Our introduction into sex with a dog 9 Sex Story


By Red Bone

Lots of fun with toys and games but now back to our most taboo kink. We needed to look to the future and plans to make it a more common occurrence.

She must of enjoyed it cause she was soaking wet. We finished the night fucking like crazy. Between how wet she was and how gaped she had been I could hardly feel her pussy and I’m sure she could hardly feel me.
I had to push her legs together and then push them towards her until her knees were against her boobs to get any feeling of any sort of tightness. She was still a sloppy wet fuck but that position also gave some good penetration so I fucked her like I was trying to knock the bottom out of it until we both got off.
Besides those toys our collection was hardly growing anymore. We did find a really big one that was too big for her. With some play and a lot of lube we got it inside her a couple times but it was just too uncomfortable to do anything with and then she’d be too sore for a couple or three days. I wasn’t gonna have that. Then we found a dildo that had a trusting action. It really worked. You could turn it on and lay it one a table and it would thrust itself and scoot across the table. That one was really cool. You turn it on and put it in and it tries to go deeper and deeper but unfortunately it wasn’t very thick at all so although fun it wasn’t mind blowing for her. She got back into the hunt for something for me and eventually got a plastic thing with a silicone sleeve inside. It was fancy. The sleeve had an hourglass sort of shape and little bumps of nubs arranged in a few different patterns inside. It was supposed to feel like getting a blow job and had multi functions. One button would make it heat up so it would feel warm. It had a bullet vibrater that slide in a pocket of the sleeve and would be positioned right under where your shaft connected to your head. You could turn it off or on with a few different intensities of vibration. Then the main feature was a movement that you could set at different speeds. It was supposed to feel like if a mouth would reach down your shaft then tighten around it and pull it deeper into the mouth then it would loosen and repeat. It did give you some action and would eventually get you off especially if you changed setting through out using it.
But it still seemed weird to me so we’d mostly let our boy fuck it. He couldn’t knot it but he could get his dick in it enough to have it against his knot. He never complained about fucking it and the best part was you could turn on the heat part and it would keep his cum warm the whole time he was emptying into it. The sleeve had an end to it and no holes so it would hold mine or his cumload.
She still hadn’t or wanted to suck his cock but over time she wasn’t so against his cum. In the beginning I’d got her to taste it from her fingers or mine then she got to letting him occasionally shoot some in her mouth without complaining or saying no. Once we had a large mouth plastic bottle that a drink came in. After some eyeballing and then measuring we figured out he’d be able to fit his whole dick and knot inside with a little room to spare from hitting the end and the mouth would fit his dick behind the knot easily but it wasn’t no where near big enough to pull his knot out until it went down quite a bit. Idk, the weird shit people come up with but we saved that bottle and then one day I slipped it to his dick and eased it onto him a little. He went right after it and quickly fucked it and knotted inside it. It held up against his knot and that was enough to get him to stay fully knotted until he really emptied a load into it. He lasted as long in it as he had at any time.
It was fun cause you could easily see inside it and watch how his dick expanded to its maximum size and change from its beginning pink color to deep red and purpleish with all the veins showing. You could see him shooting cum over and over and over but it soon fogged up inside to the point where all you could see was the cum collecting in the bottom.
She acted hesitant for a few moments but then agreed without twisting her arm to swallow it or at least try to. Once he was starting to shrink she held the bottle until he slipped free from it. She poured it in her mouth and swallowed it but she didn’t seem to thrilled and swallowed it as fast as she could. She said it wasn’t horrible but not great or anything either.
When we used my toy with him the first few times we’d pour it out on her tits or pussy. After a few times she tried it in her mouth again. The keeping it warm made it better she said and she did it a few times. After the first time she’d tease me showing me her mouth full of his cum before swallowing it or letting it spill from her mouth down to her tits then on down her body. Everytime she did that I’d get a huge urge to put my dick in her mouth and fuck it hard. Once I did put it in her mouth while still full and when she swallowed the few times it took to get it all down it felt great against my dick.
We had tried to get her fucked again a couple times after the successful day. We thought he’d probably be good to go after that day but he sure wasn’t. He continued to mostly get too excited and be done before finding her hole. And unlike most say our boy wouldn’t try 3, 4 or 5 times in a day or at least not in several hours time. To get him to try even a couple times he’d have to stop the first time before getting fully hard and/or a fully expanded knot. A few weeks later we got playing and he started to try to several times but he would quickly mount her then quickly hop off. He did it 6 or 7 times but then he got it right. He wasn’t thrusting as fast and wildly as he usually did but would mount her then thrust a few times and seem to give up. The last time he thrust and found her spot. Once he did he poked it a couple times being about half exposed then like we had always thought it would go he slammed into her deep and started pounding her pussy. Idk if it was because I’d told her after that first time to not hold back and to go with it or maybe because it wasn’t such a suprise but she started moaning and pushing back into him. He smashed his dick into her over and over. Starting to knot her he was surely starting to cum and idk how wet she was but I could hear what sounded like a lot of wetness noises as he rapidly fucked her pussy. I watched her body as he fucked her. It looked like she was about to get knocked forwards. Maybe cause he was hitting her as she was pressing back.
And unlike the other time this time I was glued to watching and hard as fuck. She looked good with him on top of her and I imagined she was feeling good. She cried out he’s knotting me now. But then without warning he decided to slip off her to her side then turn and pull away. He was knotted good because he almost pulled her over with him. I thought he was gonna drag her but then he popped out and his dick swayed back and forth under him. He just stood there as she gained her balance and got her knees back underneath her. I looked at her poor pussy as it leaked some of his cum and looked like it was flexing trying to figure out what happened and find his cock again.
Without really thinking I said hold still and I’ll put him back inside you if you want. She said yes, do.
As I made my way to him he laid down lifted his leg and started to lick himself. I got ahold of him behind his knot and he half rolled over and put his head back like he was just gonna stretch out and relax. She also saw what was going on and said now what? He was fully hard and cumming so I said here as I held him so his dick was pointing straight up. Try to get it in you. She squatted over him lowering herself to his awaiting dick. She was lined up perfect and squatting had her opened up enough she slipped right onto it and it slide right it. She said ok he’s in me. I said well ride that dick, silly. She started going up and down on him and I held it in place for her.
Idk if that was the right thing to do but in the heat of the moment it’s what we did and he was laying there like he didn’t mind at all. And she sure looked like she was enjoying it. I leaned into her kissing her a few times and saying he’s inside you, he’s inside you. She said yes he is. Then I told her look your pussy loves it give him to it. Fuck your pussy with that dick baby. She bounced and bounced and watched as best she could. I could see really good. Watching his cock disappear then reappear then disappeared again over and over into her.
She rode him the best she could but after several minutes I could tell she was getting tired or was having trouble with the position and keeping going. I said go down till he’s in real good and reposition yourself so your comfortable. Don’t worry about moving just get comfortable while keeping him in. She slide down, squirmed around some then when she quit moving I started fucking her with his dick. She moaned a little more and then closed her eyes. I said oh no don’t do that, you’re gonna want to see this. She opened her eyes and leaned forward a little and gazed downwards. I asked what do you think? She said I think he’s inside me. I said I think your right. Does he feel good? She started lightly moaning again and said oh yes he does feel good. I asked are you enjoying his big cock fucking your little pussy? She struggled for a moment and said yes I like his big cock inside my pussy. Then I asked is he filling up your pussy with his cum? She moaned and said uh huh he’s filling me with cum.
I loved hearing her talk dirty but she oftened struggled with finding the right words. She was really struggling with it now so I let her off the hook and just talked dirty to her. The more I did the more she moaned.
I continued pushing him in and out of her until she moaned hold on stop for a second. She needed to get more comfortable again. She said can I do this and set back on her butt. I had to adjust myself and his angle but it was fine and I went back to fucking her with our dog’s dick. Now she was able to rock back and forth and try to match his strokes.
It was working but not great so I asked here, can you take over. She reached down finding his dick and my hand. I slide my hand out from under hers and made sure she had ahold of him just behind his knot.
Now with her doing all the work I got a good view and started increasing the dirty talk. I struggled some too but kept at it and once in a while she’d join in and say something but mostly she concentrated of working his cock in rhythm with her rocking. She had that down now and I watched as she fucked away. She was leaking a lot of his cum and that made me harder.
I moved a tad to see if it was puddled on the floor between her legs. She asked can you see good? I said oh ya I can see real good. She asked do you like what you’re seeing? I grabbed my dick at the base and squeezed it making it swell some. Especially the head that was almost purple now after doing that. I raised up some still squeezing it and said does this answer that. She let out a breath and said yes it looks like you are. I was worried. I didn’t quite understand why she said that but I didn’t say anything about it.
Instead I said you’ve got me so fucking hard and I’m dying to cum. You are so fucking hot right now that I feel like jacking off cause I can’t hardly take anymore. She seemed relieved as she said yes do it. I’d be turned on to know you’re doing that because of me.
I started stroking my dick making sure she could watch and telling her thank you for this and thank you for understanding that I really need to.
She had been at it for a good while and i was suprised he was still going and still laying still enjoying the ride. It probably hadn’t been as long as it seemed but I stroked myself as fast as I could so I’d cum before they finished. I wanted to cum quick to show her how turned on she had me. I didn’t know what was going on when I felt her touch the head of my dick. As I looked down a had a huge amount of precum leaking and she swirled her fingertip in it then pulled back leaving it stringing several inches from her finger back to my cock. She said omg look how much you’re leaking. That’s all it took to push me over the edge. Without really thinking I leaned forward and lowered myself some shooting my cum all over her pussy and his dick…..

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By Red Bone