Mowing More Than Grass Part 2 Sex Story

#Cheating #Teen

By AlabamaSlamma

Paul continues to work on Britney and she is loving it.

As Britney continued to stroke and suck on Paul’s cock it didn’t take long before he was standing at attention. Britney took his cock into her hand and led him to her bedroom.

“How about we jump into the shower and wash off ourselves before we continue our playtime?” Britney moaned as she continued to stroke his cock.

They both went to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. She started the water and adjusted the temperature before taking the soap and lathering him up. She took her time making sure that she reached every single spot on his body and paying special attention to his cock and balls.

He returned the favor and gave her a thorough washing as well. He paid special attention to her pussy and ass. After they had finished cleaning each other and rinsed off she grabbed a bottle of lube from the shelf and began to coat his cock with it.

She then handed him the bottle and turned around and bent over completely bracing herself against the wall.

Looking back at him with pure lust in her eyes she said “How about you start putting some of that lube up my ass and shove that gorgeous cock into my backdoor?”

Paul’s reaction was immediate as he took the spout of the lube bottle and placed it against her tight little asshole and squeezed. She moaned as she felt the lube enter her canal. He put a big blob on the outside of her rosebud and then placed his cock against the opening and smeared the lube around.

She wiggled her ass at him and said “Push that cock inside my ass now please!”

Paul began to drive his cock into her tight little asshole until it popped in and slid all the way to his balls. Britney hissed as she felt every single ripple of his cock. Her ass canal hugged him tightly like a vise. Britney pushed her ass back trying to get more of his cock inside.

She absolutely LOVED anal and she immediately gasped loudly as she felt herself orgasm. Her ass rippled around his cock as he began to pound her hard and deep. She braced herself between him and the wall so that she didn’t move as he railed her ass.

“OHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE BABY! FUCK MY ASS GOOD!” Britney screamed as her orgasms racked her body over and over.

She was able to cum more easily from being fucked in her ass than anything else. Her husband really didn’t like anal so she had to get it when she could. Paul’s cock was absolutely perfect for her ass and he definitely didn’t mind his cock being driven into her asshole.

Britney reached between her legs and found her clit as she began to double her pleasure. Paul had a double handful of her hips and was pulling her back onto his cock. She felt his balls slapping her hand as she continued to stroke her clit.

Since he had already cum twice it was going to be a little bit before he would be able to cum again. He watched her ass jiggling from the pounding.

“Spank my ass Paul! Spank my ass while you fuck me!” Britney screamed.

Paul began to slap her ass cheeks with his hand. She screamed out in pleasure as she felt her ass begin to burn with the welts that formed on her cheeks. Paul reached out and wrapped his hands around her throat squeezing slightly holding her in place as he continued to jackhammer her asshole.

This sent Britney into overdrive as she loved being choked during sex. She couldn’t get her wimpy husband to do anything that she enjoyed. Paul was racking up points in her book as he even grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her head back as he called her a slut and whore.

“I am going to make you my own personal little fuck toy slut!” He exclaimed as he drove his cock harder and deeper into her spasmodic ass.

“OHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS DADDY FUCK YOUR LITTLE WHORE!” Britney screamed as her orgasm racked her body again.

This was Britney’s element. This is where she belonged. This is where she wanted to be. This is who she is! She wanted to be someone’s property. She craved to be used as a fleshlight by a big cock.

Paul was giving her everything that she craved and she loved it. Paul pulled out of her ass and pulled her out of the shower and threw her onto the bed. He had her laying on her side with her ass at the edge of the bed and her legs pulled up to her chest.

He drove his cock back into her depths and stood there as he gripped her body and began to slam balls deep into her bowels over and over again. She yelped with each thrust as he was able to reach depths untouched before. He was throwing his entire body against hers.

She moaned and whimpered loudly as she rode her orgasms like a boat in rough seas. She barely crested one when the next one slammed her. She was babbling incoherently as Paul tore her asshole up. Britney reached a level of extasy that she had never experienced before.

Paul fucked her like a man possessed. Soon he felt his cock throb angrily as his orgasm slammed into his body. She screamed out as she felt his cum flooding her insides again. Paul threw back his head and growled deeply as he felt her ass ripple around his cock.

After he finished pumping the last few drops of cum into her ass he stumbled back into the chair and collapsed down gasping for air.

Britney climbed off the bed and crawled over to Paul and took his battered cock into her mouth and lovingly bathed it with her tongue. She suckled it like a starving baby trying to get milk.

She looked up at him with pure sexual bliss in her eyes and said “I just want you to know that you own me as of right now. I am your personal little slut for as long as you want. I will deny you nothing. You can fuck me any place and any time you desire. I will fulfill all of your fantasies and any that you didn’t know you had!”

Yep Paul was definitely going to be mowing Britney a whole lot more.

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By AlabamaSlamma
#Cheating #Teen