Our introduction into sex with a dog 19 Sex Story


By Red Bone

Sometimes you make the best of a situation. There’s more then one way to have sex with your dog and sometimes that can make for one of the best times

So ya we had been doing the sex with our boy thing for a while now. This would be where I’d say she had become quite the little dog slut if I was wanting to just make up a good story but in reality sex with our dog was still a lot less frequent then the other ways we played. It hadn’t always went perfectly and she wasn’t constantly craving it.

It was fun for her and it was for me but it wasn’t always perfect. Today would be another day that proved that but also one of those days we had to improvise and still had a good time. A real good time.

We had been fooling around and he seemed interested in fucking her so she got on the floor and was ready. He mounted her pretty quickly but couldn’t get it completely on target and since he had been doing good lately we hadn’t been ready to try to assist. He had got it in a couple times but kept coming out never getting his knot inside. Now he was fully hard with a fully inflated knot and just standing there. Maybe he was also thinking WTF I was supposed to be in that pussy right now.

She wanted him so we were going to have me hold his dick out from the back and have her fuck him while on her hands and knees and them ass to ass. But then she thought having him lay on his back while she rode him would be better. He did great laying down like that and she straddled him. I held his dick behind the knot and she spread her pussy squatting down and with a little adjustment had him lined up and sliding into her. Looked like this may just work and and I knew she was a great fuck when on top.

When she got to his knot she repositioned to being on her knees and she wiggled around getting comfortable and making sure she was in a good position to ride him smoothly. I watched as his knot pushed against her lips and how they reacted as she wiggled. I had a good view but I asked her if she could lean back just a little to make sure I was gonna get a good show. She continued to wiggle and lightly rock herself on his dick and I continued to watch. The way his knot teased her entrance and the way her pussy reacted was fascinating. The way her lips would move depending on which way the knot was putting pressure against them. And I was still in love with how the color of her pussy danced with the color of his knot. I was still aware that a lot of people wasn’t a fan of what they saw as using a dog or at using his dick like this.

Watching her, watching him and watching how they were connected I wondered if they had every witnessed it or if it was strictly a principles thing. Maybe they should witness it once if they hadn’t. I also thought about if given the chance how most would want to see the doggy style sex and never give this position a thought. No complaining about watching that position and a good old doggystyle fucking was a thing of beauty but watching this happening like it was was really fucking hot too.

I watched as she began slowly riding him. Her pussy sliding up and down his length. I watched as she began going faster but asked her to not go to fast. I looked at the size of his knot compared to my hand as I held him. I tried to take a good mental image to see later how it deflated. Whether it would slowly then quicker at the end or just stayed full till the end and then shrunk.

I tried to see how well it would work if I held him a little below his knot or if I needed to be against it to have any control. I continued to watch her pussy. Now when she hit his knot it would open a little more and she’d make a little movement like slightly pushing back just enough that her pussy would slide on his knot just enough for her lips to open some then slip back so they closed then back upwards leaving the knot behind.

For such a simple thing as going up and down on a cock doing it on a dog’s cock and watching closely was so interesting. Ya I know the knot is great cause it swells inside and throbs on the g spot but here and now for me it was pretty fabulous for how it worked a pussy at its entrance and against it’s lips. She asked if I thought she’d be able to get it inside so I asked if she’d be OK if she didn’t? She asked you don’t think it’d go? I said I’m not sure but I’m having fun watching it outside of you so… she cut me off and asked what? Why? I explained as good as I could with a short explanation.

She said I’ll be ok if you’re enjoying the show that much let’s give you a show. Anything I can do to make it more fun? I tried to explain a little more what exactly I was enjoying and she just said, oh. Then I could tell she understood because she did a few little adjustments but they still had about the same effect until she pushed down on it a little more and then pushed a bit forwards. Now I moaned and said yes that’s it baby. It was sorta the same but the knot went in a little further spreading her a little more open then when she did that extra little move it opened her up some at the top and when she changed directions it stayed opened just enough and just long enough for some of his cum to spurt out and run down her pussy and his knot. I said keep doing that and maybe see if you can go a little further onto him.

She continued going and got to the point where she’d get right on the edge of it slipping inside then she’d reverse herself. Idk which one of us was worse me trying to take in every tiny movement or her trying to make all those tiny movements. By now we were both moaning. She knew how much fun I was having and how worked up she was making me. That had her as excited as the cock in her pussy did. She wasn’t holding any of his cum inside and everything was wet so idk how much was from her but I imagine she had contributed more then a bit. She said anything else I can do? I said rub your clit would be nice. She reached down but instead of touching her clit she ran two fingers around on her pussy and then his knot then stuck them in her mouth. Damn girl.

Then her hand found her clit and she rubbed in little circles and quickly picked up speed. I lost it and it was all I could do to grab my cock and get it aimed before I came. It shot out in a few nice hard spurts hitting right on her pussy. She moaned louder and widened her circles to dip down and pick up some of cum and take it for lap before picking up more.

I hadn’t even realized he was finished and his knot hadn’t shunk much but he started squirming around and looked like he wanted to roll over. She realized it then and lifted up and he rolled dragging his dick from her pussy as he crawled out from under her laying down only a few feet away. She was then immediately on me and about knocked me over. I was sitting with my legs folded under me and she had straddle me and was using her legs to push mine together. I figured it out and put them together as she found my cock and climbed onto it.

I wasn’t even fully hard anymore but she had no problem getting it inside her and she she wrapped her arms around my neck and started bouncing on me and then kissing on me deeply. It felt a bit different when she was fucking my partially soft cock. It wasn’t like when it was super hard and I’d be driving it in and out of her it was kind of like even though it was going in and out it was wiggling around some inside her it also felt more sensitive like I could feel more or it had more feeling. Idk but she let go of my neck with one hand and wet back to feverishly rubbing her clit and now I had the bonus of watching her titties bouncing in my face. It didn’t take long for her to start cumming and she did pretty hard but speaking of pretty hard by the time she got off I was nice and hard again. She asked can you cum again or do you want me to stop. I guess she could read my face because before I even spoke she said that was a dumb question.

We probably fucked for another 15 or so minutes until I came again. We barely were able to crawl up and into bed. We made it to the pillows and by then we were all twisted together with legs and arms.
We laid like that completely exhausted. That was a nice time and a nice fuck.
We didn’t play anymore that day and the next two days were longer then usual work days so we didn’t really do anything those two days except for some touchy feely and teasing.

A few months earlier not too far from our house there was an old railroad track when we moved here years ago. It hadn’t been in use for a long long time by the looks of it. Idk who exactly did it but all spring they had been working on it from there to idk how many miles in each direction. I know at least past the next couple towns in each direction. It crossed several backroads that I’d been on and you could see the progress everytime you came upon any crossing. They pulled all the track and then the ties hauling it all away. After that they went through and cleared it all and made it nice and smooth. Then finally then layed and packed down small gravel the whole distance and put up a single pole gate and a few signs on each side of every road crossing. It took me a long time to figure out WTH they were doing. They were making it into a biking/ walking path thing that at some point connected to two different trails that had been around for a long time.
When it was done it was a big thing or was supposed to be. After it opened i’d occasionally see bike riders use it and a couple times they had a couple event rides. We were invaded with those people wearing the tight shorts and shirts with the funny tear drop shaped helmets.

I guess it didn’t take off like that’d imagined and within probably a month it was dead or at least by our place it was. Every so often you’d maybe see one regular person on it riding a bike and a few times I’d notice a car parked off the road at a crossing. Now it’d been weeks since I’d seen any activity besides wildlife. It was flat and straight for good distances and when it did turn it was a long curve so you could see pretty far down it in most any area. We’d been meaning to check it out some day and when it quickly lost interest we figured see how it went and if it didn’t pick back we’d go site seeing on part of it. Really just wanting to look for wildlife some day when we had nothing better going on.

With our two long days of work we were getting the next day off except We’d have to run over and feed a few things and make a quick check on everyone sometime early evening. That would be Wednesday so we figured we might go check out the trail that day. Middle of the week so less likely anyone would be around. Figured go pretty early before it warmed up to miserable and early morning might be good for critters being out. We didn’t plan on making a day of it or anything so we put a couple bottles of water in the fridge and a few in the freezer and we were done and ready.

Morning came and I was rethinking our plan. Could just stay in bed instead. She wanted to go so figured WTH surely I could survive the hour or two. We grabbed our waters and headed out. We brought our boy along…..

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By Red Bone