Our introduction to sex with a dog 13 Sex Story

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By Red Bone

With the momentum going it was full speed ahead. Question was were we gonna be able to keep it on the tracks or would there be too many twists ahead.

I remember once since we were into fisting and stretching her we were playing around and I had her loosened up and all lubed up. We were watching videos of girls self fisting. She wasn’t into that much because she had a hard time when trying to get it to work. She didn’t seem to have the reach for some reason. And if she got started her wrist would be bent and being bent like it needed to be always ended up causing her pain. She was squatting on the bed and had tried but then given up and waiting for me to do it. I was playing around and teasing her that my wrist hurt to and I didn’t think I’d be able to. She was getting impatient so I stuck my leg out and positioned my foot under her. I planted my heel and had my foot straight up and down right under her pussy. She said that’s what we’re gonna use? I said we may have to my wrists are both hurting something terrible. I raised my foot until I could feel my toes against her slit then started wiggling them. They worked her pussy open and I continued to wiggle them. She said ok hold on moving off of me she grabbed the lube and squirted some on my toes then started massaging my foot making sure to get it worked all over and between all my toes and then down my foot to my leg. The foot massage felt good but not as good as it felt when she lowered herself down and wiggled until all my toes were inside her. She worked herself down and continued to wiggle as her pussy continued to take more inside. I wiggled my toes inside her and it was the weirdest feeling. She didn’t get even half my foot inside but I wasn’t complaining. I actually was surprised she even tried and more suprised it worked that well. She fucked my foot. Sliding up and down and grinding on it and she jerked me off at the same time. Amazingly we both ended up cumming within seconds of each other. That was the only time I ever foot fucked her and I’m glad I had that time. That was us.
Of course we were still doing all our regular stuff too. Our boy had started to come around to being more eager to give her oral and not always but many times staying at it for longer then he had before. We had taken up using her clit stimulater sometimes and that got her getting off which got him to try to get at all her juices. We tried to see how far we could get him to put his tongue inside.
We were still trying to get him to get the fucking part down though. Once he got close but then he did send her tumbling over. He got back at it while she was still on her side and she tried to get her legs pulled out of his way and get back up. Idk how but in her process of doing that he got inside her and started nailing her. His knot would slam into her pussy and I’d watch as it would start to be spread open then grip back down on his dick when he pulled back which I knew was looking hot as fuck but I startled myself when I shoot a load of cum right then and there in my pants. I wasn’t even hard at the time. That was a first.
I watched as she tugged at her ass cheek trying to pull it enough to spread her pussy enough that he’d get it inside but he didn’t. No knot that time but she still had fun.
She was still looking for something new for me. She had come up with an idea. She asked if I wanted to fuck our mini donkey jenny. No I didn’t want to fuck her and besides she was crazy. At one time we had goats. Someone suggest we get a donkey of any size and they’d protect the goats. We bought her and she immediately tried to kill the goats. They found their only safe place was to run into the pond and then she stood guard to make sure they stayed there. We had to seperate them and then ended up getting out of goats but couldn’t find a home for her because she was nuts and would constantly try to kick the shit out of you.
Ya and she asked me if I wanted to get behind her and put my dick inside her. Uh, no thank you. At least she hadn’t given up trying.
We’d just stick with her and our boy trying to get things figured out for now. I few days later my sister asked if we’d watch her dog for a couple days while she went out of state. She had a female dog so I told her don’t get no ideas. It’s a small ugly yapping dog and no I don’t want to fuck it. Hell I didn’t even want to watch it but it was my sister so she showed up with the dog, her crate and a bunch of unnecessary crap.
Great. The dog slept in its crate all night but I didn’t get much sleep because our dog whined at her dog half the night. I didn’t know how they’d get along so I put him in our room and took her outside to used the bathroom then put her locked in the mudroom and we went to work. When we got home he had tore up some shit like he was mad that she was out there. I was pissed about this dog and decided they could go outside and play and if they fought maybe I’d save her.
I let them out and quickly discovered the issue. She was in heat. Thanks sis. I got them seperated before they could do anything but he was not happy he wouldn’t quit whining to get to her. I about let him have his way with her but he’d surely injure her. My girl got the brilliant idea that if she masterbated him then maybe he’d be content. Ya he was for about an hour. She was like yippee I get to spend my day continuously masterbating the dog.
That’s when it hit me. If he wants to fuck let’s let him fuck but not her. This was brilliant. What a stroke of luck we were having. We had what was driving him crazy to breed right in front of us. I told her wait a minute I have an idea. It didn’t take long for her to start catching up. Do you think he will? She asked. I’m not the one in heat. Then I looked at her and said but maybe you could be.
We got some of her cotton balls and rubbed all over that dog pussy with them. Then we left him with her and her still in her crate. Went to the bedroom and got her dress off and a t-shirt on. She bent over and I wiped the cotton balls all over her ass and her ass crack. He was already back to whining and rattling her crate. I had to literally drag him to the bedroom and shut the door behind us. She put a pillow on the floor and got on her hands and knees. I let him go and he went straight to her. He was sniffing her and locking her ass. I was thinking oh ya. And then he did it. He mounted her and held her and almost immediately got inside of her. She squealed and he went to town. He was fucking her so hard he came off his feet and almost over her. She came up off one knee and kept him on her. He was fucking harder then I’d seen before. She went back to her knee on the pillow but his legs were still in the air. He was in her with his knot and it was like all his balance and all that was holding him up was his cock being buried inside her. She was moaning some and I quickly kissed her and said don’t hold back. Scream, cuss, moan whatever you’re feeling let it out. It was mostly like an oomph oomph oomph everytime he hit forwards. Then she tried to talk dirty telling me he was fucking her and he was fucking her hard and his dick felt good inside her. She was having trouble getting the words right and failing to talk without the moans. She asked if I’d show her my cock. I got it out and she said I’m glad your hard. I think she meant I’m glad you’re excited and not something else. He still only lasted about a minute but I bet it was the full minute this time. Then he squirmed and got off her and turned around. I hadn’t been ready and said I’m glad he didn’t pop out. She said I don’t think he can. I could feel it pulling pretty good but I don’t think it can come out.
He wasn’t a Great Dane or Rottie with a 14″ dick and a knot like a softball and she wasn’t a tight little twat that just got her cherry popped but I think since we hadn’t done any playing before or gotten her all wet it held it. And/or maybe her pussy decided hell no I’m not letting this get away and it cinched up tight.
She asked what I wanted to do. Assuming I’d want to fuck her mouth but I had another plan for her mouth. I had her talk dirty and tell me everything. She did her best and I could tell she wanted to. She did a good job. Good enough my cock was oozing precum everywhere. I showed her and I know it pleased her to no end.
She rubbed two fingers in it then smeared it on her lips. She continued talking, describing and doing that without skipping a beat over and over and over. Oh man it was such a turn on. I started talking dirty back to her and we continued until he finished and started fidgeting around. I told her to get her hand ready and when he pulled out to hurry and cover her cunt and try to keep as much in as possible. She laid on her face and arched her back downwards and her ass up to help. When he pulled free of course some splashed out but she did her best and keep a nice big puddle inside. I fucked the shit out of her and had my dick splashing in that puddle until I added to it..
We put him back in the other room out by her and laid together talking while I teased her body. Running my fingers all over every inch of it. After about a hour we went to see if he’d go again. His ass was asleep. We went back and laid down just chatting more and after about another hour we heard him stirring around so I checked and he was up paying attention to her again. I went back and we rubbed the cotton ball on her again then a couple swipes with the other one. I went and got him and didn’t quite have to drag him but he did keep trying to turn back around about every five foot. We repeated what we did before and it took him a little longer but he repeated his performance. Now she had been fucked twice within a few hours from him. I just let her moan and enjoy the ride this time while I laid next to her with my head on the pillow her knees were on. I pushed his hair out of the way to get a good view of his dick inside her while reaching around her leg and teasing her clit. When he finished I again fucked her and reached around to rub her clit some more. After I came inside her again I just pushed her over and crawled up next to her. We took turns pushing our fingers inside her and then wiping the cum somewhere on her body. We laid and teased waiting for round three. We tried three or four times but we couldn’t get him interested again. I said there’s always tomorrow. She said you’ll fuck me again though right? I said you might have to help get me hard but every time you do I’ll fuck you. She started playing with my dick then moved to licking and sucking it. It didn’t take long until I was hard but she said hold on I want to make sure you stay hard. Then she cupped her hand over the head of my dick and did the tongue in my ass thing for several minutes. When she finished she showed me the palm of her hand that was on my dick and said yep you’re ready. It was wet with precut.
This time I laid her on her back and held both her legs high and spread as I long stroke fucked her giving a little extra quick jab at the end of each stroke. She rubbed her clit this time and played with her titties. I lasted quite a while and when I got off there was a throbbing while I came. I figured that was gonna have to be enough for her for this day.
But maybe she had other plans. She said come on…..

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By Red Bone
#Others #Zoophilia