Fountain Of Youth Daycare Sex Story

#Abuse #Interracial #Mature #PreTeen

By AlabamaSlamma

Bill and Brenda run a daycare center in their home. They both sample the fountains of youth under their care.

Brenda and Bill are a married couple who run a daycare in their little town. Most of the parents who use their services are not able to afford to have one of the parents to stay at home to watch the kids so they have a good supply of prospects.

Maybe I should explain why I am using such language. You see Bill and Brenda are very interested in sex with young children. They have to be at least 10 years old up to 13 years old. Anything else is either too young or too old.

Brenda loves to suck on the little boys cocks and swallow their immature sperm. She says that it tastes like honey and it like drinking from the fountain of youth.

Bill loves to eat the sweet nectar of the little girl’s pussies and he even loves to shove his cock into their tiny little assholes. He has never taken any of the girl’s pussies with his cock as that might be too obvious and might get them caught.

They are very careful about leaving any evidence of their playtime and they have a special medication that places their toys into a dream state so they feel comfortable with whatever is being done to them and they think that it’s not real.

That way they can’t tell anyone about what is happening while they are there. Bill and Brenda have gotten very good at hiding their activities from other children and everyone else.

They usually have their playtime during the children’s nap time so they can take their toys to a special room while the other children sleep. This gives them about an hour to play before having to wrangle the children.

Today Brenda has chosen a 12 year old boy named Bobby who has a beautiful little 3 inch cock and hairless balls that she just loves to kiss, lick, nibble and suck on every chance she gets. He has the sweetest sperm and he has a lot of it. She can get almost a mouthful every time she sucks it.

Bill has chosen an 11 year old beautiful little ebony girl named Cee Cee who has a gorgeous little bubble butt that hugs his 6 inch cock so good. She also has a beautiful little chocolate colored pussy that is a bright pink center and always floods his mouth with her juices.

After giving each child a cup of juice and placing the medication in their toy’s juice they have them lay down on their mats to take their nap. Soon they are all sound asleep and Bill picks up little Cee Cee and Brenda picks up Bobby and they carry them into the special room.

Bobby is laid on a table and Brenda sits in a chair that allows her to easily suckle her prize. She strips off his pants and underwear and begins to kiss and slide her lips and tongue all over his groin. It soon responds to her caressing and it pops up straight and tall. She swirls her tongue around the head and moans as she swipes the clear slimy liquid from the tip.

Bill has stripped off the clothes of Cee Cee and has laid her down onto another table and Bill in slowly running his tongue across and through the folds of her tiny little pussy. She begins to squirm around as his tongue flicks across her swollen clit. Her sweet nectar flows from her pink center. Bill pushes her legs up against her chest spread open wide giving him complete access to both holes.

Mean while Brenda has successfully made Bobby cum once already and she is savoring the saltiness and thickness of his cum in her mouth. She actually begins to feel an orgasm course through her body just from tasting his delicious cock fluid.

Cee Cee is now moaning and whimpering as her body responds to Bill’s tongue action on her clit and tiny little opening of her asshole. Bill pushes his tongue inside her hot tight little asshole and gets it all wet inside. He has an easier time opening her up as he has fucked her ass before.

Brenda has kept Bobby’s little cock hard with her tongue and stands up and picks up Bobby and carries him over to a large couch. She lays Bobby down on his back and she straddles his waist and slides his cock into her hot wet pussy. She moans as she feels it pushing into her pussy. It’s amazing how such a small little cock can bring so much pleasure to a woman.

Bill has stood up and pulled his cock out of his pants and reaches over and grabs a nearby tube of KY. He coats his hard cock with a generous amount and then pushes the nozzle against her tight little asshole and squeezes some inside.

He pulls her ass to the edge of the table and looks down at the perfect little place for his cock. He places the head against her tight little asshole and gripping her hips he holds her in place as his cock begins to pry open her rosebud. Cee Cee grunts as it pops into her tunnel and Bill growls as he feels her poop cutter clamp down on his cock.

Brenda is grinding back and forth on Bobby’s little cock as she grinds her clit against his pubic bone. She is pulling and twisting her nipples as she experiences another orgasm coursing through her body. She can feel her little lover cumming again inside her hot wet pussy but as he is so young his cock just continues to stay hard.

Bill has managed to get all of his cock inside Cee Cee’s tight little ass and is slowly working in and out. Her body begins to shudder as Bill’s thrusts become harder and deeper. Nothing in the world feels better than a hot tight little ass tube of a little girl wrapped around your cock. Especially when there is no screaming and crying that would normally accompany such actions.

Brenda’s juices are coating Bobby’s waist and pooling in his belly button. He is groaning as she works her pussy against his hard little cock. She cums again as she feels his cock throb angrily inside her pussy and feels the little squirter spraying her insides for the last time.

She just sits there with his seed running out and pooling under his ass. She finally climbs off of his shriveled little boy cock and goes to get a warm wash rag to clean herself and her toy up.

Bill has been pouring his cock into Cee Cee’s little body and is starting to pump stream after stream deep into her bowels. Bill hisses loudly as his cock explodes spewing it’s cargo. When he has finished draining his balls into her depths, he pulls out of her ass and watchs as she naturally pushes his cum out of her ass.

Bill goes to get a wash rag for his cock and after cleaning up himself, he picks up Cee Cee and holds her upright so that his cum will drain out of her abused ass. He then cleans her up and redresses her as Brenda does the same thing with Bobby. They return their toys back to the main room and lays them down with the other children. 15 minutes later all of the children are awake and ready to go outside to play.

No one the wiser of the special treatment of the kids at the Honey Hole.

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By AlabamaSlamma
#Abuse #Interracial #Mature #PreTeen