Dave’s camping trip with his wife christina turns into a big surprise for dave Sex Story

#Exhibitionist #Mature #Teen

By Britney

My name is Dave and my beautiful wife’s name is Christina ,I’m 61 years old and Christina is about 55 years old and we have a daughter away in college ,since the both of us have a lot of free time now we decided to go camping .So I spent a few days researching which national park to go to and we found one about four hours away named Erving National Park .

Before we were married we would go either backpacking or camping , so we decided on camping because of our ages now , we would be subjected to falls and twisted ankle’s and this was our safest option and we can enjoy nature as the two of us are snuggled up to each other at the lake with a warm campfire going .

We just arrived and checked into the park ranger’s station ,we were issued a ticket for camping site number 23 ,I drove the car quite a distance until we reached our site . We set up our tent and I told Christina that I’m going to check out our area as she finished putting our supplies away .

As I walked , I noticed this place has outdoor showers and bathrooms , with four sites sharing one facility .
Unlike other campsites , there aren’t there are not separate facilities for men and women .The showers are rustic wooden structures on concrete floors . As I continued my walk I noticed only three of the four sites being occupied ,one by me and Christina ,one by a mother with her teen age daughter , who’s seems like a real bitch , she has long black hair and wearing a white sweatshirt with black ribbed winter tights with white socks over them and hiking boots . As I was walking by her , I saw her sucking on a lollipop as I waved and smiled she flipped me the middle finger, while she looked at me and sucked her lollypop, like she was sucking cock ,I was shocked at her behavior as I walked away. she said ,”Hey mister”!!! So I turned around and she blew me a kiss , Then I heard her mom say ,

“Britney ! I need your help honey”?? her mom asked . “I’ll be right there mommy”!! Britney said .

And as I continued my walk there was a middle aged couple with two of their grandkids , a 7 year old boy and his 8 year old sister .

The only women that attracted me to look at this camp area besides my wife Christina, are Britney the bitch and her mom , both have attractive and shapely legs and big busty tits , they even look good in camping and hiking attire .

The next morning Christina put on her sexy two piece white bikini and 5 inch heels , Christina and I were showering together and that naturally led us to passionate sex .In the course of that session ,in a fit of passion ,I lifted Christina up and moved the bottom part of her bikini to the side and rammed my thick 7 inch cock straight into her mature pussy , as I picked her up and slammed her up against the wooden wall and fucked and thrusted my cock deep into her pussy as Christina has her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and she wrapped her legs with her 5 inch heels around my waist .

I fucked her for a good six minutes while she squealed and moaned out , “OHHHHHH”!!! “OHHHHH”!!!



The whole wooden partition shook while I’m fucking the hell out of my wife ,and a small piece of wooden cladden fell off exposing a small hole in the next stall .It’s a good thing no one was in the next stall hear me fuck my pretty Christina .I quickly picked up the piece and wedged it back into place .

While repairing it I noticed the gap the fallen piece made was about four inches wide and six inches high and that is waist high ,I immediately thought (Glory Hole) .

The next morning I suggested to Christina that we should use two separate adjoining shower stalls ,instead of showering together .I will use the one with the loose panel and she will be in the next one .

Christina was a bit puzzled ,but she went along with it knowing that I was up to something .

That (SOMETHING) was to surprise her by removing the panel and sticking my cock through the hole and into her shower ,and hopefully get some gloryhole action .

I walked into the shower and stripped off my shorts ,and a couple of minutes later I heard her enter and turn the water on .I was so excited and pleased with myself that I couldn’t wait .

My cock is big and swollen ,but not yet fully erect .And my precum was oozing out .After a short time I quietly removed the loose panel and shoved my cock through the hole .I could imagine the view from the other side ,my big swollen cock and balls peeping through the gap ,like a real gloryhole .

(I waited)

Finally I felt a light touch to my hanging fat thick 7 inch cock .A finger ran downward from my pubic hair to the tip of my cock ,and then underneath my cock ,then gently lifting it up as to study it .

“Ah ,so she was playing it as if I was a total stranger”!! I thought .

I then felt the finger releasing my cock ,and her hand gently taking my balls in her grip then gently squeezing them .This felt amazing but at the same time it didn’t feel like Christina’s hand but someone else’s , I Ignored the thought .

The hand slid up from my balls to my cock shaft ,slowly stroking it up and down until I was rock had .This was turning out to be just as I envisioned .Then I felt it .My cock was pulled forward and a soft cool , moist object , rubbed against the tip of my cock . It was her tongue which she used to lick up my precum . My heart rate went through the roof .

Wow ,Christina didn’t normally do that ,she doesn’t like the taste of precum or sperm .

By this time my cock was rock hard and pointing straight up, she gave me a long ,slow suck, from my cock base to the tip . Then she started again ,this time starting all the way down by my balls and sliding her wet tongue slowly upwards and I can feel her warm breath on my cock .

It felt so good ,It took all of my self -control to keep from blowing my load .

Suddenly I felt her lips wrapping around my upper half of my cock ,her soft wet lips slid up and down my very hard cock ,taking in more and more of my cock with each downward motion .

Her delicious little tongue kept spinning and twirling around my cock shaft giving me sensations that are so good that I cannot explain .I moaned and pressed myself even harder against the partition wall.

Eventually she went down so hard , I felt my cock penetrating the depths of her throat and I felt the pressure of her chin against my ball sack . My god Christina was deepthroating me .

Christina had never deep throated me before ,I never dreamed that she was so good .

I knew I wouldn’t last to long with the onslaught like that ,she was sucking my cock passionately with an eagerness that I had never experienced before ,up and down pausing every now and then to lick my cockhead ,and then resuming the sucking of my cock, all the way down until she completely deepthroated me .All that time ,her fingers gently caressed my ball sack .

But I couldn’t shake off the feeling that it wasn’t Christina ,but someone else sucking me off .

It wasn’t long before I started to feel my balls tightening up and my cock getting harder ,and an explosive orgasmic pressure starting to build up deep, and I knew I was close ,and she sensed it and in response she tightened her lips around my cock ,using her soft fingers to gently stroke my cock shaft.

Oh my god ! I knew what was coming and that finally flipped my top .I exploded !! I came with such force I thought the tip of my cock would explode . My butt cheeks tightened and my ears throbbed while my eyes closed shut and my hips thrusted forward .

I came and came directly into her warm , wet mouth .This was the first time that Christina had let me cum into her mouth .Eventually I stopped cumming ,still her mouth remained firmly wrapped around my big cock .Slowly my cock became limp in her mouth and once it was completely limp ,she slowly slid her lips off ,careful not to spill my precious seed .

I couldn’t tell what she did with my seed but I’m pretty sure she swallowed it .She placed a gentil kiss on my cock before pulling away and exiting the shower stall .That was the most intense orgasm of my life .

I replaced the wood panel and wrapped myself in my towel ,and left the shower too .

What I saw next shocked and confused me ,twenty feet away was Christina walking towards the shower stalls with her towel and shower bag in hand .When I asked her where she was going ,she simply answered that she was about to enter the other shower stall at the same time as me then she realized that she had forgotten her shampoo and went back to the tent to fetch it .

When she returned the stall next to me it was already occupied so she went back to our tent to wait .

“I’m so sorry sweetheart ! I knew you had something planned ! Maybe tomorrow”!!! Christina said .

“That’s okay honey”!! I replied .If it wasn’t Christina who sucked me off, then who was it ? I thought to myself as I walked by the campsite that Britney and her mom are at .

As I walked by Britney yells out ,”Hey mister ! How did it feel being sucked off by a 15 year old Lolita”?

I was totally shocked , then she lifted up her leg and placed it on the bench seat of the picnic table and took both of her hands and placed them on her black tights covered leg, and rubbed herself up and down her sexy leg as she’s watching me , then she winks and blows a kiss towards me !!

As I walked away kind of smiling she said , “maybe you’ll get lucky with me and I’ll bend over at your little gloryhole and let you fuck my ass and pussy”!!! I smiled and waved to her as I went back to Christina !!


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By Britney
#Exhibitionist #Mature #Teen