Our introduction into sex with a dog 15 Sex Story


By Red Bone

Stilll playing often but always looking for new things too. An idea or two was brewing and an admission brought up possibilities. Interesting times.

She laid spread out on the bed looking spent. I started by getting on the floor leaning over I kissed her pussy and said that’s for looking so hot. Then I worked my way up kissing her pubes, then her stomach. Crawling up her I got to her boobs saying oh, you poor babies. I kissed each one saying I hope you feel better soon. Then I moved up kissing her neck then again behind her ear. Finally I moved to her lips kissing them a few times quickly then long and passionately. She laid there melting into the bed. I asked if she needed anything and she answered just for you to fuck me. I figured she wasn’t gonna want to do a lot of work so I had her roll onto her side and I fucked her from behind in a spooning position. She pushed back and wiggled her ass against me until I couldn’t take much more. I rolled her onto her stomach staying inside her I kept her legs together and put my knees on each side of her then fucked her as hard as I could while she moaned and begged me for my cum.
The next time we did anything was me waking up to her having my dick in her mouth. Should of knew something else was coming but ya after she made me cum she got back into wanting to do more for me and asked if I had any ideas or suggestions. I really didn’t. I still wasn’t sure why this was such a big deal to her. I asked if she had any ideas and she said no because idk what you’d want. She said you can ask for anything and I’ll say yes you know that, right? I said idk if that’s exactly true but there’s nothing I can think of or I would of already asked you, you know?
She asked what do you think I’d say no to? Even if you don’t want it what do you think I’d say no to? I again said idk but really there’s nothing I’m wanting that I ain’t asking for. If I think of something I’ll let you know but why is this a thing with you. I so don’t understand.
She said I’ve told you I want to do more for you to make sure you get everything you could want. I didn’t say anything but we’d been over this there was nothing I had in mind I really never thought deeply about it. If something popped into my head I’d always mentioned it.
We moved on and did life things and fucked here and there and other playing here and there. Nothing drastic for the next few weeks. And not much really going on. Until one day the mini donkey got out of pasture and into the yard. Not a big deal cause it’s fenced all the way around. Only problem was getting her back because well she’s a donkey and stubborn. We finally managed by her pulling her with a lead rope the whole way and me smacking her on the ass and dodging kicks.
When we were done we were securing the gate better and she was bitching about how much trouble that donkey was and how she never cooperated. I laughed and said remember that time you asked if I wanted to fuck her? How do you think that would of gone?
She said ya probably not good. Good thing you didn’t want to. Then asked what if I had really really wanted you to, would you have? I said no. Remember no doing anything we don’t want to. She said ya I know it was just a question. I knew the answer. I said you always know the answer though don’t you. She said yep. But then I saw a look. I said wait a minute what’s going on? We went back and fourth a bit and then she said ok ok but don’t make me feel bad.
I was taken back and honestly a little nervous about what she was gonna say. I assured her it would be alright. She said there’s one answer I’m really not sure about. I asked what’s the question? She asked would you ever have sex or mess around with another girl if I said it would be OK to? I said I don’t know that answer. I’m gonna say no but am I missing something? She asked what if I asked you to and I wanted you to? I said idk we’d really really have to talk about it. She asked when can we talk about it. I was so lost I said soon but not now I need to let this sink in.
Long story short she wanted to see me with another girl. Not be involved herself but to be there to watch. To see me from the outside looking in. To see how another girl reacted and how she did things. Maybe learn something. Just had to be someone she agreed to. Her pick or mine but she had to ok her. And no catching feelings, doing anything without her there or trying to continue after the one time.i still thought there was too much risk, we didn’t have anyone in mind or any friends, acquaintances that we were thinking would work. I told her if she really wanted me to and found the girl to let me know and we’d talk more then but I wasn’t gonna go out running around and looking.
Then she said now that I’ve totally embarrassed myself tell me there’s something you want to do that we haven’t. I said ya there is something. She was happy to hear that and asked what is it? I said remember when we got the missionary deal to work with him that day? She said ya. I said I’d like to get that to work again but with you on top of me in that same position with my dick pushed inside you so we can both be in you at once. She laughed and said we can try for that, #goals.
We didn’t try either of our ideas right away but we continued to play often. Outside play was having its ups and downs. It would rain often and sometimes it’d rain all day. That cut into outside play. We played in the rain a few times but it’s never as fun as you’d thought it would be. Once naked it usually ended up with someone just being wet and cold.
Our boy had to go out often to use the bathroom and he’d go out for the hell of it to. Rainy days equaled a wet and usually muddy dog. She didn’t find nothing sexy about a muddy dog. I tried for a naked girl and dog in the shower together but she wasn’t sure about pics like that. She would be very cautious and it wasn’t out of the possibilities but she said we’d have to be real strategic and it’d have to be all planned out. Not pics you’d want to chance ever being found. We both wanted to do it at least once but it wouldn’t be a spur of the moment thing.
Back behind the house was our pasture which was pasture grass. We hadn’t been mowing it so it was getting really tall. Waist high or so so you could play hide and seek. We’d play find the naughty girl but our boy was too good at that game. We were mostly just messing around. One afternoon he took off and of course found her way before I would of ever but I could always see where he was from the grass moving so I got to her right after he did. They were rolling around playing and he must of been in the mood or got a little more excited then usual but when she was balled up face down he mounted her from the front and was humping at the back of her head.
He had her in an uncomfortable position and he had her pinned down good. She squirmed but couldn’t get out from under him and the more she squirmed the more he held on and the harder he bounced off her head. It was kind of funny and I was laughing and she squealed out. Don’t just laugh, get him off. I laughed even harder and said hang on he’s doing pretty good at getting himself off right now. It wasn’t no lie I could see red cock swinging around as he humped away all proud of himself.
None the less I pulled at him and she wiggled free. Then setting up and trying to give me some sort of look but it was lost on me because the look I was seeing was pure cuteness. Hair all a mess and pouty lips.
He laid down and rolled halfway on his back sticking one leg up in the air as to be showing us, hey look what happened. He was knotted outside his sheath but still in that beginning stage so still bright pink and not huge yet. She shook her head then asked me, now what? I said idk but you shouldn’t waste an opportunity. She crawled over and started giving him some quick strokes and he laid back to enjoy them. I figured she’d get on and ride him but she stopped stroking him and took her shirt and bra off. I asked not taking your pants off? She sharply said nope. If he wanted pussy he should of went about it proper.
She went back to fondling his cock then leaned into him putting it to her tits. She rubbed his dick on her titties then in between them and moved up and down.
I still think there’s just something about the contrast of colors of his dick and her pale white skin that really gets to me. Especially when he’s at the hot pink stage or the solid red. He moved through those stages fairly quick this time even getting excited enough to try to hump while laying down. Watching it growing and changing and the head popping up further from between her tits. And his knot all swelling and pushing against them. Oh man it was sweet.
I wanted to whip my dick out and start bouncing it off her head so when she asked WTF are you doing I could say, oh I thought that’s what it took to get in on this action. Great idea but piss poor execution because before I knew I already had my dick out and pointing it in her face just beyond her lips. She quit holding her boobs against his cock and started rubbing it on them again. He was cumming so she made sure to pay extra attention to her nipples. From rubbing his head against them to making sure his cum hit them when he squirted. Taking me in her other hand and guiding me to her lips as she said, that took you longer then I though it would.
She licked and kissed the head of my dick then would suck it into mouth just past her lips and suck lightly. Testing for a taste of precum. I let her work my cock as I replied to her statement. I said it took me a bit because I was trying to figure out how to go about getting into a position so we could both fuck your cute ass tits. She kept me out of her mouth long enough to ask, so no luck with that? I said no, hell I’m having enough trouble doing this. You’re right in-between being a little to high up or a little to low. She said, quit your bitching. You know how they say it’s hard to rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time? Well that’s nothing compared to trying to suck one dick while rubbing another on your boobs. That made me laugh.
I said ok let’s try to get us on the same page so it’s not so complicated. I moved around and moved him some. I got close with a few times getting close enough that are dicks would touch but not so much where you could line them up really well or put them side to side. When I got them really close then she couldn’t get comfortably over one or the other of us and be in a position to get them between her tits and be able to move them well between them. I’m sure it shouldn’t have been so hard but that’s how things sometimes went.
I kind of decided and told her we better find something because he’s gonna be done fairly soon I’d imagine. She grasp his dick behind and up on his knot and squeezed a little then saying he’s still got some time. He was still cumming but it was a little less and a little further in between squirts. Then she grabbed mine and gave it a little squeeze asking how about you? I boosted shit I can go all day. Then there we were, him laying down and me sitting with my legs folded back underneath me and her setting the same way with a dick in each hand.
She held his giving it a few squeeze and releases and giving me a few strokes. I figured she had no ideas but if that was the case she was about to have one….

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By Red Bone