Daddy’s New Toy Part 5 Sex Story

#Incest #Interracial #Teen #Threesome

By AlabamaSlamma

Carl decides to share Sabrina with a very close friend.

Carl got a phone call from a very close friend of his one day. Joe and Carl were in the military together many years ago, way before Carl got married. They talked about getting together and catching up since it had been years since they saw each other.

On the day that they were going to meet up at Carl’s house, Sabrina had went over to her friend’s house to spend the day. Joe and Carl sat around drinking beer and chatting about the fun they had and what had happened since they last saw each other.

They talked about how they used to share prostitutes while overseas and how much fun they had. The longer they sat there and drank the more buzzed they became. It was around 4:00 in the afternoon when Sabrina walked into the house. She was wearing a bikini top and a short skirt.

“Hi Daddy, how was your day today!” She chirped as she leaned over and kissed Carl on the lips and then smiled at Joe and stuck out her hand and said “Hi I’m Sabrina, how are you today?”

Joe was speechless as he stared at this beautiful young lady standing before him. Joe finally stood up and took her hand and said “Hi my name is Joe, nice to meet you Sabrina!”

“Joe this is my daughter Sabrina. She was at a friend’s house!” Carl replied.

Sabrina giggled and walked into the kitchen to get a soda. Joe watched her gorgeous little ass twitching as she walked away from them.

“Easy there tiger!” Carl laughed as he saw the expression on Joe’s face.

Joe snapped out of his drunken dream and apologized for his behavior.

“Don’t worry about it buddy. Trust me I know what you are thinking!” Carl said with a smile.

“Carl if you knew what I was thinking I believe that you would throw me out of your house!” Joe replied.

“OH really? Well buddy I have got news for you. You might be surprised!” Carl said with a wink.

Joe looked at Carl trying to make sense of what Carl was saying. Sabrina walked back into the living room and sat down next to Carl.

Carl got an idea and he placed his hand on Sabrina’s leg and leaned over and whispered into her ear. Suddenly she began to smile wickedly and said “Okay Daddy!”

Sabrina stood up and stripped off her clothes revealing her sweet delicious young body to Joe and Carl. She walked over to where Joe was sitting and dropped down onto her knees in front of him and reached out and began to unbuckle his pants and reached in and pulled out his 8 inch black cock.

She moaned as she took it into her mouth as she swirled her tongue around the fat head. Joe groaned as he felt his cock swell in her mouth. Joe looked over at Carl who was smiling at his daughter on her knees between Joe’s legs.

Joe couldn’t believe what was happening and it showed on his face.

“See buddy I told you that you might be surprised!” Carl said as he stripped off his clothes and walked over behind Sabrina. Sabrina stood up and bent over completely offering her holes to Carl as she continued to suck Joe’s cock down her throat.

Joe watched as Carl slipped his cock into his daughter from behind and began to fuck her from behind. Sabrina was moaning and whimpering around Joe’s cock as she massaged his balls.

She pulled off his cock just long enough to say “Why don’t you strip off your clothes and stand up in front of me?”

Joe wasted no time in standing up and stripping off his clothes. Sabrina immediately sucked his cock back into her mouth as she wrapped her hands around his waist and grabbed his ass to pull him deeper into her throat.

Joe grabbed her head and moaned as he began to fuck her sweet little mouth with his hard throbbing cock. Carl was driving his cock into her tight little pussy as he gripped her hips.

Sabrina was being thoroughly fuck from both ends. She was having the time of her life. She had never had two cocks at the same time especially when one of them was a BBC. She had watched porn with black men fucking white women and vise versa.

Carl told Sabrina to spin around as he pulled out of her pussy. She obediently spun around and took Carl’s cock into her mouth and presented her pussy to Joe. Joe grabbed her hips and drove balls deep into her soaking wet tight little pussy.

He watched as his big black cock slid in and out of her pink pussy. She groaned around Carl’s cock. Carl’s cock was as long as Joe’s but not as thick so he was stretching her open a little more.

Memories of them sharing women flooded back to Joe and he smiled at Carl.

“Carl you are one lucky mother fucker! This is definitely one of the finest pieces of pussy that I have ever had the pleasure of fucking!” Joe said.

“If you think that her pussy is good, you definitely need to try her tight little ass!” Carl hissed as Sabrina fucked her throat onto his cock.

“Are you serious about fucking her ass?” Joe replied.

Sabrina pulled off of Carl’s cock and turned her head and moaned “Please Joe shove that gorgeous cock into my backdoor right now!”

She moaned as she worked her mouth down Carl’s cock once more. Joe pulled his cock out of her soaking wet pussy and placed it against her tight little asshole. She immediately pushed her ass back onto his cock until it popped in.

Joe grunted as he drove his cock into her ass until he was mashed against her cheeks. She screamed out in pleasure and pain around Carl’s cock as her spasmodic ass rippled around the large black snake probing her bowels.

Carl immediately came down her throat when she screamed out and pumped stream after stream into her stomach. When she had sucked the last few drops from his balls he sat down on the couch and watched Joe pound her ass.

Sabrina was chanting “FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!”

Joe spun her around so that she could brace herself against the chair. Then he set about jackhammering her ass like a mad man.

Sabrina was screaming out in pleasure as wave after wave rushed through her body. She was in a constant orgasmic state and she took everything that Joe gave her. Carl watched his daughter getting royaly fucked by his best friend.

Joe reached out and wrapped his hands around her throat squeezing slightly holding her in place as his assault on her ass got even more fierce. She had a dreamy look on her face as she got used like a fleshlight.

Joe growled deeply as he felt his cum rocket out of his balls and flood her bowels with stream after stream. She yelled at the top of her lungs “HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS!”

Her ass muscles milked every drop from his cock before he slipped out and sat down on the couch. She quickly moved to take his cock into her mouth as she sucked it clean and then did the same thing with Carl’s cock. Joe watched her expression as she worshipped both cocks with pure adoration.

Carl looked over at Joe and said “Buddy she’s just getting started!”

Carl smiled at Joe and Sabrina stood up and wiped her mouth and said “Anyone care to join me in the shower?”

Joe and Carl sat there a moment as she walked away with cum running down her inner thighs.

They got up and followed her and spent the majority of the night fucking every hole she has multiple times and ways.

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By AlabamaSlamma
#Incest #Interracial #Teen #Threesome