Our introduction into sex with a dog 16 Sex Story


By Red Bone

Oh the games we played. Playing games, working side deals for our boy to get some strange. And peeing and sex. Oh what fun we were having with it all.

As she started leaning over towards me she said how about this? She quickly kissed the head of my dick then came up smiling to then lean over and quickly kiss the end of his. Then she repeated but that time giving each a longer more drawn out kiss.
She repeated again but this time putting her lips a tad bit further onto us and a quick dramatic big kiss. She repeated again but this time also making a loud kissing noise when her lips slipped away from it. She continued on, starting with my dick she would do something like that then do the same to his. Then back to mine with something new. She went through the various kisses then some tongue stuff. Quickly and slowly swirling her tongue around just the very ends. Sticking her tongue just on the tip and flicking it back and forth, up and down. Then she ran her tongue down the length then up, then down and back up. Eventually starting over and adding more when she thought of something. The kissing brought a three quick kisses in the next round. I couldn’t tell you how many different things she ended up doing but they were all fun. She had done a few little things before, ok maybe like one or two things before with his dick but she had the thing about not sucking it and I guess she was sticking to her guns on that because she never put more then the very very tip of his in her mouth and technically never sucked on it so technically she still hadn’t sucked him. That was fine and bless her for finding the loophole and getting creative to do all she did. I would of never thought of that.
She went on with her game until he started to shrink and lost interest. Then she did suck me until I got off. That was an interesting time.
We took a quick break to find something to eat then hopped back in bed to get her off. We figured since I had already cummed she’d pick a toy to get her off. She went with her tried and true inflatable one. We decided some videos were also in order and since we weren’t in a big rush we went through some searches for different things with dogs. Everything we put in had limited results. I am still suprised with that. I’d figure someone as into something adventurous as sex with a dog would be adventurous enough to have tried so many different things but our searches never proved that to be accurate. Just an off my head example. I’ve read so many stories where girls talk about a dog actually fucking her mouth. I only remember finding one girl that had vids of that happening. There may have been a random video but I don’t recall any others. Just another example. Donkey shows. We’ve all heard about those. Ever search for a donkey fucking a woman video? I clearly remember one and there may have been one maybe two others.
Anyways we mostly did random searches then scrolled through the thumbs until we found something that looked interesting or one we knew we hadn’t seen before. The plan was to hang out and spend some time watching some but the inflatable toy isn’t one that takes her a long time to get off with and the stretching is usually something that pushes her limits to the point of once is quite enough.
I came up with a way to slow it down and sorta make it a game with the twist of being informational for us. We slipped it inside her and then put the pump next to us. We’d watch videos and when one of us saw something we were really enjoying they’d grab the pump and pump it once, twice, or three times depending on how much they liked it. If we both grabbed it over the same thing we wouldn’t pump it or would only once. We didn’t want to be continuously grabbing it and pumping it every time a knot popped out or anything. If it got to be more then she was comfortable with she’d release all the air and we’d start again or if one of us pumped it for something we liked and the other was not a fan of that then after they pumped it the other would grab it and let some air out. A little if it wasn’t their thing but not that bad and more if it was something they really disliked. A fun way to get a feel of what each of us liked, didn’t care for and to what degree with either. And while learning she would get to really enjoy things.
The learning aspect of it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Seems we were both already pretty aware of what the other liked, liked the most and didn’t care for. It was still fun though and we were really enjoying ourselves. I did suprise her once when I pumped it when a girl was doing oral on a dane. She asked about that one and what made me pump her from it. She usually skipped past the oral stuff and I was always fine with that. There was just something about that scene. It was a blonde woman and a large dane so of course it was a rather good sized cock and a huge knot. That part was OK. She had him laying down with his cock pulled back behind his legs and pointed upwards. Nice position with good access. Points for that. She was sucking and licking all over his huge cock and she wasn’t bad looking. That was OK. But the part that did it for me was in the middle of it he reached his head back and started licking it himself while she continued. Idk why but that was a turn on. She wanted to rewatch it to see that exact part. We watched it and noticed when he started licking it she moved from sucking him to licking it on the opposite side. She said oooh I might be able to do something for you in the future. We left it at that.
Even with the game not exposing as much as I had hoped the pumping and releasing and repumping and small releases and various numbers of pumps was all working better then planned. She was at times ohing and awing, moaning and huffing. Lots of ups and downs. Like always I was trying to keep count of the number of pumps. It wasn’t working well but I know towards the end we once got to 29 or 30. That had to be huge inside her. She finally did have an awesome orgasm. The drawing it out and getting her going then taking it away over and over really paid off for her in the end. I loved it when she’d cum so hard like that.
We continued to fuck around and watching more. We went through some with different animals. That’s when she discovered how much boars would cum. None of the other stuff really interested her. We had been around horses enough that she’d seen their cocks before and knew how big they were. After seeing a couple vids with girls getting one’s cock in them she wondered if she would be able to and what it’d feel like but that was just thinking out loud. Real life probably wouldn’t work like in the videos and she was not foolish enough to mess with an animal that size that could cause injuries or worse just for a challege.
We’d just stick with out dog. Or maybe two, lol. Na that wasn’t a plan but we were considering the possibility of getting a second dog.. I won’t lie the thought of two boys was our first thought. How could it not be? I’d never had two intact males before but I’d had two females a couple times and sometimes that didn’t worked to well. I didn’t say anything but our boy was getting old and I had no idea if they got to a point that they’d quit wanting to be sexually active but in the end we decided a female would be best but we hadn’t even made our minds up to even get another dog for sure.
We searched around without much luck. Our dog was a purebred and he was a stunning example of his breed. He was at the larger end of the scale for them and was solid built. I guess with everything he had going he kind of ruined it for the potential new addition. Nothing we seen looked good. Sure the puppies were cute but all or at least one of the parents looked lacking. Some had major flaws, some were just leggy and thinner looking. We’d pretty much given up on the idea. Well we had given up when I found a lady that had one puppy left but she was pending pick up. We talked a bit so if she didn’t get picked up and she mentioned having another female that was nicer and if she found a stud that she thought was of high enough quality she’d be bred really soon. She was expecting in a month if she cycled as steady as she always had..I told her about our boy and we exchanged pics. She loved him and was really interested. She offered what she’d give for his services or pick of the litter.
I thought this was a no brainer. We could get a puppy of his. Hey maybe we should get a male. But whatever the worse case we’d take the stud fee. I was excited and my girl had only heard the first part of our conversation and only my half so I started filling her in. Her worry was what if he would breed a female dog since… I assured her he would and teased that what she was really worried about was after he did would he still breed her.
We decided to do it and the woman wanted to meet and meet our boy and we could meet the female. Get a better idea of how they looked IRL and she especially wanted to see his temperament etc. We went to her place that weekend. She had three nice females and she was really nice.
We let them play a bit and set at a table on the deck and talked.
While playing our boy mounted one of the other females. Then a few minutes later he mounted another. Just mounting out of play but it was a bit awkward until she said well he looks like he’s a breeder. I thought that he was and he was getting pretty good. About then she asked has he bred before? Has he been proven? Oh this was great. So many answer that I couldn’t say. We had bred him twice a few years back so I told her about that. She said she’d put her dogs away and leave us to discuss things amongst ourselves for a few.
I asked what do you think? I say yes and then give us time to decide on male, female or the money. She said do you think she’d be interested in being bred? Would you fool around with her? Jesus, I about fell off the bench. WTH is wrong with you I asked. She said, what? Didn’t you see how hard she starred when he was mounting them? I bet it made her wet. Hurry check and see if it’s wet where she was setting.
I was about to die and was omg stop and focus here.. She said you should test the waters, she’s cute. She wasn’t bad but idk. I asked what do you want me to do? Ask her if she wanted to check out his equipment? Test for endurance? Or less subtle and asked if she wanted a test ride? She shook her head and said ok you could be missing out. This looks like a good opportunity.
I decided to go with letting her know we were interested and to let us know when she was ready. Of course she teased me all the way home and not the good kind of teasing. It was funny though.
When we got home and got inside the gate he must of been happy to be home and he started going crazy racing around. He started doing wide laps around the yard and the house. He was excited about something. Maybe he knew what we’d set up for him. After a dozen or so laps he went around the back of the house but didn’t come back around the other side this time. We walked around back and there he was laying in the grass on his back all spread out. I said look he’s waiting for you. He wants you to ride him.
He’s gonna have to wait though I said as I wrapped my arms around her from behind and started to unbuttoned and unzip her pants. When I got them undone I pushed them down while she wiggled so they’d get past her ass. The wiggle was too much, I just wanted them down enough to bend her over and fuck her standing with them still wadded up on her legs. I wanted inside her now. She said wait wait let me pee. That may do. That was about the only thing that’d stop me in my tracks in that moment….

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By Red Bone