I Need To Be Fucked Sex Story

#Mature #Threesome

By Carol

Well that didn’t take long. A couple of days ago I went to Fantasyland and was fucked half to death. Now I woke up this morning horny and ready for more. I just can’t help myself. Now to decide what to do today. Ok Illl have my coffee take a shower and then decide.

What another beautiful day here in Florida. I’m sitting at my table naked and debating what to do. I can go back to Fantasyland, stay by the pool or go to the nude beach. The nude beach it is.

I put on my yellow thong and an oversized tee shirt. I’m ready and I hope I get what I need, a big hard cock. It’s time to leave so I jump in my SUV and off I go. I can’t wait to get there. The last time I was there there were so many men with cock rings around their cocks.

I park in the lot, grab my blanket and I’m on the beach. I spread my blanket, get naked and here comes the sharks. I want to be fucked, but not hassled into doing it. Is it on my blanket and start to put lotion on my front. There’s a half a dozen men asking me if I need help. I tell no I can do it.

I lay down and the hot sun feels so good on my naked body. I’m rubbing my big tits knowing the men are watching me. A young man comes over to me and asks could he share my blanket. I look at him and he’s pulling on his cock.

He asks so do you like what you see. I tell him I’m not here for that. He laughs and says we’ll let me know when you’re ready. I laugh and he lays on the blanket with me. I rollover on my stomach. Bob introduces himself and I tell him I’m Carol nice to meet you.

Bob asks Carol do you want me to put lotion on your back. I tell him yes if you don’t mind. Bob grabs the lotion and starts on my neck and shoulders. Then he works his way do n my back. It’s funny how men try to grab a women’s tits.

I block his hands and now he’s going up and down my legs. Bob is putting lotion on my butt cheeks. When he does this he opens my butt and he can see my naked pussy up close. Bob goes to touch my pussy and I tell him I’m done you can stop.

I rollover again on my back. Bob says Carol you have great tits and I love big nipples. I thank him and now I want to tan. I have my music on and I hear a man’s voice, Well hello pretty lady. I look and he’s an older tall thin man with a huge cock. He too has a cock ring.

He says Im Chris who do I have the pleasure of meeting. I tell him I’m Carol nice to meet you. Chris is a little to forward for me. He doesn’t ask but he lays on my blanket with Bob and I. I close my eyes and there’s shaking going on.

I open my eyes and both Chris and Bob are pulling on their cocks. I tell them ok that’s enough get off my blanket. I don’t like pushy men, I’ve had enough in my life. Both Chris and Bob leave and I’m alone.

I really enjoy it here except for the men that just want to fuck me. I’m enjoying my music when I hear a voice say Carol what are you doing here? I open my eyes and who is it, my Uncle Irv. He says what are you doing here. I tell him Im tanning. Then I ask him why he’s here and he answers Im trying to get lucky.

Irv says to me so am I lucky. I don’t know what to say. I really don’t want to fuck him again. I mean I enjoyed his big cock, but he’s still my Uncle. Irv says so am I lucky, I tell him no not today. Now Irv is pulling on his big cock and he asks so Carol you don’t miss my Kosher cock.

I laugh and say no I don’t miss it. Irv walks away and I ask him where’s he going. Irv looks at me and says I want to find a woman who will let me fuck her, since you won’t. I tell Irv don’t leave and he turns and comes back with this big smile on his face.

Irv lays on my blanket and says so now what. I look at him and say so you want to fuck me don’t you. Irv says yes you know I do. I grab his cock and tell him so what are you waiting for. There’s no foreplay and Irv spreads my legs and slams his Kosher cock inside me. We’re far away from the beach.

I raise my legs and tell Irv to fuck me fuck me baby. I know this is wrong but both of us have needs. Irv is slamming my pussy. I tell I’ve I’m cumming and Irv is fucking me hard and deep, the way I like it. Irv says Carol climb on top and ride me.

I grab Irv’s cock and guide it into my pussy. I feel hands grabbing my tits. I look and it’s Bob. He’s pulling in my nipples asking me why he’s not fucking me. I think to myself should I fuck with him. I introduce Bob and I say this man fucking me is my Uncle Irv.

Bob’s mouth is wide open and he says you’re fucking your Uncle. I answer yes Bob. Bob’s cock is rock hard and he’s putting it by my mouth. I grab it and start to suck it. Irv says Carol get on all fours you know I want to fuck you doggy.

I do it and Bob lays on my blanket. I grab his cock and start to suck it again. Bob says Carol I really want to fuck you. I know he’s young but I have to ask anyway. I ask Bob his age. He’s says Carol I’m eighteen. Bob says he’s going to cum. I tell Irv I want your cum in my mouth. Irv cums in my mouth. I swallow all of it and lay down.

Bob spreads my legs and he’s now fucking me. He asks so Carol how does my cock feel, I tell him great don’t stop make me cum. I grab Bob’s young ass and I stick my finger in his ass. I cum and Bob immediately cums inside me. What a big load of cum inside me. Bob says that felt so good when you stuck your finger inside me, I knew I was going to cum.

I’m laying down again and I feel someone climb on top of me. It’s Irv and he says Carol squeeze your tits together I want to fuck them. I squeeze them and tell Irv my tits need to be fucked. Irv rubs my nipples with his cock and he’s now fucking my tits. Bob is back between my legs and he puts his young cock inside me. What I really want is a DP on the beach. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one.

Bob lays on my blanket and I start to ride his cock. Irv gets behind me and he’s pushing his cook in my ass. Maybe these two can read minds because this is what I wanted. I tell Bob fuck me Bob fuck me. Irv sinks all of his cock inside me. Oh boy when Irv cums in my ass I’m going to be in heaven.

I cum two more times. Bob cums again inside me and then Irv explodes in my ass. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I collapse on Bob. The two of them ask me if I’m ok, I answer yes. Then I tell them that when a man cums in my ass, I cum so hard I almost pass out.

It’s getting late and the three of us walk down to the water to clean off. Who do we run into but Chris. He says so what happened? He then says all three of you look all fucked out. All three of us answer yes. Chris that’s not fair what about me.

I look at Chris and tell him next time. Then he gets pushy once again and says no how about now. I really want to fuck you Carol. I tell him next time. Irv and Bob walk me to my SUV. I kiss the both of them goodbye. Bob looks at me and says is Irv really your Uncle. I tell Bob yes and leave.

I know Bob will be masturbating when he thinks about today. Irv well he knows where I live so we’ll be fucking again. Would you fuck me?


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By Carol
#Mature #Threesome