Meeting My Husband Part 2: Sharing Is Caring Sex Story

#Cheating #Incest #Interracial #Threesome

By Courtney

That week I couldn’t focus on school. Ever since my friend introduced me to James all I think about is the night we spent together. My pussy melted at the thought of taking his big white cock again. My roommate, who i told everything to, thought my infatuation had gone too far too quickly and on Friday night brought me out to a local night club. In the course of the night, I got hit on by at least seven black men, but none of them were interesting to me. All I wanted, all I needed was James’s cock. I texted James from the bar at the club to come pick me up, and in 20 minutes, I walked out under his arm as the black man hitting on me watched. God just the thought of cucking those black boys with James like that made me wet. He even slapped my ass as we left. Black men love to boast about fucking white girls but lose their minds when a black girl like me ends up underneath a white boy. We got in a cab and went back towards my dorm. I told him my roommate would be out so we could be alone for the night. As we rode in the cab I got a message from my older sister.

“What’s my baby sister up to? All grown up and in college on a Friday night, must be getting dicked down good.” she said.

“In the cab now actually…” I replied with a smiley face.

“Ohh, girl I knew you were a slut! What’s he look like? Willing to share?” she asked back.

“Tall, white, sexy, massive dick… He’s all mine…” I told her.

“A white boy huh? My little sister got herself cracker. Making all the black boys jealous?” she said. I knew she’d be surprised about him being white.

“Girl I’m telling you, he fucks me better than any man I’ve been with. I swear if you don’t try one for yourself you’re missing out.” I said before putting my phone away. We pulled up to my dorm and got out, heading inside holding hands. By the time we got to my door, we were making out. In fact, I didn’t even walk down the hallway as I was in James’s arms, legs wrapped around his waist. We got through the door as my top was coming off. My soft black tits on display for anyone in the hallway watching. “I want your cock so fucking bad!” I moaned as we made out. He carried me to the bed where he first fucked me, setting me down so he could finish removing his clothes. As we undressed, I told him I thought about his cock inside me every day since we fucked. I saw his dick stiffen in his boxers when he heard that. He was standing before me totally naked, I got my phone out and took a picture of his dick, then told him to fuck me like a slut. As he stroked his increasingly hard cock, I sent my sister some pictures to prove my point.

“Have you ever seen a dick like this before? I bet you thought all white boys were tiny, didn’t you?” I said sending her pic after pic of James’s cock.

“Lord have mercy! That thing is a monster!” she replied back.

“Who are you talking to?” James asked as I was looking at my phone more than his cock.

“I’m telling my sister about you. She thought white boys all had tiny dicks so I’m proving her wrong. She says you have a huge cock and she wants to meet you.” I told him smiling.

“Well then, tell her to come over here then. I’d love to fuck two black pussies at the same time, especially if she’s as sexy as you.” he said.

I was blushing at his compliment and aroused at his horny suggestion at the same time. It was always my mother and sisters who acted like sluts, not me. I was always the one wanting to be a normal wife with a husband, not the kind of girl to fuck my boyfriend with my sister in a threesome. They’re both fucking crazy if they think I’ll let them share each other without me.

“Are you sure? She lives across town, she’ll probably not get here for 30 minutes or so.” I replied back, not sure if I really wanted her to come here.

“I have enough for both of you…” he said smirking, “Now get down here and suck my cock.”

I sent my sister a message telling her to come on over if she wants some dick, and proceeded to drop on my knees and suck his cock like a whore. I had only given him one blowjob before this, and he told me I sucked his soul out of his cock the first time, so now I wanted to do even better. Gagging and slurping on his shaft, I can just feel the thoughts in my head vanish as the primal desire to breed takes over. I’m not a college educated woman with rights and opinions anymore, I’m a desperate breeding slut who’s nothing more than a set of holes with tits for white men to play with. As I held my hands around his ass he held onto my head, forcing it down hard against the base of his cock, face fucking me like some porn star whore. I couldn’t believe how wet I was getting just from him fucking my throat like this, slamming my head against the bedpost, taking my mouth brutally like a man should. Finally this face fucking came to a climax of sorts and he launched me off his cock, gasping for air as my pussy felt a strange type of orgasm while I dropped to the floor in a hulk.

“Get up slut, I’m not done with you!” he commanded. I was crying but only because I loved this treatment.

“Yes sir!” I replied getting myself up to my knees again as he began round two of assaulting my face with his cock.

I heard my phone vibrate as as message came on the screen. I had my head buried in his lap with his cock in my mouth so I couldn’t read it but I would later find out it was my sister saying she’s on her way. As it continued, the brutal treatment became a sort of battle between us, as he forced me on my knees and savagely fucked my mouth, I fought back by sucking his cock with such a level of suction that soon enough he fell back into my bed as I gained the “advantage”. He started fucking my face, but now I was sucking his soul from his cock once again and he was powerless to even stand up, let alone fight. I knew better than to let him cum in my mouth, even though I hadn’t seen my sister’s message, I knew that his cum belonged solely in my pussy and nowhere else. By the time I had weakened him so much that he couldn’t even hold my head down I knew I had won. I lifted my head up, and traveling up his body, kissed him with my slobbery, precum covered lips. As we held each other in that kiss, I realized he was faking his submission as he grabbed the small of my back and forced my pussy down onto his dick. Even with me on top riding him, he still had the power over me.

My soft black ass clapped on his cock over and over as I twerked on it. The more I fuck him like a whore, the more he’ll want to stay with me, and not leave for some ditzy blonde slut. Moaning louder and louder with every pump into my dripping cunt, “I need it! I need it! More! More! More! Please daddy, MORE!” I moaned as my ass clapped around him. My pussy was clamping down harder on him than my mouth was, and I was losing control of myself as I began to fuck him harder and crazier. We both lost ourselves in a crazed passion as his arms moved over my body, and mine the same way, grabbing at our backs, holding our heads, his grabbing and sucking on my tits as we embraced. I became nothing more than a whore as his face was buried in my tits while I sat in his lap riding his cock. My words became nothing more than squeaks and moans as my pussy suctioned to his shaft. He lifted me up, and put me on my back in a mating press. I had my legs up and spread wide as he held himself in a wide kneeling stance over my pussy, dropping his cock deeper inside me than anything else had ever been. In this position, he’d be spraying my eggs with his cum like a fire hose. As he fucked me longer in this position I completely lost it.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! YES! BREED THIS GOD DAMN NIGGER PUSSY! GIVE THIS NIGGER BITCH YOUR BEAUTIFUL WHITE BABIES!” I screamed like a deranged whore as he dropped his entire weight into my cunt.

“OH JESUS FUCK I’M CUMMING! I’M GONNA FUCKING CUM! I’M GONNA FUCKING FILL YOUR WOMB!” He grunted back as his thrusts turned to a serious of deep slams against my pussy mound. I could feel his cock shaft twitch as the cum shot through it, pumping into my totally unprotected pussy. The whitest part about my black pussy was the massive load of cum swimming inside it, filling my pussy up like an Olympic swimming pool. As I came down from my orgasm, heaving and near hyperventilating, I looked over at the door and realized that my sister was standing there watching the scene unfold.

“Jesus, Ann, I thought you weren’t such a slut like that…” she said setting her purse down on the table. She wasn’t wearing much, a pair of black spandex leggings with a matching sports bra, and a blue denim jacket, still more than James and I had on.

“You think your boyfriend here has anything left in him after that or did you take it all for yourself?” she asked staring at his ass.

“James this is my sister, she’s a little entitled but I think you’ll like her.” I said giving the strangest introduction in my life. I never thought I’d introduce my sister to my boyfriend as we’re both naked and his cock is still deep inside me leaking cum.

“Pleasure to meet you, it seems Ann Marie here isn’t the only sexy girl in your family” James said to her, pulling out his cock and turning towards her. Somehow his shaft was still rock hard.

“Why thank you, it’s nice to… *fuck* meet a white guy that is so well endowed, I mean nice to meet you too.” she replied stumbling on her words as she saw his cock in person for the first time. Like giving booze to an alcoholic, I had given cock to a whore, only this time she was so flustered she couldn’t think of what to do so she just stood there with her mouth open.

“You’re gonna have to open that up a lot more to fit his cock inside.” I told her as I lay on my bed, massaging the cum inside.

“Who said we’d fuck? I just wanted to see it for myself, I have a boyfriend you know.” she said back.

“Oh come on, I see your nipples and camel toe from here, you’re not wearing anything underneath cause you know you’re gonna get fucked tonight. Now, get over here and lets cuck that little bitch you’ve been seeing.” I told her.

She relented and walked over. As she stood in front of James, she grabbed his cock and held it in her hand. He reached up and squeezed her boobs as she did, her boobs were two sizes larger than mine, and I had big tits. “What do you think James, you want to fuck two niggers in one night?” I asked.

“If her cunt feels anything like yours does, that boyfriend is gonna be raising my baby.” he said looking her body over. He went in for the kiss and she melted into him right away. They stood, hugging and kissing as I watched. His hand reaching down and fingering her cunt through her leggings. Just as I thought they were having fun, taking it slow, James ripped her sports bra open, tearing through the fabric to get to her tits. Her tits jiggled as they sprung out, hanging between her open jacket. He gave her boobs a slap then picked her up, carrying her to my bed and dropping her beside me. I took her jacket off and got her out of her now ruined top. With her on her hands and knees beside me, he ripped a hole in her pants letting her juicy thick black ass to shoot out.

“Oh fuck baby, where’d you learn to be so forward?” my sister asked as he spanked her bare ass hard.

“I was a Mormon growing up, my church group went on a mission trip to Uganda. Everyone else helped do charity work but the women there changed me, and I ended up fucking them more than helping. I fucked at least 70 women across the five villages we went to, including the village chiefs wife. I probably got every one of them pregnant too. Most of those black girls had never seen a real white person before so their first experience is me cumming in their pussy. Ever since I’ve only wanted black girls like you two. I left the church shortly after we returned, my mother was most upset because she saw me fucking some of the girls.” He explained.

“Jesus that’s so sexy. I want you to treat me like some worthless nigger fuck meat like those African girls. Fuck me like you fucked my little sister…” my sister begged him.

“Then get on your knees, bitch. Suck the cum off my cock like a good nigger slut, taste your sister’s cunt on my shaft bitch!” he ordered.

She turned around, and while on her hands and knees, sucked the cum and pussy juice from his cock like an obedient little slut. As I watched her I thought about her boyfriend, wondering what he was doing with “his” girl sucking on a white cock. What would our family say? Our mother, sister, or even her little boy from a past hookup from highschool. She got pregnant at 15 and was 28 now, her 13 year old black son watching mommy suck a white man’s cock like a whore would be eye opening for him. I decided to help out by getting her pussy warmed up. With her knelt on the bed sucking dick i got up behind her and ate her pussy out slowly. Should a sister commit incest by eating out her sister’s pussy? Maybe not, but in the black community, with all the hookups and baby momma’s and baby daddy’s, it’s hard to know whose who. I’m sure many a time a daddy/daughter, brother/sister, or some such combination has occurred resulting in a creampie and a pregnancy. So what’s the harm in eating my sister out like this then?

Some time later after she orgasmed from the double teaming, James spun her back around and pressed his hard wet cock against the pink slit of her black pussy. “Oh Jesus Christ, Marie! How the fuck did you fit this thing in there? It’s fucking huge! Jesus! It’s stretching me open! Oh FUCK!” she screamed as his insertion brought her to near orgasm. He fucked her hard, slapping and spanking her ass repeatedly and holing her flopping, dangling tits pulling her into his cock harder and harder. Her plump, thick ass rippling as his hips slap against it. “Is his white cock better than your boyfriend’s? Does that pussy belong to white boys only now?” I asked her as my boyfriend ravaged her cunt from behind.

“Oh fuck yes! Your boyfriend’s white cock owns my nigger pussy! He fucking owns this pussy! Oh fuck I want a white baby! I’ve never taken dick like this before!” she screamed as he drilled her cunt like an oil rig.

“Holy shit , baby, I’m not gonna last much longer! I’m gonna fucking bust in your sister’s pussy! I’m gonna creampie your sister’s slutty nigger pussy! FUCK SHE’S SO TIGHT! He groaned as he collapsed his weight on her. They went from a doggy style fuck to a prone-bone breeding creampie. Watching it wasn’t good enough for me so I got my phone and took a video. Now my slutty sister will never be able to deny fucking a white man, and cheating too. I knew I’d be sharing my man with my slutty family a lot from now on, my mom and other sister would hear about him and want a turn, and knowing my boyfriends past, he’ll be happy to fuck them all. Her eyes shot open as the cum flowed into her waiting cunt, he pumped every drop of cum into her, just like he did with me. The rest of the night we spent cuddling together in my small dorm room bed. James the sexy white center of this Ebony Oreo. Our tits against his chest and our leaking pussies by his thighs. My roommate must’ve come back with a boy from the night club cause she wasn’t there when we woke up. A nice chance for an early morning threesome…


I hope you enjoyed this one! My apologies for any offensive language, the idea for this story came from my black neighbor friend who reads these stories. We talked about the second part of this story and she assured me that it’s a big turn on for a lot of black women. I’m about a month and a half pregnant now, and my pussy is so sensitive to any stimulation. My husband makes me orgasm a dozen times every day now. I know I teased it at the end of my last story, but my husband and I had a swap meet with that same neighbor and her husband, needless to say I got to try my first real BBC and my husband got his first real ebony pussy. Me being pregnant meant we didn’t need condoms so I got it raw and deep. If you want the story, I plan on posting it here sometime soon. I hope you’re excited for it!

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By Courtney
#Cheating #Incest #Interracial #Threesome