Our introduction into sex with a dog 18 Sex Story


By Red Bone

Pics, teasing, tongues, toys, sex, dog cock, more toys, more sex, more pics.
It wasn’t summer yet but things had heated up. When it’s hot keep her wet

Spring was getting close to being officially over but it was already feeling like summer now. The days were long and lately it had been getting unseasonably warm. It wouldn’t be long until being outside wouldn’t be as much fun. The dog days of summer were coming and we were looking forwards to our own dog days. He had come a long ways and had seemed to have gotten the hang of sex with a girl.
Today we were outside not getting much done and mostly playing around. It was still late morning and already getting uncomfortably warm. I talked my girl into getting totally naked and planned to spend at least most of the day that way. We were trying to do some work so no plans for any sex at least until after lunch or later. There was no stopping some teasing though. Of course our boy was getting his licks in whenever he could and I’d decided to follow suit and was occasionally grabbing her and shoving my mouth to her pussy. I’d also take some moments to grab her ass or fondle her titties.
We took a short break and was hanging out under the shade trees out back. The boy was actually behaving himself at the time. Which might have been a bad thing in her mind. But ya he was just hanging out not messing with her at all. Out of blue she said wanna get the tablet and take some pics. I wasn’t gonna turn down an opportunity so I retrieved it and said what are we gonna take pics of? She said me naked with him. I asked and doing what? She said nothing. Hopefully he stays behaved and the only thing would be me being naked. I’d like the pics and it wouldn’t really be anything incriminating. Not solidly incriminating at least. I took several pics. Some with him laying by her or setting next to her. Some with them walking together or him coming to her. Basically pics like anyone might take with their dog but with her nude.
We put the tablet up and went back to getting things done. By early afternoon it had warmed up quite a bit and we decided we’d be done for the day or till at least later in the evening when it cooled off some. The boy liked playing in the hose so she decided she’d play too so that was our plan.
Once they started playing more he started getting too excited. We went inside so they could get dried off and we’d relax in the bedroom. She got dried off and.dried him best she could. He had medium long thick fur so it took forever to completely dry. We got the tablet out and looked through the pics we had taken. She did some minor editing and cropping then we saved them in their own file.
She opened up the file we had been saving our favorite girls/dogs vids in and started watching some after a couple I got her clit stimulator out and her nipple suction things. We got her nipples sucked up inside till they were huge and then left them on while I teased and fingered her pussy. After a few minutes we released the suction and admired how big they remained. I licked and sucked them and she rubbed them and twirled her finger around them. After a bit she’d pull her tit close to her mouth and lick her nipple. That made me want to jump up there and cum on them while she licked away.
I moved down and started toying her pussy with my mouth and tongue. We had been at it awhile before he decided to join in. We took turns eating and licking her pussy or more accurately we took turns a few times and the rest of the times we traded which places we would work. Sometimes he’d lick her ass and asshole and sometimes her slit or slit to clit. When he moved up to her clit once I shoved my tongue in her ass and tried to mimic some of the stuff she had done to mine before. She wiggled and squirmed which encouraged me to give her more. That was the only time I ever did that but in the moment it wasn’t bad at all.
I was then to the point I had to have that pussy around my dick. I got him out of the way and he just went and laid down nearby. I got her spread out and had her legs up in the air when I eased on top of her letting my dick slip into her. Ya it pretty much slipped right in. She was wet as fuck. I pushed in deep and hard and pulled back slowly just to plunge in again then pull back slowly. I fucked her like that for maybe five minutes then I added swirling my pelvis while I fucked her. She arched herself trying to push her pussy up to me to make sure I could get in as deep as possible. It was really feeling good when the next thing I knew our boy was back and trying to get his head up under me to reach her cunt. When he couldn’t get good access he started licking my ass and balls and getting way too excited.
I decided to tag him in and let him get some. The oral on me was getting weird and I wasn’t gonna wait around for him to try to mount her and end up in my ass. I told her stay like she was but to raise her ass way up. She put her feet down and got her bottom half in the air. I grabbed a pillow folding it in half and putting it under her butt. She put her legs back in the air and opened them wide. Damn she looked hot and if he couldn’t get in her I sure was ready to. He went right to her pussy again and I picked up his front legs and got them past her legs and on each side of her. When I moved back his dick wasn’t poking out but it was right above her pussy and close to it. She was opened up and glistening with wetness. I didn’t wait around for him to get started or to move away. Getting his dick around his sheath I pushed it back and about an inch of his dick was exposed. When it came out it also pointed down a little which lined it up better. I kept ahold of him and pushed down on his back getting the end right into her. He was more angled so he’d have to go more downwards then straight ahead like normal.
He felt that warm wet pussy on his cock and that was all he needed. He started pumping away into her, wrong angle or not. I had a good view and it was hot watching his knot expanding and slipping in and out of her until it finally sank inside and stayed. Once it did he put one foot over and in front of her leg. Idk if he was adjusting to her or if she was adjusting to him but she was now tilted more lower on one side. He was fucking her hard but it was more up and down then usual. Like he’d pull upwards then drop straight down onto her.
I remembered her stimulator was out and I found it in the blankets turning it on and handing it to her. I watched as her hand went down disappearing under his fur.
By the time he quite fucking her I could hear her toy humming away. When it hums that loud I know she has it up to at least seven out of ten. He was buried deep in her and it looked like he had all his weight pushing down on her. She was quiet today. All I could hear was them both breathing heavy. I was more then ready to get back into her myself and the eery silence had me having no idea what was going on. Idk, it was different and maybe contagious because I found myself wanting to remain quiet too. We all remained that way until she let out a long but not loud moan and said I’m coming. She moaned a little more and I saw a little shudder of her body then the only sign left was her toes curled. The humming of her toy then too went silent. This time he again pulled out probably sooner then usual but this time his knot easily popped out. He walked over the side of her and you could see his dick dangling between his legs as he jumped off the bed and did the stiff back legs walk out of the room. I didn’t wait for an invitation and was on her and in her. She felt pretty sloppy. Really wet, full of cum and wide open. I went straight to slamming into her and stirring his cum around as I rotated my hips around. I asked if she was alright and she said ya, why? I guess all was well so I continued fucking away at her. This was gonna be one of times I’d be able to last a while. It wasn’t long before she had her toy back on her clit and was rubbing her nipples.
We fucked through her getting off two more times before I did. Then not even thinking she set up still on her pillow and soaked it. We fell asleep with us both naked and exhausted. I was nice enough to let her snuggle up and share my pillow.
Wasn’t much excitement the next few weeks. We moved the new donkey in with ours and they were doing good together. Our original one was bossy but the new guy took it in stride and was getting comfortable in his new home. Just some light play with our boy and being inside more we had started back into lots of toy play. We did some more pics of her but was still having trouble coming up with anything really unique or creative. Pics of her outside with nature. Naked In the flower beds. Some in the woods. Some good ones by and in the creek. I loved a girl with a hairy but tidy pussy. I got some at a distance and close up with her wet in the creek. Her pubes were soaked and dripping. Loved those a lot.
We were struggling but I did steal an idea from a couple steampunk pics I’d seen and went all out with a steampunk elf theme. We put together a cute elfish outfit complete with pointed ears and then added in some steampunk accessories. Thank you Amazon. We took pics in the woods and by the end had her sticking the tip of her bow in her pussy but the best pics were her holding her realistic looking dagger by the sheath and fucking herself with the handle.
I was still hoping for some action pics with her and our boy but she was still too nervous about taking any of those. We talked more about how we could do some without the worry but it was still a no go.
It would of been easy to not include her face and she was worried about her two tattoos and a birth mark. They weren’t near her sweet spots so that worked in our favor but it came down to our boy having unique markings so that worried her.
We thought we were doing good with the whole having her having sex with him thing. We had been having a lot more luck then when we first started. He had been more successful with getting it into her and knotting her. She’d gotten to try a few different positions and even started to get off from their sex. She had even pushed some of her boundaries. We were feeling good about it and maybe getting too comfortable with the idea that every time was gonna go as planned or at least go smoothly. Of course when you get complacent you know what happens.
Ya our next time wasn’t the best but it would be memorable.

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By Red Bone