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My name is Kate and I was 20 when this happened. It was the summer and I had just finished my second year at Uni. My parents were making the most of it and leaving me to babysit my younger brother 13 which was fine he was no bother. He just spent his time playing on the computer all the time.

One evening three of his friends came over, I had to asked them a few times to keep the noise down as it was getting late. They were getting a little out of hand so I went into my brother’s room to give them a stern talking to. Conor, my brother’s best friend, started getting cheeky and said something like, “we’ll be quiet if you show us your tits.”

They all fell about laughing and I had to admit is was quite funny. I have no idea what possessed me but before I even thought about it I called their bluff and responded with, “okay”

Their mouths fell open and my brother looked like he wanted the world to swallow him. As I recall it felt like we all stood there for an eternity, it went from feeling really awkward to feeling like they were all waiting.

“Go on then”, Conor said breaking the silence.

I could feel my pussy start to get wet and without thinking about it I started to unbutton my blouse. The more I revealed, the more excited they got and the more I could feel my pussy getting wet.

“Can I feel them?” Conor asked. I nodded and I have never seen anybody move so fast. He had his hands on the side of my breasts and didn’t really know what to do so I put my hand over his left hand and guided him to caress around the bottom of the breasts and I guided his mouth to my nipple. I went completely weak in the knees and in the excitement
i hadn’t notice one of my brothers other friends was next to me holding my other breast copying what I had shown Conor to do. Guiding his head to my other nipple I almost fell over when he made contact. I had to reposition myself so I lifted them from my breasts and lowered myself down on to my brother’s bed. Once I was comfy I pulled them back on to my breasts and I lay there in ecstacy. I was beyond control now. I knew this was wrong but it felt so good. I asked the boys to stop for a moment and as they stood up I could see their trousers straining to hold their erections in. I slipped quickly out of my knickers so I could masturbate while they played with my breasts.

I could see my brother had gone back to playing his computer, pretending that this wasn’t happening. His other friend looked left out so I encouraged him to come closer and put his hand on my pussy. I instructed the other two to take off their trousers while I showed my brother’s third friend how to lightly circle my clit. When the other two were out of their trousers I got the other one to put two fingers inside me and i showed him how to slowly fuck me with them while I laid back and guided Conor to put his dick in my mouth. This was heaven and I could have done that forever but it wasn’t long before Conor started to spasm. There was no cum but he definitely had just cum. I wanted more dick in my mouth though.

In a flash of inspiration I got the last one to undress and I got them into position where I was able to go from one cock to the other in quick succession. My hope had been to get two cocks in my mouth but I don’t think they felt comfortable touching each other. Eventually the other two came, the first guy dry came like Conor but the other guy had obviously had experience in coming as he announced it before shooting a load down my throat.

I hadn’t finished. I looked over at Conor and told him to sit on the bed. I climbed on top of him, grabbed his hard dick and positioned it at the entrance to my vagina. Looking down at this young 13 yo boy I had a sudden feeling of guilt, shame and then incredible horniness. He was so cute I wanted him. I wanted them all. I was like a bitch in heat. When Connor had cum again I asked the next one to scoot over and I fucked him the same rubbing my breasts against his face as I ground against him. I found that grinding against them meant they lasted longer.

Eventually my legs were done in but I hadn’t yet cum so I repositioned myself on all fours and instructed them to stand behind me and take turns fucking me. Now this was where I needed to be, I was able to proper enjoy it and they were beginning to last a little longer so I was able to cum a few times.

After a while of this I heard Conor talking to my brother and encouraging him to join us which snapped me out of myself. I couldn’t do that so I got up! When I looked round I could see my brother stood there naked with his skinny erection standing proud a look of disappointment on his face which melted my heart so I got back on all fours and let him use my pussy. It felt strange knowing my kid brother was inside me but he didn’t last long thankfully.

That was it for me, that had snapped me out of being the horny slut and I felt dreadful and ashamed. We all got dressed in silence, they went back to their game and I went back to University the next day.

My brother and I have never spoken about this, it happened about 20 years ago now and we are both happily married. My parents ended up moving closer to me so my brother thankfully lost contact with the other boys.

It was wild and I loved it at the time but only up to a point.

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#Group #Incest #Teen