My best friend and what he introduced me to Sex Story

#Bisexual #Exhibitionist #Gay #Teen

By Jamie

I have no idea how it all started but it does start here

As I think back I am SURE it had a lot to do with an older neighbour who would invite me, my sister and my two cousins over for cookies while my parents were home next door. One by one he would take us into his dirty bedroom and take our pants down. I remember him with his pants off and him pulling my young body against his having our penises touching each other. I just stood there not knowing what’s going on. After he got hard he would push me back, pick me up and lay me back on his bed and proceeded to take my tiny penis into his mouth. This guy had dentures and he had already taken them out before sucking on my penis. He would suck it in and swirl his tongue all around the tip. I could feel his gums stroking my penis up and down. In between sucking he took his mouth off and said to me ( I can still hear those words in my head even all these years later), “you are gonna love this when you get older “. True fact……I do.
I am not sure what he did with my sister then my two cousins to this day. Only a couple people know the story and 3 of them haven’t told anyone.
It was a daily occurance the whole summer after I finished grade 3. He would take me into his room , drop my pants and the same thing over and over. I don’t ever remember him ejaculating or myself doing the same. I just remember the feeling of his toothless mouth sliding all over my penis.
That same summer when we were all playing outside a tractor trailer was passing by the house and a box came flying out the window and broke open on the rocks that lined the trans Canada highway. Me and my boy cousin (Johnathan) ran over to see what it was. Lo and behold it was all nudey magazines and I’m talking the good ones. So we proceeded to pick them all up and take them to the wood shed and start looking through them. Both our eyes bugged right out of our heads at the images and acts that were being done in the pages of these books. It only took a New York minute for the pair of us to get hard and I’m talking a whopping 4 inches hard lol. Now after have experienced the old man sucking my penis and probably Johnathan’s as well my mind started to run like crazy. Turning my back to him I slid my hands down my shorts and started to rub my little hard penis. It felt amazing. I looked over my shoulder and noticed my cousin had is back to me so I assume he was doing the same as me. He would have been 2 years older than me and I’m also guessing he knew what he was supposed to do with his little soldier more than I. After a few minutes we stashed a few of the good ones and threw the rest of them along the side of the highway.
The next day right on schedule in the old man’s room I was lead, he pulled his teeth out , laid me back and started sucking. All I could see where the images of women sucking Mens penis’ in those magazines and I know my penis went rock hard as it could. His mouth working my shaft like it was a lollipop. I don’t ever remember getting that feeling of wanting to “pee” at that time. A lot of those memories are suppressed in my mind and I only get glimpses from time tobtime when I think back. I am hoping that one of those time I did shoot something into his mouth.
Fast forward a couple years. We had moved from that house to another about 20 km away and I started grade 4 at a new school. Not knowing anybody was hard at first but the day we finished moving in I asked my mom if I could go for a bike ride. We were now living in the country and I’m talking dirt roads….. I road my bike down a bunch of hills to a farm at the bottom. There was a guy the same age as me playing in the barn yard. He waived and I stopped, we introduced ourselves and became instant best friends. I was the only other boy his age on that road and quite frankly for miles. His family had a pool which we always swam in turning the summer months. After a year ish we didn’t even bother changing in separate rooms to get out trunks on. One day in his bedroom while changing he dropped his shorts and just started walking around naked. I stopped and sneaked a look at his penis. It was a little longer than mine and he still had his foreskin which was alien to me because I was circumcised. It looked weird truth be told. He would walk around looking for his trunks pulling on it as if I wasn’t even in the room. By the time he found his shorts it was sticking straight up. I noticed that his bent a little to the one way. Both of us hadn’t gotten any pubic hair so you could see everything.
I’m gonna skip some non important stuff so I can get to the just of my story……
The next weekend during the hay season which his dad would pay us 20$ a day ( awesome money for that age) we would goto his room to get changed for the pool. My friend (Jason) could never keep his hands off his penis while getting changed. I was wayyyyy too shy to start playing with mine infront of anyone. I quickly put my swim trunks on and downstairs we went and into the pool. During the swimming and diving every once in a while he would swim past me and quickly reach out and grab my crotch then swim on. This happened at least 6 or 7 times. Then he showed me where to stand infront of the jets and have the water blast over your penis. He showed me by pulling the front of his shorts down and pulling out his semi hard penis and stuck it in front of the jet. He said “ go under water and see what happened”, I duck under the water and I can make out his now hard penis being slapped all around by the intense water stream that came from that hole in the side of the pool. He told me to try it and when I pulled my shorts down and moved infront of it…… it was like magic. Some of the feelings I was getting were along the same lines when that old man used to suck my penis. It drove me insane. I had to stop because I was starting to get a weird feeling. We finished out swim mid afternoon and went back up to his room to change into out dry clothes.
This time as he walked around totally naked he reached under his bed and pulled out a container of Vaseline and proceeded to apply it to his now hard , bent penis. He was striking up and down and I can clearly remember the sound of snaking as the Vaseline was coating his penis. I asked him what are you doing? He replied “ try it, it feels good”. By this time after seeing him naked a bunch of times and him not caring I decided to try it. Reaching for the container I took a generous amount and started playing with my penis. It didn’t take long for it to become hard. It had grown a bit since the old man incident. I’m thinking because I was reaching puberty? I started stroking up and down, he was right, it did feel amazing. Doing that and picturing the old man with my penis in his warm mouth, Jason grabbing at my crotch, the buds magazines my loins were on fire. Trying not to make eye contact with him I noticed by the shear speed off the snaking noises that he was really getting into it. Just as I was about to turn away he started making noises and all of the sudden whitish stuff came out the end of his glistening penis. It kinda made me excited. I wasn’t ready for that to happen so I reached for my towel and cleaned off the baseline as best I could. Not an easy task when it’s petroleum based. He did the same but was also cleaning up the boy seamen off his rug. We said our good buys and I rode my bike back home thinking about what I just witnessed. It kinda got me hard again. The following day I road back down to help with the chores and after getting all sweaty back to his room to get changed for the pool. Except this time he asked me if he could put his penis in my mouth. I’m like WTF in my head. He said that he would put mine in his mouth if I did it for him. After a few seconds I decided “what the hell”. He laid pack in his bed totally naked, his penis soft and laying against his leg , I walked over totally naked and laid down at the foot of his bed. I slid up so that my face was right at his groin. I loooked up and can see him smiling. I don’t know how long I had to hold it in my mouth so I came up with…..” I’ll put it in my mouth for 60 seconds and then you have to hold mine in your mouth for the same amount of time. Deal he says! So I nervously take his penis in my hand, stand it up and slide my mouth over it. It was smooth and tastes a little funny. Not gross just weird and I started counting in my head,1….2….3….4, by the time I hit four he was hard as a rock. I could feel it getting longer and thicker. I could hear his breathing being laboured and I barely moved my mouth. He started moving his hips up and down and squirming. He pushed up and the tip hit the gag reflex in my throat at about the time I reached 60. I sprang up and told him it’s my turn. So I laid down beside him and he positioned himself between my legs. He grabbed my knees and pulled them further apart so he could see my hairless penis and testicles. He slid up , grabbed my soft penis and put it in his mouth except he was actually sucking it and using his tongue all over it. Just then I flashed back to that old man’s words….”you’re gonna love this when you get older @, and indeed I did. Jason was really into it. He sucked like a champ, took a hand and started caressing my balls and I was on fire it was electrical. I don’t think he was even counting lol. I looked down and watched my 4” now hard, throbbing penis glide in and out of his mouth. I then decided that I actually loved my best friend. As he was slurping away he left go if my balls and took his index finger and touched my anus. I was taken so off guard that I hooped at him, “ what the hell are you doing?” He said be quiet and just lay there, it’s my turn! Not knowing to get up and run out of there or jump up and punch him in the face. But the feeling I was getting from that touch, him sucking my penis was so intense that I just decided to go with it and see what happens. I have NEVER had anything inside my bum up to this point and curiosity was getting the better of me. I am also not sure where he learned all this stuff being in the only other boy on the road. I tell him okay! He puts his finder top on the entrance to my bum and starts gently pushing on it in all directions. The feeling was so amazing. He started to push a little harder then harder still and I felt his finger enter my bum. He stopped and held it there. I get a burning sensation that I really don’t enjoy and I told him so. He jumped up and grabbed the Vaseline, took some out and coated my hole and his finger. He laid back down and went to work on my aching penis and proceeded to push his finger back inside me. It went in way easier this time and he pushed deeper. First knuckle……pause. Second knuckle……pause. My bum started to relax a bit and it felt pretty good. He then started to work his finger in and out slowly and touching something inside me. Waves of pleasure lowed through my body and I could help but squirm and moan. This clearly excited Jason and he picked up the pace. Sucking faster, moaning, clearly there was something leaking out the end of my throbbing penis. He started stretching my hole, hooking his finger and pulling at the sides of it. Then he took his middle finger and pushed it inside me……that fucking hurt but feeling the way I am now a second finger might make it even better. He worked his two fingers rhythmically in and out until I was so turned on I was letting him abuse all of my private parts. Then all of the sudden I felt the wave of pleasure coming from my bum through my balls and right up my shaft that is still in his mouth, I had no idea what was going on, I had never experienced anything like this. I went stiff legged, arched my back and something came out the end of my penis and into his hot wet mouth. He didn’t say anything , he just kept sucking until after pulling off my penis there was no evidence of what is was. He smiled at me and told me that I just had an orgasm.
He asked me if I wanted to try something else and I said…..ok. He reached down into the container of Vaseline and grabbed a thick amount and stroked it all over his raging hardon. I thought he was just going to cum on me but no chance of that. He was horny as fuck. His top was leaking something clear. He forcefully hooked my legs under his arms and leaned for way pushing them up in the air. Being a farm boy he was considerably stronger than me. Plus he had me in what wrestlers call a small package. No where to go I plead with him to let me go you’re scaring me. I could see the sexual rage in his face and eyes. He only pushed my legs back further and shuffled up as close to my bum ass possible. He started sliding his penis between my naturally spreads ass cheeks, hitting my balls and my now flaccid penis. I have to admit that felt insane. I could feel myself getting arroused again and wanted that same feeling I got from my orgasm. So I relaxed a bit and when he and I were convinced it was gonna happen no matter what he let go of my legs and I just held them there, with one hand he grabbed hi penis and placed the tip on the entrance to my bum and pressed. Fireworks went off in my head and I began to shudder. After the assault of his two fingers my hike wasn’t totally tight again and he leaned forward putting his weight on me, arching his hips forward the tip popped inside my ass. Then an inch more, I pushed back on him with my hands and told him it’s burning. He waited with his penis in place to allow the sensation to subside. Then I would tell him okay I’m good. He dropped all his weight on me this time and his penis went all the way in all 5 bent inches of it. I could feel it all the way in. It was incredible. Once he hit rock bottom he moaned, pulled back and proceeded to fuck the shit out of my no longer virgin hole. After a few minutes he pulled out and told me to turn over and push my case into the air. He got behind me and slid his bones between my cheeks and started to pump after a few attempts his penis lined up perfectly and he rammed it inside me. He got up on his feet , crouched and was drilling ass like there was no tomorrow. I was in extacy. The feeling of his 5 inches probing the depths of my ass is unexplainable. I’m actually getting hard and dripping just thinking about it. He pumped away like a madman. I bent my neck down and looked under me and could see my penis getting hard alll over and leaking what I now know to be precum. I was loving it. After a few more pumps from Jason he pulled me tight, grunted and moaned just as I did when I had my orgasm. I knew just then he flooded my inner most being with his cum.
The actual cousin stuff comes next. I just couldn’t stop typing with the prelim stuff. This is 100% true. Makes no sense to make shit up if it actually happened. More to come
P.S ever since then, I love getting my ass fucked

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By Jamie
#Bisexual #Exhibitionist #Gay #Teen