Grandma’s Worst Day Sex Story

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By AlabamaSlamma

An angry grandson takes his anger and frustration out on his poor grandma.

Doug was a 15 year old kid who had been subjected to a nasty divorce between his parents. This caused a lot of anger issues with Doug which in turn caused issues at his school. He had gotten into a fight and gotten suspended from school for a week and his mother had to work longer hours just to be able to support them both.

She had asked her mother Britney if she could watch Doug the week of his suspension and she agreed. She had never had any issues with Doug and thought that it would be a good time to spend extra time with her grandson.

The first day went well as he spent a lot of time on his computer. The next day she had planned on meeting up with some of her friends to go out for dinner.

Britney was a 55 year old beautiful woman that loved wearing garter belts and hosiery along with girdles. She always wore dresses and her girdles were the open bottom type so that it was easier to deal with nature calls. She had on her 5 inch heels and had made up her hair and makeup.

As she is getting ready Doug walks into her bedroom.

“Grandma I need to borrow your car to go to my friends house to get something.” He commanded.

“I’m sorry honey but you aren’t old enough to be driving my car alone and you don’t have a license. Besides that I am going out to meet up with my friends today so I will have my car!” Britney replied.

“But grandma I need to get something that’s important to me! You can meet up with your friends anytime!” Doug yelled.

Britney spun around and looked sternly at Doug.

“Young man who do you think that you are yelling at? Don’t you dare think that you are going to tell me what I can and cannot do! I will not put up with that type of behavior in my house!” She replied sternly.

Doug stormed out of the room and slammed the door to his bedroom.

“There will be no slamming of my doors either!” Britney yelled down the hall.

She finished getting ready thinking that everything was settled. But how wrong she was as the longer Doug sat in his room the more angry he became.

“I’m going to show her who’s the boss around here!” He grumbled as the anger raged inside him.

He heard her walk by his door and tell him that she was leaving and she would be back later. He could order a pizza for dinner. She walked towards the door headed out to her car when Doug grabbed her hair from behind and began to drag her backwards towards her bedroom.

She screamed out “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOUG?” as she struggled to stay on her feet. She tried to break his grip on her hair but he was way too strong for her. He pulled her arms around her back and placed a zip tie around her wrists and pulled it tight.

“Doug what are you doing? Why are you doing this for? What has gotten into you?” She yelled as she struggled to get loose.

“I’m going to show you who the man of this house is! I am going to teach you how to treat a man” He replied as he pushes her onto the bed on her back.

Doug reached down and grasped the front of her dress and rips it down the front. Britney gasps as she becomes exposed to her grandson. She tries to roll over to hide her exposed lady parts as she had worn see through bra and panty.

Doug continued to rip her dress completely off her body. He pushed her back onto her back and slapped her across her face.

“You don’t move unless I tell you to move! Do you understand slut?” He yelled as she saw the anger and rage in his face.

Britney was scared of her grandson for the first time in her life. She could feel his handprint on her face as she watched him stripping off his clothes. Britney’s eyes went wide when he removed his underwear and out flopped a massive 10 inch long cock.


Doug just ignored her pleas and climbed up onto the bed. He grabbed her legs one at a time and pushed them up against her arms and zip tied them to her arms. She was in a very vulnerable position now and she could feel his eyes on her pussy and ass.

He reached down and grabbed her panty and ripped them off leaving her exposed to his gaze. He took his massive cock and slapped it across her spread open pussy.

“NO DOUG PLEASE STOP! MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING! YOU ARE MY GRANDSON!” She cried out as she felt his cock throb angrily against her pussy.

He reached up and grabbed her tits and tweaked her nipples through her bra as she screamed out in pain. He leaned over her body and slammed into her dry pussy all the way to his balls.

Doug was raping his grandmother in the most horrible way. He didn’t even care about the fact that he was injuring her by shoving his cock into her dry pussy. She screamed out in pain again as she twisted her body to try to dislodge him.

Doug pulled out and slammed into her over and over again. She lived out in the woods so her closest neighbor was a mile away. Nobody could hear her screams for help. Doug’s cock began to pump out large amounts of pre cum so that it began to lubricate his cock pistoning in and out of her painfully abused pussy.

Doug slapped her across the face again and told her to stop screaming and accept her fate.

“I am going to rape you all night long and I am going to pump you full of my cum so that you become pregnant like you should be!” Doug said as he continued to assault her nipples.

He leaned down and took one into his mouth as he began to bite her nipple. She felt his teeth sink into her flesh and she screamed out in pain again.

“You are a bastard and you are going to regret what you are doing to me! Get the fuck off me you piece of garbage!” She screamed.

Doug grabbed her hair pulling her face up to his as he growled at her “I am going to make you regret that you ever talked to me like that bitch!”

He slapped her face multiple times and then wrapped his hands around her throat as he squeezed cutting off her air. He continued to pound her pussy over and over again. His massive cock stretching her open to the point of ripping her apart.

She tried to gasp for air but she couldn’t overcome his grip on her throat and she began to pass out. Just before she lost consciousness he released her throat and she inhaled deeply and began coughing.

He grunted as he began to pump stream after stream of his incestuous seed deep into her womb. She felt what seemed like a gallon of cum flooding her insides. She hoped that it was over for now but she was definitely wrong.

She soon realized that his cock was still hard as a rock even after cumming. He pulled out of her battered pussy and flipped her over onto her stomach. He folded her legs up under her so that her ass was sticking up.

He grabbed his fat cock and placed it against her pussy and slammed into her from behind. She screamed out in pain once again as his cock drove even deeper than before. Every thrust of his cock into her pussy punched her cervix.

Doug began to slap his big hands across her ass cheeks. She was on fire from the intense pain of being raped brutally and being slapped all over her face and now her ass.

“See what happens to sluts who back talk men? This is how you are going to be treated every time I come to visit from now on. And if you think that you are going to tell someone about this just remember that it can be a whole lot worse for you if you do!” Doug warned her.

Britney actually believed him and decided that she wouldn’t tell anyone about it. She imagined what he was capable of doing if he was willing to rape her like he was at the moment.

Doug continued to pound her pussy for the next 30 minutes before he dumped another load of his cum into her depths. Afterwards she was not allowed to move as he wanted his cum to saturate every crevice of her womb. He was determined to get her pregnant.

The rapes continued all night. He eventually untied her hands and legs as she was too weak to do anything about it and he fucked her pussy in every conceivable position.

Doug used his grandmother as a cum dump for the whole weekend. He told her when he left Monday that he would be back soon and that he was going to rape the rest of her holes.

Britney believed him.

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By AlabamaSlamma
#Abuse #Incest #Mature #Rape #Teen