Emma and Sheila part 2 Sex Story

#Abuse #Incest #Lesbian #PreTeen

By Broken Reflection

Shiela proves to be more desperate for my attention than I could have imagined.

Part 2

I was awoken by the sound of my phone repeatedly getting messages. Annoyed I grabbed my phone and was ready to blow up on whoever couldn’t get the hint that I wasn’t available until I saw it was multiple messages from Shiela. My stomach tied into knots unsure if something bad had happened since the scene from last night but to my surprise it was a bunch of pictures. Starting with a side shot of Emma’s lower body wearing only pink little girl undies, then the undies pulled to her thighs showing off that plump little butt followed by a picture of Emma in the face down ass up position with her hands behind her spreading her cheeks so I could see that perfect rosebud and tiny entrance to her baby pussy and unbroken hymen. I was throbbing hard at that point, thinking of how I was going to be the one to rip that hymen open for the first time.

The next photos were still of her lower body but this time spread eagle sitting on the toilet with her panties bunched up on one of her thighs while she’s peeing then a top down shot of Sheila’s head basically in the toilet licking Emma’s piss soaked slit. Looks like Shiela really is desperate to keep me, I wonder how far she would actually go if I kept pushing her. She always said Emma was the most important thing in the world to her and she wouldn’t do anything to hurt or endanger her (the main excuse she used to never do anything with her daughter when we started talking) but now that she wants me to do anything I want to her I guess that’s changed. God, it was going to be fun to see how far I could push it.

In between pictures of Sheila and Emma cuddling naked, with Emma engulfed in my mothers fat tits I finally sent a reply. Not a hello or a good morning, I didn’t want her to get comfortable and quit putting effort into abusing her daughter. I simply messaged, “Has she licked your filthy cunt yet?”
After a photo of Emma sucking on her mothers tit came through Sheila replied, “Not yet Master, I didn’t want to push her too hard.”
“You need to explain to her that anything you do to her she has to start doing to you.” I replied feeling absolutely evil.

After a few minutes, which felt like an eternity with my dick in my hand she finally messaged back “Yes master, anything you want” followed by a POV shot between Sheila’s chunky thighs and Emma’s face wedged between Sheila’s obese pussy flaps, looking like her vagina was eating her daughters face. Then a picture of Shiela lifting her hips and one hand grabbing Emma’s curly black hair pushing her caramel face hard into the fat white hungry cunt.

That pushed me over the edge as so much hot and thick milky cum covered my stomach, still dripping from the head of my cock like a broken faucet. I sent her a picture of the mess and she responded, “mmm I want to spoon feed that to my baby girl. Should I make her start wearing diapers again? Would you like that master? Treat her like a toddler again?”
“You’ll have to try it and I’ll let you know.”
“Hehehe, it’ll probably embarrass her, especially if I make her wear them to school”
“Then you should definitely do it” I responded, getting hard again. “Make her feel like it’s a punishment and maybe she’ll be desperate to make you happy.”
“Mmm that’s a good idea. She’s already doing her best not to disappoint us Master” Sheila replied, sending another picture of Emma spreading her moms butt cheeks and licking her probably dirty asshole.

As the day went on Shiela only had pictures of herself to send once Emma had to go to school so I chose not to respond to her, hoping she’d get the hint that I was only interested in her daughter but she kept a steady flow of pictures and videos. Around 3 in the afternoon I received a picture of Emma sucking on one of her moms nipples like a big baby so I finally responded “Good girl, that’s what’s I want to see.”
“Emma has homework to do and is going to dinner with my aunt and uncle (the people they lived with) so she won’t be available until later, I hope I’m enough for you until she’s back master” Sheila responded, I could feel her desperation through the text and I just left it on read and didn’t bother responding, letting her fight for my attention unsuccessfully.

It wasn’t until after 10 that I got video of a tired little Emma sitting in her moms bed pulling up her night shirt to show me her dark hairless pussy lips, rubbing her eyes and asking so pathetically if she had to do this. Shiela responded, “yes baby, you have to make our master happy or he might leave us and not take care of us.” I couldn’t tell if she was saying this because it’s what she believed or it was just a way to coax her daughter into being obedient but I didn’t care either way, I just wanted more of this sexy little girl so I video called Sheila.

“I want her asshole stretched so the first time we are together I don’t rip her open” I said menacingly, I knew the voice call was on the speaker so Emma could hear it and I wanted her to learn that what I said was now the way things would be. Pointing the camera at Emma I could hear her mother tell her to get on her knees.

“Why mommy? I don’t want anything in my butt.”
Without a word Sheila slapped Emma across the face and pushed her down onto the bed. “Do you want to be taken away from me again?” Her mother said almost frantically, “don’t you love me? Don’t you want to stay with me? Our master is the only way we’ll stay together, since they are always trying to kick me out and telling me I’ll never see you again!”

Without a word the crying petite 10 year old reached back and spread her butt open and Sheila started licking her little asshole. After a few minutes of lubing her up with spit Shiela took a finger and pushed it roughly into her daughters tight little hole. I could hear Emma’s muffled grunts as the force of her being fingered pushed her face into the bed. I let Sheila watch me stroke the purple head of my cock and she fingered her daughter, getting so wild from it she spit on her ass crack and forced a second finger in causing Emma to express displeasure loudly into the mattress. Watching her being digitally raped turned me on so much I felt like I’d blow at any second.

Sheila started babbling frantically, “I hope I’m making you happy Sir. I’ll do anything to make you happy, I’ll do anything so you’ll keep me. Please don’t leave me.” Shoving her fingers all the way into her daughters rectum almost as frantically as she was talking. Eyes wide and face had a certain fear to it, I wondered if she had started getting high again.

Feeling evil, I told her to push Emma’s face into the mattress and slap her ass as hard as she could then shove her two fingers back up her inflamed little anus and without a word she did just that and as I heard Emma’s muffled scream and saw the hand print instantly welt up my cock exploded. Sheila made a sound like she was cumming without touching herself as she watched my dick throb and shoot out all of my cum.

“Now suck your fingers clean and start licking in her asshole until she likes it.” I said out of breath, my dick still pulsing little drops of cum. She told me, “yes master” and started sucking her fingers like she was eating peanut butter out of the jar and pushed her face between her daughters young cheeks. You could tell Emma’s body was relaxing as her mothers soft tongue replaced her rigid fingers, she was even pushing her little butt harder into Sheila’s face.

My cock started to stiffen again as I rubbed my slick cum around the head. I told her to give the phone to Emma and keep licking her little butt hole so she slid the phone to Emma’s face. I told her to look at my cock as it started to harden. “You’re a good girl” I said,”good girls get rewarded, what do you want to do to your mother after she hurt you?” She couldn’t take her eyes off my dick covered in slimy semen.
“Uh.. nothing.. I don’t know… I have to let her do what she wants.. I don’t want to be taken away again.” Emma mumbled, hypnotized by my shimmering cock. She was going to be a perfect slut in no time at all.
“You can tell me, little girl.” I told her in a comforting voice. “your mother has to do what she’s told or she knows I’ll leave her”
“She hurt me..” Emma whispered, “I want to hurt her back..”

Mmm perfect. I can’t wait to see what she has in store.
“Tell her then, show me what you have in mind.”
Emma pulls away from Sheila’s tongue, sitting back on her knees facing her mother now.
“Mommy, put your butt in the air, master told me it’s my turn.”
Shiela looked confused but obediently bent over and presented her ass for abuse. Emma propped up the phone so I could watch and then used one hand to spread her moms ass cheek and with the other hand she took 3 dry fingers and rammed them into her mothers asshole. Sheila shrieked, luckily muffling herself into a pillow, bolted up and cocked her hand back to slap her daughter.
“Get back into position you stupid bitch” I scolded her sternly, watching her realize her place and returned to her obedient position. Emma giggled and thanked me, returning her dry fingers back up her mothers asshole.
“Tear her ass open like your dad did when he raped her” i encouraged her leading Emma to push her pinky in joining her 3 other fingers and pushing in hard.
“Fist her” I mumbled, mesmerized by the scene of this gorgeous mocha 10 year old girl shoving her hand up her far white trash mothers asshole.

Emma’s hand disappears into her mother as Shiela sobs into her pillow and out of nowhere Emma decides to bite her moms ass cheek, sinking her teeth in deep enough to draw blood, Shiela’s muffled screams and grunts filling the room.
“Please!” Shiela begs, “ please stop!”
Emma releases her bite with the evilest grin on her face, licking the blood from her lips. Her mother trying hard to catch her breath in between sobs.
“Thank you.. thank you!” She manages to spit out her gratitude in between gasps of breath as her daughter is still wearing her sphincter as a bracelet.

Emma pulls her fist from her mothers dry asshole and lays back pulling her legs up and says “lick me again mommy, make me pee like you did before.” Sheila rushes to turn around and still on her knees dives into her daughters wet little pussy. Emma grunts in satisfaction rubbing her shit coated hand through her mothers hair pulling her hard into her young groin. It doesn’t take long for her to start convulsing and squirting into her mothers awaiting mouth, learning from their previous experience and starts slurping up all of the liquid gushing from her baby’s little pussy. Emma collapses in exhaustion as her mom keeps licking up all the liquid off Emma’s thighs and out of the bed sheets. I can hear Emma gently shoring as her mom picks up the phone, “did I do good master? Am I a good girl?” She asked desperately.
“You could have been better” I tell her, not wanting her to feel too much satisfaction, “go put her to bed, we need to talk for a minute.”

She quickly scoops up Emma’s limp body and leaves the room with her. In a short time she returns and sits on the floor like the dog she knows she is. “Am I in trouble master? Please tell me what you want to talk about”
“I want you to keep stretching her ass every night until we can get together, and I want to know how soon until I can see her in person.”
“My aunt and uncle are going on a trip in 2 weeks, they said I’ve acted good enough that I’ll be allowed to babysit her while they are gone, we can get a hotel then and you can come use us as much as you want.”
“Good” I tell her followed by a yawn. “I’m tired, I expect to see more of her in the morning and evening until we can actually get together.”
“Yes master, anything that makes you happy”

I tell her she’s a good girl and hang up not really caring if she thinks I hung up on her. And so the pattern begins for the next couple weeks. Every morning she sends me videos and pictures of her making Emma cum before school and every evening she fingers her little ass, slowly stretching her then licking her little butt to comfort her before making her daughters pussy squirt and Emma passes out.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to meeting up with them at a hotel and getting to fill up my first little girl

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By Broken Reflection
#Abuse #Incest #Lesbian #PreTeen