Christina’s night she will never forget Sex Story

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By slim56

My name is Dave I’m 6’2 200lbs I’m 61 years old have a average build . My wife Christina is 5’2 115 lbs with 34c breasts and a very nice tight little ass. At 52 years old she is my sexy little princess.
We have been married for 31 years and it has been a wonderful life. We have always had a great sex life, she knows how to work a cock with her mouth and pussy. I always loved showing her off because I never thought I deserved someone as beautiful and sexy as her,so i bought her the sexiest outfits to wear with hosery and panties, she never liked wearing a bra.

One night while we were out clubbing I noticed a couple of guys who were checking her out. Now I have never been a jealous man so I thought I would see where this would lead. Now the guys in question knew I was with her.
That didn’t seem to bother them anybody the looks. I told Christina I needed to use the restroom and left to go find it, all the while I was really just going to the other side of the club, but being able the watch what happens. Sure enough the 2 guys decided to walk up and say hi. They introduced them selves as Tyrone and Robert, now Tyrone was a black man about 6’5 250lbs muscular build, and Robert was a tall white man of similar build as Tyrone. They asked where I had gone and how long I would be gone and Christina just told them I went to the rest room and would be back soon. It was at that point I decided to return and as I sat down Christina introduced the guys to me, I said nice to meet you and asked them to join us and the accepted and sat down and ordered another round of drinks.

We all sat and talked for a while and go to know each other, that’s when Tyrone asked if he could take Christina to the dance floor, I said that’s up to her and she said she would love to. Now on the dance floor she is having a wonderful time bumping and grinding with Tyrone and I could tell by the huge bulge in his pants he was loving it as well. Now Christina is wearing a very short Brite red body con dress that hugs every curve and goes just below her ass. As they are grinding on each other I noticed that Tyrone was touching her all over her tits and ass and she wasn’t objecting at all.

Now me and Robert are talking and he is telling me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful and sexy wife and how they would love for us to come back to their hotel room and continue the good time in private. I told him I would suggest it to Christina when they get back because it definitely looks like she is having a great time. Whe they returned I gave Tyrone a look and smile letting him know I was watching and he just smiled and winked. Told Christina what me and Robert were talking about and she loved the idea.

As me and Christina were following them back to there hotel I let her know I saw how Tyrone was touching her and seen his bulge and she let me know she felt it as well and it was huge. I asked if she was sure she wanted to do what was about to happen and she said she was nervous but yes she wants to do something new something she has never done before. I asked her how she wanted it to go and if she wanted me to join or just be with them. She said she just wants me to watch and when we get home she would take care of me then.
We are now in their hotel room and it starts with Christina and Tyrone, they start kissing and touching each other’s body’s and Tyrone grabs Christina’s dress and pulls it over her head as she undoes his shirt and pants. When she pulls down his pants and boxers she gets smoked in the face with the biggest cock she has ever seen it had to be 12 inches and 3 inches thick. She looked at me with her mouth wide open and said oh my god it’s huge. Then Robert stepped up close and took his clothes off and he to was huge not quite as big as Tyrone but 10 inches and just as thick. I looked at her and just told her you are in for a wild ride tonight. She started sucking Tyrone first could barely get the head of his cock in her mouth but worked it the best she could and switched from Tyrone and Robert licking and kissing and sucking their cocks as deep as she could they were in heaven as the fucked her mouth. The then moved her to the bed and layed her on her back with her legs spread Tyrone went first and began eating her pussy and working his fingers in and out to open her up for his cock. She is moaning and thrashing back and forth and starting to cum all over his face and hand He starts kissing his way up to her chest and starts kissing and sucking her tits as her juices continue flowing and she is really starting to move and moan when Robert moved in and placed his 10 inch cock to her mouth and se immediately took it and sucked it deep into her throat as Tyrone lined up his 12 inch cock with her pussy and sunk it balls deep stretching her in every way more than she has ever been before. Her eyes flew open and tried to scream but only could manage a low guttural moan around Robert’s big cock. They were working together and using her holes as cock sleeves switching positions many times. Pounding her and spitroasting her making her cum multiple times before finally Tyrone buried his huge 12 inch cock deeper than before pushing through her cervix as she screams pumping load after load straight into her woumb filling her full. As he pulls out of her i hear a pop from the suction and Robert is right there to fill her with his cock and continues pumping her with long hard strokes culminating in burying his cock bassl deep finishing in her fertile pussy and filling her full of his baby seed to over flowing. As they lay there on the bed Robert leaves his cock buried deep in her holding all their cum against her cervix catching their breath. It’s been a couple of hours since they started and Christina is tired and used, her pussy is gapped open her jaw is sore and she has the biggest smile I have ever seen her have. As she is getting dressed Tyrone and Robert thank me for letting them fuck Christina and I thank them for fulfilling a fantasy she has always had.

When Christina was done resting and freshend up, she gave Tyrone and Robert a hug and kiss by and we headed home. On the way home I asked Christina if she enjoyed herself and if she would ever want to do it again ,she just said she would think about it. When we got home I couldn’t wait to reclaim my wife, as soon as we got in the house I scooped her into my arms told her how much I loved her as I removed her dress and laid her on the bed. I didn’t even need lube she was so wet still from leaking their cum and gapped from their huge cocks so me 8 inch cock slid balls deep with no problem. It felt amazing as I pounded her pussy like I never had before and in no time she was trembling and having one orgasim after another soon I felt it building up and I slammed into her as deep as I could and blew the biggest load of cum I ever have ans collapsed on top of her and we fell asleep till noon the next day. I was the first to wake and kissed her as I recounted her and fucked her awake slow and gentle till she orgasimed and I shot another load of cum in her. We just spent the hole day in bed except for getting something to eat and held each other. Then Christina said she probably needs a pregnancy test.

I hope you like my story I haven’t wrote to many and I know I’m not to good at it yet.

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By slim56
#Interracial #Pregnancy #Threesome #Voyeur