Making Daddy pay Sex Story

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When I was 10 my daddy came into my room and pulled off my bed clothes, he smelled of beer, daddy told me to be a good girl and be quiet as he took off his clothes and then climbed on top of me and pushed his thing into me, it hurt a lot and I cried and begged him to stop, he put his hand over my mouth and kept moving his thing in and out of me,

this went on till I was 14, almost every weekend, if I was home he was fucking me, he fucked me even if I had friends over, he would whisper in my ear how much he loved me and that he wanted me get my friends involved with him and let him fuck them as well,

I told my besty and told her not to tell anyone, she said she would not tell, but would not fuck daddy also,

I was sleeping over at her house one weekend and Linda came up with a plan, she told me we would get him for all he had done to me,

the next weekend came along and she slept over, which was normal, she had with her a suitcase, which was not normal, I asked what was in it she said you will see, before daddy got home from work Linda opened his bottle of rum and put a bunch of pills in it, she told me he will sleep after one drink of it,

daddy came home made his drink and sat down to watch the news, he always downed the first drink fast then the next drink would be sipped, well he did as normal but passed out almost right away after it, Linda and me came out of my room to see if anything happened, he was out in his chair,

Linda quickly went back to my room and grabbed the suitcase and had it out in the tv room she opened it and took out a massive black cock and a hardness, Linda said, ok Kelly take off your clothes and put this on, I stripped and Linda cat called, wow you are one hot and sexy slut, Kelly blushed from head to toe, Linda handed Kelly the harness and helped her put it on,

Kelly stood up straight, Linda looked at a girl with dd tits and a 12 inch black cock strapped to her frame, she smiled and told Kelly DAM wish it was my ass you are going to destroy tonight, Kelly told Linda be a good cunt and you just may get your wish, Linda and Kelly both laughed

Linda with the help of Kelly took her dad out of the chair and Linda cut his pants and underwear off of him, they rolled him over and Linda took handcuffs and ankle cuffs out of the suitcase, she used them to tie Tom face down with hands over head and chained to his chair and his legs spread wide and chained to the couch,

it looked very uncomfortable, Linda smiled at her handy work, she said ok Kelly its your turn, Linda handed Kelly a bottle of anal lube, she told her to lube his asshole and to push the top of the bottle up his ass and squeeze lots in his ass, Kelly did as she was told,

Linda told her, take the head of the cock and lube it up as well, then put it to his asshole, Kelly got in place, Linda snapped a smelling salts under Tom’s nose to wake him, he sputtered to life and right away felt things are wrong,

Linda said now, Kelly pushed the monster up her daddy’s ass, Tom howled, Linda told him to shut the fuck up, kelly started to fuck his ass, Tom grunted and growled at them both, if you dont stop right now I will beat your asses and Linda will never be allowed back here and you will never leave this house, just as he said then Linda pushed Kelly’s ass downward to push my cock in Toms ass, he groaned in pain, Linda told Kelly dont stop, fuck him harder and she did

Tom was grunting and grinding his teeth as Kelly started to really pound Tom’s asshole, Kelly was enjoying it, the noise of Tom in pain grunting, to her her breathing hard, the words Linda spoke, Linda told Keyy to fuck your slut as hard and fast as I wished, to make him your property, to make him know who owns that ass you are fucking,

Kelly was ramming into him deep, making him take it all, each time she rammed it all in he would cry out, Kelly was getting wet herself, her cunt was starting to need attention, Kelly told Linda, my cunt is getting wet, Linda reached over and put her hand between Kelly legs and felt her wet cunt, she took her fingers and rubbed Kelly, Kelly moaned at the touch, Linda took her fingers away and licked them clean, Kelly giggled at what Linda did

Linda told Kelly dont stop, keep fucking him, Tom was grunting and groaning but not in so much pain anymore, Kelly fucked him deep as she could, and on one of her many thrusts into his asshole Tom shot his load of cum, he had never cum so hard in his life before, when his cumming was over he dropped flat on the floor he was spent

Kelly pulled out of his ass, Tom did not move he was spent and passed out

Linda took the cock off Kelly and took the opportunity to lick Kellys bald cunt, Linda eat Kelly out and made her cum three times in a row Kelly pushed her away from her cunt and it was over stimulated, Kelly asked if they could do more, Linda told Kelly later as she as going to fuck Tom,

Linda took out of the suitcase another monster cock, this one thicker and longer, 5 inches across and 16 inches long, she told Kelly, Tom will take his over time but he will take it all, Linda lined up behind Tom and pushed the head of it into him, Toms eyes flew open wide and he screamed

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#Bisexual #PreTeen #Rape #Teen #Threesome