Mom grooms little Peter part 2 Sex Story

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By megabetaboy

Peter Who becomes Petra is taken by her mother on a shopping expedition,. In a different world of different time this could’ve been my life.

In case you’re wondering, this is mostly a fantasy of mine. I do have a tiny cock and I do regularly swallow spunk, but sadly I’ve only ever had three black guys

I do have to admit that night when I went to bed my ass felt quite sore from the reaming my mother had given it. When my mother saw me wincing, she got into bed beside me, and told me to nail with my ass high in the air. I felt her breath on my asshole which closed up nice and tight. Flinched when I felt her tongue on my asshole pushing past my sphincter.

“Don’t worry honey I’m just going to stimulate your natural sissy hormones which will take away the pain so I’ll let you feel will be a beautiful tingle in your boy cunt”

She went back to ramming my asshole and then deed soon I just felt wonderful and drifted off to sleep.

This morning she came into my room come through open the curtains and said “my dear little Petra today is the first day of the rest of your wonderful life”

“Petra” I asked.

“I know it will take a little time to adjust but you really need to start thinking of yourself as being a little sissy girl, after all you are totally submissive, you will really not get anywhere in life without the help of a strong alpha male, but don’t be sad, just think that you’re exactly like me, we both want to love and serve the wonderful men in our life, I’m going to let you into a little girly secret………….., I’ve been pleasuring all of the men in my life since I was 10 years old, first was my dad, then his brothers, my grandfather and of course my brothers, does that surprise you?”

“I guess not mom I knew anytime your family visited they always slept in your room, and I could always hear you guys making love…………. You really are very noisy when you’re with your family”I giggled

“oh honey you really need to work on your language, yes my brothers, my uncle and my father Love me, but they don’t”Make love to me”

“no, when we are in my bedroom Believe me they are fucking me too within an inch of my life, when they are very deep inside me I am just a piece of Cunt, and ass and a mouth to be fucked. Don’t get me wrong honey hi get so much pleasure from being treated like a whore, but they are not thinking about my pleasure, only about their own, you will have to learn that if you don’t already know it you and I were put on earth pleasure cock in whatever way the cocks owner decides”

“Now darling you need to start dressing feminine, so put these on for when we go shopping” She threw a pair of panties and tiny mini dress she used to wear when her uncle visited cute pink top with straps. When she left the room I got dressed, and looking at myself in the mirror I saw a different person looking back a cute sexy little girl come on my bum looked wonderful and the mini dress.

When I came down the stairs my mom gasped, hi Petra, you look so sexy we are going to have a wonderful girls day shopping so that were ready for when my dad and brothers visit at the weekend”

Our first stop sex shop on the edge of town. I was a little nervous entering the shop dressed as a girl but mom grabbed my hand and we went through the doors what would become like a second home for me. The moment I went in the wonderful smell of bleach and spunk turn me on a smile that would always trigger me to this day 40 years later.

As soon as we entered mom was greeted warmly by the owner, a big black guy who came from behind the counter to give mama a hug. I immediately checked out his groin area and to my amazement I could see his cock down the leg of his trousers about halfway to his knee. I smiled and looked up at him

He smiled back, saying”I see you are your mother’s daughter, a real cock hound, what can I do for my girls today?”

“Well this is Petra’s first day of his life as a sissy bitch so I think we need everything, toys, sexy lingerie, a couple of collars and of course I think a blonde wig will be needed until we have grown his hair out……………….. Oh and we will need one of your bespoke cages I think all your regular cages will be too big for her………….. First leroy, it’s very quiet here this morning, why don’t you treat my girl to her first black cock actually her first real cock of any colour”

Leroy looking at me gestured towards his trousers and I instinctively knew what he wanted, I reached over and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zip and to his trousers down to his knees. His massive Black cock was now out Half mast growing before my eyes.”

“are you sure she can take me if I am her first”Leo I asked my mother

“Oh believe me she was born to take cock, last night I treated her to uncle Sean dildo and she fainted from the orgasm it gave her, and the best thing is her asshole has tightened up overnight like she’s a virgin”

“But Leroy if you don’t mind I’d like to keep her ass cunt cherry for my daddy who is visiting at the weekend, he’s sort of traditional that way, it’s his right to take his grandchildrens virginity, if you don’t mind I would love you too train her face cunt, it would be a wonderful treat for daddy and my brothers if she can go ball steep on all of them at the weekend”

What followed was a wonderful initiation and training of my face cunt as I would always call it from that day forward. Leroy truly had a magnificent Black cock and I believe it was the Bond i formed that day with Leroy and his cock meant I could never pass a black man in the street again without checking out his package catching his eye, letting him know I was available to pleasure him at that very moment. Today I look back and giggle how many truly magnificent black men would completely abandon what they were doing,, take me to the nearest bathroom or alley and end up spunking in my guts either through my ass Cunt or my face Cunt. Black guys of whatever age from 10 or 12 could never resist a horny white sissy bitch. they instincitively knew how to treat us, and i mean rough, no pretense……….fuck my i love black cock.

As i left leroys shop with my belly full of his spunk he presented me with a collar which he fitted snugly around my neck, i looked at the mirror and saw the words cum slut sparkle in the light.

come back any time yo need a belly full of black spunk…………i got lots of freinds.

next stop was a beauticians.

as we entered mom told me this place was exclusively for whores, sluts and sissy bitches. it was buzzing with beautiful whores and a few sissy bitches like me. everyone was naked, and I marvelled at the beauty of everyone’s body. I was especially taken by a particular sissy……..whose cock was caged…..but she had big tits and wonderful blonde hair. My mum brought me over and introduced me to her. her skin glistened and i saw she was hairless, her name was Karla. mom left me to talk to her while she made bookings for me.

Karla could see i was in awe of her body especially her tits.

” i got them for my 15th birthday from my Daddy” she said……….” he will updrade them every 1 or 2 years as i grow”

“wow i cant wait to see you when you are 20, they will be huge” i marvelled karla blushed and twirled around so i could see her ass adorned with a cute tattoo in the small of her back

” Daddys Cunt” it read.

“are you going to be caged”She asked and I explained I was getting one specially made because I was so tiny, I blushed a little in embarrassment when I said this Carla immediately reassured me “oh I see you are new to this, still a little bit embarrassed about your tiny cock, but you really should not be, after all it’s a sign to all of those really strong alpha man in your life that you are ready to please them, you should be really proud your cock really looks like a little clit………. To be honest I can’t wait until my cock shrinks even more………… Daddy has promised me a castration for my 16th birthday”

Just then my mother came back grabbed my hand and brought me to the back of the shop to a little booth. I lay on the bed and then a fully grown sissy came in, completely naked she was breathtakingly beautiful I was immediately drawn to her groin I saw what looked like a tiny clit as well as a completely smooth undercarriage. “don’t worry, it’s all ahead of you, would you like to feel me down there” I fell between her legs, the gorgeously smooth absence of her testicles and her little clit she too had gorgeous large breasts

.” As I slid my hand further between her legs I pushed my finger into her arse with her encouragement. “I just want to taste with your ass tastes like” that I put my fingers into my mouth to taste what I’m sure was a mixture of wonderful ass slime the latest load of spunk she had taken.

“I’m now going to laser away every hair on your body below your neck, it’s going to tingle a little, but believe me you won’t be able to keep your own hands off yourself when you feel how sexy it is to have a completely smooth body”

An hour later I left the shop dressed like the little slut but I felt I was gave me the option of taking off Leroy’s collar, but I didn’t want to.

“mom I really enjoyed taking Leroys spunk this morning, but I think I need more, is it possible I am addicted to spunk”I asked Shyly.

“Possible honey…………………… It’s a 100% guarantee, Leroy knew the minute you took your first load he could see how much you seemed to blossom as you swallowed his spunk”,

“Why don’t we go and get ourselves some mall cock?” As I looked at her quizzically but she just giggled and said “trust me honey” 10 minutes later we pulled into the biggest shopping mall in town, by now I was wearing the blonde wig that Leroy had given me I have to say I felt incredibly sexy as my body was still tingling from being lasered free of hair.

It was lunchtime as we went in, and mom started to give me an education of knowing where I could get the most cock depending on the time of day.

“all of those Office studs will be in the food hall over their lunch hour looking for a mouth to spunk in, but those guys are always in a hurry so make sure you get them spanking as quickly as possible” When we went into the food hall I could see the wisdom of mom’s words, it was full of men in suits and ties, immediately perked up when myself and mom walked in. I had thought we would stop and get something to eat, but we just did a slow circle making sure that everyone could see us and then walked over to the disabled toilet. We went in and made sure not to Lock the door behind us.

No sooner had the door closed then it opened again and the guy came in, “are you girls okay if we do you both at the same time?”

“Of course honey, mum replied Bring your friend in”. Two guys came in the door and locked it behind them.

“Just do what I do” Mum reassured me as she went on her knees and beckoned the first guy over, I did the same and we unzipped our men and looking at each other took their cocks in our mouth and went to work. Within five minutes we were swallowing their load and as they zipped up mum tell them”Tell your friends it’s 2 x 2 lnchtime special, and they have the choice of either the mother or the daughter” The guys left and mom reached over and we started to kiss each other deeply swapping the spunk which had dripped on her face and chin, again the smell of spunk, urine and bleach was intoxicating, a smell that I would forever associate with ecstasy.

For the next 90 minutes myself and mom served every cock that came through the door it seemed the guys could not choose between mother or daughter so they all came back twice to get a blow job from the other one on the second go round. Every time, to give the guys a special treat myself and mom make sure to have a wonderful sloppy snowball French kiss, god I loved the taste the texture and the smell of spunk from that day until now. Thank God I have not had to go a day in my life since then without having spunk on my face, in my mouth and deep deep in my guts

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By megabetaboy
#Gay #Incest #Teen