he had rented a motel room. Earl walked us out of his office and out to his car. He told both my wife and I to get in and we drove to the motel a short ride from his business. We walked in the motel room and Earl told my wife and I to have a seat. He then opened the closet and he took out a video camera and a tripod and he set it up aimed at the bed. Earl looked at my wife as I had my arms around her and he said have you ever had another man before other than your husband, and my wife with tears running down her cheeks, said no I haven’t. Earl looked at me and he said kiss your wife, and I want you to tell that bitch that it’s ok for me to fuck her. I also want you to tell her that you love her and want her to be fucked by me. I looked at Earl and said please don’t, I love my wife and she is not this kind of woman. Earl became angry and he said tell that bitch what I told you to tell her and do it now mother fucker. I looked at my wife and I said that I loved her and it will be alright if you have sex with Earl. I told my wife that I wouldn’t get mad at her and she was going to have to do whatever Earl wanted from her.

Earl told my wife to get up and take her clothes off and do it now. My trimbling wife stood up and she looked at Earl, and said please don’t make me do this, please. Earl said now bitch do what I say, start taking your clothes off. My wife removed her shoes, she then unzipped her dress, pulling it off of her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. My wife looked at me and said I’m sorry, as she removed her bra releasing her small B-cup tits. Earl said get over here bitch and take my cock out and put it in your mouth. My wife walked over to Earl now dressed only in her tan pantyhose and panties and she got on her knees and she unzipped Earls pants reaching in, she felt around and took Earl’s soft uncut cock out with her shaking hand.

Earl looked down at my wife and he said you know what to do now bitch, do it you miserable whore. Earl then turned the video camera on the tripod and aimed it at my wife on her knees. My wife looked at me and she with tears running down her face opened her mouth and she put Earl’s uncut in her mouth and she started licking the foreskin with her tongue. Earl looked over at me and he smiled knowing that I was furious as my pretty wife had his old shriveled uncut cock in her mouth. Earl told me to take off all of my clothes and he said that he wanted me to jerk off as he had my wife suck his old cock. Earl reached down and he started fondling her small B-cup tits, rolling her stiff hard nipples with his fingers. Earl had a short thick cock, about 6 inches long, and it’s head was now showing as his old cock was now getting hard. Earl told my wife to fondle his balls with her fingers. Earl now was enjoying my wife’s blow job skills and he put both of his hands behind her head holding her head still and he started humping her mouth. Earl’s ball sack was slapping her chin as he humped her face calling her a fucking bitch, telling her that he was going to cum in her fucking mouth soon.

Earl let my wife suck his cock for about 10 minutes until he told her that he was cumming and that she had better swallow every drop of it. Earl started grunting, and he said swallow it you fucking whore, swallow it bitch and I noticed my wife’s facial expression as she took his load in her mouth. I also noticed her throat contracting as she swallowed it.

Earl then grabbed my wife by her brunette hair and he pulled her to her feet and he said get on the bed bitch and he turned the camera on the tripod aiming it to the bed. Earl then started taking his clothes off and he looked at me and he said keep jerking off you bastard because now you are going to watch me fuck your wife. He got in the bed with my wife, and he got on top of her. He grabbed her by the back of her hair holding her head, looking at her pretty face, and he said kiss me bitch. My wife shut her eyes, as Earl started kissing her lips, running his tongue down her throat, as he rubbed her crotch through her pantyhose and her panties. Earl reached around her waist band of her pantyhose and panties and he quickly pulled them off of her revealing her hairy pussy. Earl opened her legs wide and he started eating her pussy. Earl was on his knees and his old stiff cock and balls were hanging down as he enjoyed licking my wife’s hairy pussy. Earl then started pushing two or three fingers deep in my squirming wife’s hairy pussy hole causing her some pain, the whole time calling her every dirty name that he could think of.

Earl then got off of the bed and he told my wife to pose for him because he wanted to have more photos of her to blackmail her with. He said open your legs wide bitch and spread open your pussy for bitch, do it whore. My wife put her fingers and spread her hairy pussy open showing her pink moist pussy. Earl told my wife to stick her fingers inside of her pussy and he took several photos. He told her to get on her knees and spread her pussy open with her fingers. He told her to spread her ass cheeks wide open and he took photos of her stretched open hairy pussy and her asshole.

After taking many photos of my wife in different naked poses, Earl put his camera down and he got back in the bed with my wife in a missionary position and he started rubbing the head of his old uncut cock through the entrance of her pussy, telling her that this was going to be fun, and he roughly pushed his thick cock balls deep in my wife. Earl started humping my wife fast and furiously. As he fucked my wife, he told her to tell me that it felt good. My wife didn’t do what he said and he smacked her face hard with his hand and he said tell your husband that my cock feels good bitch and my wife said Earls dick feels good in me. Earl then told my wife to say that she wanted his cum inside of her pussy and my wife said, Earl I want you to cum inside of my pussy. Earl told my wife to keep repeating that statement because it would help him get his nuts off, and my wife kept telling Earl to cum in her pussy and it wasn’t long and Earl grunted and groaned and his old asshole started winking as he released his load inside of my wife’s hairy pussy. When Earl pulled his now soft cock out of my wife her pussy and it looked looked very sloppy, as his white cum started oozing out of her onto the bed.

Earl looked over at me smiling and he said get over here, and stand at the foot of the bed, and I want you to jerkoff and cum looking at what I just did to your whore wife while I take photos of you looking at her used cum filled pussy. It didn’t take me long to shoot my load as I looked at my once loyal innocent wife with another man’s cum in her open inflamed wet hairy pussy.

Earl told my wife to get in the shower and clean herself up and get dressed because he wasn’t through with both of us. My wife got in the shower and cleaned herself up and then she got dressed. Earl told both of us to have a seat in the room while went outside to get something out of his car. Earl walked outside of the motel room leaving my wife and I alone in the room. My wife told me that she was sorry about what she had to do tonight with Earl, and I told her that it wasn’t her fault, and I still loved her. My wife said what did Earl mean when he said that he wasn’t through with us tonight, and I said that I have no clue what he is up to. My wife looked at me and said that she hoped that he would just take both of us back to our cars, so that we could go home for the night.

After about 10 minutes Earl walked back in the motel room and he said well I am through with you, and he started packing up his video equipment and he told both of us to get in his car. My wife and I were relieved now that this was over and Earl started driving up the road, but we were headed in a different direction from his business. I asked Earl where were going and he said just shut up and you will see. My wife looked frightened as both of us didn’t know what was going to happen next. Earl drove about 20 minutes and we were now in a bad part of town. Earl pulled into a parking lot beside a two story building and he said before we go inside I want you both to listen to me and listen good. He said that I have a friend inside, that will not take no for an answer, and if he says do something you had better believe it when he says it, because he will hurt both of you. My wife said please Earl, you have had your fun for tonight, please just take us back to our cars, please. Earl looked at my wife and said fuck you bitch, you are going to do what I want tonight. He said, I have the video and photos that I took of you fucking me tonight and I can ruin you if I want. He said what do you think your workmates will think of you if I share these photos and the video of me fucking you tonight, and I will do it unless you do what I want tonight. Now both of you get out of my car and follow me and do what you are told.

Earl opened the truck on his car and he took out his video camera and tripod, and he told my wife and I to follow him. We walked to the rear of this building and he knocked on the door and a young black man opened the door, and he said to Earl so this is the bitch that you were telling me about, and Earl said yes it is. The young black man said who the hell is he as he looked at me. Earl said he is this bitches husband and he is going to watch you fuck her. My wife started crying, asking Earl to please don’t make her do this, and Earl grabbed my wife by her hair dragging her down the hall and he smacked her good, and said what the fuck did I tell you out in the car, you are going to do what I say bitch. Earl and the young black man told my wife and I to follow him down the hall which led us to a big room with three other black men who were looking my wife over two were younger and one was a older black man. Over in the corner of this room was a bed with dirty sheets on it, and one of the young black men told my wife to go and have a seat on it.

Earl looked at me, and he said that he has always wanted to see a white bitch like my wife get fucked by a bunch of black men. Earl set up his video camera on the tripod aiming it at the bed with my wife on it, as all four black men started undressing. My wife was frightened to death looking down at the floor crying. It wasn’t long, and all four black men were completely naked and they walked over to the bed, and one of them roughly pushed my wife down on her back ripping her skirt off, and tearing her bra off of her. Two of these young black men held my wife’s arms as the old black man and one of the younger ones, pulled my wife’s pantyhose and her panties off revealing her hairy pussy. The old ugly black man who was about 65 years old immediately started eating my wife’s hairy pussy as two of the younger men started slapping their long uncut cocks in my wife’s face telling her to suck them.

Earl told me to sit down and watch my wife have her holes taken by these big black cocks. My wife was resisting and one of the black men smacked her face telling her to keep still and do what they wanted or they would hurt her. The old ugly black man that was eating her pussy folded his big black hand up and he forcefully pushed it as hard as he could in my screaming wife’s pussy. His hand was almost to his wrist as my wife pleaded with him to take it out of her. Two of the young black men each started twisting her nipples as the told her to open her mouth and suck their dicks. Both of these young men had uncut cocks about 10 inches long and my wife was struggling to put each of them in her mouth. The third young black man was jerking his cock getting ready to stick it in my wife’s hairy pussy as he pulled the old black man away from my wife’s hairy cunt.

This young man had a 12 inch uncut cock that was very thick and he forcefully pushed it balls deep in my crying wife. He started fucking her violently and had his hand around my wife’s neck choking her as he pushed his big cock in and out of her hairy pussy. His black balls were slapping her asshole and his black cock was shining and looked like a piston driving in and out of her. The old ugly black man stood over my wife’s face and he told her to lick his black, gray haired balls as two of the other young black men were waiting their turn to fuck my wife’s pussy. It wasn’t very long and the young black man with the 12 inch uncut cock released his load in my wife. As soon as he pulled it out of my wife, one of the other young men pushed his 10 inch uncut in my wife’s pussy and he fucked her for about 10 minutes and he to unloaded his black balls inside of my wife’s pussy. The third young black man then took his turn fucking my wife with his 10 inch black uncut as the old ugly black man made my wife suck his big black uncut, it wasn’t long and the old black man unloaded his gray haired balls in my wife’s mouth, smacking her face telling her to swallow his cum, which she did.

The last young black man was having trouble getting off and he must have fucked my wife for over 30 minutes until he finally grunted and groaned and he blew his load in my wife’s hairy inflamed pussy hole. Now fully recovered each of these black men made my wife get on her knees as each of these black men made her suck their cocks, and each one took another opportunity to fuck her pussy or her asshole. These black men totally ruined my wife’s innocence as they raped her holes and roughly abused her body. My wife was totally worn out after this experience and Earl made sure that he had taken many photos and he had the video of my wife being fucked by these mean black men. Earl kept looking at me knowing that I was furious, and I couldn’t stop this from happening to my wife. Before these black men were through for the night they each bent over and made my wife lick, and tongue out each of their assholes out as they called her dirty names. These black men had totally degraded my pretty wife reducing her value to being no better than a filthy whore.

Earl would use these videos in the future to have my wife fuck many of his older friends, and he had a special night once a week, that he made my wife sell her pussy on the streets in a rough part of town to men. Earl now had my wife making money for him, when ever he needed some extra cash. Some of these nights, my wife would fuck several different strangers, not knowing if any of them were carrying a sexually transmitted disease. Earl didn’t care about my wife now, and he fired her from his company, and was now using her for his and other men’s enjoyment, and I or my wife couldn’t do anything to stop this, because he could definitely blackmail us if we didn’t let him have his way.
The End


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By Old Cuckold
#Abuse #Blackmail #Interracial #Rape