Marks life story – Chapter 2 Sex Story

#Blackmail #Incest #Rape #Teen

By Kiddy Kisser

Again if I were to classify this story it would be a dark fantasy.

My first day of classes were what you might expect just an introduction to the teachers and a syllabus outlining the course material pretty basic stuff, the only things of note were the business ethics teacher Eric Swanson had a extra credit thing for students that dressed in established business attire for the whole term and when he said told the class he added an odd “ladies” at the end,

also the business management teacher Stephen Kerr had some kind of extra credit for students that ran a business of some kind on the side, there was also the business finance teacher Amanda Ling who was wearing a dress that showed plenty of cleavage and was short enough that when she spun from the chalkboard to the class you could just make out the white cotton panties she had on and I’m pretty sure I glimpsed a small wet spot,

the HR policies teacher was a total bitch, Diane Wright, she blamed all the world’s problems and by extension her own on men and a patriarchal society, no big surprise to find out she use to be a women’s lib teacher before her husband divorced her and she was forced to take work in this shitty little college town, then the weirdest one of all the women’s studies teacher Ann Smith wasn’t even there just some instructions on the board and a stack of syllabi on the desk,

the girls in class however were a sight to behold, most were beautiful and had great curves to boot, there were four though that really caught my eye, a young looking black haired girl named Willow that swore she was 18yo but nobody could believe it, she didn’t look any older than 15yo but her drivers licence said otherwise, a voluptuous 19yo named Teri in a Pi Cappa Beta sorority tank top at least one size too small for her ample bust and auburn locks flowing half way down her chest, a gorgeous 18yo Lisa with blonde, almost white, hair and innocent look about her,

then there was Sarah, the only one I recognized, she was my ex from high school, I was on the wrestling team and she was head cheerleader we hooked up a few times but when I caught her after a match sucking some random guy off she got all bitchy and wouldn’t put out anymore so I told her we were over and she spent the rest of the year making my life a living hell, looks like she is on the cheer squad here too, great now I have a poison pill screwing up my chances with these cuties.

After classes I went back to the dorm room,
“Jesus Christ this place is so fucking tiny, I have to find out a better living situation” I say to Paul as I enter the room,

“yea it looked bigger before we moved all our shit in here, but if you do find an apartment I’d be happy to split the rent to get out of this place…then again without you here It might just be livable, Ha ha ha ha”

“seriously though I think I’ll start keeping an eye out for something close by”
With that I decided to go for a walk in the commons to see if I can find any cute girls to talk to. The fresh air was great and to scenery wasn’t too bad either, I noticed that it was pretty dead out, you would see the odd couple around but not much else, So eventually I found myself sitting on a bench daydreaming when a small pinch in my pocket grabbed my attention, I reached in and pulled out the small black card Elias had given me, on it were ten numbers that he said could change my life, “ahhh fuck it” I pull out my phone and dial the number, the other line picks up and a woman answers,

I explain how a man gave me this card and was quickly interrupted “1472 E44th Ct. go there now” and the line went dead. I enter the address into the navigation and see it is on the edge of town in the industrial district.

As I am getting close it is clear that the neighborhood is not friendly, there is trash and graffiti everywhere and I’m certain I saw a man being stabbed and robbed about 4 blocks ago and in front of me a woman is being forcibly relieved of her clothes and as I drive by I swear I saw a police jacket in the pile of clothes the rapists left on the ground, not my problem though I wished I had time to enjoy the show and maybe join in the fun but I didn’t want to be late to my meeting so it would have to wait for another time, I put a pin on the location in my GPS as a reminder,

several blocks later the area turns industrial and and my navigation is telling me I have arrived, it’s a run down old warehouse with no windows and only one small door next to the dock, I try the door and it swings open with a loud *bang* I step in and close the door behind me and am enveloped in darkness, there is a circle of light in the middle of the mostly open space and there are a few people in it,

as I approach I see a woman no older than 25 in only a corset and 12″ platform stilettos with nipple clamps attached to her nipples on her easily DD breasts, there is a small chain between them suspending a small metal weight, she had light brown hair curly and down just past her shoulders, and a small black v of hair above and pointing down to her clit, she has a leather blindfold on and she has a collar with a chain attached and at the other end is Elias sitting in a red velvet chair with Amber completely nude execpt for a collar identical to the other woman’s, in between his legs with her red head bobing up and down in his lap,

without missing a step I said ” hey Elias, good to see you”

“come on over my boy, I’d like to introduce you to someone” as I enter the circle of light Elias gives the lead in his hand a sharp tug and the woman stumbles forward as a small whimper escapes her lips, it is then that I realise there is a muffeled buzzing noise coming from the woman’s crotch and she just stepped out of a small pool of liquid that had formed under her.

As she steadied herself she spoke, “please master may this slut cum?” Elias barked back, “if you are so pathetic you can’t control your self in front of our guest, then by all means cum your little brains out, but if you do, you will have to insert the 6 inch cone into your ass directly after you orgasm as punishment for your lack of self control, understood slut?”

“Yes master, thank you for your wisdom master” and with that the woman squatted down and began to moan loudly as another pool of liquid began to form around her high heels, as she did Elias reached behind his chair and pulled out a leather doctors bag and removed a rather girthy cone from it and set it on the floor by to the still convulsing woman next to him,

then Elias grabbed the back of Ambers head and forced himself as deep down his daughters throat as he could unloading his sperm directly into her stomach,

“damn does she have no gag reflex?” After he was finished he pulled her head off of his cock and threw her to the floor as she choked and gasped for air,

“No, I trained that out of her when she was 8, she can hold my cock in her throat for about four and a half minuets before she loses consciousness” he said rather matter of a factly, turning to the woman
“are you done cumming yet slut, we don’t have all day here”

“Yes master, sorry master, right away master” as she replied she began to insert the cone into her anus, about 3/4 of the way down she seemed to have some trouble, and Elias walked over to her and put a finger under her chin and made her look him in the eyes, do you want to remain my slave or are you done with this little game of ours?”

“Yes master, sorry master, right away master” and with that she lifted her feet off the ground and impaled her self on the huge plug with a loud moan and an audible pop as the vibrator was forced from her dripping cunt, I picked up the still buzzing toy from in front of me and motion toward the woman, Elias nods,

I reach down and insert the vibrator back where it belongs as the woman groans in pain and pleasure, when her breathing steadied he pulled the lead to force her to stand up, he removed her blindfold and said “meet your women’s studies teacher miss Smith…well say hello to your new student slut” the broken woman looks up at me with shame in her eyes and redder cheeks than I’ve ever seen naturally on a person

“hello young man it is a pleasure to meet you” I am still reeling at what I just herd this woman who was acting so subservient to Elias was my women’s studies teacher,

” um….hi” is all I could get out, this woman that I just put a vibrator into was one of my teachers?

“Well slut, how do you properly greet one of my guests?” Elias asked her; miss Smith immediately got down on her knees in front of me, undid my pants, pulled out my cock and started sucking it like it held the elixir of eternal life,

her tongue was acrobatic, she did things in her mouth I never knew were possible and that had me cumming in a few minuets, I grabbed her head and mimicked what my new mentor did to his daughter and when I was done I pushed her down next to Amber and told them to clean each other up,

“not so fast there scout, they only follow their masters orders, don’t you whores?”

“Yes master” the pair replied in unison,

“but I do like your taste my boy, so do as he said and clean each other up while I have a conversation with my new protege here”

“Yes master” and with that the girls began to lick and suck each other clean.

Elias and I walked to the other side of the circle of light and he began to tell me that he was the head of an international escort service and cam girl site and it was making him filthy rich, he explained how the college was heavily funded by many of his foundations and companies and he was on the board of directors there, he also explained how the women’s studies class was meant to be a recruiting tool for his organization and that most of the teachers are on his payroll, as well as much of the local police department along with the director of the local FBI field office, and a few judges to boot,

We discussed how he uses a combination of drugs, hypnosis, and blackmail to gain compliance from women to feed his business, and that if I agreed that I could be taught these things and maybe one day take over the organization from him, it was honestly all a bit much to take in at once,

my head was almost spinning thinking about the possibilities but eventually I turned to Elias, who had returned to the girls now complete with there cleaning and were now kneeling in front of their master like two puppies,

in a low steady voice Elias was talking to both of them but I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying,

“what about college…do I just drop out?” He continues his low droll for a few more minuets and then turns to me and says

“your in a business curriculum right…so no, that will all come in handy I assume you took women’s studies like I suggested, so whatever you other elective is, you should drop that, I’ll make sure you have your final class open so you can come back here and learn how to turn good girls into obedient whores”

Thank God I can drop that horrible HR class, I thought to myself.
“oh that reminds me, a friend of mine has it on good authority that the dean of the college is in bed with the Russian mafia, is that something I should be worried about?” Elias’ eye widen and he look at me very seriously,

“your friend should keep his nose in his own business if he is who I think he is, and no, I know all about Alberts dealing with the Russians and it’s not a concern to either you or my business fair enough?”

“Fair enough” I reply as I begin to walk out of the light,

“wait, I have one more thing for you before you go” he was motioning for me to come over to where he had returned to the red velvet chair,
“A gift of sorts, miss Smith here is my slave but as she understands there is a certain amount of control you are being given over her, I used hypnosis to relieve her of many of her inhibitions, and while under hypnosis she allowed me to take a number of very compromising pictures of her and even a video of her doing some very illegal things, so she has grown quite compliant over these last two years, haven’t you slut”

“Yes master” the dejected woman replied

“so to be clear you can order her to wear slutty clothes to class, you can order her to perform sexual acts in private, and you can order her to provide higher or lower grades to other students, other than that if you have anything you need from her you will have to go through me first, as for Amber, she has been told that you own her body as far as sex is concerned, if you see her anywhere you can use her as you see fit.” Half amazed at the power Il was just given I simply said thank you and left the warehouse,

apon returning to the dorm Paul was pining some chemistry diagrams to his corkboard,
“hey man, what is that stuff” I asked as I collapsed into my bed,

“oh just some review material, I want to be ready for our first real day of classes” yea me to I thought to myself with fantasies of fucking miss Smith in front of the class running through my head,

“hey, have you herd about the dorm party that is suppose to be going on this weekend, it’s suppose to be a house warming thing for all the new students, I’m planing on making an appearance, how bout you?”

“I don’t know, parties aren’t really my thing”

“come on man you just need to learn how to look for the right girl, you probably want someone smart right?”

“Yea, but”

“but nothing, you just need to find the girl that is dresses moderately, long skirt or dress, modest makeup if any, little to no cleavage, that is showing, wink wink” i interrupted

“wow you seem to know a lot about this stuff, so you really think I could meet a girl at this thing?”

“Sure man, it’s for all new students so everyone will be nervous and talking to a nervous girl usually yeilds the best results”

“ok fine I’ll go but don’t try pushing too far”

“trust me man it will be fine, I’m going to crash now see you in the am”

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By Kiddy Kisser
#Blackmail #Incest #Rape #Teen