Marks life story – Chapter 1 Sex Story

#Abuse #Incest #Rape #Teen

By Kiddy Kisser

This is just chapter one of a much longer story I am still working on, I would classify the longer work as a dark fantasy.

My name is Mark and this is my story,
When I was born mother died so it was just me and my father until I was 11yo when he died in a car accident, they were both lawyers and left me a nice sum of money, enough that I decided to blow most of it on a really good education which is where my life really began.

On my first day moving into the dorms, I arrived at my room to find it empty there were two beds two desks two chairs and two wardrobes in the ridiculously small room, It was going to be a long year. I chose the bed on the right and started to unpack some of my boxes when my cell phone started to ring it was Marcus a friend I made in the difficult times I went through after my fathers accident, “what’s up man” I asked after fumbling to operate my phone with one hand,

“I’m trying to pack my shit in the tiny fuckin’ closet at the dorm”

“Hey dude, I told you to use some of that trust fund money to get an apartment, instead of living in those cracker boxes” Marcus alwas did like to make little racist jabs at me,

“I told you man they wouldn’t let me, damned lawyers” I interrupted

“anyway I just wanted to remind you if any of those college honeys want an inside line to the hard shit to give them my burner number” Marcus had started working for his cousin since he turned 16, first he was just running numbers and doing little deliveries from time to time but when he turned 18 he started running the drug side of the family business and he sold it all Cocaine, Heroine, Molly, Oxy, Fentanyl, you name it if it was illegal he sold it.

“Yea yea you told me like 6 times before I left, just remember to text me the new number after you decide to burn this one” just then the door to the room opened,
“hey Marcus I’ll hit you later gotta meet the roomie” as I put away my phone I saw a scrawny looking kid in thick glasses stumble into the room being pushed by one of the cutest teen girls I’ve seen in a while,

“Move your ass Paul, Daddy has lots of important business to get to, and we need you crap out of the car”

“Damn Amber cut it out” Paul said.

“Now now princess let’s remember our manners in public, and Paul go ahead and take your time moving in I have a business call to make” said the large figure behind the 5′ 7″ redhead

“excuse me sir, do you know where the bathrooms are” Amber asked me,

“down the hall to the right, opposite the showers” and off she went in a t-shirt that was obviously too small for her Dcups and a skirt that any cheerleader would think twice about, “so your name is Paul, I’m Mark, I guess we will be roommates” I said as I reached out to shake his hand,

“Yea, sorry about that, that was my sister Amber she has always been a bitch to me”

“Sorry to hear that man, is she going to school here too?”

” what, oh god no, she is a freshman in highshcool, she just turned 15 last month”

“oh sorry man, I didn’t mean to imply anything, she is kind of a bitch though”

” Ha ha ha ha, yea she sure is, it’s ok man I’m use to guys ogling her, she insists on dressing like a slut and my dad doesn’t seem to care so…….yea”
“I better get the rest of my things out of my dad’s car before he gets done with his busines call” and with that he left the room,

since I had a few more boxes of my own to get I started following him when I started getting the call of nature so I cut the other way to the bathrooms, as I was washing my hands o here a muffled scream coming from the other side, in the showers,

so I quietly made my way into the room and again a muffled scream and not a scared scream but a lustful one, I started to turn to leave and then I herd a low voice say

“what are you?” Then a high pitched and labored voice replied

“I’m daddy’s little whore” that stopped me in my tracks did I just hear that right,
“I’m daddy’s little cumdumpster, uh, mmgh, fuck your dirty whore daddy, huh, ommh, fill my ass with you cum”

“quiet down you dumb little bitch, someone will hear you”

“sorry daddy” by this time I had my hand in my pants and was getting close to needing more room, I also moved around and could see Paul’s sister pressed against the wall with her father behind her vigorously pounding in daughters asshole, the 15yo girl was in subspace her eyes had gone blank and drool coming from the tip of her tongue that was slightly protruding from her slack mouth,

just as I was thinking how to make my exit the man grunted and pushed hard into the teen slut and she started to moan and convulse while still looking mostly unconscious, that set me off and as it was unexpected I grunted hard gaining the attention of the girls father,

“Ha you like the show kid?…don’t answer it was a rhetorical question…so it would seem we have ourselves a little predicament here don’t we”

“daddy am I in trouble?” Amber the teen slut meekly chimed in,

“not yet whore, now let the men talk……as I was saying we seem to have a situation to deal with while I understand you may think you have some degree of power in this situation you don’t have nearly as much leverage as you might think”

“I know that I have enough for you to let me fuck your daughter” I stayed boldly also I didnt want to have to jerk off after all this excitement, with and evil grin he replied

“You got balls kid, I like that……Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, you want to rape my daughter? Sure have at her” he grabs Amber by the arm look her in the eyes and says,
“good girls are all whores” and Amber just stared off into nothing as he shoved her in my direction and walked out of the showers,

Amber just stared at the wall like she was waiting for something, until I grabbed her shoulders and turned her toward me while forcing her down to her knees, she immediately started undoing my pants and put my cock in her mouth until it was good a hard when she automatically bent over against the same spot her father had just used her ass at and waited for me to use her, as I moved in behind her I asked her if she enjoyed fucking her father and she just said
“good girls are all whores” so I slamed all of my 8″ cock into her cunt ball deep and she gave out a soft moan and pushed her ass back on me, as I started picking up pace I grabbed the hips and lifted her off the ground to get a better angle at he tight pussy,

as I started fucking her hard I felt myself push past her cervix, she gave out a loud yelp as I pulled out of her cervix and pushed back in, it was then that she went limp and slid off of my cock at the same time I started cumming causing a huge mess on and under her skirt, I turned on the shower so that the water was dribbling out of the head and causing splashing noises not normal in a shower and left the still convulsing 15yo whore to her fate, I went to the bathroom to splash some cool water in my face and went to get the last of my things, as I returned to my room with my final box a crowd had formed at the entrance to the shower and a young girl could be herd moaning and begging for cum, Paul was in the room finishing unpacking,

“Sounds like there is a proper fuckfest going on in the shower, you get in on that yet?”

“No man, I wouldn’t want to catch some disease from whatever whore is into that shit”

“Yea, probably for the best man” just then my phone began to ring it was Marcus again,
“sup bro, just hangin’ in the dorm with the roomie”

“hey dude I won’t be long just herd through the grapevine that the college you are in is owned by the same shady organization that bought my dad’s strip club out from under him, and the Dean there is suspected to have ties to the Russian mafia”

“what! how the fuck did you find that out?”

“whores man, I got a few whores that hear things, and that school is a front for something, I am certain of it”

“damn man you want me to keep my ear to the ground then?”

“Yea, just try to find out what you can about where their funding comes from, I got a feeling these guys are major competition for me and my family”

“ok I’ll do what I can on my end but don’t expect me to be filling your stables while I’m working on this” I wave goodbye to Paul and head out to my car

“no problem, I was mostly joking about sending me girls from a college anyway”

“Ok I’m headed to get some dinner if you hear anything else let me know ASAP”

“Yea, no doubt man, peace”

after getting some PHO (Vietnamese soup) I return to the dorms to find Amber and her father standing outside the door, “Hey kid, I want to have a talk with you” he said in a stern and firm tone with and steady and piercing stare,
“ok you want to talk in the…” he grabbed my elbow and led me to a large Mercedes-Benz.

“Get in” he said as he opened the door, and he pushed Amber in behind me before entering the car himself,
“don’t worry kid I’m not pissed at you for what you did to my daughter, actually I’m impressed not many people would have left a vulnerable 15yo girl on a shower floor covered in cum to be noticed by dozens of horney college boys that would undoubtedly use and abuse her, so again I’m impressed, you remind me of myself when I was your age, so I wanted to offer you an opportunity of sorts”

“what kind of opportunity are you taking about?”

“the incredibly lucrative kind…so what do you think kid, you want a chance to become richer than Bezos and more powerful that the president? the catch is virtually nobody in you life can ever know what you do for a living, do you think you want that?”

“Yes sir, I only have one question, who are you exactly?”

“You will learn everything in time, for now, here” he hands me a black card with a phone number on it and nothing else, “call that number after your classes tomorrow and you will take you first steps toward your new life and you can call me Elias” with that he opens the door and motions for me to get out, I do, and before he closes the door he says, “oh…and if you havent already signed up for womens studies do so, a young man like yourself could benefit greatly from that course” he winks and he closes the door and the Benz drives away, leaving me staring at 10 numbers on a black card that could be the best or the worst thing to happen to me in my entire life.

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By Kiddy Kisser
#Abuse #Incest #Rape #Teen