Marks life story – Chapter 3 Sex Story

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By Kiddy Kisser

Classified as a Heavy rape/Dark fantasy

The first week of classes were interesting to say the least, on Monday during business ethics Eric called Teri to the front of class, she was dressed in a very sexy business outfit, a white crop top button up blouse with the top three or four buttons undone, showing plenty of cleavage from her full D cups, with a grey crop top vest that showcased her tummy and the belly button piercing hanging down was a playboy bunny logo that rested just above a grey pencil skirt that barely covered the straps of her garter belt but did not cover the lacey embellishments at the hem of her black stockings and black 6″ high heels, she had ruby red lipstick and her makeup made her look flawless,

“Teri here is a perfect example of proper business attire for women, I’ve noticed a few of you have made admirable attempts but this is what every businessman wants to see around the office every day,

“That is some sexist bullshit” a young girl named Gina shouted

“Come up to the front of the class dear” Eric said pointing at the opinionated young woman, Gina was dressed in a woman’s Brown power suit with stripes, complete with jacket and bell bottom slacks, slightly form fitting but left little skin uncovered or completely obscured,

Gina stood up and moved to the front of the class next to Teri, “Mr. Swanson, what I’m wearing is perfectly acceptable business attire” she stated confidently.

Eric, moved to Gina and began pointing out to the class that part of a woman’s job in the office was to make the environment more comfortable and relaxing for the members of the company that earn the most money for the executives, and that by covering all of her skin she was encouraging the men to use their imaginations to picture what she looked like under all that cloth, when showing just enough like Teri would prevent this waste of valuable cognitive resources, as well as providing a relaxed environment to allow for a more productive staff.

Gina again protested about the unfair nature of the business world, and in response Eric dismissed Teri and took a dumbfounded Gina into the hallway and told her to report to the dean for disciplinary action, and gave her butt a smack as she walked to the administration building, and she turned to glare at him as she walked away.

Eric had us taking a quiz to judge what we already knew,
“Just take one from the desk there he said as he rendered the room” he came over to my desk and said,
“I need to talk to you after class, so hang out, ok” and went to his desk, as he sat down I thought I could hear a female voice come from the front of the room but Eric was the only one I could see in that direction,

“When you finish you can leave them on the last desk by the door and then you are free for the rest of the class” Eric announced as the class began to take the quiz,

I was about 5 questions in when I heard a bang come from Eric’s desk he cursed and started rubbing his knee under in desk,

when I was almost finished I noticed Eric was on social media of playing a game on his phone under his desk, ignoring the students as they left their quizzes on the last desk by the door as instructed,

I was done and waiting for the rest of the class to leave, I noticed Eric mumbling to himself while still screwing around with his phone, strange guy I thought to myself, then the last student left the room and Eric said
“please close the door and come over here”

I did and as I approached his desk he pushed away from it for the first time since I arrived, and a young black haired girl started crawling out from under his desk when she stands up I see it is Willow from women’s studies,

“From the look on your face you have already meet Willow…what you don’t know is I work for Elias and so does Willow, she is a plant here to help smooth things out with our operations” he said with a huge smile on his face,

“He he he he, this is the master’s new protege huh? He’s cute, do you think Elias will get mad if I fuck him?” Willow said looking up at Eric,

“Yea baby, he is still on his probationary period, Elias will let you know when you can be free with him, now go to your next class before you’re late…Mark” he began addressing me,
“Elias wanted me to tell you that he and the dean wanted to talk to you after classes on wednesday” with that he went and collected the quizzes and returned to his desk.

“Sounds like a plan to me” I said as I went about the rest of my day.

“UGHHHHH” I can’t believe the arrogance of that bastard, he wants me to go to the dean, sure I’ll go to the dean, I’ll go to him and tell him I want to press charges for sexual harassment, that will show the prick Gina thought to herself as she stormed through the campus toward the deans office,

“HEY GINA!” Kris her roommate was running across the common to her,
“Where are you stomping off, girl?”

“Oh my God, I can’t even tell you right now I’m so pissed I can’t think straight, I’m going to the deans office to file a sexual harassment report, I’ll tell you all about it in the room later, K” Gina said while continuing to flounce her way to the administrative building, Kris says ok as she peels off toward her next class.

“Hello, can I help you?” Lauren the Secretary said as Gina entered the management office,

“Yes, I need to see the dean, I need to submit an official…”

“Oh, you are Gina, he is expecting you, please go directly there, last office at the end of the hallway dear” she interrupted the girl and then answered the ringing phone in front of her”

Even more frustrated Gina goes into the dean’s office and sits down in the plush red chair in front of his desk, not even noticing the man standing in the corner of the room,
“Mr, Cross, I’m afraid that I have to tell you…”

“Please,…” he looks at a file on his desk, ” Gina is it…call me Albert, I want you to take a deep breath and explain what has you so upset and why Eric is telling me that you were being disrespectful in class?”

Gina takes a deep breath, ok you can do this, he is obviously concerned for my emotional state, just calm down and tell him what happened, she thought to herself,
“Well in Mr, Swansons class we were supposed to dress in business attire so, as you can see, I did…but when class started he called a girl dressed like a hussy to the front and told us that what she was wearing, which belonged in a cheap porno, was what he expected all the girls to wear” she took another deep breath,
“so I pointed out that this was sexist and inappropriate, and he made me stand in front of the class while he humiliated me with his sexist point of view, then he sent me here for pointing out his sexism and smacked my bottom when I turned to leave” she was breathing heavy again,

“Ok, it’s ok, I understand completely, just take some deep breaths and relax Gina I have everything under control” he filled a glass with water and handed it to the shaken girl, which did quite a bit to set he at ease,
“I have had my suspicions about Eric Swanson for some time now, and in light of that I invited a friend of mine to our meeting” he gestured at the man in the corner,

“Hello young lady, my name is Elias and I am an investigator with the FBI, we have suspicions that Mr. Swanson is part of a human trafficking organization, If you wouldn’t mind coming with me I would like to take you to our office to look through some photographs for us, we believe you may be able to identity a number of his accomplices, can you do that for us miss?”

“Um, sure, but I still want to press charges for sexual harassment”

“Of course, of course, we will have the paperwork ready when you get back” Albert assured her,

With that Elias walks over to the teen and offered his hand, she took it and they went out to his Benz, and drove for a while until he arrived at a large building with neon lights all over it, as he started pulling into the secure parking garage in the basement she started to panic,

“HEY, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU TAKING ME!” she screams as she starts leaning into the front seat, just then Elias pokes a needle into the girls shoulder and with a shock she cries out “NOOOOOOO” and out she goes,

“Get her out and into one of the holding cells” Elias says as he gets out of the car, “where is Ivan?” He barks at the nearest goon, he points to a small office by the elevator, Elias walks over and opens the door,

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah” the young girl propped up on a chair was no more than 12yo and had Ivan’s 6″ dick assaulting her little cunt over and over and clearly was enjoying the experience, she gave Elias a pitiful glance as the broken girl resigned herself to her obvious fate,

“Hey, Ivan I brought another problem child from the university, this one had a roommate that will have to join her soon so there isn’t too much of a stink about it around the campus” Elias said as he undressed and brought his semi-hard cock up to the little whores mouth which she accepted without protest or hesitation,
“I see you got little Suzy all trained up and ready for the escort service…ugh, just like that whore” he grunted as he grabbed the girls head and started fucking her face as hard as Ivan was fucking her cunt,

“Da, it take 2 years, but she is good fuck toy now, she can even take double penetrations, if men aren’t too big” he said in his thick Russian accent, *smack* *smack* *smack* he spanks her ass as he pounds the tight 12 yo pussy wrapped around dick,
“It was good you men did not kill her with rest of family, staging car accident let us keep her while world believes she is dead”

“Ah, ah, oh,” the girl moans as she gasps for air, as snot and drool drip from her nose, lips, and tongue, the broken little whore looked up at Elias as if to beg for a reprieve, he just grinned his evil grin and pulls his property off of Ivan’s dick and rammed his cock into her sloppy hole until he bottomed out in her

“Ho, unnnnngh” Suzy moaned as he proceeded to fuck the preteens cunt and making sure to press his head into her cervix at the peak of each thrust,
“Ohhhh, huh, uh, uh, uh,”

Elias grabbed the 12 yo whore behind the knees and lifted her up while positioning himself at the entrance of her abused pussy, with a single motion he impaled the preteen on his dick hard dick being sure to grind her little clit into his pubic hair,

this stimulation drove the little girl into a frenzied orgasm she had completely lost control of her body she started trying to say something but it all just came out was grunts and groans, Elias pulled out of her and laid he back down on the chair in just enough time to unloaded ropes of cum all over her body and face, and Ivan followed suit having seen the girl cum so hard,

The men clean themselves up, as the girl is in no state to do it for them and dress, as they leave another woman no more than 20 starts cleaning up the room and the wrecked 12 yo Suzy, preparing her for her new life as a preteen escort, exclusively reserved for use by the more depraved career government gentlemen and Elias himself of course,

“So, what is this new whore you bring to me?” Ivan asks Elias with an inquisitive and slightly expectant tone in his voice,

“Before you ask, yes you can send this one back to Russia, our methods won’t be effective enough to justify the cost of training her, but her roommate, as I understand, is just our type, nobody we can’t bribe or lie to in her life so she stays here in the club, understand?”

“Good, thank you, this is becoming very good business for us, American girls are very popular in Russia”

Elias pointed at Ivan and winked as he made his way around the car,
“I’m headed to the college to keep a eye on things there, have fun with your new toy, I know how you like the fresh ones”

With that Elias got in and drove away, and Ivan went to the elevator and waived over a couple of his goons, they arrived at the holding cells and Ivan snapped his fingers and pointed at the wall,
“Video” he said

A goon grabbed a video camera off the charger and turned it on, as he followed his boss down the hall, the light flickered in the cells which were small with a small bed and a toilet directly next to it, no sink or any other furniture, at the end was a large cell with some things in it, a pillory, what could only be described as a wooden chair but with ropes hanging off of it and no real seat to speak of, and a large wooden X with Gina nude and strapped into it facing Ivan, still waking from the drugs Elias had given her,

“…up whore……said…whore……I said, wake up whore” Gina’s eyes snap open and she feels a pain in her cheek, *smack*
another blow lands across her left cheek this time,

“Owww, stop it” Gina cries

“Good she awake, get camera over here” Ivan says and a goon appears at his side with a video camera,
“See camera whore?” He says as he grabbed the teen girls face and points it at the camera,
“We make porn now. If you fight back I make it snuff porn, you understand?” Ivan says as he turns her eyes to his menacing glare,

Gina starts to freak out,
“No,no,no,no,no,no, pleeeeesae, don’t hurt me,he,he,he,he” she began crying as tears began to stream down her rosy cheeks
“I didn’t do anything to you, why are you doing th…” *smack*

Another blow lands across her left breast,

“You will talk only when told you can”
Ivan turns to the camera he nods and the red light starts to blink,
“Today is first training for new whore” he says as he directs the camera down to Ginas feet and the cameragoon slowly pans up he body paying special attention to he pussy and breasts while the dejected girl sobbed but remained silent otherwise,

When he reached her face, Ivan pushed the cameragoon away and began to grope the young girls body as the camera moved in for a tighter shot Ivan grabbed the teen girl by the throat and licked her from chin to ear, she started to whimper and cry but fear kept her from protesting,

his other hand began exploring Gina’s pussy pinching and rubbing her clit while dipping into her vagina from time to time,

“Nooo ho ho ho, pleeease” she cried *smack* a blow lands on her sensitive clit,
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa” she responded

he brought his lips to hers and took his hand off of her neck and pinched and twisted her nipple till she gave out a yelp, at which point he shoved his tongue into her mouth and kissed her forcefully ending with a bitten and pulled lip,

he moved right into sucking her tits and biting her nipples, while sliding two fingers into her slightly moistened vagina,

“Oh god no, please” she whimpered as felt the violation,
“Nooooooooo ho ho ho ho, pleeeeeeeas, don’t rape me” Gina went into a panicked frenzy, screaming, kicking, and struggling against her restraints as she saw the camera pass to an already naked goon as the other begins to undress,

“He, he, he, he” Ivan chuckled as he pulled his fingers from her pussy and gave her right tit a smack,
“Quiet” he barked at her as began and undress as well

“Please, my dad has money, he will pay any ransom, just don’t rape me, pleeeeeese” the girl started crying again but she was clearly getting tired,

Ivan took a moderately sized butt plug out if a cabinet on the wall and began to spread lube all over it, he came up behind his unsuspecting victim and expertly poped it into her asshole before she had a chance to respond to the intrusion,

“Ahhhhhhhh, ow ow ow ow, oh God it hurts!” The young teen screamed as her butthole was forced open and an object lodged itself firmly her the anus,

“Shut your whore mouth” Ivan yelled in the girls face, instilling fear but not obedience,

“Please, Just let me go I won’t say…” Ivan grabbed a wooden paddle with holes in it, undid the straps holding the girls wrists and pushed Gina over and let a hard blow ring out across both of her butt cheeks instantly producing a series of welts and a yelp from Gina that cut off her protests,
“Talk again and it’s your tits next” he growled in her face,

Ivan walked over to the sobbing teen, grabbed her chin, looked into her eyes, and said
“Time for first show, this is your life now, until you accept your place” he unstrapped her, picked her up and placed her in the pillory, head and hands locked between two boards, and inserted a steel hook into her asshole and pulled up on the rope forcing her to the balls of her feet,

“Oh, no, God no please, not like this, please, I’ll do…” *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* *smack* he assaults her tits with a series of smacks aimed at her nipples ending in a double titty twister,

“No talking” Ivan ordered, as he began to force this dick into her mouth,
“Remember, I make this snuff film if you fight back”

The girl reluctantly started sucking on his dick while tears were running down her nose and falling on to the base of her rapist’s cock, this continued for a minute until a goon moved in behind her and started to penetrate her tight pussy

“Mmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmm” she screamed into Ivan’s cock as her pussy received its first adult cock, the camera begins to pan from the vaginal assault to the oral one, Ivan grabbed the pillory and forces himself as deep into her mouth as the inexperienced teen could manage and began to pump cum into her mouth, he pulled out and she started puking cum all over the floor, and gasping for air her eyes had gone blank and she was giving soft moans as the goon pumped away at her teen cunt,

Ivan took the camera and the other goon started using her mouth, the goon behind her was pounding furiously and Ivan swung the camera around just in time to catch him unloading all over her back,

The goon then lowered the hook in her ass and pulled it out with an audible *pop* the teen went limp hanging from her wrists and neck because her butt couldn’t quite reach the floor from the pillory,

After the goon in her mouth unloaded on Ginas face and hair, Ivan passed the camera to him and pulled the limp girl up and positioned his cock at the entrance to her asshole,

when he started to penetrate her ass she came back to life,
“Uuuggghhh, no, please no more” Ivan could hear her mumble with what was left of her strength *smack* he gave her pussy a hard blow, as he began to work himself in and out of her tight ass she just started sobbing and relaxed her muscles as much as she could to lessen the pain, and then she started to feel warm between her legs, Ivan was massaging her clit while gently fucking in and out of her ass,

“Ohhhh” to her own suprise a lustful moan escaped her lips, and then another, and another, there is no way I can like being raped…..can I?, she thought,
“ohhhhh, ohhhh” God what is wrong with me, I can’t help myself,
“Uhhhhg, ohhhh, ohhhh, fuck” her eyes start to roll back and her hips begin to move on their own, she couldn’t believe what was happening to her, why did her body respond to the assault she was receiving?, why was this happening to her?, when would it end?, as the questions ran through her head she lost herself and started cumming,

Gina’s mind had gone blank while she was repeatedly brought to orgasm with each man embedded in her asshole, and the whole thing was videotaped for the black market, and when they were done a group of young girls came in to clean up her and the mess left behind.

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By Kiddy Kisser
#PreTeen #Rape #Teen #Threesome