Five shades of Nike – Chapter 6 Sex Story

#Bisexual #Pregnancy #Teen

By elggat123

Part 6 of stories told about a group of typical UK estate chavs and their lives. See part 1 for any full intro

Nick and Tina hatch a plan.

A couple of weeks has gone by since Nick had sex with Tina for the second time, and she is getting worried, she thinks she might have got pregnant at the party when she was drunk with Nick. She calls Mel, who is Rachel’s sister and her best friend to talk over her concerns. Mel suggests she speaks to Rachel and after some convincing she agrees. Later that day she goes round to Mel’s house and after a further chat they go into Rachel’s bedroom. She’s sitting on the bed looking at her phone. She looks up when the door opens and says hi Tina, how’s you doing. Tina almost bursts into tears and relates the story of the events leading up to her suspected pregnancy. Rachel says, look don’t worry its early days but to make sure I think you better get tested. She gets up puts on her trainers and heads towards the door. I won’t be long she says, and heads out. She’s back after half an hour with a paper bag from the chemists. She reaches inside and takes out the kit. A short time later they are looking at the sensor which is showing a positive result. Tina is beside herself with worry and after much consoling by Rachel says, I think you need to speak to Nick before you talk to your mum. She agrees and with Rachel in the background she gives Nick a call. She tells him that they need to speak, she tells him what’s happened and after a brief discussion and telling Nick that Rachel knows what has happened, he agrees to come over. They wait around and eventually he arrives. They talk and then Nicks concern focuses on Tina s mum. You know she’ll shop me to the police? He says. I won’t say who the father is, she replies, but Nick knows that in the end the pressure of her mum will force her to spill the beans. I can’t get in trouble with the police again Nick says, I thought you was on the pill? It’s complicated says Rachel she s been taking antibiotics which can stop the pill working. I thought she was 16. No, she’s not, she’s 15. I know that now, you told me that on the phone, why do you think I rushed round? Don’t blame him totally Rachel, Tina says, I went along with it. What are we going to do then Nick, what do you suggest? As they are sitting there, a lad rides past on a motocross bike. Nick says, I have an idea.

Danny is the estates latest trouble. Throughout the years different lads have come and gone as the chief troublemaker on the estate. He sometimes rides a BMX, but he’s also got a motocross bike, and of course the bike is not a road one and he’s unlicensed because he’s too young to hold one any ways at 15. But this doesn’t stop him riding round the estate making a nuisance of himself. He’s been chased by the police a few times but he’s too fast for them on foot and he loses them round the estate in a police car. He has some motocross gear which he wears when he’s riding it off roads in the woods on the other side of town, other than that it’s just in a Nike tracksuit and trainers with motocross gloves and sometimes a light black balaclava, so he cannot be identified.

The following evening, Danny is outside the local corner shop that serves the estate. He’s just been in there and bought some ciggies’. The shop keeper shouldn’t sell them to him but know s it’s more trouble than it’s worth not too. Danny doesn’t really smoke them other than socially when he’s around other lads. As he’s sitting on his bike, he goes to kick start it and as he does so he sees Tina coming round the corner. He’s seen her at school, when he’s bothered to attend but he’s not really taken notice till now. She’s dressed up with a short skirt and black lacy stockings. Her top is tight, and her tits are pushed up and sticking out in front of her, confined in the top. She walks up, seemingly to go into the shop and then seems him and smiles. Hi Danny, she says, and seemly not expecting a reply goes to carry on in the shop. Danny replies and says hi babe, are you OK? She stops and turns and walks over to him, yea I’m fine how’s you? She gives another larger smile. Fine babe, your looking good. Thanks, your looking good she says and chuckles. What you up to he asks? Just going to the shop then back home. Not much. Ah ok, maybe we can hang around sometime and he winks at her. Yea, that d be nice. She smiles again, see you around, soon I hope she says and walks over and goes in the shop. Danny looks in the shop window. She picks something off the shelf and walks to the till. Then she pays for it and the shopkeeper puts it in a bag. She walks out of the shop again, turns briefly to smile at him and then walks off. He is expecting her to walk across the square but at the small alley between the shops she shops, turns to look at him and smiles again then walks down there. Danny is watching that arse, tight in her skirt walk down the parade then turn the corner but she then looks at him again, smiles and he’s sure he saw her lightly lips I, her lips. He’s now feeling horny at the thought of this slut. He puts his mx gloves back on and kick starts his bike, revs its briefly and rides along the parade of shops and then down the alleyway pursuing her. As he rides down there’s a larger service area behind the shops which opens out to a wider area with bins and boxes stored. It is dimly lit but has a bit lighter that the darkened alleyway. He catches up with her there, although it’s almost as if she has waited. He kills the engine and says, hey babe, well you did say catch up with you again. She walks over to him and leans over as he is sat on the bike, and he starts to kiss her. Soon they are kissing deeply. Her hand reaches down and grabs his nicely sized rod through his trackies.

She starts to rub it but can tell it’s already semi hard and stiffens as she rubs it, he lets out a small moan and they continue to kiss. One of his gloved hands is holding her head in place. After a few minutes of kissing and rubbing her hand has moved inside his trackies and boxers and now has it griped in her hand. Suddenly she pulls away and her head goes down to his lap. She pulls back the trackies and his cock springs forth. She lowers her head and opens her mouth and starts to suck on his cock. As she lowers her head it almost becomes trapped between the tank part of the padded seat by the tank and his crutch. He leans back slightly; he’s enjoying a slut’s mouth round his cock. He moans again and the sensations almost make him loose balance on the bike as he wobbles it slightly. He can’t take much more of this and says, wait a min hun’, leave up a second. She straightens up, they kiss again briefly and then he climes off his bike and wheels it over to the bins and props it up against one of them. He pulls off his gloves and rests them on the seat. She then walks back over to her and starts to snog her again. They are getting carried away now and he backs her against a wall and has her pinned there. They continue to kiss and with one hand he reaches down and puts his hand up her skirt. He feels for her undies and reaches inside and inserts a finger in her pussy while they still continue to snog. After a minutes fingering his hand reaches back and pulls down her panties. He was relieved he didn’t have to wrestle with stockings too, but she was wearing separate fishnets.

He then reaches to his trackies and lowers them with his boxers and then grabs a leg and lifts it up in order to get access to her pussy. Put my cock in ya babe, and she reaches down and guides his cock to her pussy, he pushes forwards, and the head goes in. He then stops and pushes in further, then backs up a little and then sinks all the way in. He starts pumping away any her while they continue to kiss. She’s quite tight, more do that allot of the slags off the estate. She’s pushed up hard against the wall and balancing on 1 leg and being propped up by Danny. He starts to build up speed and he’s now really pumping hard upwards into her cunt. Suddenly he feels his cock getting harder and his balls contracting, his fucking is so good he knows he’s not going to last much longer and with a groan which causes him to pull away from her face, oh fuck he then says and he’s cumming up her pussy. He continues to push upwards and load his seed into her, his cock throbbing as it pumps it inside. Not knowing that she’s already been impregnated. He goes back to kissing her and they are both smiling. After a few moments he pulls out his cock and it flops out, now semi hard but deflating. He pulls up his boxers and trackies and ‘Babe that was great’ he says, he’s already half switched off now, he’s taken his pleasure and now he’s done. Tina reaches down and pulls her pants up and straightens her dress. Danny goes over to his bike puts on his gloves, wheels his bike over until he can get back on it. Flips the jump start leaver out and kicks down to start the bike. Catch you around babe he says and rides off into the night. Tina picks up her discarded bag and walks back out of alleyway. Standing over in the corner of the square is a figure of a guy. She sees him and notices he’s walking towards her. When she sees him, she smiles. So, you all done then Tina, all gone to plan. Nick asks? Yea just as you said Nick. Now for part two of the plan he says, and they walk off together towards the flats.

Who’s the daddy?

Two weeks have now passed since Tina s encounter with Danny. Tina wakes up and gets out of bed. Her mum has just returned home from an early morning cleaning job. Mum, I still don’t feel well Tina says. I’ve been up all night feeling sick and not sure what’s wrong with me but feel awful. Well, you still don’t look well Tina, her mum says, it’s been a couple of days now and I guess we better get you to see the doctor. She goes over to the phone in the hallway and opens a small black book with some phone numbers in it. Glances at the list and dials the number. Tina can hear her from the living room, and after a conversation she says, ok thank you, I’ll be there in an hour then. With at she hangs up. Mum comes into the living room and says, we can get to see that new woman doctor at the surgery in an hour. You get yourself ready and we can go.

When they arrive at the doctors they go into the waiting room, mum goes up to the desk and then joins Tina on the seats. After a bit one of the receptionists says the doctor will see you now and points at the door. They both walk in and close the door behind them. There is woman in her mid-30s sat at a desk. Please take a seat the doctor says. Tina s mum explains what’s a matter with Tina. Tina just sits there and lets her mum give the details. The doctor then asks Tina about her general health. Tina says she’s been ok other than her period is a little late. OK the doctor says, I will check you over just to make sure, but I think you just have an infection. Come here behind the screen and pop up on the bed. Tina lays on the bed and she is examined. Well, I am not sure I can see anything wrong; do you think you could give me urine sample the doctor says. I think so Tina says. The doctor opens a draw pulls out a small dark brown empty capsule and says, if you can collect some in there for me, why don’t you go into the toilet and see what you can collect. Tine returns within 10 minutes and has a sample inside the small bottle. Thank you, the doctor says, takes hold of the capsule and takes it back behind the screen. Tina sits down next to mum. After a few minutes of waiting suddenly a tap starts from behind the screen and the doctor is washing her hands. After a further minute she comes over and sits down. Well Tina, I have an idea of what’s wrong with you. Nothing serious is it, mum interrupts. Well that all depends on the doctor says, not sure if you suspected Tina but I’m going to tell you that you are pregnant. My mum is aghast, she’s what? She can’t be! Afraid so, do you think this is possible Tina. With that question Tina bursts into tears and nods her head. Well, I can’t believe this Tina, after all I have told you about this. The doctor tries some comforting words. Mum is clearly not happy but thanks the doctor and the doctor says that if there’s anything she can do let her know. Mum says she will be in touch and thanks her again. Once home Tina and mum chat, she asks Tina what went on and Tina is very vague about who and how, she doesn’t want to say other than she did have sex. Mum pushes and the integration continues until Tina cracks and with further tears relates a story of how a lad called Danny had sex with her while she was out. Right, she says, this needs to get sorted and you need to decide what you want to do from here.

Danny is on a BMX, riding up the stairwell doorway to the small block of flats he lives in with his mum. He stops at the doorway and as he goes to punch in the code someone comes up behind him. It’s my mum, think we need to talk about my daughter she says. Tina has Rachels mobile phone; she dials a number, and it rings. Nick answers and he says, hello babe, how’s it going. So far still to plan Tina says, mum went mental and confronted Danny and Danny’s mum. Mum wants to know what s going to happen, she told Danny and his mum that if I keep the baby, they are going to have to step up. I think Steve wants to kill Danny, but I’ve managed to talk him out of it. Tina finally says I’ve been thinking, I know what you said and yea it’s my choice, but I don’t want to keep it. A few days later, Tina visits the doctor and arrangements are made for her to visit a clinic. The deed done, Tina is left feeling sad and empty, but she knows it’s been the right thing to do, there are enough issues with the local young mums in the area, and Tina does not want to me one more. One thing that has happened since this is that Tina is now knows why the pill didn’t work with the combination of the antibiotics, so she doesn’t need to risk this again. The strangest thing out of all this is, she actually liked Danny a lot.

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By elggat123
#Bisexual #Pregnancy #Teen