Davey’s Journey, Part 18 Sex Story

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By RealGood2020

After returning home Davey goes to the pool and to his surprise meets Amy. Later, he introduces her to Jenny and Sandy, and the 4 go off and have fun.

It took me a while to get home thanks to all the rain, but by the time I did get home I saw that it was pretty dry out. It was almost like what came by this morning was all the rain my area got.

I just shrugged my shoulders at this, and chucked it up to the weather being strange once again.

Before I did get to my house I decided to drive by the pool to see if it was open, and to my delight I saw that it was!

So once home and having a little rest and a snack, I got all my pool stuff and headed to the pool. Once there I changed into my swim trunks and put my stuff away at an empty table, which there was plenty of, because there weren’t to many people here.

Now the reason why so few people were around was probably because of the storm earlier. Also it was still cloudy and little bit cooler.

The situation was perfect for me, because it was much easier for me to swim my laps, and I was just about to when someone very familiar ran into me.

“Amy?” I said at the young Chinese girl bowing to me in apology, who suddenly looked up when she realized just who she ran into. “What are you doing here?” I asked her.

“I… live near here.” She told me, sounding not really sure how to answer me.

“Really?” I asked surprised to know that she did, and so I told her, “I’ve never seen you around here before.”

Amy blinked a couple of times before she told me, “I and my family just moved here. There is a park behind my house.”

I wondered if it was that house that had been sold next to the park that was near my house. I was about to ask her when a woman that I recognized as Amy’s mother approached us.

“Hey there! Davey, right?” The older woman asked with a warm smile and the same mid-western accent that seemed so out of place for a woman of oriental dissent.

I nodded my head waved at her, asking her, “Mei? Correct?” She nodded to head to confirm my question, so I then asked, “Amy told me you guys just moved here?”

Mei gave me another nod and a smile, and told me, “we just moved in yesterday.” She then told me where her family was now living at, which very much surprised me.

“Umm… you guys live about a couple of blocks away from me,” I informed the two.

“Can you help me meet new friends?” Amy asked, sounding a little worried she might not be able to make any friends in a new town.

I nodded my head, and informed her, “sure. I might even be able to help you meet a couple of potential friends this afternoon!”

My intention was to see if Sandy and Jenny would become more than just friends with Amy, but if they were just to become friends, that was fine with me. I just hoped I could fuck the little ten-year-old Chinese girl again.

Thank you, Davey,” Amy told me, bowing to me before turning to her mother and saying, “I will begin swimming now, mother.”

Mei smiled at her daughter, and waved her off. The girl then jumped into the pool, getting her long black hair and her dark blue, one piece swim suit wet. She then swam over to her little bother, and began playing with her.

“Thank you,” Mei told me, “for telling Amy you’ll help her make some friends. She had a hard time making friends at her old school due to her not speaking English to well. She can read and write it just fine, but speaking it is a bit of a problem for her. She told me that the kids at her old school would bully her, and I don’t think she had any friends at all.”

Hearing this saddened me, and even made me a little bit angry, but I didn’t show it, so I asked her as we both sat down on a couple of wooden lounge chairs, “what about her brother? Did he have trouble making friends?”

Mei shook her, and answered, “no, but Ping speaking a lot better than what Amy, despite being seven.”

I was curious as to why the boy, Ping, was so much better at speaking English than Amy was, despite the fact she was three years older than him, so I asked their mother, “why is he better at speaking English than Amy is?”

Mei sighed, and actually looked a bit uncomfortable, but she took a deep breath and said, “their father, who was my first husband, didn’t want them to learn English.”

I gave her a curious look, and whether she noticed it or not, she continued, “I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska.”

“That would explain her accent,” I thought to myself.

Mei continued to tell me her story, “my parents are from Taiwan, and pretty conservative.”

“Oh, this does not sound good,” I thought to myself once again, as she said ‘pretty conservative’ in a somewhat negative tone of voice.

“When I graduated from college in 2012, my parents took me on a trip to Taiwan… and then told me I was getting married,” she said with a depressed sigh.

“Your parents put you in an arranged marriage?” I asked, shocked that arranged marriages still happened in the 21st century. Well, atleast in a developed nation like Taiwan.

Mei nodded her head, and told me, “our parents only let us get to know each other for about three months, and then we got married. Oh, I complained about it, but my mother told me to be happy we’re even being given three months to get to know each other, and that when my great-grandparents got married they didn’t even meet each other until after the ceremony had been done, and they didn’t even know they would be getting married in the first place until three days before the ceremony!”

She emphasized what she told me by holding up three fingers. The only thing I could say was, “geez.”

Mei gave out a small laugh, and continued her story, “me and my now ex-husband didn’t get along to well, but we tried to make it work, for the sake of our children and our families, or atleast I tried too. Then about two and a half years ago me and the kids came home to a note on the dinner table and some legal papers tell me that not only had he moved to mainland China, but he was now legally divorced from me, which took me by surprise, because while we had a hard time getting along, he never even mentioned divorced. He did the entire legal process without once informing me!”

I took a deep sigh, and commented, “excuse my language, but he sounds like a real asshole for doing that.”

Mei shook her head, and informed me, “no, you’re right. He is an asshole, and not just for doing that. He also drained and transferred all the money from our joint bank account, and his own account. If I didn’t have a job as a teacher, plus my own savings account, plus some money from a trust fund my grandparents had set up for me, I wouldn’t have anything.”

I made an apologetic sigh, and told her, “I’m sorry.” She gave me a small smile, and I asked her, “does your ex-husband do anything for you and your kids?”

She shook her head and said, “no. No money. No gifts for the kids. No nothing.” Last I heard he was in Hong Kong with a new wife.”

I shook my head at this, and Mei told me, “he never wanted our kids to learn English, despite that fact that I taught it in school. I began teaching it to my children when he bolted. Ping was more into learning it than Amy was, but that was because she figured she was never going to leave Taiwan, and I didn’t have the money to do so anyways.”

She paused for a moment to take a deep breath before continuing, “my parents wouldn’t help me at all. They blamed me for my failed marriage, and told me I needed to get my husband back. They don’t even talk to me anymore since I married Frank seven months ago. My older brother, who happens to be a assistant manager at a big box retail store, sent me some money, but not enough to come back home and start all over.”

A warm smile came over Mei’s face, and she told me of something much happier that happened to her recently, “about a year ago I… well… re-met Frank. We both had a crush on each other in highschool, but my parents forbid me from dating, which I now know the reason why. Well, anyways a year ago he had come over to Taiwan on a business, and by a stroke of luck and fate, we ran into each on the street. We started talking, then started dating, and seven months ago we got married. A month later we moved back to the states. His company promoted him and moved him here, and so here we are. He’s even adopted both of my children.”

“How… does your parents feel about that?” I asked her, curious how her parents took the news of her getting remarried.

Mei let out a laugh and said, “they don’t even know. They think I’m still in Taiwan. My brother and his wife knows. Infact he gave me away. But I have never told my parents, and I’m not sure if I’m going to any time soon.”

I actually chuckled at this, and told her, “it’s probably best if you don’t.” I then stood up and told her, “I think I’m going to swim a few laps.”

“Have fun,” she told me as I dived into the pool.

I swam multiple laps until to lifeguard blew his whistle, signaling all the youngsters to get out. While I was swimming Amy swam up beside me, keeping up with me pretty well. Heck, she could probably give Sandy a run, or swim, for her money.

A few minutes after the break was called Amy came up to my table, and told me, “my mother and brother and me will be leaving.”

I nodded my head and smiled before asking her, “do you know that playground at the park behind your house?”

The girl nodded her head, confirming that she did, so I told her, “how about forty or fifty minutes after you get home you meet me there. I would like to introduce you to a couple of friends of mine that are about your age.”

Amy thought about what I told, then nodded her head and said, “I would like that very much.”

She gave me a hug, which I returned, and off she went with her family. Once they had left the facility I texted both Sandy and Jenny, and asked them if they could meet me at the playground in about an hour, and that I had someone I wanted them to meet. They both replied they could, and a smile creeped over my face.

I gathered my stuff and headed on home, ready to get changed and to have my little ‘play date’.

I got to the park sometime after the three girls had gotten there. Jenny was sliding down one of the slides, while Sandy and Amy were sitting next to each other, and from what I could tell they were both conversing with each other in Mandarin Chinese.

“When the hell did you learn Mandarin?” I asked as I approached the two girls.

“I’d like to know the same thing,” Jenny said as she came off the slide and approached, telling me, “I haven’t understood a word those two have said.”

“I am sorry,” Amy apologized before revealing why she was conversing with Sandy in Mandarin, “after I left Taiwan the only people who spoke the same… language as I is my family. It felt… nice to speak with someone else that spoke the same way I spoke.”

Jenny gave the Chinese girl a small smile, and put her hand on the slightly younger girl’s shoulder before telling her, “it’s okay. It’s probably easier for you to have a conversation in Mandarin than it is in English, and you did tell me you were a bit homesick.”

Amy thought for several seconds about what Jenny had told her before replying, “yes, I am… ‘homesick’, and it is easier for me to talk in Mandarin than it is to speak English.”

Sandy smiled at Amy before placing her hand on Amy’s knee and told her, “you can always talk to me in Mandarin if you want.”

“Xièxiè,” Amy told Sandy, to which she replied, “Bù kèqì.”

Jenny just looked at me, and I told her, “I think they said ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’.”

Amy and Sandy giggled at this, and I asked Sandy, “how come you know Mandarin?”

“I’m one-sixteenth Chinese, and my mom wanted me and my brother to learn it,” she said matter-of-factly.

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Ah. Okay.” I then asked all three girls, “so, do you want to head into the woods and ‘play’ there some more?”

Both Jenny and Sandy giggled before saying ‘yes’ at the same time, while Amy nodded her head and said, “I would like that very much. They have told me you have sex with them there, and I would like to have sex again.”

Both Jenny and Sandy giggled at Amy’s bluntness, and Sandy pressed her index finger to her lips and made a ‘shh’ sound before telling her, “you can’t say that in such public places. You might get us in trouble if someone overhears us.”

Actually, I was the one who would most likely get in trouble, but the point still got made, and Amy quickly got off the swing, and made an apologetic bow, “I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I will not say such things in public again.”

“It’s okay,” I told her as I rubbed the top of her head, “we’re the only people around here right now anyways.”

Amy almost comically looked around, and saw we were indeed the only people around. She then said, “Hǎo de,” which caused the rest of us to burst out laughing. While only Sandy knew what she had said, myself and Jenny pretty much figured out what she said.

“Okay girls,” I told the trio, “I know a special place in the forest where we can have some more privacy.

I took the three to my little camping area that was deeper in the woods and more secluded than some of the other areas along the trail, even though other people had already found it.

The girl’s looked around in amazement, with Jenny asking, “is this where you and Kelly first had sex?”

I nodded my head to confirm that indeed it was, although Amy looked confused and asked Sandy, “who is Kelly?”

Sandy said some things to Amy in Mandarin, and while neither myself nor Jenny had any clue what she was saying, the look of surprise on Amy’s face, followed by both girls giggling let us know all we needed to know.

Once their little conversation was over with, I began asking, “okay, so how shall we…” how, I was cut off when Sandy began kissing Amy.

I turned to Jenny and said, “well, that settles what I was about to ask.”

“What were you going to ask?” Jenny asked me, curious.

I gave the redheaded eleven-year-old a kiss, and told her, “how are we going to start things off.”

Jenny smiled and returned my kiss, inserting her tongue into my mouth as I did with my tongue. While we were French kissing I watched as Sandy took off Amy’s t-shirt, and began to suck the ten-year-old Chinese girl’s almost non-existent tits.

I decided to mimic Sandy’s action, lifted Jenny’s shirt up, and placed my mouth over her right tit, and suckiny on it for half a minute, sucking on it hard and pulling her nipple with my lips.

I moved from one tit to the other every half a minute, enjoying the taste of her tits while watching out of the side of my eye Sandy sucking on Amy’s tits, and eventually taking off her dress and t-shirt underneath to allow Amy to suck on her slightly more developed eleven-year-old tits. While she was sucking on her new ‘friends’ tits the Chinese girl slipped one of her hands into Sandy’s panties, and started rubbing and fingering her pussy.

“I wonder if she’s ever done that before,” I thought to myself as I kissed my way down Jenny’s body, and began kissing and licking her navel while I unzipped and pulled down her shorts and panties.

I briefly removed myself from Jenny’s navel to help remove her shorts and panties from around her ankles, and while I was doing this I briefly stopped to watch Sandy have a small orgasm from the combination of Amy’s tit sucking and finger fucking. Once she was done halfway screaming Sandy removed Amy’s hand from her privates, and her mouth from her chest. She then gave her a deep kiss, and began kissing her way down Amy’s body, briefly stopping to suck on her tits, and to kiss her navel before taking getting on her knees, and taking off her shorts and panties.

I placed my own mouth over Jenny’s female opening and began to suck and lick her pussy while Sandy did the same thing to Amy. Watching the two preteen girls have lesbian sex, plus my own actions with Jenny, was making my cock very hard, and I was tempted to fuck Jenny, I wanted to save my ‘stuff’ for Amy. Atleast I hope I still had some semen in my balls, considering how much sex I’ve have had today.

Amy came first, and while her coming screams were kind of quiet, I could tell she had an orgasm from Sandy’s mouth.

Jenny came about a minute or two later from my sucking and licking of her pussy. She made much louder screams than Amy, and I was a bit worried someone might hear her.

I removed my mouth from Jenny’s pussy after she calmed down, and I licked my way back up her body, briefly stopping at her navel to lick it, and her tits to give them a good suck and her nipples a kiss.

I gave Jenny a small kiss, and walked over to the other two girls. Sandy lifted her head from Amy’s right tit, and I told her, “I’d like a little time with Amy. Why don’t you go ‘play’ with Jenny?”

Sandy looked at me, looked at Amy, looked at Jenny, and smiled. She gave her new ‘friend’ a kiss, and then skipped over to her redheaded friend to have some ‘play time’ with her.

Once Sandy and Jenny began kissing each other I bent down and began kissing Amy, sticking my tongue into her mouth, and after a moment she began returning the action.

After about a minute of kissing I kissed my way down to Amy’s chest, and began to suck on her tiny tits while Sandy did the same with Jenny, and began suck her large breasts. Both of our actions caused our respective girls to moan in pleasure.

I didn’t stay to long on Amy’s tits. Only about a couple of minutes into pleasuring her chest I gave her nipples one last kiss, and kissed my way down to her navel to kiss and lick it. This action caused Amy to begin giggling and moaning in pleasure. While I was doing this the two other girls had switched their positions, and now Jenny was sucking on Sandy’s breasts, and from the sounds she was making, she was sucking on them pretty hard.

I removed my mouth from Amy’s navel, stood up, and gave her a kiss before guiding her over to one of my sitting logs, and having her bend over on it, her hands placed on the log to help stabilize her. I then got behind her, pulled my cock out, grabbed sides, and pushed into her, making her moan loudly in pleasure.

I slowly fucked Amy from behind while watching Jenny kiss her way down Sandy’s body, moving to her navel to kiss and lick it, and finally removing the brunette girl’s panties, and placed her mouth over her friend’s pussy.

Sandy moaned as Jenny pleasured her pussy with her mouth, and Amy moaned as I pleasured her pussy with my dick. While I was going slow at first in her, I began going faster and harder, as I knew she could handle it from the night I took her virginity.

I kept fucking her harder and faster while I watched and listened to Sandy have an orgasm. Once she was done with her orgasm the two girls switched positions, and Sandy began eating out Jenny.

A minute after Sandy came Amy came as well, shaking and moaning very loudly. However, I had not come yet, so I continued fucking her, this time even harder and faster than I had, making her come again, which caused me to finally come inside of her, shooting my seed into her womb. I gave her a few more thrusts before pulling out. I then helped her stand up after a few seconds, and began sucking on her tiny tits while continuing to watch Sandy lick Jenny’s pussy.

Jenny came about a minute later, and after letting her recover for a bit I removed myself from Amy’s chest, walked over to the two, and asked Jenny, “would you like to clean Amy out?”

Jenny smiled and walked over to Amy. The Chinese girl looked a little confused, but didn’t resist the redhead kissing her passionately. While the two were kissing I began kissing Sandy, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.

I watched as Jenny kissed her new friend, and removed her lips from Amy’s before placing her mouth over one of her breasts. Watching this caused me to do the same to Sandy, placing my mouth over her right breast.

I gently sucked Sandy’s tits while Jenny gently sucked Amy’s. I continued watching the redhead suck the Chinese girl’s tiny breasts for a couple of minutes before she kissed her way down to her navel, used her tongue to play with it for a few seconds before finally placing her mouth over Amy’s pussy.

Watching and listening to Jenny ‘clean out’ her new friend caused my half hard cock to get fully erect once again. It was still out of my fly, and Sandy saw this. She removed my head from her chest, got down on her knees, and placed my erect penis into her mouth.

I wasn’t sure if I had anymore semen in my balls, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her efforts might be useless. Plus, I really did enjoy her mouth around my cock.

Jenny licked Amy’s pussy for several minutes while Sandy gave me oral sex. While she was licking her pussy Jenny caused Amy to have a couple of more orgasms. Once she was done Jenny stood up, and Amy began sucking on her tits, clearly enjoying sucking on the slightly older girl’s much larger breasts.

Sandy, for her part didn’t stop, continuing to suck my cock for several more minutes until I came in her mouth, which honestly surprised me, because I didn’t think I had any left. She finished things off licking around the head to clean me off before swallowing the last bits of my semen, looking up at me, and smiling.

I helped her stand up, and gave her a lite kiss. I was about to tell everyone we should head home, but before I could I watched Amy kiss her way down Jenny’s body, and begin giving her oral sex.

“We have a little more time,” I thought to myself as I placed my mouth on Sandy’s right tit, and began sucking on it once again.

I sucked on Sandy’s tits gently for about a minute before kissing my way to her navel, and briefly kissing and licking it. Once I was finished with her little belly hole I licked down to her other hole, and began licking her pussy, causing her to moan in pleasure.

I sucked and licked the brunette girl’s pussy for several minutes until she came, giving me a full taste of her eleven-year-old pussy. I licked up the juices before licking up her body, briefly stopping at her navel to kiss and lick it before moving to her tits, and sucking on them for another couple of minutes, licking around her nipples a few times, and even gently pulling on them with my teeth.

Once I was done with her breasts I gave her another lit kiss, then turned to the other two girls, of which Amy was still eating out Jenny’s pussy, and told them, “girls, I think it’s time we head on home.”

Amy removed her face from Jenny’s crouch, and gave me a slightly disappointed look, but the Jenny stood her up, gave her a deep kiss, and told her, “you’ve done great, Amy! You made me come three times!”

Amy wasn’t to sure what Jenny had just told her, and had a confused look on her face until Sandy came over and translated for her. This caused a big smile to grow over Amy’s face, and she gave Jenny’s tits two more big sucks before she started to get dressed. Jenny and Sandy also began to get dressed, and within a couple of minutes we began heading out.

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By RealGood2020
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