Our introduction to sex with a dog 12 Sex Story


By Red Bone

Expanding our experiences. Pushing forward and adding twists when we could but we had no idea what was in our future. We were just along for the ride

These were busy days but if you work hard you should play hard too. I tried to work in as much hard play for her as I could. We didn’t live in the city. I was raised in the country and had tried the city life for a while. She had grown up in between. Not in the city but not quite small towns either. I had followed the jobs earlier on then ended up married in the suburbs. The marriage had ended but the suburban life hadn’t when we met. Then my job went away and I wanted change. I wanted to get away from things so I traded down.
Gave up the large newer home on a quiet cul-de-sac for a small older home on an even quieter backroad to nowhere. She loved it. We had a little land. Little for rural but it seemed as big as the block we lived on back there.
There was always something to do here. Something to work on or to fix or build. We were making this place our own. Jobs out here was a different story it was limited unless you wanted a long commute which I did not. Everyone finds side things to do and I found a few things to do from home and she was always willing to help. Then I fell into a job. It was close to home helping out an older couple with their homestead small farm. Tending to their animals and doing various projects that needed done. Repairing stuff, maintenance work or upkeeping things. The pay wasn’t the greatest but it was enjoyable work and a very relaxed work situation. I worked hard and the longer I was there the happier they were to try to extend my hours. It had started as a part time. A couple years back instead of me being gone all day she’d asked if maybe she could come work with me. They were happy with the idea and would pay the same for her time as they did for mine so we’d work together and make the same money I had been but only be there half as long. Sometimes having an extra hand made things easier too. It was a win win. We’d go in earlier then most working people but we’d put in a full day and be home before others took lunch.
Spring was birthing season and lots of various babies were being born. Something about babies all over the place would keep her hornier then usual. She was a walking fuck me sign to me. We were playing a lot. I was still taking pics of her. I hadn’t come up with a lot of ideas but I had her playing dress up. We were getting into a sexy steampunk kind of thing. I had started making things out of old farm junk that was easy to find around here and fit that theme. I was selling the stuff but we always took time to dress her up and get naughty pics with some of the cooler stuff.
I still had her teasing, pleasing and peeing outside. Our boy still wasn’t as into the oral as much as we wanted but he was getting into licking her more often. We were still using toys often too. One day I had her leaned way back sitting on the bed with her favorite dildo attached to the sex machine and had it plowing her pussy. She was getting pretty vocal so that of course got his attention and he had to come investigate.
He went right to her pussy and started lapping at her with enthusiasm. That made her squeal even louder which made my dick even harder. I often wonder when girls talk about how great it is getting oral from their dog and how they make them cum so hard what is it that does it for them? I’ve watched his technique and he basically didn’t have one besides repeatedly covering a lot of ground. She had never cummed from his oral. Maybe it was her. Maybe he didn’t have the skills idk but it was still fun and great foreplay if nothing else.
She increased the speed of her machine a bit more and idk if that bothered him or the whole deal with something moving around when he was trying to get his tongue in all her folds but I guess he’d had enough and decided if being fucked is what she wanted. He moved up over her and grabbed at her to get her held and started thrusting wildly. There was no way this was gonna work and no way she’d get into any position that it might before he gave up. He couldn’t get his paws around her and was pawing at the bed and wadding up the blanket. His dick was flying all over the place but way way above her pussy. She turned the knob for her machine a little more then dropped that and reached frantically for his dick. I kind of laughed inside because she wasn’t having a lot of luck which made her struggle even more. She wanted it.
Finally her hand found it and she got a good hold. That made him really start thrusting. Now cum was spraying everywhere. By the time he quite slamming around she had him under control and cumming all over her stomach and tits. She was bucking her hips to her toy fucking her at a good pace. I couldn’t take much more and wanted my dick in her mouth. I had to get up to her and about knocked him sideways in the process. She turned her head towards the side I was on. I grabbed it and her hair and plunged my dick in her mouth. She started to suck it but I was beyond that. I held her and fucked her face.
I don’t think she hardly knew what to do. Control her bottom half to get her pussy fucked proper. Try to control me shoving my dick in and out of her mouth while she slobbered all over it or try to maintain him where he was and keep him cumming where she wanted it on her.
We all went at it for several more minutes until she got off really good and I cummed all over her face. Like a good boy he started licking all over her getting every bit of my cum off her. And like a naughty girl she set there enjoying every moment of it and everything else.
I think he could of went a little longer but she let loose of his dick and he bounded off the bed when she wiggled to free the dildo from inside her and searched around for the controller to turn it off. Her pussy was pretty wet so I licked at it and kissed all over her lips and clit trying to savor her taste.
Spring may have been in the air but the smell of sex was in the air in our room. The fragrance of her pussy hung thick and like I couldn’t get enough of it I placed my noise to her slit and inhaled deeply several times. I could also smell his cum lingering about. I’d learned that dog cum doesn’t necessarily have a strong odor but it is distinct and can last quite a while. I had smelled it on her body or hands clearly several hours later. Many times even after she had rinsed with just water but not soap.
Word to the wise ladies if you’re playing with your dog and hiding it from your man. Wash up good because sooner or later he’s gonna notice something.
It was a playful time those days. We played a lot, sometimes intensely and sometimes more as fun. There was times she’d get bottomless outside in the tall grass and roll around and wrestle with him. Most times he’d get pretty excited and end up jumping on her and humping. More in a playful way and was usually not particular of what part he was slinging his dick at. Sideways, on the side or back of her head or knocking her over and letting it fly around above her.
I was also playing with her a lot. I had got more into the watching her pee thing. I know it’s weird. Anywhere and everywhere at any time we were out in the yard.
I’m suprised anything was still growing out there. She’d peed all over the yard, in the garden, on her flowers in the flower beds. I’d gotten her to being good at peeing standing up without getting it all over herself. I’d gotten her to being bad by purposely getting it all over herself. Laying on her back pulling her legs back towards her so when she did it sprayed straight into the air then came splashing down on her. She made the cutest fountain.
She was still trying to come up with things for me. She never quite got it that when she did things for me to see that those things were for me. I never felt like I was getting the short end of the stick. She brought up another girl or a threesome. Believe it or not I turned that down. I figured that would be asking for trouble. She wasn’t bi or even curious so a threesome would have her doing something she wasn’t into for me. I didn’t want that. Also another girl was involving a real live person. A person with feelings and we wouldn’t be in control of those. That could go sideways I figured. I told her we could rethink that at a later time. We talked about it as hypothetical. And then what if we found a girl that would be into dog sex. One can dream but that seemed like it’d be a stretch and then complicated. There was no way we were gonna let our secret out to anyone else. Then she asked what if we found a girl and we never admitted anything and we just allowed her to play while we acted like we didn’t know anything about stuff like that and it was all new to us. Now that was an interesting scenario. Surely unattainable but interesting none the less.
That became a little game for us or like a private joke. When we’d see a girl or woman with a male dog we’d say something to each other like oh you know she’s letting him fuck her. Or if it was a small dog we’d say look she’s an amateur or she must be starting out and scared of the big bad knot. The games we play.
A lot of times when I’d run errands or something our boy would come with me. Sometimes in the store and other times he’d stay in the truck with the windows down enough to get his head out but not his whole body. He had always gotten some attention but now if he was getting attention from a female I was analyzing it or putting things in my head. I saw signs from some that I figured was probably more wishful thinking then anything. I’d reevaluate that kind of thinking at a later date.
It was more silly fun at the time. Silly fun was something we both enjoyed and it was a good way to test waters or write something off if need be. Luckily I very rarely if ever had to write something off or back track on an idea. We were in love and open to ideas with each other.
I figured it never hurt to ask and if you never asked you’d never know. I made sure that’s how she felt to. And I made sure she knew that I’d be disappointed if she ever thought she couldn’t ask something or bring up a subject to talk about.
Fortunately I made things easy and I had a gift of making girls comfortable and feeling safe to be themselves. And it sure didn’t hurt that I had plenty of ideas of my own that might seem rather strange at first. Like I remember this one time…….

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By Red Bone