Living Again After Growing Old-12 Sex Story

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By 4everhorny

Please read the previous part here (/2024/04/living-again-after-growing-old-11/ ). Now let’s continue

Now it was a no brainer and I too removed my saree and rest of my clothes. He made me lay on the quilt and got on top. Thanks to dark tints on the glasses I felt comfortable that no one could peep inside.

We got into 69 where he ate my pussy while I gave him a blowjob. Then he got on top and we had a quick 30mins love making session. This time too I made him cum in my mouth, firstly because I wanted to drink his juice.

Second because I wanted to avoid making a mess in the car. All the while the engine was running with AC on full, despite that we were both panting and sweating heavily.

He gave me a towel to clean. I wiped him first then myself. Then he got dressed and gave me my new inners and the clothes he had taken out to wear.

This was my first time having sex in a car and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I wore the new clothes and folded my old saree with the rest and kept it in my bag. I was sure I will only need the saree again while returning home.

Before I was about to step out Putta said “pack your footwear also”. I looked at him puzzled, I asked “what will I wear then”? Putta took out bright red colour heeled sandals from his bag and gave them to me.

He said “from now on you will not wear any of your old clothes”. I don’t know how he found out my shoe size but whenever he would have bought them, his choice was superb and I loved it.

I got out and sat in the front passenger seat, I recollected I was actually wearing everything new now which Putta had bought me. Soon we were back on the road again and after a few hours we reached a posh star hotel by 9am.

It sure looked very expensive to me. We got down from the SUV and now I felt shy being in public wearing these new clothes and I told Putta about it. He put his hand around my waist pulling me on to him.

He said “relax Munni, You are looking really hot and insanely gorgeous”. I couldn’t help blushing at his compliment and buried my face in his chest. He said “Munni next three days and nights no one will bother us and you do not have to worry about anything except me. Are you happy”?

I playfully patted his chest and said “yes I am very happy darling. I only wish this would be permanently like this”. He kissed my forehead and said “patience dear, patience. It will happen”.

Soon the hotel staff came to us and carried our bags. Putta had booked the room under Mr. Pramod Dayal and Mrs. Sarita Dayal. I felt very shy when the receptionist welcomed us calling that name and asked us for ID proof.

Pramod gave his while I gave mine. The receptionist was confused because my last name was different. Pramod pitched in saying “We just got married a week ago, so it will take time to get everything updated”.

She smiled and gave us the room keys. She said softly to me “Maam your room is ready just the way you wanted”. I shyly smiled at her without being able to utter a word.

Before walking towards the elevator I somehow mustered a thank you to her. She wished us a good time and we went with the attendant to our room.

When we entered our suite I was shocked to see the grandeur, there was a super king sized bed in the middle decorated with rose petals of various colours.

While I was still frozen taking in the luxurious room and amenities the attendant left placing our bags in the closet. Putta locked the door and came up behind me.

He hugged me tightly with his face over my shoulder, he asked “so Munni darling, how do you like your honeymoon suite”? I said “I am still struggling to come to reality because this is all unbelievably awesome”.

He slipped his hands inside my top cupping my tits softly and asked “do you believe it now”? I squirmed at his touch, I said “yes hubby darling, I believe it”. He kissed my neck and asked “can we begin our honeymoon because the roses are waiting for us”?

I excitedly said “yes darling, I am also finding it hard to resist the temptations”. Then when I was about to unbutton my top he stopped me, he said “let me have the pleasure of undressing my bride”.

I blushed with overflowing shyness hearing this. Putta walked me closer to the bed, then he pressed some buttons on the remote and all the lights dimmed creating a nice romantic ambience.

He turned me to face him and we locked in a loving embrace followed by a long passionate kissing session. Then he made me lie on the bed of roses and came on top.

He started opening the buttons of my top and kissing my body that uncovered. He did this till the last button and stayed glued to tonging my navel.

He was seriously driving me crazy just like when he did me the first time. I quickly got rid of my top while he focussed on my mid-riff. Next he went further down unbuttoning my jeans and kissing everywhere while sliding it down and off my feet.

My jeans landed somewhere in the room while he was showing his love to my feet especially my toes. My body was trembling with pleasures and my orgasm was building close to boiling point.

Then he began his journey back upwards in exactly the same way he went down. He stopped at my bra and kissed my chest all over before unhooking it. I quickly removed it throwing it somewhere.

He went crazily after my tits as if he was seeing them for the first time. My big hard erect nipples were desperate for his mouth, so I held his face and gently guided his mouth there.

He latched on to them as if he was my baby drinking milk from them. Now my orgasm went past the boiling point and soon erupted thru my body making me tremble crazily as if some supernatural force had entered my body.

I don’t know how long after I came to my senses, I saw Putta was tugging at my panty trying to pull them down. I raised my buttocks to make it easier for him and they too landed somewhere in the room.

The moment my panties came off I opened my legs wide dying in anticipation of when he would eat my love triangle. Putta did not waste a second and dived right in eating me and lapping up my juices from my just concluded orgasm.

Like I have said many times before, his tongue is magical and true to the word was driving me mad towards another orgasm quickly. Putta relentlessly continued to love my pussy with his tongue like that was the only thing on today’s menu.

I too didn’t want to stop him because I was also on the edge. Soon he gave me another earth shattering orgasm which felt like it was the first one of my life.

When I opened my eyes Putta had just finished removing his clothes and got on top. We smooched again for a long while, then I said “now it is my turn to make my hubby darling happy”.

He jokingly said “Munni darling you have three full days and nights to do that, right now I want to finish some urgent unfinished business first”. All this while his oversized manhood was already massaging my overly lubricated lips below so I already knew what was coming next.

He guided his missile inside me with perfection like a guided weapon and started rocking me slowly. I cannot describe perfectly in words but today I was feeling like a was a young woman again experiencing martial bliss for the first time.

Today we did not switch positions and continued like this only. My body was repeatedly convulsing with orgasms while I felt I was basking in sexual pleasure heaven.

Finally, Putta got close to his eruption because I felt him speed up before slowing down after successfully invading me with his millions of baby making soldiers.

I held him tightly so he would not pull out and roll over to my side because I wanted to continue feeling him inside me, feeling my real husband inside me. Feel this, this new and real hubby of mine who gave me two orgasms even before he entered me with his missile.

Putta was looking into my eyes realising the tight grip I had on him while I now kissed all over his face from below. He asked “how are you feeling Munni darling”?

I said “Putta darling, I am feeling like the luckiest woman on this planet after becoming your wife”. He said “I am happy to hear that. What do you suggest we do now”?

To be continued….

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By 4everhorny
#Cheating #Mature #Teen