Five shades of Nike – Chapter 5 Sex Story

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By elggat123

part 5 of stories told about a group of typical UK estate chaves and their lives. See part 1 for any full intro

Paul’s first time

It’s 8 am on a Saturday morning and I am lying in bed, my mum is out doing one of her cleaning jobs cleaning offices at the weekend ready for them to return Monday. She will be leaving the house at 10 tonight she won’t be home until near to lunchtime. Tina is having a girl’s night sleepover at her friends. I had spent the previous evening and night playing on my PC with a game of Nifty Lifty. Mum came in and said she was off and see you tomorrow. She asks if I will be OK on my own, as Steve was supposed to be home to look after me. She says she is not happy. I protest and say I am fine on my own, and I am sure he will be home soon. She says OK and heads out the door. About an hour later, I heard him come home. I heard another voice; it wasn’t one I recognised. It was female but not Sam. I heard laughing and giggling them coming up stairs and Steve’s bedroom door closing. Listening, I could hear the talking and the laughing continuing, then it went quiet and after 20 minutes I could hear moaning. Then more silence and a little more time after that louder moans and the squeezing noises of a rocking bed. It was obvious who ever this girl was Steve was having sex with her.

The noises of sex continued for about a good hour with the noises of climaxes, at which stage I was in bed wanking off listening to the sex. Eventually I came and fell asleep. I awoke at about 8 the next morning, woken up by the sound of a mobile phone. I could hear my brother answer his phone and then talk to someone, who after a bit I realised was Jack, then he said OK… OK, look don’t get all shitty with me, I’ll come over now. With that he hung up and I hear him say, “gotta go meet someone babe, be back in a bit … you can chill here.”

I hear him scrambling about and the bedroom door opens followed by the house door and he’s gone. I lay there for a moment then I realise I need to pee, and think I guess I ought to get up any-ways. So, I get up put on trackies, socks and a t shirt and head to the toilet. After I come out of the toilet, I look over at my brother’s door, almost shut but not quite. I peer through the gap in the door, and I see a girl under a single sheet with her back to me. It wasn’t Sam who I thought it would be, otherwise I would have ignored her. I opened the door, I thought I would just say hello, my curiosity over who this girl was. The door creaked, and I stood just in front of the doorway. She must have heard the door opening but, in a half, awake haze didn’t realise it was me. Suddenly she said, oh that was quick I wasn’t expecting you so soon. I stood there frozen, perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea. She turned around and opened the sheet expecting him to get into bed. Still half asleep she snapped to her senses when she realised that it wasn’t my brother. I on the other hand had gotten a glimpse of a very nice naked body, something I’d only seen when looking at my brother’s porn.

She pulled the sheet back over herself, then said oh, hello. Sorry, I was looking for my brother, I lied. Ah OK, he’s gone out and he said he’d be a bit, he’s got some business to deal with. She smiled at me, so your Steve’s brother, eh? Yea, I’m Paul. Well, hi Paul, sorry if I startled you. That’s ok I said, I didn’t mind. She smiled again, and then there was an awkward silence. So, you’re a friend of Steve’s, I clumsily say. Yea, I am Rachel, I’ve known your brother a while, we caught up at a party last night and I crashed here. Yea so I can see I joked. She smiled again. So then, tell me about you she asks. Oh, not much to tell I said. Come and sit on the bed she said. I wasn’t sure at first and didn’t know what to do. I was going to make my excuses and leave but the chance of a close-up peek at her was worth the gamble, and she seemed so much nicer than his girlfriend, who I disliked.

So, I sat on the bed after walking over, clothes and trainers dumped over the floor. Chatted to her with random crap, school etc, how much nicer than Steve’s current girlfriend she was etc, which she seemed to like. She told me bits about her, and is looked at me closely, examining me. I tell her about my sister too, and that her room is at the end of the corridor, where my room is just over there, pointing through the wall. Oh, your room next door then, she suddenly says. Yea, I reply. So, you didn’t hear us come back last night and get into bed she asked next. Eeerrmm, no, I was asleep. Ah OK, she said I thought you might have heard us; you know? Winking. I blushed a little and then my mind wandered back to the night, hearing the sex between her and my brother. Without realising, this was having an effect and my trackies were tenting with a hard on. She looked down and said, well maybe you did and maybe you didn’t, but it’s awoken something, she laughed. I blushed again, and a fair size by the looks of things, she teased. How old are you, Paul? She smiles again. 14 I say. Oh, wow and a nice cock at that age, I bet you get all the girls after you? She laughs. I blush again and don’t respond. Sorry she says, realising she’d made me blush, I guess you’re a little shy around girls, eh? I nod and say nothing. Well, she says, I am sure you got to see a bit of me when I opened the sheets didn’t you? I nod again, and she puts a hand on my leg. I thought I was going to jump up and run off, but I was welded to the bed in fright.

I think you ought to have another look, I am sure you wanna? At first, I say or do nothing, looking down, don’t worry she says this is just a bit of fun. I look up and she smiles again. She lifts open the sheet and she is under it totally naked. You like what you see? She asks, and I nod with a yes. Oh, now you’ve gone all quiet on me, come closer and look she says with a sort of chuckle and pulls my arm to make me move in closer. Now I am closer she reaches and grabs my cock through my trackies. I jump a little back, but she says, it’s ok it’s nice and hard and I want to feel it. She starts to explore the outline with her hand, and it quickly hardens back. Oh, what a nice cock you have she says. And then reaches in under the waist band of my trackies and boxers to grab hold of my cock. She starts stoking it and now some of my inhibitions have gone and I give a little moan. Is that good she asks, and I nod.

She grabs my hand with her other hand and pushes it down to her pussy. There she says your turn. I start to explore it a bit with my hand, and she says oh yea that’s it, rub the outside of my pussy. mmmm. Nice. It is a bit damp and slimy, and I notice what I expect was a damp patch on the sheet, she starts to speed up and I start to groan and almost pant, without warning I suddenly stiffen and cum launches out of my cock and she almost cups it with her hand as she strokes it, so her hand is coated in my seed. Nice says, what a hot guy you are. By this stage I have stopped doing anything other recovering in the afterglow. Rachel then says, there’s a towel down there pointing to the side of the bed. I look over and there is a towel slung on top of a pair of his trainers. I pick it up and hand it to her, it had the smell of cum on it already. She wipes her hand and then wipes my groin area with it and with a flick, slings it down the side of the bed.

She smiles again and says that was great, but you can continue on me for a bit longer if you want. I reach down and start to explore her outer lips again with my hand, she reaches down and extends a finger and guides me to put it between her pussy lips and into the tunnel. I push with my finger, and it slides in. I move my finger backwards slowing and move it in again and she gives a low moan. I take the hint and start moving my hand in and out and then move a second finger in. It feels warm and wet in her pussy and slimy.

She reaches over to me and starts to kiss me. Although I had limited sexual experience until then, I had kissed a girl called Alison at a friend’s 15th birthday party, and even felt her tits but didn’t go any further with her as she was more interested in the birthday boy Alan. She is a good kisser, and we are getting carried away with the swing of things. My cock has now re-set itself and is again stiff and upright. My trackies remain round my ankles. She pulls back and says, take your boxers and trackies off. I do as she says and then she removes my t shirt so I am naked apart from my Nike socks, she then goes back to kissing me but is exploring my body with her hands. I reach back down and start fingering her pussy again, I am really getting the hang of it now and she is moaning, then she gets all tense and is really moaning loudly and then she says I need you in me and reaches down and starts stroking my cock, which goes hard with the stimulation. She lies on her back and tells me to get on top of her. I roll on top of her, she reaches down and grabs my raging cock points it at her pussy lips. I move forwards instinctively and my cock slides in all the way. I expected more resistance, but her pussy seemed so lubed. I had watched my brother’s porn so had an idea what to do, but also a little surprised she didn’t need lubing up with at least some spit. But I was pumping away without any trouble, and I thought I could go on doing this for ever. However, I was soon feeling my cock throbbing and my ball tingling and I knew I would cum soon. This didn’t stop me, and I started to speed up, she sensed I was getting close and our moaning so got louder. That’s it she said, fuck me, yea that’s it, give it to me, fuck me, I wanna’ feel you cum in me, I wanna’ feel you cum in me like your brother. At that point, it dawned on me that I was fucking in my brothers cum, using it as lube, I looked down and indeed my cock did look wet. I then realised my fingers smelt of cum, cum where earlier I had been fingering her. This turned me on, turned me on so much, it pushed me over the edge and with a big groan, I pushed deep, and my cock delivered my first shot of cum. My arse cheeks tensioned, and I slid ever so slightly back and then pushed in again delivering a second shot, this continued for another 5 shots till I was empty, and I just collapsed, all spent.

After lying there for a bit, I become a bit self-conscious and I roll off her and pull up my trackies and boxers. I turn to her, and she smiles again. Did you enjoy that she asked? Was great I reply, how was it for you? Loved it she said, can never get enough of sex but this was kind of special. She reaches over and gives me a kiss, this time more just a peck on the lips. She asks to again grab the towel which I do, and she wipes her pussy area. I hadn’t wiped myself though and I knew my boxers would be stained from my wet cock. As I am lying there, I realise I hadn’t worn a condom. I had sex education at school, and I knew I was supposed to wear one. I looked over to her and said, I just realised I eeerrm cum in you. Yea, I know she chuckled, so did your bother continued to laugh. Yea, well what about, you know pregnancy? I ask. That’s OK honey don’t worry I am on birth control and I’ve been recently tested, so you ain’t gonna’ get anything from me. She smiles and says, and I guess your clean she says? Yea, I think so, I’ve never, well you know. She smiles again and says really? Then I am honoured for your first time. I just love a guy cumming in me, nothing like it. But your right you know, you should wear protection when you have sex she says. You have condoms? I shake my head with a no. Well, you ought to get some, get my bag will yea. I get off the bed and get her bag, she opens it and pulls out a packet of 3 Condoms. Here she says, take these and hands me the packet. You ought to have these she says. Might be an idea to practice with one if you’ve not tried putting one on. Well babe you better get out of here your brother will be home soon, and best not to mention any of this to your brother she jokes. You’re a sexy guy she smiles, I take the hint and exit the bedroom closing the door behind me. I go back to my room and flop down on the bed. I don’t expect my first time to be like this. I put the condoms on the side of the bed and just stay laying there for a few minutes.

I hear the front door open, and I guess it’s my brother returning, I’m not expecting my mum back yet as she will be going shopping and meet her friend in coffee shop for a morning cuppa’ before coming home. He comes up stairs and goes into his room. I hear them taking and laughing and I push my ear to the wall, it’s gone quiet now and I think I can hear them kissing with the bed creaking. After a bit there’s moaning coming from Steve and he says, fuck babe you’ve really made me hard again. Gonna fuck you again babe, and I hear the bed creak again as he must have moved over to her pussy area. I wish I had been able to view what was going on but I only could hear it and any details Rachel filled me in with at a much later stage in my life. Fuck babe I must have shot a big load in you earlier, it’s still leaking out of yea. He says, half of me wanted to burst out laughing, half got me horned up at the thought of my cum there. I continue to listen, and I can now here the sounds of fucking and eventually the climaxes as he pumps his cum into her, at this point there’s no need to be pressed against the wall the noise easily carries into his room. Mixing with my cum and his previous one. I am so hard now that I am wanking away at the thought of it. I am not paying attention, only concentrating on the thoughts going through my mind when suddenly the sort opens, and my brother walks in.

Standing there just in his boxers, he sees me laid on the bed with my hand gripped round my hardened cock and says, oh shit sorry bruv, didn’t know you was doing private shit, he laughs, I pull the sheet over me to protect what is left of my now gone modesty. Well, I guess I ought to start knocking at your time in life. He then starts to realise, that perhaps his brothers heard the noise from next door. Hope I put on a good show for you fella he says, and laughs, I go red which is a sign to Steve that’s exactly what had happened. Well fella, don’t get embarrassed, perfectly fine and normally, I was doing the same thing that time when I was your age and Nick and me went on a camping trip and he went into this girls tent, who was camping next to us and fucked her while I listened on. Think I got something to help you sort that out, one sec and I’ll be back, so don’t start up again, he laughs.

He leaves my room, and I can hear him opening his wardrobe. He returns with the flashlight and a tub of lube. “I will leave it to you bruv, I am sure you’ll work out what to do with it, when you’re finished with it, put it back under the bed, and make sure you clean it out with the anti bac cleaning stuff in the bathroom cabinet, it’s a spare one and a bit tight for me, but you will be OK with it. He says, I only come in to say I was going out and would be back later tell mum. With that he’s left the room”. I notice I had a packet of the condoms Rachel had given me on the side cabinet. Had he seen them too? He leaves and I am alone in the house, and I discover all about the Fleshlight and the delights it can give. I think about Steve’s cock pounding this thing I am soon shooting into it and then, I remove the sleeve and clean it out, dry it as he told me how to do it and put it where he asks, at the back of his wardrobe.

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By elggat123
#Bisexual #Teen #Virgin #Voyeur