My First Animal Sex Sex Story


By Kathy

My first sex with a donkey in front of my husband and three of his follow Marines in Mexico.

This happened while we were stationed at San Diego while my husband was attending communications school. I had been playing around with a guy named Greg who I worked with at the base exchange. Greg was 19 and getting ready to go college soon and kept hitting in me. Steve was in school for two week at night and Greg said let get a drink after work and I’ll drive you home. We had a few drinks and I told Greg we need to go so we headed back to my place when he asked if I had ever messed around. I was 20 at the time and married to Steve almost two years and I told him once but it was not what we expected. Greg said he thought I had because with a body like mine someone had to have enjoyed it. I am 5’1″ 109 lbs and 36DX26X35 and have a no lines tan. Greg asked if he could see my body and I finally gave in and said yes. It was about 7pm and Steve came home at midnight so I had time to show him without any issues except after several more drinks, Greg ended up fucking me for almost two hours. After that I began seeing Greg several times a week until we got caught by three guys that were Steve friends.

At this point the three of them wanted in on the action so I was very busy five and six nights a week servicing all four guys. Things went great for a few weeks and I told Steve what had happened and he was ok with it but not with Greg. I continued to see the guys and we all partied and one weekend the three friends and Steve and I decided to go to Tijuana one weekend together. The way it worked out we went to Mexico in Mike’s van and I got lucky and was fucked all the was to Mexico.

We arrived in Mexico and after many drinks in a number of bats, we wound up at the Black Cat Saloon about half an hour before the donkey show was to start. The owner of the bar was trying g to find an American girl to make pictures nude with the donkey and make people think she was going to try and fuck the donkey. The guys including Steve kept pointing at me and the other American guys and girls were pushing me to the front for pictures because they said I had tge perfect body for the pics and I was very small.

The bar owner came down and said I would be great for pictures and the people would stay thi king they would see an American girl taking 18 to 24 inches of donkey cock. He offered to pay me $100 to do pictures and help keep his customers there drinking. When I agreed with Steve and the guys approval, we went to the back and was told how to pose showing lots of legs, tits and plain shots of my shaved pussy. After pictures I was to get in the swing under the donkeys belly and the local bar guys would help me look like I was getting strapped in and would release me when the curtain closed.

Everything went well until I was strapped in the swing with my legs up each side of the donkey with his cok getting hard and about two inches from my pussy opening and I am spread wide open. At this point I told the Mexicans NO and all they said was NO ENGLISH. A few minutes later the owner can and ask if I was ready and I said to get up as he placed a piece of tape over my mouth.

The next thing I heard was him saying guys get your cameras ready, for the first time ever the donkey show will be with an American girl and for this time only for as long as the donkey can last and as deep as he can punish her with that 23 inch cock.

I saw cameras flashing, guys coming up front to get close up shots and about 30 seconds later the donkey was set free and sand about 12 inches up my pussy in one long stroke. After about 5 or 6 minutes he got another two inches in me and cum about two cum of very hot sperm in me.

At this point the donkey never withdrew and became hard again and began pounding my pussy very hard and fast while the bar guys were measuring the depth as he was punishing me with his thick cock. The guys we came with were up front getting very good, close up pictures of every thing going on and every inch pushed in my pussy.

After about 15 more minutes, the donkey cum again and I was well overflowing and the guys had measured my depth and released me at this point. Steve and the guys helped me back to the front of the bar to rest and everyone was going wild. In about ten minutes the bar owner say they had final count and the first American woman was named Kathy and it was measured and photographed for proof the I had taken two cum loads of donkey cum consisting of 3 and 3/4 cups of sperm and had received 16 1/4″ of donkey cock In my pussy and posted a large group of pictures showing me getting donkey fucked on the walls. These pictures were where anyone could get copies and they showed me in all states of undress and many pictures with my face clearly shown with donkey cock in my pussy at many different depths.

At this point we all returned to San Diego but a few days later there were many pictures of me getting fucked in Mexico in most every males restroom on base with my face clearly showing. I got many offers from many guys wanting me to do it again and many offers for lots and lots of black cock, some of which I acted and others rejected.

We were transfered to North Carolina about 20 months later which is another story involving two large stud horses as Part Two

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By Kathy