New Toy Cheerleader Pt 3 Sex Story

#Abuse #Rape #Teen #Threesome

By DarkSideEng

Mark needs a new job at the plant. Holly earns it for him.

Holly jumped when she heard Mark’s key in the door. He was usually home from work much earlier than now- she had no clock, but she knew it was dark outside already. She could tell from the coolness of the air. She was startled when she could hear Mark talking to someone.

“Come on Drew, you need a good time. There’s a hot chick inside waiting for us. I’ve been banging her for a while. You need this.”

“I don’t know, Mark. – What the fuck man, why is the door locked from the outside?” The second voice was slurring just a little bit.

“She’s a kinky bitch, man. You don’t want her getting away. -No, I’m kidding. She was drunk and asleep this morning and I just locked her in for her own safety.”

“Oh, shit. Okay. -You really think she’d be okay with me?”

Holly’s eyes were huge as she realized they were talking about her. Mark had never brought anyone else to the building she was being held in. She had no idea what was going on. She just knew- well, after 5 months, she knew better than to upset Mark, whatever else may come. But…dare she hope that maybe whoever else was there would be willing to help her get away?

When the door slid open, Holly dropped to her knees in the middle of the room. The pose was instinctive, learned over 5 months. The two men stepped inside, and the stranger’s mouth was hanging open, slack jawed, at the sight of the lovely young cheerleader in a white, mid-hip-length negligee, on her knees in front of both of them, smooth thighs pulled taut, arms by her side. Holly’s nipples were slightly hardened by the night’s cool air, and standing out against the silk. The stranger with Mark was older, more mature, than Mark’s 35 years. He was large, had a slight belly, greying at his temples, and reminded Holly a bit of her daddy’s boss when he used to come over for dinner.

Drew’s mouth closed. He couldn’t tear his eyes off Holly. The big guy stuttered- “What…what the hell. She’s…she’s just a kid, man. What’s going on here?”

Mark felt a rare moment of uncertainty and keen excitement. These next few minutes were the roll of the dice. He might have to kill Drew, and he didn’t think anyone back at the plant knew they were together, but he wasn’t absolutely sure. Anticipation was a knot in his belly.

“Oh, Drew, she’s no kid, man. Holly here is a total slut. She loves fucking older guys. Plus- plus- you know your stepdaughter you keep talking about, how she’s traipsing around your house in nothing, and showing off her body? Holly here, why she’s the same age. Holly, honey, you love fucking, don’t you?”

Holly looked at Mark. “Yes, sir, I do.” Mark had told her not to call him Master around strangers.

“Honey, tell my friend Drew here how much you’d love to fuck both of us all night.”

Holly hesitated for a second, then rushed to fill in that moment of hesitation with utter compliance. “Oh yes, I would love to fuck both of you all night. I’m such a whore. I just love sucking cock and fucking.”

Mark slapped Drew on the shoulder. “You see man? I told you, she loves it. Let me show you something else she loves. Holly, go get us all some lines.” He held his keys out to her.

Drew watched Holly get up, take Mark’s keys, and walk over to a cabinet on the wall. He couldn’t help but watch her ass jiggle as she walked, and took in her entire body. She was a lovely young thing, smooth skin, blonde, flowing hair, skinny but curvy and muscular. Still, he hesitated. There was something clearly off here.

“I don’t know Mark. This is wrong, man. Even if she wants it- even if she says it’s okay- look, how old is she? Can she legally consent?…Man, what are you doing here? She’s jailbait!”

Mark felt butterflies. Was he going to have to do it? Drew was larger, but Mark had killed before.

“Drew, man, you gotta trust me. Look, she’s going to take a minute and get some shit set up for us. Here’s the deal. Relax! Nothing has happened yet, no lines have been crossed. Just relax. Here, have another drink-” Mark handed Drew the flask he was carrying. Drew nervously slammed down a drink, eyes bouncing between Mark’s eyes and Holly’s ass. Holly had a very nice ass.

She came over in front of Mark carrying a tray with 6 lines of white powder and a straw. She set it on the small table beside where they were standing.

“Sir, may Holly have some magic dust?”

Mark looked at Drew. “Man, have you ever done anything hard like this? I told you this weekend was going to be great. Holly and I love it. You should really try some.” He leaned over, narrating as he did. “You pinch one nostril shut, breath out BEFORE you bend over so you don’t blow it around and ..” Mark snorted a line up one nostril and then the other. “Oh, yeah.”

“Uh, I have never done anything like that. What is it?” Drew asked.

“It’s called ice, and it will make you feel good, give you some energy, and it’ll sober you up a bit, so we can drink more. Don’t worry, it’s not addictive or anything like that. Holly, why don’t you help Drew do it. Go on man, let Holly show you.”

Drew hesitated, then shrugged and bent over. He couldn’t help but notice just how see though her negligee was, as her nipple was right in his face.

“Breathe out,” Holly instructed, then placed the one end of the straw near Drew’s nose and guided him to the end of the line. Drew snorted up the line. He could feel the warmth of her where Holly was touching him. He snorted up the other line.

“Yeah, dude, you’re going to love it!” Mark exclaimed. “Here, come sit down a minute. Holly, honey, you’re a good girl. You can have your lines now.”

“Wow,” Drew said, and sat down on the couch. His head was feeling a little clearer, and the burning in his nose was going away, becoming a slight drip in the back of his face. Everything seemed a little brighter. He looked again at Holly, who was bent over the table, snorting the remaining lines of meth. Her long legs were smooth and shaven. The red panties hugging her ass clashed with the white negligee but kept drawing his eyes. A wave of euphoria fell over him and seemed to smother some of the anxiety and nervousness he’d been feeling. Maybe Holly did like fucking, like she said. That would make it alright, right? As long as they didn’t do anything she didn’t want?

Holly walked back over in the front of the couch. She got on her knees in front of the two men, almost within reach, but far enough away Drew’s eyes could take in her entire youthful body. She rested her hands on her thighs, back straight, small but perfect breasts jutting out.

Mark slapped Drew on the thigh and handed him the flask again. “How’s that feeling, man? Feels great, doesn’t it? It’s going to make this weekend great.”

Drew couldn’t believe what was happening. He felt an intense energy and euphoria, and his mind was racing. His body was humming. He looked over at Holly again, and she was so sexy, so hot. She didn’t look like his stepdaughter, Franny- his stepdaughter was thicker, shorter, a bit more stocky, but pretty, brunette, wore glasses- but they both were off an age. That age when the bloom of womanhood was just beginning, but without any wear and toil of time and life. And, despite having raised Franny from the time she was 7, since she’d started developing curves these last couple years- well, let’s just say sometimes there were mis-matched socks in the laundry, and his showers were longer.

Drew grunted at Mark by way of reply. His eyes were locked on Holly.

“Holly, tell my friend Drew again how much you want to fuck tonight,” Mark said.

Holly looked up at Drew. Her pupils were huge. She’d been nervous with the two men there, but as her magic dust took effect, she simply grew more and more horny. Pavlov would have been proud at how well Mark’s training had taken hold.

“Please, Sir. I’d love to fuck you both all night. However you want to do it.”

Mark grinned at Drew, and winked. “You see man, I told you. She loves fucking. You’ve been working too hard. I know that the company, the family, -hell- everyone is putting a lot of pressure on you. Now look, here’s the deal. I know that Safety Officer spot is opening up. I want that job. I’m not the most qualified, but I am qualified. I get the job, and you can come see Holly here once a month. We can do it together when you come, or you can have her alone. Once a month, forever, provided I get that job. Oh- by the way, Holly is on birth control, so you don’t even need to wear any jimmys, and she also loves ass fucking. I bet you never fucked your wife’s ass before. And I seen you looking at Holly’s ass. Holly, stand up and show Drew here your ass.”

Holly stood and turned around. She lifted up her negligee, not that it was blocking much. Such a lovely young ass- easily the best feature on the blonde cheerleader. Round, soft, muscular without appearing to be so. And jiggled so well when she walked.

“Spread your ass cheeks,” Mark ordered.

Holly reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, pulling her panties to the side, bending over slightly and exposing her asshole. Drew gasped as he also got a glimpse of her lovely pink pussy. Holly was already slick and glistening a bit with dew.

“You see that, Drew? Holly is a total slut and will do anything you want. She’s trained to please a man. And she loves making me- any man- happy! Don’t you Holly.”

“Oh, yes, sir. I will do anything you want. Just…just please, let me have some magic dust first, and let me come when I ask,” Holly begged.

Mark chuckled. “Don’t worry, Honey. Drew here will let you come, won’t you Drew?”

Hearing the young girl ask for that that drove almost all hesitation from Drew’s brain. It seemed like a fog was descending on whatever reservations and inhibitions he might have had. But…he wasn’t there just yet. He addressed the young girl directly for the first time.

“You really like fucking? And you’d be okay fucking me? I’m not too old for you? Ugly? Fat? I’m not young any more.”

Holly glanced at Mark, who grinned and nodded at her. She stood facing the two men. A lovely pink blush filled her face as she looked Drew right in the eye.

“I love fucking. I want to fuck you. I will do anything, and I promise you will have a great time. I have a great time whenever I get fucked.”

Drew’s could feel his cock starting to swell. But…still… She was obviously underage. And the door was locked when they came up to this building. Drew glanced at Mark- Mark was younger and fitter, but Drew did have a couple inches and 50 or more pounds on him. He had to know.

He looked back at the young girl. “How old are you honey? And, would you be here if you could be anywhere else tonight?”

“HOLLY. Spread and rub!” Mark snapped.

The girl fell to her knees immediately and spread her legs wide. She pulled her panties to the side and exposed her almost bare pussy. She furiously started rubbing her clit. Almost immediately a groan emitted from her barely parted lips, her eyes hung barely open. Her thighs rolled gently, barely, in time with her softly rocking body. The flush on her face descended down her neck and blossomed on her chest. Her nipples were fully erect now.

Drew was spellbound, unable to remove his eyes from her body, and Mark let the moment hang for half a minute, then the other half. She just kept rubbing, her fingers dipping down occasionally to rub her now glistening vagina, then back up to her clit. A soft keening was coming from her mouth. Her breath was growing faster. Finally, Mark reached over and handed Drew a little paper pouch with a tablet inside.

“You may need this. Just chew it. The ‘magic dust’, as our lovely Holly there calls it, sometimes can cause, you know, some issues. This’ll fix you right up.”

Drew ripped the pouch open, dropped the blue tablet in his hand, tossed it in his mouth and chewed. He did it mindlessly as he watched the girl writhing on her knees in front of him. Mindlessly, but he knew it was viagra. And knew what chewing it meant. Somewhere in the back of his soul, something died. But a fire was lit.

“Oh, one more thing,” Mark said. He opened the bag he’d carried in with him. “Your stepdaughter is a brunette, right? Glasses? -Holly! Attention!”

Holly focused immediately on Mark, her hands coming off her bottom. Drew could clearly see the moisture of her own fluids on her fingers.

Mark handed her a brunette wig. “Put this on for daddy Drew here. And these glasses. You can take them off when he says you can. Okay, baby girl?”

“Yes sir.” She put the wig and glasses on. She was still definitely not his stepdaughter, but Drew was surprised at how hard his dick got. It firmed up even more than earlier.

“K, baby girl. Go get us all some more small lines. Wiggle your ass as you walk.” Holly sashayed over to the cabinet.

“So, Drew, what do you say, man? Want to go on an adventure?” Mark grinned over at his boss.

Drew, still sitting, looked at the younger man and then over to the young girl, who was wiggling her ass, slowly, deliberately, as she was standing by the cabinet, laying out more lines. Her now-brunette wig and glasses- and the opportunity to properly fuck a young girl with those features- had his soul aflame. He could feel the viagra starting to kick in- his already flushed erection getting harder and stronger.

“No one will ever know?” Drew was shocked to hear himself asking. He was a better man than this, right? He had a daughter the age of this girl!….A daughter- wait, no, THAT was evil!- a stepdaughter- there, better- he should be taking care of her! But, he had fantasized about fucking Franny, jerking it as recently as yesterday, in the shower. Franny’s panties smelled amazing after volleyball.

Mark grinned at Drew. “No, man, never. Not a soul. And, again, you can come back once a month. Forever.”

Holly walked back over, holding the tray in front of her. She started to stop in front of Mark, but Mark waved her over in front of Drew.

Drew’s hands were trembling slightly, and he was starting to feel light headed, as he bent over and snorted two more smaller lines. When he sat back, he took in the young girl one more time. Christ, she was perfection.

Mark took the tray from Holly’s hands. The girls hand dropped down to cover her pussy- Drew caught a glimpse of a wet spot that shown between her legs. She was clearly very aroused. Drew swore he could smell her- she smelled lovely.

Mark looked at Holly. “Honey, do your lines here, and then sit on Drew’s lap there. I want you to be good friends with him.”

“Yes sir.” She turned and bent over. She took the straw practiced ease and snuffed the lines up. Then she came over to to Drew and sat on his lap, straddling him. Drew was shocked- he had expected her to sit on one leg or the other. Her breasts were right under his chin level. He could feel her breath, lovely and clean. She wasn’t staring him in the eyes, but she wasn’t avoiding them either. She trembled slightly.

“See, man, I told you, she’s very friendly. So, do we have a deal? Safety officer? And you get Holly?”

“Yeah, sure. Fuck it. I deserve it.” Drew was surprised at how hard his dick throbbed as he said it. Holly felt his erection under her sensitive crotch and ground against it, her breath catching slightly.

“Great man! Let’s celebrate. Holly, baby girl, why don’t you kiss and lick Daddy Drew’s neck? Show him how good you can be.”

Holly did. Drew was in heaven. He felt a bit guilty, but she was so lovely, and the feeling of her soft lips and the tip of her tongue, her hot breath, was amazing. His guilt melted with the obvious ease with which she was doing this, with each little wriggle of her hips on top of his hard cock. His hands touched her for the first time, starting on her warm, smooth, strong young thighs, up her hips, her slender belly. One hand dropped onto her firm ass, the other cupped her breast and started tweaking her nipple. He felt her gasp as he did it.

“Oh, you’re such a good girl, Holly,” Drew said, a bit drunkenly, whispering, the meth fueling his desire. “Oh, your body is so …oh my god.”

“What’s your daughter’s name, Drew? Franny? Holly, your name is Franny now, okay? Franny, tell your daddy how back you want him.”

Holly moaned into his ear. “I’m such a slut, Daddy. I’m so glad you’re here. Please let me suck your cock. I want to fuck you so badly. Oh, yes, Daddy, squeeze my tits.”

Drew almost came right then. But…the fantasies started playing back- he had to hold off, actually make those fantasies real. “Yes, Franny, suck my cock. I know you sucked your boyfriend’s dick. Your momma told me about your talk. You can suck your daddy’s, too.”

Holly got on her knees in front of Drew, straightening her glasses. She unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. Drew was almost panting at the sight of this young girl- his stepdaughter, at least right now!- on her knees before him. She pulled his underwear down and his hard 7 inch dick bounced up. It was circumcised, with a slight curve and a large bulbous head. Slightly larger than Mark’s. Only the third dick she had ever seen, but after 5 months of training- and the meth burning in her body- she wanted them all.

“Oh, daddy, your cock is so big and sexy,” she said. “Can I lick and suck it?”

Drew couldn’t speak. He nodded.

Holly put her hands on his thighs and started licking his cock, teasing him, flicking her tongue at the tip. She teased him with her tongue for a minute. Then she reached up and gripped it firmly with one hand.

Drew ached and swelled as she grasped him. “Franny, you dirty little girl. Suck daddy’s cock.”

Holly engulfed Drew’s cock, swallowing it. Drew was moaning. “Oh, my god.” He couldn’t believe how easily and deeply the girl took him in. It was like she had no gag reflex. “Fuck, you’re a slut, Franny. Look at you. Your mother would be ashamed. She could never do that. Fuck. Oh, god. Christ, I knew you were a slut when your momma told me you fucked that creep. Daddy wanted to teach you right then.”

Drew could only last a few minutes under the girl’s patient, intentional and well-trained ministrations. She took him deep, over and over, keeping her hands moving in time. She could feel him swell- much faster than Mark ever did- and eagerly started working his seed out of him, desperate to show how good she was, how eager she was, how much she wanted it. Drew cracked his eyes to look down at the brunette head bobbing and was gifted the sight of the young girl’s other hand, clearly strumming her clit as she threw her mouth down on his cock. Christ, she truly loved this!

“OH FUCK FRANNY I’M GONNA CUM” Drew screamed, his eyes closed again. He shot spurt after spurt into the young girls throat, and she gulped them all down. He had never had a woman swallow before, and the fact that it was his stepdaughter that finally did ripped another rope out of him. Drew got light-headed.

The young girl grinned up at him. “Am I a good girl, daddy?” Her hand stayed possessively on his cock, not stroking or moving, just firmly holding. Despite one of the more powerful orgasms he had ever had, he was already half-erect again.

“You see, Drew? How good was that? Franny sucked you right down. Rest up a minute and you can finally fuck her. What hole you want to fuck first?”

Drew reached out and gently stroked the girl’s face. “Oh, you are so beautiful. So beautiful Franny. Or- Holly. But Franny right now.”

Holly smiled back at Drew. “I can be Franny right now. Does daddy want to fuck Franny’s pussy or her ass?”

“I have never fucked uh- I have never done anal. Doesn’t that hurt?” Drew asked the young girl. He couldn’t keep his dick from jerking at the thought.

“Yes, daddy. At first. But Franny is a little slut, and she loves having her ass filled. And then it feels amazing.” Holly was starting to breathe heavily. She was still strumming her clit. Her hand started clenching on his dick. He felt it start to grow again.

“Okay, Franny, go get the lube and lube up.” Mark directed the young girl.

Holly sashayed again over to the cabinet again, and got out a tube of lube. She took her panties down with no shame, and got a big dollop of lube on her finger. Then bent over facing away from the men, rubbed the lube all over her asshole. Drew gasped as he watched the girl then stick one heavily lubed up finger deep into her own ass. And then do it again. The light glistened off the moisture between her young legs.

Mark slapped Drew’s shoulder. “I’m going to let you fuck all her holes, at least once, before I jump in too. But, you should let her ride your dick first, in her ass, before you start fucking her back. Let her loosen herself up at her own pace. She’s a trooper, but let’s make it easy on her tonight. Some other time you can give it to her rough.”

Holly, hearing this, was a tiny bit disappointed. She loved to be used, and would have happily taken whatever either man wanted to give her, but was also a bit grateful for the reprieve. Mark had, in the past, torn her asshole open being too rough and it had been a couple weeks healing- a time during which he didn’t stop using that hole. The girl had gotten used to mixing pleasure and pain, but still did enjoy pleasure more.

She walked back over to the couch. “May I take this off, sir?” she asked Mark, holding the hem of the negligee.

“Ask your daddy, Franny. Right now, you’re his toy.”

Holly looked back at Drew, who was still trying to catch his breath. He could feel his heart thumping in his chest, and the meth seemed to have his head in a vise grip of mindless euphoria and sex drive. “Yes, take it off, Franny.”

Holly pulled the negligee off, and was standing fully naked in front of both men. Drew’s breath caught. The full loveliness, and youthfulness, of the girl in front of him was more beautiful than he could have imagined. He was also presented, finally, with the completeness of the fact that this was not a grown woman- the negligee had cloaked some of that- but a blossoming girl. The wrongness of what he was getting ready to do- and that she was happy to do- made his dick swell even more. He had already crossed that line- what was a little more?

“Franny, tell uncle Drew how you love his dick. How you want him filling your ass with his cum. And pull his pants off, sit on his dick.”

“Oh, daddy, I love your big cock in my ass. I can’t wait for you to fill me with your cum.” Holly bent over and pulled Drew’s pants down the rest of the way. Drew let the girl pull them off. Surely there was no way his large cock was going to fit into her slim body.

Holly climbed back on Drew’s lap, facing him. She raised up and held his hard, throbbing, cock, and placed it at the entrance to her lubed asshole. She pushed down a bit. Drew could feel himself start to enter her tight hole, and almost blew his load again right then. ‘-I am getting fucked by an underage girl!- She’s fucking me! Hell, if I can do this with her, I could do this to my own Franny.’ He held back his orgasm, wanting to wait til he was fully inside her.

Holly was panting, her chest beginning to heave as she pushed her ass down on Drew’s throbbing member. He was a little more girthy than Mark. She could feel him fill her up, and the pain and burn was immense. But so was her own desire. The girl was very well-trained and used to a cock being rammed up her ass. This was gentler than any fuck Mark had given her. She was determined to please her new daddy.

Holly kept working his dick in her ass, inch by inch. Drew was amazed at the sight of her. Her tits were perky, not too large, nipples hard and poking out. He had one hand on her hip, and reached up with the other, grabbing a firm, if small, tit. He ass was hot, tight, a tight band biting into his swollen dick, the part of him already inside her just warm and wrapped up tight. The flush on her young body spread down between her lovely breasts, and stood out- what once was a lovely pink was now almost red. This girl was horny. She was biting her lip and she was struggling to get him in, and it was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

Holly had pushed almost all the way down when she felt him hit bottom. She sat, her legs spread, and panted for a second. She reached a hand down and started strumming her own clit. Drew wasn’t sure what to do with his hands. He just kept rubbing, from her thighs up her hips, cupping a breast, rubbing her arms.

The young girl began sliding up and down on Drew’s cock, her ass stretching and contracting with each movement. She was starting to relax a bit, and she could feel him sliding more easily in and out. Her ass had become a major source of pleasure for her, and it was no different now. She felt her clit pulsate with pleasure, and her vagina contract. She moaned, in a guttural way. Surely she wasn’t just a child after all, to have that sound coming out of her, Drew thought to himself.

Mark could see the girl starting to really enjoy herself. He grinned as he saw his boss- so conservative and by the rules- at work- fucking this underage girl. He couldn’t believe this was actually going to plan. He was set at work now- a nice raise, a cushy job- oh, he’d do the job, for sure, but it was a fact that the job much more cushy than the work he did now. People would complain, and Drew would catch hell- but the video being recorded would ensure he didn’t have any choice.

Mark stood up, and walked over, standing in front of the two of them. He wasn’t going to touch Holly until Drew had had every hole- that was his plan- but he definitely intended to spice things up anyway.

“Franny, I know you want your daddy’s cum, but he is trying to hold it back from you. He’s got a lot to give you. He’s wanted to give it to you for a couple years now. Surely you want daddy’s cum, don’t you Franny?”

Holly moaned.

“Franny, show your daddy how much you love him. Kiss him. Suck his tongue. Let him lick your body. You’ve got such a beautiful body, Franny.”

Mark grinned as the young girl started kissing the man that was her father tonight, grinding her ass into his cock as she did. Drew was stunned at how passionately the girl was trying to kiss him- he hadn’t had passion like that in over 20 years now. His body- and the meth- responded in kind, and he thrust himself as much as he could into her ass. He could feel her asshole starting to bite and clamp down on his dick. -His dick felt 18 again, wrapped in her warmth, her tight ring trying to milk him.

“Oh, god, daddy. You feel so good in my ass.” Holly’s head lolled beside Drew’s as he kissed her ears, her neck. He pulled her tighter to him, but let her keep riding.

Holly’s hips started bucking on Drew’s dick, and he could feel trembling, spasms building up in her core. The girl’s body was so tight! So muscular, but soft! She groaned again, and flexed herself as tightly as she could on his cock. Then she yipped and started coming on his dick. Drew could feel fluid squirt from her pussy as she bucked, impaling herself on him. His crouch was wet from her.

Drew gasped and grunted and came again, mirroring her. Her ass milked him. Her legs spread, her back arched and she screamed as she felt him jet into her ass, over and over. Her orgasm was still washing over her. He grew light-headed again and his heart pounded. -The thought flashed through his mind- I might die tonight, fucking this young girl. He collapsed back against the couch. Holly fell forward against him, catching her breath, finally coming down. Drew wrapped the girl in his arms.

“Oh, my lovely Franny. My lovely young girl.”

Mark grinned again. “Hey, man, how old is Franny right now?”- he needed to drive this point him at some time. Get the full admission on tape. Post-orgasm bliss seemed as good a time as any.

“She’s..uh, she’s 14 right now.”

“Yeah, same age as Holly here. Just 14. Who knew 14 year old pussy could be so good, eh? Or ass, right?”

Drew felt a moment of fear. Of guilt. And then shock as he felt his cock jumped in Holly’s ass. Almost flaccid a moment ago. Now, half hard again. 14. He just fucked a 14 year old. And she had loved it. Well, hell, what’s done is done. And if he was going to jail, might as well get all he can. Besides, the way she was coming, gobbling down his seed- she wanted it. She’d never testify.

Drew’s hand rubbed the young girl’s back, up and down. “Such a good girl, Franny. I knew you wanted daddy’s dick in your ass. My good girl.”

Her breathing was relaxing. Her hips very gently started stirring again on their own, setting up a gentle rolling motion. Almost imperceptible. They kept their bodies touching, Drew holding her against himself. The heat of her body was ambrosia. Her youthful, pointed nipples were hot little flares against his chest. Holly’s head came up next to Drew, her breathing deepening slowly. He guided her face to his, and started kissing her again. He flexed his dick as hard as he could inside her molten ass.

He heard her moan, felt her start moving more purposefully on his hardening member. Drew couldn’t believe it. His cock had never stayed hard, this long before. And her ass felt better than anything he could imagine. ’14! This 14 year old girl is driving her ass on my cock!’ Drew reached up, took the wig off Holly, tossed it aside, grabbed the glasses and tossed them too. He held the girl’s head still a moment- looked her in the eyes. And, flexing his dick inside her again, he pulled her back to his lips.

He moaned into her mouth, “Oh, Holly, thank you for this. I needed this so much, and you are so lovely. Too lovely.

Holly moaned back into his mouth, “Yes, Sir. Fuck my ass, sir. Fill me. Use me. Give it to me. Let me have it all.”

Mark watched the girl, his pet, his slave, grind on his boss’s dick. He had trained her well. She had to have a special present for this weekend. He’d figure out what later. He walked over and cut another small line for himself.

Holly, feeling the man beneath her beginning to pulse again, slid off him, leaving his hard, throbbing, glistening, dick exposed to the air. She stood, pushed his thighs apart, knelt, and dropped her mouth down on it. “Please sir, I want to taste you again.”

Drew moaned again as her sweet, warm mouth took him back. Her mouth felt wonderful. She was cleaning him from tip to base, over and over again. Drew had been so kind to her, so gentle, and he seemed so unsure of himself, fumbling. She wanted to please him, to shown him how much she liked him. Holly, still sucking him, reached over and grabbed the lube. Drew didn’t see her grab it. The girl was on her knees between his legs, sucking his dick, and she pushed his thighs wider, and suddenly her finger entered his asshole. She sought his prostate- massaged.

Drew went off like a cannon in Holly’s mouth. She gulped, hurled herself down to take his fullness in. Her finger kept massaging his prostate and his orgasm felt like it was a full minute, his dick pumping and twitching and spurting. Finally he was spent, seeing gray on the edges of his vision, and she pulled her finger out of his ass. He lay their, gasping for air. He was covered with sweat.

“Please…please… I just need a minute.”

Mark chuckled. “Yeah, you do, man. No rush. I’m just gonna let Holly do what she wants for a bit.”

Holly was soaking wet and achingly empty. Her pussy was pulsating, and the need was overwhelming her. “Please, will Master fuck Holly’s pussy?” It slipped out before she realized it.

Drew’s head came up- “What did she call you?”

“Holly calls me Master. She’s mine. She can call you Drew, or Daddy, or Master, too, if you want.”

“Oh. Oh fuck. Well…okay. I like it when Franny- I mean Holly, calls me daddy.”

“You mind if I fuck her a bit? I meant to let you have all her holes first…I can wait. But she’s been good and I think she might need it a bit.”

“No, go ahead. I need to just breath a minute.” Drew replied. He pushed himself further back on the couch to just watch a minute. His hand fell to his dick on it’s own. Gently fingering and rubbing.

“Lay back on the couch and spread ’em, babygirl.” Mark directed the young girl.

She spread her legs wide open. Drew could see how wet and swollen her entire pussy was. She rubbed herself while she awaited her Master’s cock. Her asshole was still obviously loose, relaxed and gaped a little. Mark stood up and walked over. He quickly stripped looking down at the young cheerleader’s beautiful, strong body. His cock was hard and glistening with pre-cum, and Drew watched him kneel on the couch, line it up with the girls pussy. With no warning, he drove it in.

Drew’s dick jumped as he heard the young girl coo in pleasure, her legs coming up to wrap around Mark’s strong body. Her ankles crossed and she started pulling him in with her legs. Drew could tell this wasn’t the first time they’d fucked. He was jealous of how energetic Mark fucked her. Mark’s muscular body and hard cock pounding her, her lithe, tanned legs pulling him in. He felt a twinge in his own cock- the meth was kicking in again.

“Oh, yes, Master, your dick is so good. Please, give me… Fill me. Fuck me….”

Drew walked over to where the meth was. He saw the razor blade on the tray. He cut himself out a small pile, smoothed it into two small lines. Snorted them up. He welcomed the burning that came. He turned back.

Drew watched Mark’s muscular ass pistoning, in and out, in and out, of the young girl’s wet pussy. She was fucking him back equally hard. No- there was no way this was against the law- she LOVED this, she was desperate for it. …Maybe Mark could train his Franny. Maybe the girls could be friends. Playmates. Maybe Daddy Drew could play with them both.

Mark could feel his cock thickening. His balls were ready to blow.

“Come for me, baby girl. Show daddy Drew how you like a hard cock. Come on my cock. Come now!”

“Oh, yes Master, oh, FUCK.”

Unbelievably, on command, Drew watched the young girl start losing control, start cumming. Her cries grew louder, and where a minute ago she was very deliberately fucking him back, now her hips were bucking, twisting uncontrollably as she writhed under his assault. She was clearly in the throes of one orgasm when, with practiced ease, Mark fucked her into another one. He obviously knew this young girl’s body better than she did. Drew couldn’t believe Mark didn’t explode inside the young fireball beneath him.

Mark slowed up a little, raised up, grabbed her hips, and pulled her body into the middle of the couch. He slapped her ass.

“Get on all fours, girl. Drew, get over here and feed her your dick while I keep fucking her, man.”

Drew walked over to the couch and sat on the cushion at her head. He grabbed his dick- half hard again already. He grabbed her hair-the most aggressive he had been so far, but he’d seen how she responded to Mark’s control- he rubbed his growing cock all over her lovely face, and pulled her head to his crotch. Seeing her fucked like that- she was clearly made to suck and fuck. “Suck daddy’s dick, baby. Maybe you can teach Franny how daddy likes it.”

Holly moaned and eagerly swallowed the man’s dick, and he immediately started fucking her mouth, as much as he could sitting, as he quickly swelled. She groaned on Drew’s cock as Mark entered her again, and her head started bobbing on his dick with the rhythm of Mark’s fucking. Drew could feel her throat muscles and tongue working him- she was dedicated even as she was still being fucked.

“Fuck, she’s good, isn’t she Drew? Tell her how good her mouth feels.”

“Oh, Franny- Holly!- you are the best cock sucker, such a lovely mouth. I knew you were a natural slut when your momma told me you fucked last year. Oh, baby, I was going to start teaching you, but I might get caught.”

Holly was so glad he was happy, so glad she could make him feel good. She was getting used, her pussy filled, her mouth stuffed. Holly loved it- when she was being used, she didn’t have to think. Holly could feel her core building up another orgasm, and was grateful she was so close- the two men had kept her aroused for a couple hours now. She tried to keep focus, rhythm, on Drew’s cock, but started to lose control.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m gonna cum on Master’s dick.” she moaned into Drew’s crotch.

“Yeah, baby, that’s a good girl. Come on his dick. Suck daddy’s cock, now.”

Holly lost concentration and sucked him harder, moaning on his cock, trying to over-correct. Drew forced her head down- not a full facefuck, just a nice deepthroat- and let her swallow and gag around his cock a little. His balls were starting to feel tight. He didn’t want to come again yet, but he didn’t want to stop, either.

“Hold her there man. She can take it.” Mark told Drew as he started to fuck her harder.

Drew held the girl’s head in place. She was moaning, again and again. But then, suddenly, she was also trying to pull away, her throat convulsing on his dick. He swelled some more feeling her trembling growing.

“You sure man?”

“HOLD HER THERE.” Mark snapped at Drew, and fucked her even harder. Drew obeyed. It seemed like Holly was trying to scream on his dick now, and he could tell she had started coming. But her hands were also trying to push his thighs, to get him to release her. He started bouncing her face, up and down, now fucking her face, but not letting her get air, and not letting her off his dick. He swelled- she came again, and so did he. He fully and aggressively pulled her face tight to his crouch and jetted, once, twice, blowing massive loads down her throat.

“Oh, FUCK. Fuck, she’s coming. Fuck, she feels so good. She’s coming so hard. Fuck….”

“Okay, let her go… Yeah, I just came in her too. She loves that.” Mark slowed down, falling back to sit on the couch.

Drew released the young girls head, and she lolled, heaving for air, once, twice, head rolling senselessly in Drew’s lap, panting. “Oh, fuck, thank you, Master. Thank you. …That was so good.” She was shaking.
Her pussy was convulsing, her arms were trembling, her thighs were quaking. Her eyes were watering hard, and her face was flushed. Snot hung out of her nose. Drew couldn’t believe how hot she was. He gently pet her damp hair as she laid her head in his lap, catching her breath.

“You should let her catch her breath, and then you should fuck her with that big dick of yours, boss man. She enjoys it in all her holes. Or let her fuck you. She’ll be ready again in just a minute. You know how the young are.” Mark slapped her ass, got up from the couch to get yet another line. “Hey, babygirl, you want a booty bump?”

“MMmmm, yes, please Master.” Holly’s legs involuntarily rubbed together at the thought. She was still just laying there recovering, but the thought was an arousing one for her.

“What’s that?” Drew asked.

“You’re fixing to see man. Just lay there babygirl, I’ll bring it to you.”

“Thank you Master. Master is good to his slave.”

Mark walked over, cut a fat line of the meth and dumped it into a shot glass. He mixed a little water into it, swirled it, and grabbed a plastic syringe – no needle- sitting on the counter and drew the mixture into the plastic tube. He came back to the couch, stepped up close to Holly and adjusted her legs to exposed her still lubed asshole. He gently shoved the syringe into her butt. She felt the lovely splash of the drug as he injected it into her butt. He gently pulled the syringe out, and then he looked at Drew.

“Let her lay there a minute to absorb. A booty bump is a more direct way to get the ice into you than the snorting. It’s almost as strong as injecting, but without the wear and tear on the veins. In about 5 minutes little Holly here is going to be flying high again. You should let her ride you then.”

“Uh…can I try a booty bump?”

“Maybe in a little bit, man. You just did a couple of lines a minute ago. But, in the meantime. Here, take this.” He handed Drew another paper packet.

Drew ripped open the paper and chewed the blue pill up. The night was still young.

They sat there a couple minutes, just gently rubbing each other, Drew marveling at the perfection of the young girl’s body. No wonder they married young in the past.

“Oooohhhh…” Holly started cooing in his lap, her legs and hips starting to gently rub together.

“Okay, babygirl, Drew still needs to try your front fuck hole. Get him hard again, and ride his dick!”

“Yes Master!” Holly quickly scrambled onto all fours on the couch.

Drew was still feeling a little overwhelmed. He was already feeling pretty good- he had never felt this good before, and had cum 3 times already. But- he had also never had such an eager and enthusiastic partner. And Holly had proven to him that a 14 year old could enjoy- no, need!- sex.

Holly leaned over and again engulfed his cock in her mouth. Drew sighed and put his hand on the back of her head again. Maybe once a month wasn’t going to be enough.

“Man, maybe I should let you train my stepdaughter like this.”

“I’d be happy to. But, there would be a price.”

Holly was stroking him, and had managed to start to get him hard again. Drew was a little impressed, considering what he’d put out tonight already. But the young girl was relentless and so eager. He’d never had anyone that so clearly wanted his dick.

“What would the price be?”

“$10,000, cash. And you’d have to make sure your old lady wouldn’t know. It would take a couple months. And she’d have to be on birth control.”

“Oh. Yeah. Well, I’m going to have to think about that.” Drew was having trouble thinking at all, with what Holly was doing. His dick was almost fully erect again.

“Holly, go get a cock ring for your daddy here. -man, don’t worry about it. I use them all the time.”

“Cock ring?”

“You’ll like it. I promise.”

Holly got up and came back with a black ring. Even after having been in her 3 times, he was still struck by her breathtaking beauty.

“Sit back, Daddy. I will help you.”

She slid the ring on, and it tightened around him. Drew immediately felt a tightness and pressure. His dick, while still half-hard, felt huge. And the pressure felt amazing. She started sucking him again. He could see she was rubbing herself as well. She worked him with her mouth, up and down, tip to base, stopping every once in a while to swirl his head and flick his frenulum. His cock swelled. The cock ring made his dick feel fuller, fatter.

Holly straddled Drew and slid her tight, warm, sopping pussy down his cock. Drew moaned. She had just been fucked- and fucked well- by Mark, but Drew’s cock was larger, and her velvet walls enveloped him completely. She moaned as she sank fully onto him.

“Oh my god, little girl, you feel so good.”

“Daddy feels good too.”

“Franny, let daddy feel your tits, sweetheart.”

Holly reached back and pushed her breasts forward. Drew took a lovely pink nipple between his fingers, and pinched. Holly’s breath caught. Her pussy flexed on his dick. She kept riding, slowly up and down, almost letting him pop out before sliding back down his full length. When she was fully impaled she would grind gently on his pubic bone before starting again.

“Fuck, that feels so good.” Drew moaned.

Drew looked at the girl, his dick hard inside her, and she was still slowly, deliberately, riding him. Her eyes were closed, her head tossed back, her entire being clearly focused in her tight young vagina. He couldn’t believe the heat of her, the wet of her. She was fully given over to riding his dick. She did it purely, completely, and with no reservation. Drew didn’t think he had done anything in his life as completely as this girl’s fucking his dick. She fucked with her whole self. Her breath started catching in her chest, and he felt her begin to pulse. She moaned.

Drew felt himself begin to swell yet again. “Fuck, I’m going to come again already…You’re so hot, baby.”

“Is she getting close, Drew?” Mark asked.

“Yeah, I think so.”

Mark walked over to stand behind Holly, who still had her eyes closed, riding him up and down. He reached out and grabbed her throat with both hands.

“Start grinding him babygirl. I’m going to choke you.” Holly said nothing – she couldn’t, and her eyes were wide, nervous, but her hips sat fully down on Drew’s cock, and she started grinding against him, driving her clit into his hairy crouch.

Mark’s large hands started tightening around her throat, and Holly’s breath started to be restricted.
Drew could feel the girl’s pussy contract, her clit twitching, as her air was being cut off. Her face started growing red, her eyes watery, but she keep grinding, and her core started trembling again. A moan, chocked off, started building in her chest. Her hips started bucking, harder, harder, against him, and he felt his cock swell and start pulsing again and again. It was the signal her body needed.

Holly’s entire body spasmed, and she came, hard, on top of him. She gushed all over him- moisture poured down on his balls. Her clit, her pussy, her whole body, was spasming, and her pussy flexed on his dick, again and again, as she ground herself into him. Her eyes rolled back. He couldn’t help but match her, and his entire body convulsed into her tight young tube. His hands grabbed her hips, driving himself into her as hard as he could. A yell wheezed out of him. He was mindless with pleasure. Even as he was coming, another wave of orgasm rode over the young girl and her entire stomach squeeze more out of him. Her entire face was red, her lips slightly blue- and her chest and belly were flushed as they bucked again and again against him.

Mark released her throat. She fell forward against Drew, not trying to catch herself, and heave for air as she lay there. Once again, he wrapped the young girl’s lovely body in his arms. He gently rubbed her back. Their sweaty bodies both molded against the other. They just laid there.

“That’s my good girl. That’s my good girl…”

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